President Trump Meets With Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull…

Prior to delivering remarks aboard USS Intrepid to celebrate the historic military alliance between The United States and Australia, President Trump and Prime Minister Turnbull met on the sidelines for a bilateral discussion. Interesting interpersonal dynamic, brings out a sensibility from President Donald Trump not customarily noted…

During the briefly allowed press Q&A both leaders provided additional thoughts and comments on various current events: Healthcare, legislation, social-media etc.


It’s the first time POTUS has been photographed taking the dominant position in a handshake with an international leader.  It denotes a certain amount of skepticism…

Suspicious Cat Remains Suspicious…

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194 Responses to President Trump Meets With Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull…

  1. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Tigress remains irresistible

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  2. Fe says:

    Like fellow Treeper Weeper, I simply adore suspicious cat 😎

    Meanwhile, PDJT’s body language here reminds me of when he met with the Canadian PM, and his meeting with P44 as the Presiden-Elect. He no likie.

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  3. Rickster says:

    Hahaha, that cat pic and the Presidents look are so in sync it’s, awesome.

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  4. litlbit2 says:

    The photos including the kitty, awesome! Only Sundance!

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  5. chojun says:

    Trump likely wants to include Australia in a North Korean-solution coalition. My guess is that Turnbull is a holdout.

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  6. Minnie says:

    Thank you for pointing that out, Sundance.

    I recently noticed Mr. Trump’s preference when shaking hands and tonight’s shake is interesting, indeed.

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  7. fleporeblog says:

    Australian newspaper saying that our President postponing his meeting with their PM to celebrate the House passing the Obamacare repeal and replace bill was disrespectful.

    Who gives a rats ass what they and the PM of Australia think! This bastard wants to send 1,250 (mainly men) from Syria to our country. Our Lion was celebrating a Super Bowl win with our House Republicans. This was an amazing day because we are one step closer to eliminating Barry from Hawaii’s legacy! The same bastard that approved these possible Jihadists!

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  8. The Recent Republican says:

    I’d be suspicious of any leader forcing me to take his garbage — ahem! — I mean, ” impossible to vet Muslim refugees,” off his hands as well.

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  9. Perhaps PDJT took the opportunity to suck Turnbull’s brains to understand why Australia only spends about 9% GDP on a high-quality healthcare system that provides universal care whereas USA spends circa 17% GDP.

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    • Carolina Kat says:

      They don’t have a vast imported underclass, that’s why.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Australia has more restrictive laws on Medical Malpractice Lawsuits.

      It is tougher to sue there…so there are fewer mega-million-dollar lawsuits.

      We all end up paying for those lawsuits, through higher costs…on everything.
      From bandaids to brain surgery, everyone in the medical business has to load up on expensive med-mal insurance.

      And the cost is passed on to all of us.

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      • cycle1 says:

        Tort reform, anyone?

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        • Years ago, when I had to have a genl practioner to deliver my baby, he made very public the fact that he did not have med-mal insurance. Too expensive, quoth he.

          O, BTW, he was also a massive liberal in the old-fashioned sense – wanted what was best for his patients, but otherwise pretty woolly-minded.

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      • rashamon says:

        Not to mention that 250,000 patients are killed each year by medical errors in our healthcare facilities, leading to these malpractice claims. Perhaps we need to get a handle on our entire delivery system including all those expensive drugs that lobbyists push through for approval and lack of communication within the healthcare industry.

        “Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesn’t require reporting of errors in the data it collects about deaths through billing codes, making it hard to see what’s going on at the national level.”

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        • wheatietoo says:

          Personally, I think there should be jail time.

          Manslaughter charges…for causing deaths.
          Felony charges…for causing permanent physical damages.

          Make malpractice a criminal offence.
          Just taking licenses away is not enough of a deterrent.

          Do that…and put caps on amounts that can be gained through lawsuits…and we can get the costs of drugs & medical care down to a livable level.

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          • Coldeadhands says:

            The saddest part of the entire healthcare universe is that instead of a health focused system, what we really have is “managed” illness. There are fine exceptions and some alternatives but overall, wellness is not the intent of healthcare.

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            • sobriquet4u says:

              I have taught my family this for years. I have explained to them that “managed healthcare” is how you manage your body to avoid hospitals and doctors. In essence a lot of doctors (not all) will seek the easiest route and provide a drug for one thing that produces two other side-effects that will require two more drugs. So on and so on.

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        • Sam says:

          Rashamon, doctors and hospitals are MUCH more dangerous than guns. Medical care kills several times the number that guns kill, even allowing for suicide.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      I could explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.

      Perhaps it’s because Australia is an island with only 24 million people.
      They don’t have 40+ million illegal aliens, and millions more on the way.

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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      Well for starters there is only 22 million people in Aussie.Now if you want good care you pay an extra 5000 a year.If you do not you wait in line.So would you like to move.


    • JBrickley says:

      Healthcare is not a right. Each person is responsible for their own health and its cost.
      Insurance is a way to protect against catastrophic medical needs and the associated high cost. Like the story of the Ant & the Grasshopper. The ants are industrious and productive, saving for the winter while the grasshopper frolics all summer and starves in winter begging for a handout from the ants. Why should everyone bear the burden of those who fail to live life properly? Those who refuse to take care of themselves in diet, exercise, alcohol abuse, using illegal drugs, practicing unsafe sex, etc. Yes, they should have access to insurance and care but where are the limits? Why are they making minimum wage yet have 8 children for which to provide? They were provided adequate free public education but they failed. They are provided state and federal benefits in the form of welfare and disability. The government will screw up anything it touches. Adults need to be responsible.

      What are the root causes for much of the social problems that create these populations of needy unhealthy nonproductive people that so desperately require the government to provide? It is a result of the culture wars and the Leftist government who enslave these people by giving them handouts and encourage fraud. There are millions more disabled in the last 8 years under Obama and most of them are fraudulent! Once declared disabled, they collect for life! Look at the fraud after Hurricane Katrina where tens of thousands of out of state people picked up FEMA debit cards when they were not entitled to it. Many spent that money on a new Gucci handbag instead of clothing and feeding their children. Or those placed in hotels across the country for free but they had to be evicted three years later because despite the handouts they failed to move on. Facts are that the poor and needy in the USA are far better off than the poor and needy around the globe.

      The fraud has to stop, I have no problem with tax money being well spent to those who truly need it but there are hundreds of millions going to waste. Many unemployed people on the dole are perfectly able to work. So when the economy picks up under proper government deregulation and repealing Obamacare and encouraging employers and the economy overall, all this fraud needs to be addressed. The illegals taking jobs American’s won’t do will be deported and those who wish to receive benefits should be required to work in those jobs. Those fraudulent recipients should be required to pay back what they stole. The black market illicit drug trade needs to be beaten back and virtually eliminated. The free housing needs to require employment.

      Bottom line, you work or you starve. Raise the bar on those who claim to not be able to work. Those truly disabled will still receive care but all those scammers need to be removed.


  10. The Renegade says:

    No other country has a first lady like this. Good gosh!!

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    • MaineCoon says:

      I was thinking how slightly intimidating it must be for other first lady’s to stand next First Lady Melania. Possibly Australia’s First lady might have chosen a little dressier outfit for the evening’s event?? Knowing that she’s be sitting with Melania?

      Oh well…what do I know.

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      • BMG says:

        Mrs. Turnbulls dress and “look” is just like our Librarians down here at the corner Public Library.

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      • NewNonna!! says:

        I feel for Mrs Pence! She’s a pretty woman, very typical, average American middle aged woman in what looks like her height and weight, and as one who can relate, I feel for her having to stand in the same room, never mind the same picture, as our uber gorgeous, drop dead beautiful Mrs Trump. (Wow, now THAT’S a run-on!)

        Mrs Pence, God bless her, holds herself with dignity just the same in what has to be an uncomfortable situation for her, no matter how self-assured she might be.

        In any case, God bless both these beautiful, dignified, graceful women.

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        • sobriquet4u says:

          I love Mrs. Pence! When I see her I always think of “American Dolls” she is so beautiful in a natural way and represents millions of women I don’t think she “shrinks” at all in the presence of Mrs. Trump. Her self confidence is undeniable and not many know she is a trained pilot. Ofcourse I am biased because we have something very valuable in common. We are both mother of Marines!

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          • Serena says:

            I love both of these wonderful ladies. They each have their own unique style and beautiful inner beauty. We are so blessed to have them represent our great country!

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        • jmclever says:

          Ms. Karen holds herself in a way that speaks to the peace in her heart. She is her own person, and she perfectly mirrors the peace and God-founded self-assurance that Mike Pence exudes everywhere he goes and every time he speaks. I truly admire her.


  11. Carolina Kat says:

    I don’t like Turnbull. He’s the Aussie version of Cameron. Like Romney, fake conservatives. I think Trump can identify a faker from 100 yards.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Bingo. I couldn’t put my finger on it exactly, but you just did.

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    • TomG says:

      Caroline, you don’t like Turnbull? I can assure you, as an Australian, that neither do the vast majority of Australians. The man is a total fake who believes in nothing but Malcom Turnbull, (or “Melvin Trumble” as most of us call him).

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      • OldGreyGuy says:

        Agreed TomG, up here in Queensland we tend to call him Lord Waffle.

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        • daughnworks247 says:

          Happy to have the Aussie branch of the Treepers fill us in on the real deal down under!!!

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        • Christine says:

          Fellow Queenslander here, OldGreyGuy!

          We certainly do. Lord Waffle, the Global UniParty Green Lefty incompetent dithering hack, whose continuing presence will ensure me + a million other lifelong Liberal voters, will never vote Liberal again. Manchurian candidate, destroying the once great Party from within.

          Bring back PM Abbott!


  12. pattyloo says:

    In the first picture/video, Pres. Trump has the exact same look on his face as when he met with Obama in the Oval Office in Obama’s final days.

    Remember when Obama was trying to be funny by joking that he doesn’t have to answer press questions or something and PDJT looked like ‘yeah whatever, just pack your shit and get out’.

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  13. A.D. Everard says:

    Did the President HAVE to leave the Aussie Prime Minister waiting…

    …only 3 hours? Could he have made it 3 days? You know, just to get the point across. Turncoat would have been okay… give him a few tinnies to make him feel at home and he wouldn’t give a rat’s behind.

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  14. trapper says:

    Trump cat. Suspicious? Or sizing up the mouse?

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  15. Cee says:

    This interview: OMG! Absolute alpha dog! Trump runs the show! Reserved respect, proper – an old alliance with a temporary failure-figurehead…. (Turnbull looks like a sycophant in this video!)

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  16. Donna in Oregon says:

    I enjoyed President Trump’s speech on Australian/USA history. The two rebellious children of England. Turnbell or Turnball….whatever, he doesn’t really matter. Our President was speaking to the Australian people just like he speaks directly to us.

    Our relationship with Australia was redefined tonight. 🙂

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  17. rashamon says:

    A touch of class is remembering the names of dozens of people you have met only recently without referring to notes.

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  18. Bazza McKenzie says:

    Turnbull basically espouses Dem type policies while leading what is supposed to be a conservative party. He got into his position by organizing a parliamentary coup against Tony Abbott who had got the LNP (conservatives) in power. It is unclear how much Goldman Sachs money supported Turnbull’s coup against Abbott (Turnbull was previously head of GS in Australia). Support for his party has plummeted since he took over.

    Abbott was the guy who stopped the boats of illegal aliens (mainly muslims) coming to Australia, when the Labor party (Dems equiv) and MSM all said it could not be done. He did it within 6 months of taking office. He also abolished the “carbon tax” previously imposed by Labor.

    If Trump wants to send Turnbull (aka the waffler and Lord Malcontent) to Guantanamo, few of us in Australia will be complaining. He is a leftist and an incompetent, and as a Wall Street type, someone who looks down on most Australians while trashing our traditional values and heritage.

    Please keep him.

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  19. ALEX says:

    President Trump amazes…Just another ho hum Thursday…..Awesome.

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  20. Donald Trump has been President for just over 3 months and has already done an ENORMOUS amount. He’s already WAY further along with his health care fix than Obama was with his at this stage.

    And yet the media writes stories like “Finally, a Victory for Trump”.

    What do they mean “Finally”? He’s had many, many major victories, including this alliance with Australia. And “finally” implies that some enormous amount of time has passed, which it hasn’t.

    These people really are liars and frauds.

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  21. Who thinks President Trump reminded PM Turnbull that “crowded” and “under-resourced” China has 50 times the population of Australia, and would prize putting the snatch on Australia’s land mass and natural resources?

    Turnbull’s response: “I propose that we handle those pesky refugees as a meager and overdue down payment on our continued alliance, Mr. President.”

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  22. hellinahandbasket says:

    I like that FLOTUS doesn’t wear belts, bobbles, bows and big/gaudy-jewely – understated elegance is so refreshing. Unlike you know who…. Man, I was sick of seeing those clown-costumes, obnoxious colors and patterns, cardigans, and all of those wide patent-leather belts right-up under the breastline – then of course those flipper sized flat shoes she always wore. Gawd Awful!

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    • Leslie Ingersoll says:

      You must be describing Hill Jong Ug.
      Or even she/man Moochelle.
      Beauty is on the outside, but ugliness goes to the bone.

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      • Serena says:

        I can never forget that permanent scowl on her face and her complaining about everything she hated about America. And the MSM constantly comparing her to Jackie Kennedy and the young Obama family with the young JFK family. They were always so desperate to legitimize them in America’s eyes. No matter how much they did that it just never worked for most people. That picture of hate and jealousy on her face as she stared daggers at the French First Lady revealed the type of person Michelle Obama really was. YIKES! If looks could kill that beautiful lady would be dead instantly!

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  23. TomG says:

    Malcolm Turnbull – or “Melvin Trumble”, as many of us call him – is loathed by many if not most Australians, and is only in the position he is in today because the alternative Prime Minister is even worse.

    Turnbull/Trumble/Turncoat, grinning inanely like a smitten *** schoolboy, (not unusually for Turnbull) went into his meeting wit President Trump ill-briefed. When President Trump mentioned that Australia and the US had been allies for 99 years, Melvin missed the golden opportunity to tell the American people that the first time American troops went into battle in World War One 99 years ago – the very start of that 99 year alliance the President alluded to – they did so lead by an Australian General, John Monash.

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  24. Leslie Ingersoll says:

    Our beautiful FLOTUS looks like the perfect fit for our handsome POTUS. She is a vision of elegance and grace!
    The very sight of her must “smooth out the lumps” in those who get to meet, or see her in person.
    The ugly “she-men” who are on the other side must just want to crawl back under their rock……no way they can ever compete.
    POTUS is a lucky man❤

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  25. jeans2nd says:

    “It’s the first time POTUS has been photographed taking the dominant position in a handshake with an international leader.”

    Respectfully, disagree (slightly?). POTUS is an open book.


    Mutual respect


    Look at the pic on the video above. That is Dominant-Disdain.
    In vid, at 00:02, Turnbull reaches for a handshake, POTUS is paying Turnbull no attention. Disdain.

    At 1:17, POTUS addresses Turnbull, no body movement whatsoever. Turnbull completely turns his body to acknowledge POTUS. Disdain.

    Throughout the vid, POTUS leans away from Turnbull. Turnbull consistently leans in to POTUS. Other than leaning away from Turnbull, POTUS does not move.

    Potus does not smile, except for a few wry smiles, none of which are directed at Turnbull. POTUS’ jaw is usually set rigid.

    Dominant-Disdain. The international tribbles are in for sooo beaucoup trouble.

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  26. zephyrbreeze says:

    I miss Michelle’s man-shoulders appearing at state functions.


  27. R-C says:

    That 3-hour delay in meeting Trumbull was no accident. And if they think it was ‘disrespectful’, they might be on to something.


  28. EODMAN says:

    I wonder if MO ever said the Our Father in private or public?


  29. “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.”


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