Ivanka Trump, Liaison / Messenger…

#BestElectionEver !

You do not need to be an “in-the-weeds” political junkie to understand the dynamic at play here…. the media is clueless.  However, just log it for reference.

(Via NBC) House Speaker Paul Ryan and Ivanka Trump met in private Monday, according to sources familiar with the meeting.

ivanka-beauty-2Paul Ryan

Ryan, who delivered remarks at the New York Economic Club, met with the GOP nominee’s daughter and trusted adviser at her request and the two had a “very positive discussion,” according to the sources. One aide said Ryan spoke about his experience on the presidential ticket in 2012 and Trump shared updates about her father’s campaign.

Ivanka Trump’s overture to the House Speaker appears to be an attempt at bridge-building, and comes one week after vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence visited Capitol Hill on his own mission to mend fences.

Ryan and Donald Trump have had a strained relationship throughout the 2016 campaign and while the Speaker has said he supports his party’s nominee, he has been critical of Trump at several turns.

Just last week, Ryan said that Trump should release his tax returns to the public. For his part, Trump flirted with supporting Ryan’s primary challenger this summer before endorsing the Speaker just days ahead of the vote. (link)



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299 Responses to Ivanka Trump, Liaison / Messenger…

  1. Lucille says:

    “SICK: Here’s what Obama did right after the bomb hit NY… ”
    By Allen West – September 19, 2016


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  2. Im hoping for a massive shock and awe win for Trump. That would make politicians think twice about crossing him.

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  3. sDee says:

    Another solid sign of Trump’s dominance.. 😀

    Analysts Cite Clinton’s Illness in New Plunge by Mexico Peso

    A Banco Base analysis said the strength of Republican candidate Donald Trump influenced the peso’s decline. “The possibility that Donald Trump could win the Nov. 8 elections has made financial markets nervous and that has been especially reflected in the Mexican peso,”

    Trump has been critical of Mexico and the trade agreements that give it access to the U.S. market. The U.S. has an outsize influence on Mexico’s economy, buying about 80 percent of Mexico’s exports.

    “Speculation broke out against the Mexican currency last week due to the poor health of the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton,” .

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    • paris23 says:

      They are such liars. I am no expert, but I attend a weekly webinar given by a man who is a brilliant market analyst. The markets are preparing to turn down. This will happen now matter who wins. In fact, we thought the markets might continue up for a few more weeks or so, but the way things look today it appears the downturn is really beginning to turn now (I could be wrong, it is early yet and there could be a sudden upsurge, but it looked this way this morning). I bet there will be many articles blaming Trump’s rise for this cyclical, predictable market correction.

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      • Howie says:

        The institutions are in a panic? Good, they should be.

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        • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

          Good too that all the banking and finance companies be put out of business.

          Bring back the original “savings and loans” created by the people and ran by the people.

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      • Keep an eye out for money moving construction, infrastructure, military type builder stocks

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      • susieq says:

        The Chinese have been dumping billions of treasuries, along with other countries. There is speculation that sometime in October the dollar will be replaced with a new currency that is backed by gold.Hundreds of countries have joined BRICS, started by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. a economic platform where their currency will be backed by gold.There are efforts underway to get rid of the central banks endless fiat money. Just remember, wars are started over things like this. The recent bombing of innocent people in Syria by our country is dangerous. They are flirting with war against Russia and don’t think they don’t know what they are doing.

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        • skifflegirl says:

          Sydney Blumenthal wrote an email to Hillary where he talked about getting rid of Gaddafi because he had been stockpiling gold for years, preparing to back new currency in Africa. Ultimately that was why Soros and Clinton took him out. No one knows what happened to Gaddafi’s gold. Very dangerous people want currency to stay where it is.

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        • longiron2 says:

          That is why they call it WAR. Innocent people get killed. When the people get enough they will turn on there gov’t to STOP any WAR. This country’s has fought political correct wars and all we do is LOSE. Thousands of lives get killed in political correct wars and to LOSE. Sell that down the street in another country. WAR is hell but if you decide to go to war ONE goes to WIN. Do not put this country Down for killing in a war. No one wants it but sometimes it has to be done.


      • “The Markets” are NOT some sort of giant conglomeration of financial entities that are dictated by the ebbs and flows of a combination of World events, economics and luck, as we have all been lied to about and led to believe. The people (Globalist Bankers, Federal Reserve, Tri-lateral Commission, Rothschilds, Bilderberg attendees, Sea Island attendees, Wall Street insiders, Islamic Billionaires, etc.) that have complete and total control over those same “markets” are calling ALL of the shots. THEY will determine if there are upsurges or downturns. They always have, up until the present…


      • dbobway says:

        The markets will go done whether they should or not for the next 6 weeks.

        Remember the stock market is Obama’s pretend robust economy.

        Is the Fed meeting before the election?

        Same thing happened with Reagan and Bush.

        In my 61 years, Trump running started the closest thing to revolution of the American people I’ve ever witnessed.

        Trump winning?

        The revolution begins!

        Hold on tight, this will be a wild ride.

        Yippy ky yay MF’s!

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  4. Deb says:

    For the next 2-4 years we have to deal with all these crooks if we want or not.
    Trump needs to work with them. There is no way around it.

    Maybe better people will be around for Trumps 2nd term…
    Trump knows this. So Ivanka surely was all nice today with Ryan.

    It is on us to keep pressuring and beeing a nuisance to these guys as much as we can.
    Trump will be very diplomatic with most of them to ensure the policy is implemented.
    But I expect him to toss them to the angry mob if they block him just because their globalist handlers say so.

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  5. So will Ivanka get an official position, or just be Donald’s ace in the hold?
    I’m going with the latter……. much easier to be stealthy about it.

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  6. sDee says:

    There are other links on Drudge i believe are related to Trump and the globalists…..

    Who Wants To Be The Next UN Secretary-General?

    The plan after Obama decimated America was to move him to UN Secretary-General to usher in a formal global governance. Clinton would have made that appointment of Obama.

    With Trump dominating, the globalist (IMHO) are now scrambling for a new UN leader. The UN is evil.

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  7. David R. Graham says:

    What do we want?
    National interest!
    What do we get?
    Ideological nausea!

    What do we want?
    National interest!
    What do we get?
    Ideological nausea!

    What do we want?
    National interest!
    What do we get?
    Ideological nausea!

    Go Ivanka!!!

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  8. KBR says:

    My imaginary meeting goes something like this:

    Ivanka:: Speaker Ryan, shall we sit down for a bit? There are a few items I would like to discuss with you, which I and my father believe you will find interesting.

    Ryan: Yes of course, that’s what a meeting is for.

    Ivanka: I believe that if you have any recording devices running you will want them turned off. My father has had an interest in you for some time, since well before you were on the campaign ticket for Vice President.

    Ryan: Really. I would have thought he had enough to do running his business back then.

    Ivanka: Oh no, my father has had a keen interest in politics and in the people who run for office, as well as those people who are their major sponsors. He knows the sponsors you see, meets with them socially. He has been following such things closely for quite sometime. In fact he even likes to keep files on these things, a hobby you might say. He is a genius at the details, you know. In fact I would bet he knows more details about you than your own wife does.

    Ryan: (Nervous now) Where are we going with this? What kind of details? Did he send you here to threaten me?

    Ivanka: Now Speaker, why would he need to do that? He hasn’t shared your file with me, if that’s what you are implying. My own father would never use me as some sort of MataHari or to threaten anyone. I simply thought you would be interested to know how much he has always stayed up to date on all aspects of politicians. He’s a real people person, likes to find out what makes them tick.
    So he finds out all he can, and he’s quite the investigator.

    Ryan: I see. So it’s a longtime hobby.

    Ivanka: Yes, he finds it fascinating learning about people. And he is rarely wrong about them. So I really wanted to see if he is right about you. He thinks you will be much more forthcoming in your support now. Are you?

    Ryan: We don’t see eye to eye on everything…Files you say?

    Ivanka: He must really like you Mr Ryan, your file is quite thick, seems to have photograph paper in it, although of course I have never opened it.

    Ryan: Well, as I was saying,…I believe your dad is absolutely right! Why, Yes, I was coming round to the conclusion that I do need to work with President Trump, er Mr. Trump…on much more friendly terms.

    Ivanka: Wonderful, Speaker Ryan! I had so hoped our business meeting would end well. Father will be delighted!

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    • NC Patriot says:

      That is not so far fetched. My guess is that Trump will have leverage on a number if the DC elites.

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    • SeekerOfTruth says:

      This is just beautiful writing thanks so much for making my night.
      Truly part of the negotiation spirit and probably pretty accurate on how some of these discussion will go. You see if you are corrupt much at all, there will be plenty of dirt for leverage later. And most globalists politicians are very dirty. Even Mister Family Man Ryan.

      The first part of all negotiations is to build a relationship. Open a friendly discourse so that both feel at ease in talking to each other. But also if you know the deal may be touigh then make some implied things that may lead to leverage later. But do not dwell on this for now.

      Just like dealing with the Mexican President. friendly but some subtle implied gotchas that might happen. Do not talk about wall payment too tough for early relationship establishing.. Just joint benefits both sides may get plus how is that Southern wall of Mexico of yours going? Want to hire Trump construction to do that project? Give you good work at nice price. The after that wall we can build our US Southern border wall.

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    • skifflegirl says:

      i’m reminded of the interview that Trump did with Erick Erickson (of all people) in 2011 and he railed at Paul Ryan cutting MediCare and saying he should hide his head in shame. Trump has most definitely been keeping an eye on Ryan for a long time.


  9. She is a beautiful young lady and trump has raised her well! She is one tough cookie!

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  10. shannynae says:

    The more I learn about Ivanka, the more I am impressed with her.

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  11. Howie says:

    Now. We won. DDD called it tonight. So, how are we going to rebuild our country? We have to start now. We are wasting time with the memes. Time to get to work! Why wait?

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    • Bull Durham says:

      He’s doing it already, Howie. He’s uniting the people, expanding the Movement. He’s constructing one country, under God, with one flag. That’s the emotional and mental construction of America. Sure, we’re all in, but many were not. They are coming on board.

      By November, it will be a New America. The concept then will be relatively easy to work on, nuts and bolts reforming and rebuilding. Gotta have the mental picture of the goal in everyone’s head first. He’s shaping that.

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      • Howie says:

        Hot Damn! We won!!!! We did it!!! Do not mess with those folks at Conservative Treehouse….Me so happy! My Heart is full.

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      • WSB says:

        We remember Reagan’s transition. That was historic but also tumultuous. I loved Reagan, but Reagan was not Trump! This will be REALLY a first in history!

        Don’t shoot the messenger, if you are a Reagan purist!



    • troposphr says:

      Who or what is DDD?

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  12. This is the first pivot article I have seen. Hillary is old news. The excitement now turns to Congress and their policy decisions with President Trump!

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  13. beowulf says:

    Ivanka could take a job in Trump Administration. Anti-nepotism law passed in the 60s forbids relatives of president from being appointed to civilian federal jobs AND accepting a salary. Robert Kennedy (appointed by JFak before law anyway) was rich enough he donated his entire Attorney General salary to charity. Likewise, Ivanka wouldn’t need a federal paycheck to make ends meet either.

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  14. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    Well the #NeverTrump syndicate is finally dead. It exists only in the silent hearts of a half dozen Republican Senators and equal number to congressmen. If Trump would do a venue in Utah he would finish off McMuffin. If Ryan is happy just meeting with Ivanka and not making any demands from Trump, he has been thoroughly neutered. Compared to back in June when Ryan could demand that Trump himself meet him in Washington, Ryan must settle with meeting the person in charge of child care. If Trump wins like he appears to be heading toward, he will get a honeymoon period. Ryan can’t threaten a government shut down, because he has already excepted the narrative that any shut down would be congress’ fault. Without a large Democratic turnout the House will remain Republican. I expect the Republicans to lose 3 seats in the Senate at most.

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  15. Romney waited until September to release his and he wasn’t even under audit. Besides, Benedict Ryan would be asking for Hillary’s health records and independent diagnosis if he wasn’t a traitor to the country.

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  16. Hopefully, Ivanka told Ryan that he has only one option if he wishes to remain in politics.

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  17. Plain Jane says:

    What will it take for the House to summon up the courage to replace Ryan the Globalist?

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  18. lastinillinois says:

    For a short while, Ryan was in the presence of greatness today.

    Think he’s intelligent enough to realize it?

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  19. Michael Hennessy says:

    Maybe Ivanka brought a message to Pauly similar to Hillary’s message (threat) to Juanita Broderick!

    “But she (Hillary) made her way just as quick as she could to me. I almost got nauseous when she came over to me.

    She came over to me, took ahold of my hand and said, “I’ve heard so much about you and I’ve been dying to meet you,” or “been wanting to meet you.” I can’t–I’m just paraphrasing–and she said, “I just want you to know how much that Bill and I appreciate what you do for him.”

    And I said, “Thank you” and started to turn and walk away.

    This woman, this little, soft-spoken–pardon me for the phrase–dowdy woman that would seem unassertive, took ahold of my hand and squeezed it and said, “Do you understand? Everything that you do.”


  20. In “The Art of the Deal,” Mr. Trump emphasized that he always hired talent away from the competition. I disagree with everything Ryan has done, but one has to admit he has been an effective speaker.


  21. A Hopeful Dream: In four years, after Donald gets the ball rolling real good, if he wants to retire, Pence wins and Ivanka is VP. Then, Ivanka, after Pence. Somewhere though, I’d like to see Donald Jr., and Erick Trump take their turns. 🙂 Move over Bushes.


  22. Binkser1 says:

    Is it wrong for me to have wished that Ivanka would have kicked Ryan in the junk? =)

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  23. dreadnok89 says:

    Good lord she’s a striking woman. The way she carries herself to the way she dresses.


  24. jojo says:

    My hope is Ryan loses his election. I hope TRUMP gets the USA out of the UN. That would be my dream come true.


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