Historic State Visit – Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi Arrives At White House – Video

Moments ago Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi arrived at the White House to a warm welcome by President Trump.


As expected, leftists and globalists are losing their minds.

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144 Responses to Historic State Visit – Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi Arrives At White House – Video

  1. Beryl Bomb says:

    Love you Sundance but “losing their minds” ship sailed loooong ago LOL.

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  2. sundance says:

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  3. Finalage says:

    Excellent! I hope Trump does a press conference anyway. MAGA!!

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  4. james tabor says:

    Great time to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

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  5. teaforall says:

    Now that is a Official America Welcome to a Foreign President. Beautiful,

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    • EternalVigilanc3 says:

      Yes it was. President Trump looked like he was welcoming an old friend

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      Did you notice President Trump kinda hunch his shoulders very slightly when he stepped forward to welcome El Sisi? It was slight, but the kind of thing you might automatically do when receiving a friend you were glad to see. Well, that is just what I saw.

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    • JC says:

      That was a gracious, personal welcome, Teaforall. President Trump was waiting at the door for el Sisi, waiting at the door. El Sisi exited the limo to the outstretched hand of his friend, President Trump.

      How blessed we are that President Trump and el Sisi/Egypt have given the US this opportunity, after the wretched debacle of the last administration. I continue to shudder to consider the multitude of horrific consequences that would have resulted from an hrc presidency and the continuation of the last administration’s policies; that is glaringly obvious today. Egypt, the entire ME and the world benefit from the Trump Presidency.

      Prayers for the safety and wisdom of the leaders, their meetings and momentous results. God bless America, Egypt, Israel and the ME nations seeking peace and cooperation.

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    • hippielouie says:

      he greets many this way. truly gracious n respectful!!

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  6. quintrillion says:

    Another Trumptastic day; more winning and planning to win more and more for the people. Love PDJT a statesman for the good of mankind & deal maker extraordinaire.

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  7. Summer says:

    They are going to negotiate the terms of Hillary Clinton’s extradition. One can dream.

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  8. imprimipotest says:

    The Globalist’s ‘New World Order’ is being dismantled stone by stone … Thanks be to Pres. Trump and to GOD.

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  9. Plain Jane says:

    Goosebumps. So happy and proud. Love you President Trump.

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  10. CheshireCat says:

    I am guessing McCain and Mattis won’t be meeting with President Sisi.

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  11. bverwey says:

    A good day and start to building ME ties in the struggle to defeat ISIS.

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  12. BebeTarget says:

    POTUS just welcomed a new member into the pride. Still LOLOLOLOL at the Progressives and Globalists who now will be needing coloring books, animals to pet, safe rooms and safety pins. What they really need is a grey matter transplant.

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  13. law4lifeblog says:

    PT does everything with so much class!!

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  14. CheshireCat says:

    MSM Blackout? Egyptians Enraged by U.S. Outreach to Muslim Brotherhood

    In the eyes of tens of millions of Egyptians, Senators John McCain’s and Lindsey Graham’s recent words and deeds in Egypt — which have the “blessing” of President Obama — have unequivocally proven that U.S. leadership is aligning with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Egyptian media is awash with stories of the growing anger regarding this policy.

    A top advisor to Egypt’s Interim President Adly Mansour formally accused McCain of distorting facts to the benefit of the Brotherhood. He dismissed McCain’s recent remarks as “irrational” and “moronic.” Ahmed al-Zind, head of the Egyptian Judge Club, has called for the arrest and trial of McCain for “trying to destroy Egypt.” The leader of the youth movement Tamarod (meaning “Rebellion,” against the Brotherhood), which played a major role in mobilizing the June 30 revolution, said: “We reject John McCain and call on the international community to let the [Egyptian] people
    decide their own fate.”

    Secular political commentator Ahmed Musa asserted:

    These two men have made more shameless demands than the Brotherhood themselves would dare. [McCain] is not a man elected by the American people to speak on their behalf; today, he speaks on behalf of an armed terrorist organization — the Muslim Brotherhood. … We had expected [better] from these two men who came to speak with the tongue of the Brotherhood’s leadership, as if they had been recruited as two new leaders of the Brotherhood, which killed, destroyed, and burned in al-Muqattam, and now in Rab‘a al-Adawiya [the main Brotherhood militant camp]. The only thing missing is to see them in Rab‘a, surrounded by armed groups, and in their midst Muhammad Badie [supreme leader of the Brotherhood] and [U.S. Ambassador] Anne Patterson [whom Mattis tried to make Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy] . That’s all that’s missing! Here comes Brother McCain today saying that we must “release the [Brotherhood] prisoners”.

    Are you not aware that these people are accused of murder? Are you not aware that hundreds of Egyptians have been killed at the hands of the Brotherhood, Morsi, Shatter, Qatatni, Badie, Baltagi — have you forgotten? Did you not read the report on what happened? Or did you just blindly accept your ambassador’s words that it was a coup, that 33 million people did not go out?

    Further angering Egyptians is McCain’s insistence that all arrested Brotherhood members and other Islamists be released from prison. As Musa said, McCain’s stance does not address that Brotherhood leadership is awaiting trial on serious charges: inciting terrorism, causing the murder of Egyptians, and grand treason by conspiring with foreign powers against Egypt’s interests.

    Egyptian media has also pointed out that McCain repeatedly dodged critical questions by Egyptian journalists at a press conference. When asked about the fact that the Brotherhood in Rab‘a was armed to the teeth, and — with the aid of al-Qaeda — was killing and terrorizing innocent Egyptians, McCain ignored the question. (Similarly, McCain has not answered as to why he is supports the jihadist rebellion in Syria, which has seen the slaughter and displacement of thousands of Christians, beheadings, and “legitimized rapes” by foreign jihadis. McCain is in favor of arming them.)

    Many Egyptians are also wondering why McCain — as well as the Obama administration — is pushing for elections as soon as possible. Such a rush contributed to the empowerment of the Brotherhood in the first place: once the long-entrenched Mubarak was removed from power, the only
    party that was organized and ready to campaign was the Brotherhood. Secular Egyptian parties wanted to postpone the 2012 elections in order to mobilize their campaigns, but the U.S. was adamant that Egypt hold elections immediately. When the military wished to perform a recount,
    citing irregularities in the elections — including widespread allegations of voter fraud by the Brotherhood — Hillary Clinton chastised them and called for a winner to be declared as soon as
    This turned out to be Morsi, by a tiny margin — if that.

    McCain’s remarks and actions in Egypt have further confirmed the popular narrative — as memorably displayed by countless anti-Brotherhood and anti-Obama placards raised during the June 30 revolution — that U.S. leadership is aligned with the Brotherhood, and thus ultimately a supporter of terrorism. Americans can no longer afford to ignore this serious accusation with broad implications.

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  15. Pam says:

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  16. albrevin says:

    ‘Whatever you do to the least of my brethren you do to me, Matthew 25:40

    Those persecuting and aiding in the persecution of Christians ARE enemies of Jesus Christ.

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  17. I usually do not make much of the body languange thing but could not help notice Trump welcomed el-Sisi with open arms and when el-Sisi clasped Trump’s hand with both hands like a man who was adrift at sea for a long time finally being thrown a lifeline.

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  18. duchess01 says:

    1600 Daily: Everything White House for 4/3/17

    APRIL 3, 2017 AT 10:16 AM ET BY 1600DAILY



    11:50AM: President Trump welcomes President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi of Egypt
    11:55AM: President Trump meets with President Al Sisi


    12:10PM: President Trump leads an extended bilateral meeting with President Al Sisi
    1:10PM: President Trump has a working luncheon with President Al Sisi
    2:30PM: President Trump meets with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

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  19. holymercenary says:

    Where are all the cowards who were bashing Cernovich earlier? Dude had the biggest scoop of the year and stuck his neck out there. Give him the credit he deserves.

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    • Alison says:

      You’re on the wrong thread.

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    • Doug says:

      Im always skeptical but cernovich is turning out to have all the scoops. next big one to watch is Priebus… I think Priebus is on way out after healthcare debacle and katie Walsh and Gen Flynn

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      • bigsy says:

        I read that Walsh and Halberman are friends, and that Rice and Halberman are also friends.

        I’m not sure if Walsh and Rice are friends as well.

        Walsh was farmed out right before the Rice story broke.

        I’m guessing Walsh was hired to be used a patsy to facilitate the sting on Rice and Halberman. They knew Walsh would leak, try to cover up illicit prior admin activities, and lead them to co-conspirators, etc.

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  20. thesitrep says:

    I don’t remember seeing a US presidents meeting people at the door.
    Is this normal or is Trump just a much warmer greeter?

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    • NJF says:

      I’ve read/heard it’s a unique Trumpism.

      Not surprised at all.

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    • Spencer's Mom says:

      That was a wonderful thing to see!

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      I’ve read that Mr. Trump is the first President to do so, and has established it as a new norm. I love how warm and genuine and American this man is. Meets his guests at the front door, like a good host. Not waiting in the Throne Room to “receive” them after making them wait for him, thus establishing dominance. He doesn’t need such ploys.

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    • Lucille says:

      A quick internet photo check shows the Obamas greeting Pope Francis at the WH front door but no other instances. I’d think if it were common, the first photo cache checked would be full of such scenes.

      And as TransitionTracker posted previously, the two-hand clasp by el-Sisi is particularly revealing, showing a warm, heartfelt non-verbal “Thank you! “

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  21. MaineCoon says:

    President Al Sisi: “Egypt & myself always beside you….Find myself supporting you very strongly & very earnestly…This is my 1st state visit…and…my 1st visit in 8 years [nice dig, Ozero] from an Egyptian President to the next (??) President.”

    Was it my imagination that President Trump smiled in accord with the Ozero dig?

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  22. AndrewJackson says:

    What a difference from zero who was doing nothing except trying to foment violence and anarchy in one of the strongest mid east allies. Great job Mr. President! Great Job!

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  23. litenmaus says:

    WH welcomes survivor of Obama Muslim Massacre – MQ Media don trans-ostrich identity.

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  24. fedback says:

    Arabic is beautiful when spoken by a friend


  25. Emily Summer says:

    Notice the warm, genuine welcome from Mr. Trump. Non of this aloof demeanor nor arrogance stance like Obama who thought his excrement didn’t stink exhibited.


  26. jeans2nd says:

    Somewhat heartwarming, in that series of pictures, watching one of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children actually smile.


  27. sunnydaze says:

    Did any of the Talking Heads tonite cover this meeting and give background of it’s importance?


  28. justfactsplz says:

    It was so good to see President Trump pull out all of the bells and whistles for al-Sisi’s arrival to the White House. It was ceremoniously fitting for honoring al-Sisi’s first visit to the White House. The mutual warmth and admiration is evident between al-Sisi and President Trump. They will work well together. I hope there will be a State dinner in honor of this visit.


  29. Paul Killinger says:

    We are very fortunate that previous US Presidents understood the strategic importance of Egypt and supported their nation.

    Without that history between our two countries, these current leaders could not hope to bring peace to the Middle East, which now finds itself exhausted from decades of conflict..

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