Trump Exonerated – Fired FBI Director James Comey Releases His Prepared Remarks to Media…

Fired FBI Director James Comey has released his carefully prepared opening remarks that he will deliver to congress tomorrow.  The full remarks are below.

However, before discussing the remarks it is important to note the reason for their release. It’s politics, pure unadulterated politics; there is no “there” there.

These remarks are released specifically to lower expectations and carefully deflate the entire construct of the ‘President Trump Interference narrative’.

If the testimony by James Comey was going to be legally or ethically damaging to President Trump the prepared remarks would never have been released.  Additionally, it is James Comey who is at risk from his testimony, not President Trump.  Comey’s prior testimony (March 20th) established the foundation that he politicized his office and the FBI by working with President Obama to conduct a political surveillance operation -and unmasking political opponents- under the guise of a faux counterintelligence operation.

Against the backdrop of a nothingburger, the biggest manufactured nothingburger in recent political history, President Trump’s opposition, all of it, media and political creatures, now need to find an exit that provides them some measure of face-saving for their exhaustive efforts to smear and cloud the presidency of the United States.

James Comey testimony is set up to become a nothinburger because James Comey has nothing he can show which points to President Trump doing anything illegal or unethical – because President Trump did nothing more controversial than request Comey’s public clarity in purpose while President Trump tried to do his job without the ridiculous manufactured faux-controversy of the counterintelligence investigation impeding his ability to do so.  Full Stop.

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724 Responses to Trump Exonerated – Fired FBI Director James Comey Releases His Prepared Remarks to Media…

  1. Howie says:

    CNN is engaged now in a battle against ‘defeatism’
    the attitude, policy, or conduct of a person who admits, expects, or no longer resists defeat, as because of a conviction that further struggle or effort is futile; pessimistic resignation.

    Defeatism is the acceptance of defeat without struggle, often with negative connotations. It can be linked to pessimism in psychology.

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  2. rsanchez1990 says:

    My favorite part of this so far is CNN forced to issue a correction after the truth of Comey’s statements came out.

    Couldn’t have happened to a worse group of scumbags.

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  3. Dr T says:

    Defeat . Finally. 100% accurate . They had to come out with the facts before his testimony. Otherwise it is obvious they were all in collusion. They gambled , they lost.

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  4. fedback says:

    The Swamp

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  5. Sean Supsky says:

    Never let a pattern go to waste.

    Predictable as water is wet.

    In about 3 weeks, you will see some big explosions (metaphorically) as the webs unravel.

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  6. geri670 says:

    You’re 💯 percent right. Also, the Dimms are not giving up on this. I just read a blog talking about them drawing up articles of impeachment since these hearings are a bust.

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    • Deb says:

      Lol! The whole point of these hearings was to give cover so they could draw up articles of impeachment. So they will just go ahead with it even though no crime has been committed. They really are just keeping the base energized, it’s their desperate strategy for 2018.

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      • geri670 says:

        Is this not the biggest jokeathon and circle jerk you’ve ever seen??? The black Dimm senator who looks like a werewolf with hair all over his face just said a few minutes ago that he’s in the process of drawing up the articles to impeach Trump… RIGHT NOW,!


        • Wend says:

          “Circle jerk”-one of my favorite phrases.

          It’s nice that Senators have time to behave psychotically instead of actually working.


        • Dazza says:

          That guy doesn’t look like he can write. Isn’t he the one who was a plant and only got elected because a bunch of black voter thought he was THE Al Greene? LOL

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        • BigMamaTEA says:

          Ugh! That’s Al Green, he’s from the Houston area, I suspect near to where Sheila Jackson Lee’s district is also. He is the female version of her. (Grandstanding)

          You cannot Impeach without legal cause – then if that were to even get past the House – The Senate has to investigate and them prosecute and find guilt for Impeachment.

          If the Uniparty should even think to attempt such a thing……there will be several hundred million, armed patriots en route to DC to take OUR government back. (and a lot of those congress-critters know this!!!!)

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    • David says:

      To be impeached, you first and foremost have to have committed a crime. you know (like Hillary’s TREASON). There isn’t, so that blows that out of the water. But I’m sure they’ll push it to it’s inevitable end.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      The Demonrats, particular Rep Al Green from Houston has been screaming Impeachment since the week after the Inauguration! Along with MadMaxine and several other from the Congressional Black Grievance Committee.

      There is no justifiable charges for Impeachment, and they look like fools talking about it.
      There have been no impeachable offenses, except, maybe against MadMaxine; but We the People can’t officially impeach them. But those bozos have an election every two years.

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  7. penny munday says:

    Gah! But reading this cr*p makes my head hurt!! 😦
    Thanks for the timeline, Comey. I tried to go back and reconstruct whosit/whatsit to what is known via the media. If I missed anything please add.
    Jan6-states that did not have open counter intelligence on Trump personally. And yet 2 Fisa warrants were applied for with only one granted in June/July 2016. The salacious dossier was given to Comey on 12/9/16 by McCain. Prior warning to the President on this date means they knew it was going to be printed (which it was on 1/10/17). Who leaked it? McCain or Comey?
    Flynn was exonerated in late December, then changes his story is fired Feb 13-ish and is notified that no charges by the FBI will be filed Feb 16-ish.
    March30-the prior week, the media dubbed Comey the most powerful man in dc, the same person who closed Clinton’s email re-exam in less than a week in October, allowed the ‘muh russians’ to drag on and on. For whose benefit? Comey and the senior leadership seem to be playing cat and mouse with ‘muh russians’ ringing up chips that could be used further down the road.
    Frankly, Mr. Comey, your statement raises more questions especially regarding unmasking and that information was used than it answers. So far, you’ve only given your pals the Dems a slap and tickle.
    Rant over. Sorry I beleaguered the point.

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  8. suncc49 says:

    Comey needs a supply of onesies for his retirement lol

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  9. tgmccoy says:

    CNN is going insane, and this while the Acme Safe is heading for the Wolf(Blitzer.)

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  10. peachteachr says:

    Just now on Lou Dobbs, Rep.Jim Jordan, Freedom Caucus big, said that Comey made the FIRST contact with Pres.-Elect Trump to bring him up to speed on the “Russian Dossier”, the crap intel @ Trump and prostitutes.
    In his first few days in office, when he faced the Gen. Flynn disaster, he spoke in plain language, rather than political-speak, and asked for Flynn to receive some credit for a lifetime of service to our country. Even Comey said that the conversation did not connect to the “muy Russia” investigation. I agree with Pres. Trump that some measure of respect was reasonable. If Bradley Manning could be pardoned then certainly a man of Gen. Flynn’s stature should get every possible break.
    Bad day for Democrats.
    As I’m fond of saying, Carpe Diem.

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  11. SharonKinDC says:

    Another point…as much as Comey states he didn’t want to ‘be alone’ w/ Trump, the very first ‘alone’ meeting was at Trump Tower, at COMEY’S request. IOW, COMEY set up the groundwork that ‘alone’ meetings were OK. Trump allegedly initiated two more meetings afterward…and didn’t fall into any traps…but it put Comey in a bind. For if it was so dreadful to do so, why did he, Comey, initiate the first one? I don’t believe for a second the others couldn’t be present when they announced the Dirty Dossier.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I sense that Trump and Comey – the latter on behalf of Hillary – were trying to entrap each other. Comey offensively, Trump defensively. Someday we’ll know all the chess moves that REALLY took place.

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  12. benifranlkin says:

    Isn’t is so that if Trump is not under investigation he could say whatever he wanted to re Flynn to Comey about Flynn’s investigation …and ultimately he could pardon him. Trump is the President and calls the shots here, doesn’t he?

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  13. Newman says:

    Another CNN Crash


  14. only the lonely says:

    “We (FBI leadership team) also concluded that, given that it was a one on one conversation, there was nothing available to corroborate my account.”

    Why is that line included in this testimony I wonder? It’s odd and out of place to me. Am I wrong?

    Also after reading this release, it seems almost certain that Comey was attempting to set the President up for some sort of interference technicality, just like I believe Sundance had mentioned in a post awhile ago.


  15. Southpaw says:

    No problem telling everyone Hillary was unintentionally innocent. He is a deceitful individual.

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  16. Eileen says:

    There was a reason for the arrest of the 25-year old Bernie Sanders supporter who allegedly leaked top secret information that the Russians hacked the voting machines of one of the vendors. The states that use the vendor are California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina. All of those states use either paper ballots (like NY and PA) or used those scan punched cards where you go into a voting booth, stick your ballot into a machine and use this stylus (non-electronic) and punch a hole in the card. So your ballot looks like an answer sheet for a scanned test. So, the Russians couldn’t have changed the results of the election. This whole thing is a false flag designed to keep our minds of James Comey’s nothing testimony.

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  17. Howie says:

    Why is Pence immune to criticism?


    • Bec74 says:

      Pence is the “man in waiting”. He’s the one the swamp creatures really want at the top. He will not get the muck flung at him in any real sense.

      The events of the last 6 months with the media and DC swamp creatures have disgusted me.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Yes – the Creep State media is not allowed to “Bush” Pence until he’s in office. It’s like reading the script of a junior high play. Obvious as h377. They want to get back to the UniParty Kabuki script ASAP, and that means keep Pence ultra-viable for “relief on the right” if they can manage to pull off anything to get Trump out. They need Pence to be maximally palatable and soothing to the people who would otherwise burn Washington to the ground.


        • BigMamaTEA says:

          Hey Wolf, but they forgot one little thing……some of us out here know the complete background of Pence when he was in the House. He’s been out for a long time, and has had a couple of terms back home as Governor. They seem to get back to their roots a bit when that happens. My Gov. was in the House for 4 or 5 terms, came home, became Gov. and had a first year, with people beating her up daily, reminding her no more RINO crap.

          Now, Pence may have gotten out just before “he’d been there too long” and saved himself from the darkside. His votes and behavior that last couple of House terms he had were starting to get questionable . I have the records.

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    • Sean Supsky says:

      He’s not perceived as a threat.

      Yeah, I know you don’t like Pence. That’s your choice. You have misgivings, that’s your choice too.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        The trick is liking Pence, but liking Trump so much that any move to get rid of him illegitimately results in the popular destruction of the UniParty and the annihilation of all its progressive goals.


        • Sean Supsky says:

          I neither like nor dislike Pence. He is a useful tool as far as I am concerned. If President Trump chose him for a reason (and we all know that President Trump plans ahead) then so be it, let him be the chess piece.

          The people in different positions are there to do a job, if they do it, fine, if not, then terminate or nullify them. Personal feelings are too much of a distraction in this war for our country.

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  18. Rob says:

    An FBI Director who did not “trust” the Attorney General with information?

    All the reason in the world to fire him, and then some.

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  19. Lucille says:

    “James Comey’s Pseudo Scandal” by Dick Morris

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  20. nuthinmuffin says:

    trump’s a honey badger and comey’s a weasel

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  21. Watching Donald Trump cause the complete meltdown of Hollywood and destruction of the political dynasties on both sides, along with turning the mainstream media into nothing more than a glorified National Enquirer, has been the greatest political event of my life so far.

    On November 8th 2016, proud patriots like myself took our country back from the controlling elite class. We wanted our jobs back and our taxes lowered. We couldn’t afford to buy a home or health insurance.

    My tax rate is 40% and my healthcare is now $700 per month thanks to Obamacare. My car insurance is still just $25/month (thanks to Insurance Panda), but if you look at Democrat strongholds like Detroit and New Orleans, where car insurance will run you $300+ per month, it’s easy to be pessimistic about the future of the United Socialist States of America.

    With Trump, we have somebody who is finally fighting for us. It’s been a long time since we had a President who cared about our country. We are revolting against our Democrat/Socialist over-lords. And it feels good 🙂

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  22. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    The Democrats are working so hard to kick President Trump out of office, even though
    President Trump is working so hard to protect the USA from being destroyed by the Terrorists.
    The Democrats would rather have the USA destroyed than keep our President Trump in office.
    I hope everybody remember this when they vote for a President in 4 years. Don’t ever vote for
    a Democrat President, because everything will go back to where it was when Obama was in office. Horrible! If you want to know the truth, and what is really going on, Please watch FOX News, the only network that you can trust. Stop watching the lying Liberal Democrat networks like MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC, because they only will tell you Lies, Lies, Lies. Get educated people of the USA, watch FOX News.


  23. Katie24 says:

    Comey CONFIRMS that Trump was not being investigated. Trump wants Comey to “get it out”. When Comey doesn’t he gets fired. Another interesting point about Obama only meeting w/Comey 2 times in 9 years. Does anyone else remember when Obama first began his term in office it was said he wasn’t social enough; did not walk around or even have some 1:1 meetings as previous presidents. He doesn’t work that way. He charms when he does public speaking. Plus when you are on the golf course so often you don’t get around to everyone. Haha. No surprise about 2 convos w/Obama.


  24. Nobizz says:

    Last paragraph (p. 2) January 6 briefing, Comey clarifies he did not always keep notes on his meetings contrary to what was leaked by his “close friend”. He points out he met with Obama on a couple occasions and didn’t keep notes. This strikes me as preemptively negating any request for evidence that may exists between the two.


  25. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    It doesn’t matter what great things President Trump accomplishes, the Democrats will turn it
    against him. Obama was the worst President we ever had, yet the Democrats looked up to him
    like he was God. Obama was a do nothing President and he will go down in history as a do nothing President. President Trump will go down in history as the Best President we ever had, and mention all of his accomplishments which are many and he hasn’t even started yet. So you dumb Democrats shut your stupid mouths and listen to FOX News, you might learn something.


  26. “…cause you know we’ve got that thing”; and Comey is unsure what that means? This is the Eddie Haskell in Comey coming out. He knew “the thing” was an understanding, that same understanding from his initial meeting with the president; an understanding of “honest loyalty”. A nation in a cloud of media generated conspiracy and Comey cannot find the courage to report to media that the President wasn’t under investigation. Yep, just like Eddie Haskell, a “Rat Fink”.

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  27. anthohmy says:

    What about the other 4 phone calls not memorialized in the memos? What were those about?

    Nice of him to remind the whole country that McCabe’s wife took money from McAulliffe, just in case nobody focused on it.

    We’re sure Comey wasn’t a double-agent?

    Comey was fired on the 9th. By the 11th (If he was the original memo leaker) he thought it so important to get the truth out there that the New York Times had the story, even though it in no way impeded his ability to lead or affected the types of things the Trump/Russia story was affecting.

    There were people waiting to take actions until the Trump thing cleared up. 80% of my FB feed was waiting for the Russia impeachment hearing to start – any day now. Parts of the country were literally ground to a halt about the Trump / Russia collusion story.

    Wasn’t McCabe in charge of counter-intelligence? Was he muddying up the water, too? How many of them were involved in this?

    Comey felt it critical that the “public square” know his side of the story in a mere 48 hours, yet he left Trump hanging in the middle of the public square for 7 months instead of cutting him down?

    What gives?


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