Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – March 29th (video)

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer conducts the press briefing for March 29th:

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117 Responses to Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – March 29th (video)

  1. bertdilbert says:

    Why does the press look sad and depressed in that picture?

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  2. April, the bobblehead, is front anf center.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      She wants to meet her fears head on.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        Can you imagine the encouragement she is getting behind the scenes? And buying right into? lmao. So stupid she doesn’t even see she is their stooge. Surprised Spicer hasn’t been called racist yet for his head shaking comment. And he’s right – it’s unprofessional.

        She’s like a sulky dimwitted teenager full of attitude.

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        • Stringy Theory says:

          OMG, mostly April is like, ya know, bein’ played for a dunce and the idiot doesn’t even seem to be aware of what is like, ya know, happenin. Some of thuh things that she says is like, enough to make me sick because they’re so off thuh wall. Amazin’ that Sean puts up with her day after day. That would, like barf, me out. I suppose that’s what he’s paid to do but I couldn’t do it even if he bagged her face.

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      • benifranlkin says:

        speaking of her head, does she wear a James Brown wig, too? She and Maxine appear to have something in common.

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    • Enlightened Vulgarian says:

      What that woman needs now is love, sweet love. Somebody should Pat Boone her bad self….


    • wyntre says:

      That’s HER seat and don’t none of you honky bytches try ta take it!


  3. April, the bobblehead, is front anf center.

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  4. Holy Schiff Batman! Spicy calls on April First! (lol @ April 1st)

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  5. Giant Ground Sloth says:

    These briefings shouldn’t even be called “press briefings.” Most of the people in that room are not members of the press; they’re UniParty operatives.

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  6. 22044 says:

    Cool. Who was the presstitute of the day?

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  7. fleporeblog says:

    I really hope that our President decides on Thursday, April 6th to declare that the USA will no longer be participating in the Paris Agreement. My reason for this is that their will be a nuclear holocaust among the left that will have them burning up their Democrat Senator’s lines saying that if you vote for Neil Gorsuch tomorrow (meaning Friday, April 7th), don’t dare step foot in the state again if you know what I mean.

    This will invoke the nuclear option which Mitch wants nothing to do with because of his fears of who Trump will nominate to replace Kennedy in the summer (please, please, please be Judge Pryor from the 11th circuit). Old Mitch would also be crapping his depends on who will replace Ruth Ginsburg down the road. There greatest fear would be Ted Cruz or someone very much like him.

    Imagine a SC with a 6-3 split with 2 true Scalia types!

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  8. albrevin says:

    Where did the whole Evelyn Farkas thread go?

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  9. Mike says:

    Who is the especially vicious looking young lady that sits at John Robert’s immediate left on the front row, lol? If I was Spicer I’d be especially concerned with her.

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  10. SharonKinDC says:

    In a couple of threads, a couple of whingers complained that Spicer essentially threw Nunes under the bus. I wanted the entire presser and disagree w/ this evaluation. IMO, Spicer backed Nunes work on the investigation and appropriately directed specific questions back to Nunes. Why? B/C the investigation is independent of the WH and some questions are more appropriate to Nunes, not the WH. The MSM would love nothing more than to be able to proclaim the WH is running the independent House investigation. It’s not true of course, and Spicer didn’t give the MSM harpies any ammo on this issue.

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  11. filia.aurea says:

    On opioid addiction and death Mr. President, you must sever the supply (RAT) lines, they aren’t all connected to our southern border. I will just say Paki mangoes, the Awans & the muslim brotherhood, congressional democrats, and Hilary Clinton. Deja vu – same players, different song.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Yes, yes, yes.This has got to be exposed along with all the Dems who were hacked and who have gone along with this. They are likely behind the leak that killed the Seal Team in the helicopter (at Obama’s behest) and the Yemen raid.

      In Day 156 Part 1 Webb flat out says the SCIFs at the FBI are compromised and not safe for whistleblowers, that McCabe will make their lives miserable and he believes there are carbon microphones throughout (have no idea what exactly that means but is specific enough I am going to guess he knows what he is talking about). Webb is telling people to go straight to the WH counsel bc he doesn’t think that SCIF is compromised and they should use the phrase I Love VooDoo donuts to be deposed.

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  12. Is anyone hearing that Trump is now saying he can live with out funding for the wall?


  13. Jeez, special treatment for snowflake April as first questioner. This just reinforces her bad behavior.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      It’s a troll but she doesn’t get it. Her fellow pressitutes will turn on her for her special treatment.

      The race pimps are probably throwing their weight around over her AGAIN.

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    • McGuffin says:

      I think maybe just the opposite. It was to embarrass her by pointing her out first imo. Sean’s way of saying he will not be bullied or affected by her and her big mouth. She expected him to giver her a hard time and maybe even ignore her today because that’s what the tiny brained Dimms do. It was a brilliant decision. Notice how he smirked while looking down at the podium when he called her name. lol.

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  14. dbethd says:

    Kick out the MSM!

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  15. QuestGirl says:

    They need to look no further than Afghanistan for the source to from “where” is it coming? In our current Opiod epidemic​, prescription Opiod abuse isn’t the only increase in the world of drug addiction.

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  16. Kelly says:

    We should do a daily betting poll on who is going to be “spiced” during the press conference each day.

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  17. maxmbj says:

    The question must be asked, Is the press inherently evil? The answer may surprise you.


    I didn’t say “would”, I said “may.” Big difference.

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  18. maxmbj says:

    I was at a Trump rally and Major Garrett walked by me. He fastidiously avoided making eye contact with me or any other of the plebeians. I watched him walk around avoiding contact with us groundlings. It was an artful dance.

    So my question is, When did Major Garrett become an a-hole? He wasn’t bad in his early days at Fox Used-to-News.

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    • flova says:

      Well, his ‘tude is why the lousy media and their masters never saw us coming. Their noses were so far up in the air, they never bothered to look at President Trump’s ground support.

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  19. Herbie says:

    All this flu coughing in the Press Briefings has caught up with our man Spicer. Hope he feels better soon, but it will be at least 3 weeks.


  20. silverlakela says:

    More than a “smoking gun”.
    Evelyn Farkas, deputy assistant secretary of defense under Obama, on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” admits Trump was under surveillance, unmasked and leaked intelligence.


  21. mamadogsite says:

    So glad that the press corps. Has now decided to dress professionally, ( note SD picture). Too bad most are not as professional as their work clothes.

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  22. the5thranchhand says:

    Honestly, an embalmed person, looks more alive than that bunch in the press picture. As to their ‘professional dress’, most of them still look worse than Rip Van Winkle, all crumpled and rumpled, on their best day.


  23. Why is it they are so concerned with Nunes but have no interest in the information that Obama and his administration spied on Trump. It is so aggravating…I can’t watch this.


    • Carol says:

      “Why is it they are so concerned with Nunes…’

      You don’t get what is really happening. As they keep us entertained with these frivolities, they are making great moves on freeing up the industries from restrictions that were set upon them.

      For example, The project to cleanup 100 years of rampant pollution from companies along the Chesapeake Bay, the world’s largest estuary, was just defunded and 20 years of hard work by stupid environmentalists will be destroyed in as little as three years. Let’s hear it for free trade and jobs. They were just about to announce the largest harvest of scallops and blue crabs in 50 years.


  24. You should read the article, dakkie! Those “operatives” were ANTI-ABORTION activists filming doctors.


  25. Carol – it is time to defund these people. They never stop finding more stuff to “save.” That’s how they ended up with “protecting” snail darters in California and roadside weeds in Oregon that allegedly attracted a rare butterfly and were allegedly “endangered.”

    Most of us here know how these games have been played. Perhaps you do not?


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