It’s Officially Official – Donald Trump Wins Electoral College Vote…

…“and we will win, and you will win, and we will keep on winning, and eventually you will say we can’t take all of this winning, …please Mr. Trump …and I will say, NO, we will win, and we will keep on winning”.

~ Donald Trump


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550 Responses to It’s Officially Official – Donald Trump Wins Electoral College Vote…

  1. Bruce says:

    Donald showed us early on he knows what it means to be an American. To unleash that spirit that our fore fathers fought to preserve. I am thankful I helped him and I am thankful for him.

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  2. citizen817 says:

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  3. Fun Fact

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    • Alexsandra says:

      Stock market fell 777 in 2008 and I thought of the Invisible Hand and judgment of God.

      But today, that divine number 7 signals God’s foreknowing mercy and grace.

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    • Martin says:

      Actually, Trump will be 70 years, 7 months and 6 days old. His birthday is on June 14th and Inauguration Day is on January 20th. Six days.


      • Alexsandra says:

        Okay, this is silly / crazy, but on the simplest level, count on your fingers:

        pinky 1 –14th …. 2 — 15th …. 3 — 16th … 4 — 17th …. thumb 5 — 18th … jump to next thumb 6 — 19th … then index finger 7 — 20th. Yay, wallah, 7.

        Don’t waste time with should I count the actual birthday? Or should I count the actual inauguration day? Yes, yes. But what does it matter anyway? I don’t care if he had any 7’s. But could not let above stand since indeed he does.


        • Thorfinnr says:

          No, you’re 100 percent correct. He was born on the 14th, so any 14th is the 1st day of another year. And the 20th counts as another day he’s lived. So, yes 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th make 7 days. NEVER forget to give God the glory for this. A lot of people’s prayers for the rescue of our nation are being answered, and all need to understand the intervention of a higher power here.

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    • aprilyn43 says:

      NO … on Inauguration Day Trump will be 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days YOUNG !!

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    • Beverly says:

      That’s … interesting.

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    • aprilyn43 says:

      The number 7 in the Bible is “completion”

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    • The schadenfreude of seeing Clinton’s loss grow, whether in a state recount or an attempted Electoral College uprising, is the sweetest.

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  4. The MSM has so much egg on their face, it’s ridiculous! What will they come up with next? When was the last time they told the truth? Or news?

    The world of journalism is changing and the MSM are not included. PE Trump will help put the last nail in their worthless, feckless, evil coffin, when he eliminates the WH press room.

    This is so much fun! We are so lucky to be alive and watch this!

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    • What will the Left come up with next? They will almost certainly persuade at least one Democrat representative or senator to challenge the legitimacy of enough state Electoral College votes to drive Trump’s count below 270 so that the race is tossed to the House for president and the Senate for vice president. I believe a majority of states must concur that a given state’s EC vote is questionable for them to be thrown out, so that won’t happen. But, feasibility is obviously not a Democrat decision criterion.


  5. Deb says:

    Congrats again? It is truly awe inspiring to witness history unfolding, knowing this website has a hand in changing things for th better.

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  6. Patriot1783 says:

    Hahaha just thought of a good one.
    Everyone that has Facebook put the image of Santa Trump as their profile picture on Christmas Day. 😂😂😂
    Libturd heads will explode all over the world.

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  7. hrivkan says:

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  8. sDee says:

    This talk of popular vote needs to be corrected – but how in a world of State Media and State Education……… we are not a Democracy and the Presidency was never intended to by filled by a popular vote.

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    • fred5678 says:

      Saying you won the popular vote is like losing the Super Bowl and complaining that since you had more first downs you really won the game.

      The game is played according to pre-set rules — if you play the game and lose, you can’t complain you didn’t know the rules afterwards.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      And now thanks to this election we get to keep our Republic.

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    • Mike says:

      They can revolt all they like. A National Castle doctrine would instantly solve many riots, crimes, and welfare cheating.


    • Sandhill says:

      Well I would say that Trump won the popular vote in 30 states which is how the EC is calculated in each state. I am so tired of the Socialist Dhimmicrats whining about the popular vote overall like the ENTIRE 50 states do not count. Well to all of those whiners I would ask them just what country do they live in? I live in the UNITED STATES of America….. United States. The wisdom of our founding fathers gave protection in the Constitution for the smaller populated states to have their voice and votes counted. We are a Constitutional Republic and because of the EC will not be held hostage to NY or California.
      Thank God we do not live in a democracy.

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    • asawasa says:

      “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch” – Benjamin Franklin

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  9. Charlotte says:

    Thanks to Sundance and all the Treepers and all those out there who fought against the DEMonic machine. I ditched Facebook more than a year ago and concentrated on Twitter to get the message out. And I retweeted the Wikileaks ad nauseam. We owe Assange a big debt too.

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  10. Martin says:

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  11. 3x1 says:

    Found this on Twitter, check out the avatar


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  12. Martin says:

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  13. Kent says:

    Apologies to Traffic and Steve Winwood…

    Dedicated to hillary/barry/podesta/brennan/huma/bill and a huge host of others seeking to destroy our nation…

    “Come down off your throne and leave your body alone, somebody must change
    You are the reason I’ve been waiting so long, somebody holds the key
    Well, I’m near the end and I just ain’t got the time
    And I’m wasted and I can’t find my way home
    Come down on your own and leave your body alone, somebody must change
    You are the reason I’ve been waiting all these years, somebody holds the key
    Well, I’m near the end and I just ain’t got the time
    And I’m wasted and I can’t find my way home”

    Read more: Steve Winwood – Can’t Find My Way Home Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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  14. Prothonotary Warbler says:


  15. kevinrexheine says:

    So, if I have the tally right, the faithless electors today broke thus:

    For President:

    3 for Colin Powell (all defectors from WA)
    1 for Bernie Sanders (defector from HI)
    1 for John Kasich (defector from TX)
    1 for Ron Paul (defector from TX)
    1 for Faith Spotted Eagle (defector from WA)

    For Vice President:

    2 for Elizabeth Warren (one defector each from HI and WA)
    1 for Carly Fiorina (defector from TX)
    1 for Maria Cantwell (defector from WA)
    1 for Susan Collins (defector from WA)
    1 for Winona LaDuke (defector from WA)

    . . . does that tally square up? If not, then what am I missing?


  16. fred5678 says:

    Trump brags about not spending as much as Hillary, but Trump takes a back seat to Colin Powell, who spent zero $$ for his 3 EV!!

    (PS: I was Colin’s campaign manager — my new book will be out soon, and Megan will have me on Fox to announce it!)

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  17. Phil aka Felipe says:

    It’s fun to ride on the Trump Train…Get on Board!!

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  18. psadie says:

    Okay this is over until the Lefty fools come up with something else…I am sick of them all so SHUT UP!

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  19. I never doubted and never stopped grinning and winning since Trump won November 8, 2016. All they did was delay Trump’s VICTORY celebration and take it away from the people because they couldn’t stand the fact that he won and so they did the next best thing: tried to steal your momentum. From the Jill FrankenSTEIN caper to the Russian smear to this electoral bluff, all was simply distraction to keep people in doubt and fear of LOSING again, never fully realizing victory. Easy for me to say because last year in August 2015 I clearly saw in a vision God pouring down His anointing covering Donald Trump and Melania so I never doubted because I saw. However, I also saw in a clear vision March of this year 2016 they will try to shoot at his plane. So for me, none of the distractions were ever a problem, just that. Pray for Trump’s safety, his family and staff every day!

    “Keep your momentum! Listen, apply and move forward. Do not procrastinate.
    Success is a game. Just like in any other game, momentum is key. Once you taste the first spoonful of success, leverage it. Don’t look backwards. Keep progressing forward and keep knocking shit off your to-do list.

    “Whatever you do, don’t let the voice inside your head kill your momentum.
    Procrastination is the devil and must be terminated on sight. –Donald Trump

    Winners aren’t losers.

    Trump won the election the day he entered the race, everything else was just distraction.

    Donald Trump: “#2 Keep your momentum going”

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  20. sunnydaze says:

    Look at what a Bernie supporter (and now EX Dem I suppose) wrote in response to the question “When will this election finally end?”. LOL

    “It will never be final

    I have a nightmare where Hillary dies, but they prop her up and run her corpse as the Democratic nominee in 2020”

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  21. bkrg2 says:

    Congrats Trump/Pence and all Treepers on the official, official win!
    Almost as awesome is Crooked losing 4 EVs in Washington. Despite all these idiot B list actors trying to sway the electoral college. What a hot mess…
    After today’s terrorist trifecta, Jan 20 can’t come fast enough!

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  22. Howie says:

    The way to solve the wayward elector problem is for the states to change the wording in their statutes about the manner in which the electors shall vote.

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  23. angryduc says:

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  24. Jimmy Jack says:

    This is the line that has been in my head all day. I love this man.

    Please pray for the safety of Donald Trump and his family every time you lift a prayer to the Lord. He is saving America already.

    Thank you Jesus.

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  25. Dennis Leonard says:

    If anyone knows how to put the picture on here ,please do it,Thanks PS from link above

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  26. Dennis Leonard says:

    I am going to try this

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  27. Praising God Almighty, All-Powerful and Absolute for this day! Make no mistake it has been the spiritual warfare of the pray-ers that compelled God to rescue us and propel Trump to the presidency. Praying people carried this nation in their backs through this entire process and still are. We MUST commit to remaining as Watchmen on the Wall for our great nation and NEVER allow our country to be hijacked by terrorists again!

    Believers are the conduit and carriers of God! It is on us to draw Him into our Presence so His miracle working Power CAN be released. Every prayer prayed, every proclamation of Faith counted and still does!!!

    PraIse God for his servant Donald J. Trump & God Bless America!


  28. FelineFine says:

    This Christmas is gonna be … YUUUUUUGE!


  29. David Elliott says:

    Is anybody else so totally disgusted with the liberal media and the lack of reporting stories that do not go lockstep with their agenda. How many stories in the last week reported about faithless electors turning away from Trump. And how many stories have been posted in the last 24 hours about the lack of faithless electors. There were five faithless electors for Hillary the b**** and only two 4 Donald. Even Fox News has not reported that. Where in the heck can I get news that is fair?


  30. SF says:

    Test. If I may!

    Text → Text
    Text → Text
    Text → Text


  31. Ken Watson says:

    It’s never over, fellow babies. These zombies shrug off headshots. But they are flat on their backs for the moment. Enjoy.


  32. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    These Liberal Democrats that are demonstrating against President Elect Donald Trump are not acting normal. I believe they are all under the influence of drugs. Nobody has ever acted like this after an election. Never in past history has this ever happened before. This country is in big trouble with these stupid, pathetic jealous people on drugs demonstrating because lying, corrupt Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential race. Nobody is to blame only Hillary and the Liberal Democrat party themselves. They thought people were stupid and would vote for them again even though the Liberal Democrat party did nothing for the people, just for the crooked, corrupt Liberal Democrat
    Bureaucrats. Well, the smart people have retaliated and they voted for Trump because they had enough of the Democrat party. Now we finally have a President by the name of Donald J. Trump who will help the people get jobs, feel safe and will make this country great again. Thank God for President Donald J. Trump.


  33. Steve Kraft says:

    Lol… Clinton a 3x loser. TRUMP WINS IT AGAIN. R we done now Libtards? Can we move on now?


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