The Eagle Has Landed…



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137 Responses to The Eagle Has Landed…

  1. See that very serious gentleman behind DJT at the concert ? I bet he had more “arms” on him than I have in my house…..

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  2. vexedmi says:

    This reminds me of the song Singing In The Rain refrain with a few changes.
    Why am I smilin’ and why do I sing?
    Why does January seem sunny as Spring?
    Why do I get up each morning to start happy
    And get up with joy in my heart?
    Why is each new task a trifle to do?
    Because I am living a life full of Trump


  3. just CC says:

    Thank God ,
    We once again have CLASS in the white house the likes of
    JFK and Jackie O….
    Thank you LORD ,please keep them save and watch over them…


  4. Sunshine says:

    All the photos are beautiful. Very soothing. I could look at them over and over, many times.


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