President Trump Delivers Commencement Address at U.S. Coast Guard Academy…

Earlier today President Donald Trump delivered the commencement address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Great speech – ‘never give up, and never give in’.


[Just a note from having watched and understood Trumpism for years. If President Trump was in the least bit nervous about this current media narrative, you’d be able to tell. He’s not, because there’s no ‘there’ there .  DJT is absorbing; he’s watching – not only his political enemies, but the responses from his supposed “allies”.  DJT follows a consistent pattern amid controversial frenzy.  DJT absorbs this stuff like fuel. DJT is not a politician, he’s on a mission; DJT has nothing to lose; DJT loves his life and family, everything else is less than. No-one is more grounded.  Excellence is his hobby. Watch for a presser within the next 24 hours. Timing dependent on tonight’s 5pm media bombshell hit job.]

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  1. Ron says:

    Trump is what the kids called “Based”… not to be confused with “Biased”, and very similar to the affliction that “Based” Jeff Sessions has.

    When Donald Trump wakes up the morning, he sees a Super Model who he loves and loves him before anything else. Then he sees luxury that’s unsurpassed on earth, in whatever building he’s staying at… which he usually owns (with the exception of the White House). He’s almost immediately in contact with his family, whom all love and respect him, and he them.

    His pastor as a child was Norman Vincent Peale, the famous motivational speaker. Everyone in Trump’s world, family or friend, are positive to a fault… He has no financial wants; he doesn’t crave anymore love than he already has abundantly pouring out from his family. He’s well educated, and well respected by millions of people…. He has almost 100% name recognition… WORLD WIDE.

    When a man like that has bounty like that; he does’t really concern himself with what a gnat who works for the NY Times says; sure he’ll call them out, and tell everybody how unfair they are… but he’ll never allow it to change what he is and what he wants to accomplish… because his BASE is so solid. Nothing outside of his base can affect him…. he’s the most Based man on earth.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Excellent commentary.

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    • The Boss says:

      He’s got this folks. Not to worry. We’re winning.

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    • dobbsfan says:

      It’s great posts like this that renew my spirit everyday here. Great read.

      On a side note, back in 1988 at my small Christian College in Elgin Il, I had the honor of introducing Norman Vincent Peale to our school. He was a beautiful soul.

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      • Ron says:

        Can you imagine, as a child, that’s the man you go listen to every Sunday service? Trump said about him

        ““I still remember the sermons. You could listen to him all day long. And when you left the church, you were disappointed it was over. He was the greatest guy.”

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      • MaineCoon says:

        I saved so many of the NVP Ministry pamphlets my mom sent me throughout the decades. Glancing through some, I thought maybe President Trump her Pastor Peale say these words from one writing:

        “If life isn’t giving to you, you aren’t giving enough to it. The more you give the more it gives back to you. This is the law of life.” He based his sermon on Lk. 6:38:

        “Give, and it shall be given unto you good measure,, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over.”

        President Trump maybe even heard that sermon as he has given a lot to us Deplorables and others throughout his life.

        We are blessed.

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    • Bob says:

      Every word is the truth…love it. Unfortunately, as I see it the media and the Dems are doing to President Trump, the same thing they did to the returning Troops during the Vietnam war. They just kept hounding the issue until the public was convinced they were right. They started that same tactic after Gulf war 1, but the people weren’t having any of it. The other issue is that the supporter of the President are not responding with equal or greater force than the ding bats. If we don’t overwhelm them and continue to they will eventually sway public opinion and that will be a difficult position to retreat from.

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    • StuckIntheMiddle says:



    • Indimex says:

      Well said. The only thing I would add, is that he also has an anointing. The favor of the Lord is upon him. I love this man!

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    • L. says:

      Yes! Perhaps someone mentioned this, but at the end when the band played such fabulous music- Our President was swaying joyously as he listened. I didn’t notice many others near him swaying along to the music. I am so greatful for President Trump! A dear and patriotic soul! God Bless Him!

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    • catmom says:

      Exactly, sounds so trite, so true. Epic comment Ron!


  2. Dora says:

    “When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”

    Jonathan Swift 1667-1745

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  3. Iam An American says:

    SD, a sincere request and its too much to ask from a small Treeper like me! . Please compile a list of back stabbers of POTUS Trump especially from the Political parties and blog about them. Keep the list updated and we the people of this great Nation should unite together to defeat those in any election they ever contest in their life time.

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    • Ron says:

      It’d be easier to just make a list of people who are NOT backstabbers!

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    • Gil says:

      Add your interest into the daily thread, there are several here who can assist with that, but it will be a long list!


    • Chuck says:

      Iam An American,
      Take a look at everyone that represents you in government, from the alderman down the street to the people in Washington. These are the people you can have a direct effect on. It’s your own personal list. If they have been in office more than a term or two and/or you don’t think they represent your voice work your a$$ off to get them out of office.

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    • pageoturner says:

      In addition – please contact your Republican Congresscritters and tell them you expect to see them on every TV channel defending President Trump. We are fed up with the way they cut and run or put a dig in front of any tepid defense they mount.

      They need to take a lesson from the dimocrites who rally around when one of theirs is under scrutiny and attack Republicans mercilessly.

      The moment a Republican is even whispered about, the Republicans either cut and run or judge as guilty without trial.

      We elected Trump and expect them to honor our selection.

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      • Iam An American says:

        Pageoturner, yeah doing that as well. Thanks for the suggestion.


      • Binkser1 says:

        The biggest problem with getting the Reps to fall in line is that most don’t want him to succeed.

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      • aqua says:

        THIS!!! Thanks for the excellent idea!

        I enjoyed watching the Coast Guard graduation in New London today, and President Trump is clearly NOT giving up. Secretary Kelly is an anchor, too. Tested, courageous, a fine example for our young men and women of the Coast Guard. The motto the class of 2017 selected earlier this year for their class is Storms Yield Courage. How fitting.

        My non-officially endorsed candidate in our local election won yesterday, despite the attacks from the official RNC rep. I helped because of what I heard here – grassroots, grassroots, grassroots. Well, I heard lots of great Americans speaking up for our President yesterday – patriots all, even in our blue county.

        I am determined to share the positive news, too — the successes – with my friends, so that we don’t see people giving up. One lady said yesterday, we might be quiet, but President Trump should know there are millions of us supporting him every day. And we don’t give up, either.

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    • joninmd22 says:

      Go over to Breitbart right now as the usual republican suspects are fighting to be the first one to stab our president in the back.

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  4. Wait, I thought he had left the country.


  5. FLEEVY says:

    I love Donald Trump. Praying for him

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  6. Dan says:

    As a Coast Guard Academy graduate myself, years ago, that was an outstanding commencement speech!

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  7. AmSa/Mx says:

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  8. FL_GUY says:

    President Trump is a true leader. People are honored to follow him anywhere. It reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt leading the charge up San Juan Hill. His troops were right there with him and he with them. It also reminds me of George Washington at Valley Forge. He was right there sharing the misery of his troops who were freezing and starving; he gave them inspiration while Washington’s political enemies in Congress (Sound Familiar) were denying critical supplies. Yet, through strength of Washington’s character, we now have the USA.

    President Trump is an extension of the Greatness that has led our country in the past and Thank God, it is leading us again. Once the treason of the D-Rats/Rinos/Media is shut down, We the People will come together stronger than at any time in our history. JMO

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    • Ron says:

      It’s the difference between DEMANDING respect, and COMMANDING respect. leaders COMMAND, they’re in front turning the direction and respect is given to them freely.

      Fakers DEMAND respect…. hence Hillary for instance wanting everybody to have signs that say “I’m With Her!” or whatever nonsense she came up with. Or her “You might ask, Why aren’t I 50 points ahead???!!!!????”

      Trump said “Make America Great Again!” and Command of the country was GIVEN to him.

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  9. gary says:

    What are the guide-lines for giving lie-detector tests to government workers. Can it be done at any time, or, do employee’s lawyers have to be present?
    … for FBI,CIA, NSA, type workers.

    Can all their files/personal phones be taken and checked at any time under national security rules?

    I am not sure how hard it is to do blanket security check with interrogation of any of these people. We are trying to OUT OUT the leaker’s and spies.

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  10. freddy says:

    I’d like to call for removal of John McCain from the GOP for providing a fake dossier for the sole purpose to defame and slander the President of the Uniterd States. His continuing collusion with the opposite party on attempting to smear and defame the President is not consistent with GOP values and he would better reside in the house of Alinsky with the Democrats……His slander is a danger to the country and his constant calls for conflict with Russia make him a loose cannon and danger to the country…….He no longer represents the party nor the country and his immediate removal is imperative.

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  11. melski says:

    Time for AG Sessions to start announcing some indictments against swamp
    People. That will shut them up for a while

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  12. Jlwary says:

    So did comey confirm or deny his memo? Is it assumed he’s the leaker?


  13. Anne says:

    Joe Lieberman?


  14. indiana08 says:

    I was at Barnes and Noble today and saw all the leftist magazines and the NeverTrumper toilet paper parading as magazines. National Review had the Rock on the cover and of course the article (“The Celebrity We Need” gag) was written by Bill Kristol’s puppet David French (the same idiot Kristol thought could defeat Pres. Trump in the election) and then Kristol’s the Weekly Standard had on the cover a photo shopped picture of Kushner whispering into Pres. Trump’s ear (the new who controls the WH narrative BS). At first I was highly annoyed. I’m just really sick of the negativity. Then I remembered these are the same trashy people who have tried and failed for 2 years to take Pres. Trump out only for him to get stronger.

    The longer Pres. Trump is president, the more the uniparty loses. The economy is growing and the “normies” are starting to notice the media’s bias. Even with fake polls, illegals, dead voters, NeverTrump idiots, fake news, globalist…Pres. Trump and we the people won the election. We will win the battle for the soul of this country too. Like other posters have said, Pres. Trump is a positive man. That will continue to resonate with people. The negativity from the left and the cowardliness of the RINOs will turn people off. Pres. Trump got my attention in June 2015 because he didn’t back down. He wasn’t a coward and the media hated him for it. If the leftwing media hates someone, I will be more incline to listen to that person. I can imagine that will be the same for a lot people sick of the coward RINOs and mean spirited leftist too. The American people can handle crazy, just not insane. The liberals crossed passed insanity a long time ago.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Indiana 08,

      Great comment.

      I hope you were still able to find a really good book amid all that rubbish. 😊

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    • Steve says:

      I know of at least one strong conservative at Barnes and Noble. My daughter manages the children’s Department at one store in a liberal enclave. She was happy to be off work the day after the election because she was sure to be the only one smiling at work that day. Her co-workers recently gave her some grief for reading Rush Revere at lunch. “Um, I’m a bookseller. I’m supposed to read books to decide whether or not to recommend them.”

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      • Steve, does anyone really buy all that liberal trash that they try and sell at those stores.

        I don’t shop there very often myself, but when I am in there no one is buying any of it.

        Remember Walden Books any one?

        The crazy liberal book store chain that went out of business?

        I really dislike going in those stores because of the fussy liberal clerks.

        Just wondering.


        • Steve says:

          She does well in Children’s. kids come in with parents and hunt her down for book recommendations.

          She chose a particular book and set a goal to sell 100 copies in a year. She did it in 6 months. It wasn’t a current book. The store sold eight copies the year before.

          I agree that most liberal trash gets ignored or sometimes bought and then ignored.

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  15. Joan calhoun says:

    The left is trying to overturn our legitimate American election.

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  16. Meatzilla says:

    House Oversight Committee Sets May 24th Date For Hearing If Trump Interfered In FBI Probe, Will Call Comey To Testify. . .

    The GOP can’t get off its collective keester and get anything done for America and Americans for over 6 months — and in the entire duration forces President Trump to literally walk alone limiting him to executive orders to get things done, or undone as the case may be. But, it takes the GOP just ONE day to set a hearing for just ONE week later to investigate a likely #FakeNews rumor from obligatory anonymous sources that has no known basis in fact at all.

    No subpeonas from the GOP, either. Only polite requests — with one heckuva Dog & Pony Show to follow.

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    • These people make me absolutely sick. True swamp dwellers of the Uni-Party. Small minded people who seem like dwarfs when compared with our outstanding President Trump.

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    • Chuck Finley says:

      Cool…. so now unsourced NY Times articles are enough evidence to prompt an investigation. And there is still no physical memo.

      This is why congressional oversight is a joke.

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      • And when a real “physical memo” does show up, I bet the weaponized autistics will take it apart in less than an hour! Remember that thing presented by Dan Rather, I think, that purported to show Pres. Bush had shirked is military duty?


    • bessie2003 says:

      Will Comey be under oath?

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    • hypnotique59 says:

      Infuriating and how many months will/can they drag this on???


      • The longer they dray it on, the better. Public will be even more bored with this stuff than they are now. Pres. Trump will win more an more supporters.

        My prediction: all investigations will slowly and silently disappear. Or not. But I just can’t see any other outcome.


    • lorenetn says:

      What “genius” in the House oversight committee thought this was a good idea? These people (Anti-Trump republicans, Dems, MSM, National Review crowd) are truly despicable. They will bring down our entire country over their hatred for President Trump.

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  17. AZmama says:

    Exorcisms evoke a lot of insults and pea soup.

    The level being spewed by the GOP establishment and fractured Democrats is like nothing seen in my time or possibly in history.

    Trump seems like it’s all in a day’s work. I wish I had more of that… I get flustered more easily.

    I feel like I should do more than post and leave angry messages on McCain’s vmail. I know facts on our side is awesome, but they may not stand up to a UniParty really bent on taking Trump down. I realized how far in the hole our country has fallen based on the willingness of those in power working toward our demise.

    I want the wall. I want my kids to not be discriminated against because they are white males. We are not confused by gender or what to eat for lunch or how the economy works. The fact that we now have to fight both Republicans and Democrats this way, tells me that soon, people like me are going to have to step up and do more. What that is yet, I am not sure, but we’ll get there.

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    • thluckyone says:

      AZmama, it sounds like you’re already leading in your family and in your community. No need at all to do ANYTHING against the bad guys – but do all you can to strengthen the good guys. I know I’m talking very obvious stuff here but I’m not especially good either at this “community organizing”. But it’s people like us that get things done.

      If your family members are willing, get them ALL to write to state & fed representatives: put together a unified notice with multiple signatures or MANY notices to reps with a similar message. Do the same in your Church or civic group(s). Engage your email friends and – as others have already suggested, DEMAND support – from your Governor and from your elected state & federal reps – for our PRESIDENT!

      If you know any business leaders – anyone at all – TELL them that you want support from them for our President’s agenda. I’ve found local broadcasters to be MUCH more responsive than national networks. TELL them, “Support our President”! Tell any Church leaders and any civic leaders, YOU MUST support our President! This may very well be our LAST CHANCE! We will NOT give up and we will NEVER surrender but we’d better do all the good we can for as long as we possibly can.

      I am SO grateful to see people so fired up so let’s ACT ON THIS by voicing our support for the good while we have the chance! Our President is God’s man and we were enacting God’s plan when we elected him. We have been brought to the point of viewing the Promised Land – and yes, it may be FULL of giants – but the battle is the LORD’S and we must go and TAKE POSSESSION of what has been promised. PRAY, PREACH and witness through action! To do anything less is to fail the promise given to us.


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  18. sd, thank you for the ‘note’. a great reminder when it seems that all the mice around me (on all the stations at the gym), on tv at home, on radio as I drive around during my day, etc. are at play, trying to manufacture havoc, when the cat (i.e. BIG cat Trump) is about to go away (overseas). It has reached fever-pitch and is beyond annoying.

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  19. albrevin says:

    NY Times writes an article based on anonymous sources and the House Oversight Committee immediately sets a hearing.

    It’s amazing how certain ‘media’ run the government as opposed to reporting on the government. Good thing is that more and more people see through this charade and the phony politicians that swim in the cesspool.

    And, agree with sentiments from above…. I absolutely detest the worthless fool John McCain. He is a disgrace and as the person who officially introduced the dirty dossier to the former FBI Director is a dirty pig, completely without trust and honor. I am proud to say I have never voted for the guy (voted neither him or Obama).

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  20. Proud Texan says:

    Be on the lookout for someone, like Sally Yates, to come out and say Comey informed her of the memos and concerns about PDJT obstruction of justice. Lots of folks making noise about Comey not notifying anyone.
    They haven’t yet made their case.

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    • mitrom says:

      I agree. She’s corrupt and partisan. They will try to make an excuse why they didn’t file a complaint or make any charges. But it will be B.S.


  21. Tom S says:

    the GOPe did O when zero was at the WH (8yrs,)


  22. MaineCoon says:

    Thanks SD for the notes. It explained to me why I see President Trump as so calm, cool & collected. I really admire him. So grounded.


  23. Walt says:

    Trump “Most people are one-way streets, and it’s better not to spend your time dodging head-on traffic. If you stay silent, people will eventually make fools of themselves without your help at all. It’s revenge the easy way.”
    Trump Think like a Billionaire

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  24. bessie2003 says:

    Fantastic speech!
    When watching it online from the White House direct link was able to watch him handing the commissions to the individuals in the graduating class, that was fun to see as each one, often with a family member who was also a service member, posed with the President for individual pictures. It was nice to see them speaking with the President, a few times it looked like they were discussing if they wanted to have a thumbs up or fist bump in their pictures. How fun is that!

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  25. freeperjim says:


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  26. CharterOakie says:

    Great, great speech by the CIC. Inspirational, motivational.

    Would love to have heard the remainder of the armed services medley, but can’t complain too loudly about that. We’re an Army family, and the band played that song first. HUA.

    Good to see Sec’y (Gen.) Kelly standing ramrod straight for the USMC song.

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  27. Paul Hanlon says:

    I was under the impression that an announcement had been made that PDJT would be holding a Press Conference tomorrow. Here’s my little wish list for that speech.

    An announcement of their choice for FBI director (including interim one). It’s very likely that McCabe either knew of, or participated in the memo “leak”. The very fact that it happened means the FBI is in need of serious reform, and McCabe would never be up to it.

    An announcement that he (or the DOJ) is appointing a special prosecutor for the leaks, including charges for the dissemination of classified info, which is already against the law. A few media critters behind bars will soon straighten them out. This might be something for Trey Gowdy.

    The “Russia” stuff, collusion and interfering, to be left with Congress. It’s a great big nothing-burger. Poke them to look into the Seth Rich assassination as part of their remit, that will kill the whole thing off pretty quick.

    The end of the Daily Press Briefings. Bring in a new format that involves the local newspapers and the public, more. Show the media that they don’t set the narrative, he does, because he’s President.

    It is probably too much to hope that there are records of the conversations between him and Comey, but if there are, I hope he declassifies them and releases them to the public, and just bypasses the kangaroo court that is the House hearing looking into the matter.

    If there is one thing he will have learnt out of all of this, it is that they really are all out to get him, he’s not paranoid. Look at the timing of the hearing, he will still be out of the country when it starts. I’d expect a massive pile-on if he doesn’t grab this by the “roundy things”, and squeeze hard.


  28. ken says:

    Congrats to our new Officers. Fair winds and following sea fellow hooligans.
    Semper Paratus
    CGC Chase WHEC 718 (Great white needle of death)

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  29. A2 says:

    This is from the IJR, if true it is hilarious

    “Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly’s private joke to President Donald Trump was caught on a hot mic during the president’s appearance at the United States Coast Guard commencement ceremony on Tuesday.

    Moments after Trump was handed his ceremonial Coast Guard saber, Kelly leaned over and said to the president: “Use it on the press, sir.”



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