Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon Speak at CPAC – *Update* Full Video Added (Also Live Stream)…

Y’all know how I feel about CPAC.

ConPAC is the annual three day meeting for those suffering with severe Battered Conservative Syndrome.  In other words, the attendees are co-dependents to their own legislative and political abuse.

That said, the Trump administration has to deliver the donuts to the BCS therapy session, or everyone there will be triggered by the snub.   Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon are scheduled to appear today (1:00pm), and President Trump will attend tomorrow.

ADD: Here’s the video replay:


Here’s the ongoing CPAC Live Stream Below:


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184 Responses to Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon Speak at CPAC – *Update* Full Video Added (Also Live Stream)…

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Y’all were doin’ just fine with the BCS and donuts. Then y’all had to go and bring up ADD. Or was it ADHD? Too much goin’ on, cannot recall.

    Also, is ConPac a PAC just for Convicted Cons, or just Allegedly Convicted Cons?

    Bannon was Great. No Con. Thx 4 the vid.

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  2. Clover says:

    As someone who is familiar with a lot of the players at CPAC and who has attended many times, I would like to encourage y’all that there are a lot of patriotic, honest, decent people involved and who attend. So many of your comments are needlessly suspicious and nasty. I get your loyalism to Trump and disgust with Never Trumpers. I agree, I love Trump. But there a lot of people who work in conservative politics who are what you would call White hats who have sacrificed their lives and time with their families working to protect issues like the 2nd Ammendment and caring for our Vets and free speech on college campuses. Furthermore, I love and respect Milo tremendously, but the people who are responsible for CPAC have families and Are accountable to hundreds of impressionable high school and college students who attend. Can you not understand their concern?

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    • Sandhill says:

      Thank you for your wise and insightful comment,Clover.

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    • ALEX says:

      You are correct…Both Bannon and Preibus made your point about the different sides coming together and most of the nevertrump was magnified by the tired and old conservative media during campaign, but enough people joined together either way..

      I wouldn’t give much heed to the same tired narrative in some of the comments on here…Reagan was as comfortable at CPAC as the Moral Majority etc… From what I watched of CPAC and the speakers it showed a nice shift from the old standard bearers.

      All in all, a day I can hear Bannon,Pence,Judge Jeanine,Davi,Fitton and a few others is great…Tomorrow the President and a few others…I like it….

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  3. paris23 says:

    So, Priebus is not really a traitor to our president? Or is he a good actor? I feel unqualified to make a judgement, mainly because I was a Democrat most of my life and don’t know these people as well as many other readers. He seems sincere… I would like to believe he is.

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  4. SpanglishKC says:

    Michael Savage was at Mar-A-Lago over the weekend and spent time with PDJT, met Reince, et al. He tells the story on his show of 2/22/17. I caught it on Podcast app. Very intereting perspective and stories about the hour plus he spent with DJT, etc.


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