President Trump Weekly Address – Week #2 (February 3rd)…

President Donald Trump delivers his second ‘weekly address’ on Friday February 3rd 2017 recapping current events and reinforcing the executive direction of his administration:


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52 Responses to President Trump Weekly Address – Week #2 (February 3rd)…

  1. Pam says:

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  2. Pam says:

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  3. big bad mike says:

    I love these fire side chats – he is speaking directly to us forgotten people.

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  4. Lady K says:

    Thank you President Trump; we support you and we love you! MAGA!!

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  5. petszmom says:

    watched this and the arrival in florida where he reunited with melania for the weekend at mar a lago. i can’t get enough trump news!

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  6. noritadek says:

    God bless you Mr. President! I love the way you communicate directly with us. It’s refreshing and appreciated. Thank you and may God keep you and all your family save, healthy and happy. We love you in our household sir.

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  7. C-Low says:


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  8. Bob Thoms says:

    We are blessed to have this man in the White House……………

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  9. fedback says:

    ‘Washington breathes a sigh of relief as whirlwind Trump flies out to Mar-a-lago to meet First Lady Melania (but of course he still has Twitter)’
    Daily Mail headline

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  10. Safhouse says:

    I am very proud of President Trump. The man isn’t afraid nor is he bought.

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  11. repsort says:

    Man. I love this guy.

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  12. MIKE says:

    This is why my family and I are proud to be a ‘Trump household’.
    Even my twins are fully onboard the train πŸš‚ . We are blessed.

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  13. andi lee says:

    And, God Bless YOU, Sir!

    ~Thank YOU! ❀

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  14. gettherejustassoon says:

    Take last week’s and this one; they would be fitting as a compilation of what had been accomplished at the end of week 22 let alone week 2!

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  15. Alison says:

    Remember how Obama admin always dumped ‘news’ on Fridays, including Hillary’s emails, hoping it would all get buried during our weekend activities? Now we have President Trump bringing weekly updates. Refreshing change, despite all the Embedded Black Hats seeking to leak & undermine him.

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  16. M33 says:

    Does anyone have the checklist version of Trumps contract with the American voters for the first 100 days?
    I know that at least half of it is done already!

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  17. aur1640 says:

    Our wonderful President brings tears to my eyes when he expresses gratitude for why we voted for him in the first place. He blesses us and our Nation!! My heart beams with pride every time he gives his address… β€οΈπŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š

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    • Fe says:

      Mine too…it’s almost embarrassing how easily the tears start. I’m a hot mess. I think it’s out of relief. How many of us are still shaking our heads at the wonder of it all? I know I am still not over the incredible joy, gratefulness, and thankfulness that our prayers were heard in Heaven and answered with a resounding YES! I love this man and I’m so proud of him (and his family). You know that old saying, if it’s too good to be true it usually isn’t? For the first time in my life, this “too good to be true” is……actually TRUE! ‘Tis so sweet.

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  18. rsanchez1990 says:

    I wonder if Secretary Tillerson picked up the “so important” from President Trump.

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    • Wavetheshales says:

      Try again. You did this on another thread. NBC is a bastion of Presstitutes. At least the “oldest profession” actually work, which is a word totally beyond the ken of today’s “journalists”…..

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  19. Walt says:

    Excellent they just need to work on the zooming in and out. MAGA!!!

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  20. Gallo says:

    Judge James Robart chambers. This is judge who put stop on trumps travel vetting!
    I called his minion n told her what I think of her n her boss n how no matter what a lawyer in a robe from psycho San Fran does we will make America great again! Please call her at above number n let her know how u feel about the judge! Bush appointed of course!

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  21. JEM says:

    I love you, too, President Trump. Pray for you every day!

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  22. Gallo says:

    Sorry I meant psycho Seattle Washington judge robarts is from!! The judges voice mail is on so leave messages!

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Thank you Gallo. I was thinking, oh no, not another one.

      I’m a bit confused though. I’ve read that statutes shared by people that say quite clearly the president has authority to put a ban on foreign or domestic. So why do these judges think it’s unconstitutional? They have to have it right in front of them as well.

      In passing I saw someone on tv claiming President Trump could get in a lot of trouble if he ignores what this federal judge did in Washington state. Shouldn’t the judge be the one getting trouble or disbarred for attempting to stop our President from lawful action?

      I’m not a lawyer, and sometimes I wish I knew what they did, but I don’t. All I know is our president is trying to protect all of us, and these loonies with a lot of power are getting in the way. We all know here that it is not a ban against a religion, if one can even call it that. It’s not against muslims, obama did the same thing and yet everyone on the left refuses to acknowledge that. I just think this is totally screwed up and we need Sessions ASAP. I’m thinking they deliberately did this to Sessions so he cannot come in and straighten this out along with the riots.

      Another thing, the lawyers at the DOJ reviewed this and agreed it followed our Constitution.

      Last comment: what the heck are they going to do if one of these jihadists come over and kill a bunch of us? Lately they seem to be coming in and killing innocents soon after they enter the country. They’re not waiting around like they used to.

      What’s the judge to say? Oh well, it was only one out of thousands? They’re are certainly not going to admit any wrongdoing, and neither are the crazy moonbat politicians or their sheep. It will only be us screaming.

      Anyways, I just don’t understand how any judge, federal or not can put a ban on this executive action and go against our president’s wishes when he is clearly in the right. I’m just not understanding how they can do this.

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  23. Tonawanda says:

    How dare this man be a sensible adult?

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  24. PatriotKate says:

    Incredible Jeff Rense interview of Catherine Austin Fitts about what President Trump is doing to turn things around. She calls our President the Titantic Turner! There could be some fun with that moniker.

    Highly recommended. She gets really cranked up about midway and overall just a great interview. She talks about the shift he’s taking.

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  25. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    Where is there a transcript of weekly address?


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