Analysis – Hillary Clinton Spending 36 Times More Money Than Trump on TV/Radio Ads…

According to the collaborative work of researchers for Advertising Age, Hillary Clinton is spending over $145 million on TV and Radio Ads.  Donald Trump’s total is a little over 4 million.  Team Clinton is burning 36 times more money than Team Trump.

(Via AdAge) To put all this another way, of the $149,912,723 millon in booked TV and radio spending through election day for these three presidential candidates, $145,299,727 is being spent by the Clinton campaign combined with pro-Clinton PACs. (link)


(LINK)  Another reason for the media to hate Trump.  He’s not filling their bank accounts.

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123 Responses to Analysis – Hillary Clinton Spending 36 Times More Money Than Trump on TV/Radio Ads…

  1. FeralCat says:

    The Trump campaign needs to start spending much more no later than early October as it is too risky not to and there is way too much at stake. I’ve given over $1,000 myself and want it spent on ads in battleground states.

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    • PreNanny says:

      I wonder how we can look up who and how much the GOP/DEM party is spending it’s money on. Also, how much those “Donald Trump” letters being sent out are raising and where that money is going.

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      • The Boss says:

        Start at FEC.GOV, but it is a laborious process.
        What is most interesting is that for someone who supposedly had a fundraising goal of $2 billion (Feeble Hillary), it sure doesn’t look like the goal was reached. Or, a little skimming is going on.


        • Ph0enix says:

          Yep, it definitely was more laborious.
          But since they created their api, things are much smoother.

          If there isn’t any good sites already open, I’m certain someone could hack together something in a jiffy.


        • The “skimming” flows via indirect kickbacks from the media moguls receiving the ad money in many forms:
          – Free coverage of Clinton operatives on TV and radio broadcasts
          – False and twisted stories in newspapers and online media
          – Suppression of coverage for all positive Trump events
          – Cuts to video feeds for positive “moments” in press interactions with Trump & his team
          – Omission of video showing the size and enthusiasm of Trump’s crowds
          – Coordinated attacks to libel Trump and divert attention from his successes
          – Coordinated defenses of Hillary and deflections from her failures
          Ever notice how ALL of the media use the same attacks and words on the same day?

          Then there are the more direct kickbacks:
          – Contributions to the Clinton Foundation flowing directly to fund the Clinton Family
          – Donations to the Clinton Family Swiss Bank Account(s)
          Think Obama has the records (like the Clintons got those of Congress from the FBI)?

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    • Pentheus says:

      Are you suggesting that the Trump campaign needs to give more money to Big Media – who has been doing everything they could to undermine him for the last 14 months?

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    • 18CatsInOH says:

      Nah….no need. He is WINNING. The last place on earth he needs to spend his money is with all the bigwigs who do nothing but attack him, his supporters and the American way every minute of every day. While I agree there is still a part of the population who gets their messaging from big media, it seems to me all the pressers, interviews, rallies, speeches and meet and greets he does coupled with his massive alternate media sweeps are getting the job done far better.

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    • GiGizMe says:

      I love the most recent commercial created by a Trump Super Pac. High quality, well produced, and positive. Focus is on AMERICAS blue collar work force and industries.

      There are a lot of white collar jobs being lost due H1-B worker visas. It would be great to highlight how legal immigration is impacting Americans. College graduates are a market segment that Trump needs.

      In new Fox Poll, you will notice that several questions use the Clinton campaign “character” talking point repeated in her advertising. In this case, Hillary comes out on top. Fox wasted no time reporting the results.

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    • Have you seen any correlation between ad spending and electoral success this year?

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  2. citizen817 says:

    It still won’t be enough $$ to topple the Donald. 16 guys took him on in the primaries, and spent tons against him with negative ads.
    Didn’t work for them. Won’t work for her either.
    Talk about a loose cannon, and the only person in the race that fits is Shrillary.

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    • Daniel says:

      Different audiences…these are people who will ignore the biggest stink bomb from Hillary while picking on fake news stories about Trump.


    • Reality Wins says:

      Exactly, ask LOSER Jeb Bush how much he spent on each vote and it becomes obvious that the game has changed and our guy, Donald J. Trump has changed it!

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      • rsanchez1990 says:

        Low energy Jeb! and low energy Hillary both getting low energy spending. That’s what you get from two clowns who have been in politics their whole lives: vastly inflated spending for no results. The businessman runs the streamlined campaign.

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  3. 3x1 says:

    Gary Johnson must be getting a ton of free advertising.

    Heard his radio ads on Hannity last week. (Salem)

    This was after his Aleppo debacle


  4. paper doll says:

    Yeah, I that is a major one. He’s making them obsolete….or rather showing they are. It’s not just tweeter and modern times, he’s Trump and doesn’t need them to introduce him to the public. Plus folks are tired of the endless BS.

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  5. sammyhains says:

    Trump has raised a lot of money, nearly matching hiLlARy. And yet he isn’t spending it visibly. We don’t know where it is going, but one thing we know about Trump is he knows how to spend wisely, and get a lot more for his dollar than any politician. I’d love to know what his plan is, but if I knew, so would the Democrats. So I’m good with waiting to find out.

    I think the Democrats are going to be caught totally off guard on election day.

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  6. Jeff says:

    Without the NFL and crony fascism the networks business model fails . REAL business don’t buy adds on TV !!

    The networks rely on trillions of dollars extorted from TAXPAYERS to crony FASCIST business via high priced Lobbyists .

    THAT is their business cycle . There is no market only mandates , lobbyist written laws , and protectionism for those well connected .

    Saul Alinsky studied with the mafia in Chicago and realized their same methods with the weight of GOVERNMENT could TRANSFORM AMERICA to rule by “ELITES ”

    Trump’s business model with the ENEMEDIA is that now HE ….is Lucy …and THEY are Charlie Brown . In their EGO maniacal ZEAL to be ” the ONE ” to take out trump he pulls the football away each and every time .

    The BIRTHER DEAL is the perfect example …TRUMP LUCY …sounds like a new rock band name !!

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  7. 3x1 says:

    She’s spending a fair amount on off the record meds, makeup and off the record docs.

    Look at this undoctored photo from late Saturday:

    Quickie makeup, did they miss something? Someone astutely observed,”her neck looked like raw hamburger”

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  8. rajabear1 says:

    Oh dear…what is that I smell??? I do believe it is the uniparty/wall street/globalists collectively messin their pants.

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  9. fleporeblog says:

    This is what has to freak them out as well. For him to spend so little in comparison to her and be up in a majority of agenda battleground polls must be humiliating. It fits the old adage that “Money Can’t Buy You Happiness”. Rather in her case it buys you misery!

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  10. dondeg says:

    This is why the media hates Trump so much. Their bottom line is getting trashed because he’s not spending on TV ads.

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    • every day Trump gives the media the silent finger by holding rallies or important speeches to select groups….which they are compelled to cover – hoe-s that they are. While Hill hides behind closed doors, all she can do is hope her ads reach a few…ads which she is paying dearly for.

      I am glad these corrupt globalist douche-bags are flushing their millions down the toilet, but it is mind-boggling that there appears to be no bottom to their bank accounts. 😑

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  11. Humble Soul says:

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  12. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Ya gotta love it!

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  13. boutis says:

    The more “Jeb” Clinton spends on ads the more people remember they can’t stand her.

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    • “Jeb Clinton” LOL!
      good one! I’ll be borrowing that one!

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    • Yippeekiyay says:

      You are so right! There is nothing she can say or do to make herself look better. Like putting lipstick on a pig.

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      • VegasGuy says:

        She was supposed to be “running” against JEB!….. With Trump just debillitating her over & over again, her zero chance of “winning” is all too apparent.

        Somebody should make arrangements to “Repo” her plane no later than Nov7, 2016 because I suspect by Nov9,2016 she, Slick Willy, & the plane will “vanish”…..

        Fill er up, shut down the transponder, load up the cargo section with cash, & a few stray Bimbos for Slick, of course, (could be a long ride…) & adios amigo…..

        Think their having trouble finding MD370? This one’s going to go ala Amelia Earhert….


  14. KBR says:

    Running for president should not require 100’s of millions to spend on advertising alone, should it?

    Nowadays only the very very rich or the puppet of the very very rich can run for president of the USA.

    Maybe part of Donald Trump’s strategy is to show us the way for deplorables to get elected: honesty and hard hard work!

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    • Daniel says:

      There is no correlation between money spent and winning beyond a particular base line amount. (Signs and letting people know you’re there and appearances and speeches, etc) And yet, the media and others keep trying to draw that connection. Where there IS a closer connection to be found is in “who/what” is donating money.

      But otherwise, the connection between money spent and winning is about the same as the connection between legal gun ownership and crimes involving firearms.

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    • quintrillion says:

      Trump is spending big time on security, his planes, fuel, airport fees, arenas, insurance, his staff. These are very expensive. The average person could never afford.

      Trump could not have done this without his name recognition, business acumen, testimonials and his nerves of steel and his kind and giving nature, sense of humor, common sense, incredible energy, love of country and people…ie..things that cannot be bought. Priceless.

      The people and organizations that have endorsed him like NRA, boarder patrol, pastors, fraternal order of police and many more, are priceless.

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  15. Daniel says:

    I’ve pointed out in the past that another reason for the media to hate Trump is his lack of advertising spending, but in several ways, this is a problem they have brought upon themselves. Attacking Trump as ordered causes media attention on Trump. That’s pretty clear and obvious for all to see. But even without unwarranted attacks by the media, Trump uses their own weakness against them — he creates news with “his tone” and they respond in the most Pavlovian of ways. And even after the “I ended it” speech, they will CONTINUE responding to Trump this way. They can’t not do it.

    If they were responding to Trump in the most damaging of ways, he would have ended up like either of the two Pauls — marginalized and not taken seriously. But they cannot control themselves. Rather pathetic if you think about it. They want nothing more than to stop a guy to whom they keep paying massive amounts of attention… FOR FREE! It’s hilarious to us and frustrating for them.

    But this is what happens when the opposition pays and colludes so deeply and it’s no longer “conspiracy theory” to say so — it’s literal and actual true conspiracy.

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  16. wheatietoo says:

    Absolutely right, Sundance…this is one of the reasons the Enemedia hates Trump.
    He’s not pouring million$ into their coffers.

    Hillary’s Ads are selling a defective product.
    What she is selling is Harmful to the American People.

    Which is probably why her Ads aren’t working.

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  17. Finalage says:

    Great point Sundance! The media directly profits off of these campaigns, so their coverage may be slanted depending on the spending. What a corrupt system Trump is exposing! It’s truly despicable. But Trump will prevail and big! I’m just hoping he can crack 400 electoral votes! MAGA!!

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    • citizen817 says:

      It would be great to see him crack 400.
      I’m a gambler by trade, usually horses.
      But I did open a betting account in the UK
      just to bet the election props. The over/under is 369.5 for that. Trump’s odds are coming down. When I opened this account he was
      +350…so I bet. Next time I placed a bet he was +290. Placed a third bet last week at
      +260. By next week it may well be less.

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  18. Keln says:

    Those who love irony should appreciate this: it took a Billionaire running for President to prove that you can win an election without buying it.

    Look at all of the money spent in opposition to Trump. Not just Hillary, but Bush, Rubio, Cruz, and all of the others spent hundreds of millions of dollars in ads, many attack ads against Trump.

    Proving this is a big deal. It not only convinces voters that they really do have the power to choose a president regardless of who the big money supports, it is also a devastating blow to the entire lobbying, bundling, and Super PAC industry.

    When political candidates figure out that you don’t need a ton of money to win an election; that you just need to connect with the voters on a personal level (which is what Trump has done), all of these self-interested groups offering them money for favors lose their purchasing power.

    I suspect there are more than a few politicians who would love to be freed from their donor leashes. As people have pointed out on numerous occasions, it’s likely impossible to craft some sort of legislation that gets the money out of politics. But if Trump demonstrates successfully that there is a way to win without top level donors, that will put a big dent in it.

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    • Mara says:

      Thanks, Keln, I absolutely agree.

      It’s what makes this election campaign fascinating. I don’t know if Trump consciously keeps the media guessing on where he was going with some of his earlier hyperboles but they work! (Hyperboles are not lies; even my Lord Jesus used them in His parables.)

      I remember when Trump first announced coupled with unbridled bragging that “he has a lot of money – lots and lots of money, so that he did not need any other money source to run a primary campaign.”

      Krauthammer mocked Trump, saying, “Yeah, money – that’s his only qualification to run as president.”

      But now, look where Trump went with that assertion: He’s obviously winning without spending as much as Hillary does or Jeb did.

      Looking back, I think Trump did another one of those bait-and-switch tricks to prove Krauthammer and the elite pundits wrong. Very clever!

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    • And, it’s a great indication of how he’ll demand that the government be run.
      He’s already said that in the first 100 days he’ll ask each department head to present areas of waste that can be, need to be, should be exorcised. He will look at those reports with a very scrutinous eye and insist “Give me more”. Leadership….

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      • Joe says:

        I know a guy who worked for the private sector, and then got a job in government. Within a short while, he found ways to drastically improve efficiency. When he brought up these ideas to the boss, everyone was mad at him, and they squashed his suggestions. It would have meant they actually had to work more effectively, less time to mess around on the clock. He went back to the private sector, because the work was rewarding. This is why our government is so wasteful.

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      • mnlakes says:

        Our Colleges and Universities have been doing that here in MN. Even though our Chancellor makes more money than the President of the USA and Administration is so top heavy that they have nothing to do, their plan to cut expenses was to close Programs.

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    • Notmeagain says:

      Yes. It’s so refreshing. I forget when I got tired of the media refrain about “so-and-so has a bigger warchest (and therefore will win) than such-and-such.” It’s just all so blatant and wrong that the one with the most money is the assumed winner. For disproving that alone I would support Trump.

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    • Benson II says:

      Trump ran the most successful political campaign ever devised and yes it took tons of money just not from special interests since he had his own money and plane.

      He went straight to the people via rallies and contacts with groups. I stopped counting after 80 rallies during the primaries where he spoke to at least a million and a half people. Who knows what the figure is now with 2 or three rallies a day plus conferences with different groups and group leaders. So money has not been eliminated it’s just Trump used his own and small donor’s money to better advantage.

      It will take some ingenuity and really bright workable ideas to free politics from donor money and influence if the politician has no resources of his own to run for office. What Trump has done is unique and was only possible because he was able to use his own money when necessary this is not a solution for any politician who isn’t wealthy that’s why the donor class has managed to take over our government through the politicians they support.


      • Keln says:

        Even with his own money, he hasn’t spent anything near what Hillary has, or what is routinely spent by candidates in presidential elections. I’m not saying poor people can now run for president. I’m saying he has greatly reduced the amount needed, which in turn greatly reduces the buying power of the donor class.


  19. NJF says:

    I live in NY (Long Island) and she is blitzing my area with ads. Her internal polling must be horrible as this area of NY should be a slam dunk for her.

    I find it’s absolutely DEPLORABLE how her campaign brags that they will raise & spend $2 billion this cycle. What a waste.

    Another reason he is so successful, aside from just being The Donald, is that he understands the new business environment. And why does he understand it so well? BC he actually works for a living! This is an alien concept for these people, and it’s evident to the voting public.

    It’s glorious to watch him destroy these people on ever level.


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    • Back in the days when I had a TV, those political ads were a real turn off. It was to the point that whatever they said I just figured if they had to put it in an ad that it was a LIE. They always looked so {{creepy}} and what they were saying was so over the top.

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  20. alliwantissometruth says:

    It’s truly a glorious thing

    For the first time in decades, money is not the deciding factor

    For the first time in decades, the American people are shunning the Mainstream Media

    For the first time in decades, a true pro-America candidate is winning because the people have woken up

    For the first time in decades, the American people have chosen their candidate & not allowed the elites & the media to choose for them

    Again, it’s truly a glorious thing

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    • Benson II says:

      Must disagree. Money is still a deciding factor the difference is we have a person willing to spend his own money with the ideas we want who is using money in a very different and effective way. He’s free of obligation to big donors because he was willing if necessary to use his own money to win. Now he has the money from the RNC and small donors to boost him in his efforts but make no mistake politics is still all about money and who has it and what influence can they buy with it. Trump’s bid for the presidency is unique in almost every way including who he is. It will not be repeated so we do need a real solution to donor money’s influence.


  21. Sentient says:

    If he decides to start spending on ads, TPP would be a good focal point:

    “The Trans Pacific Partnership would allow international corporations to sue for lost profits caused by environmental and consumer protection laws passed by Congress. TPP restricts American sovereignty. At the start of this campaign, only two major candidates opposed TPP: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Only one major candidate remains in opposition to TPP: Donald Trump. Clinton now claims to have reservations about TPP, but she’s called it the “Gold Standard” and her donors demand that TPP be passed. If she’s elected, she’ll change a comma here or there, but TPP will be forced on Americans. There’s only one way and only one person to stop TPP: Donald Trump.”

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    • Great idea, Sentient!
      For those who have not seen this, from the reviled Robert Reich under the despicable banner, it’s nonetheless a great 2-minute start (within the attention span of most voters):

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      • Sentient says:

        I saw that recently. Reich actually did a good job. Too bad he would weasel out of the clear implication of his opposition to TPP – that he should support Trump. Maybe we should just share that video with everyone we know and stoke opposition to TPP among leftists. Maybe a few will figure out that Clinton would pass TPP.

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      • Joe says:

        Politics make strange bedfellows.

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    • Alison says:

      And H-1B visas. McDonalds just fired its American accounting team to bring in more Indians – and we taxpayers subsidize this theft of our own jobs. I don’t understand why Trump isn’t hammering this w/ millenials & college grads. White collar jobs here in US disappearing just like blue collar ones did!

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      • Reality Wins says:

        Saw that story this morning. Who does McDonalds think is going to buy their burgers when most Americans are out of work?

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      • James O'Malley says:

        Millennials just ignore it. I get a lot of hell from my friends for bringing up the H-1B program, with many claiming that there’s nothing wrong with it and that the damage it causes is overrated. Doesn’t help when they have numerous “studies” showing how “beneficial” it is.

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  22. Irons says:

    Trump is destroying their entire corrupt system.
    Snif….This is Beautiful to watch!!!

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  23. quintrillion says:

    Trump’s so clever,
    Best election ever!

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  24. And they’re working too! Wait no they’re not. As soon as I hear “I’m Hillary Clinton and I approve this message” I’m reaching for the remote. Sometimes I don’t get to it fast enough and I hear Lindsey Graham calling TRUMP a race-baiter. Lindsey Graham? Who the hell cares about what Lindsey Freaking Graham has to say about anything? Lindsey Graham is part of the problem! And the one with the little kids watching TV in the dark from 6″ away? That’s just bad parenting.

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  25. Ej says:

    How much money does she have left?

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  26. Ficklefinger says:

    By his limited advertising budget, Trump is destroying the national media by starving it of money. He is surging ahead without massive ad buys. His election to the presidency will drive a stake right into the heart of the kingdom of advertising. He has gained the lead in key states where he is spending almost NO money on advertising and in states Obama won twice.

    What is interesting about this campaign is there could not be more hateful, vicious and relentless advertising trashing Trump but the dollars spent against him are actually counterproductive. The Left has become so hysterical about Trump, there is no connection to the reality of the man.

    Trump is so powerful a candidate, with so powerful a message, he is scaring the Left to death.

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    • mnlakes says:

      Not to mention what he is doing to their creditability and viewership. Actually it’s their lies and Bias this Election Cycle that has hurt them but they are blaming Trump.


  27. dayallaxeded says:

    Apologies if this has been said above, but the main thing I get from the numbers showing Mr. Trump running a lean, effective, economical campaign is he’s also showing how he’ll run FedGov, which desperately needs to go on a massive diet.

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  28. Sherlock says:

    I’m so proud of all the Trump supporters who have contributed, even when financially difficult. Keep giving, folks, every bit will help defeat HRC!!

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  29. Brian L says:

    That graph is stunning.

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  30. Hmmm….where have we seen this kind of thing before? I’m trying to rememember. Oh yeah, that’s it – can you say JEB!?


  31. The ghost formerly known as Prince says:

    Is Jeb! advising her?


  32. scslayer says:

    Changing the landscape of presidential politics and financing. Amazing.


  33. Tyler Durden says:

    It is smart not to fund your enemies. The Trump does not spend money that goes to the corporate media conglomerates and the fact that he rope-a-doped the media in his “Birther” press event and tricked the media into airing 20 minutes of endorsement by decorated military heroes show that he is not in the pockets of the special interests that are tearing our country apart.

    Trump 2016.


  34. The deplorable clayusmcret says:

    She can keep spending that money. Her commercials come one after another and my wife just mutes the tv until they’re done.


  35. kpm58 says:

    Trump is showing how to have a winning campaign without spending (which means raising) a ton of money.
    That is something which should be of great interest to many politicians.


  36. jessinwis says:

    I’m glad to have found this as a reference today. My dad told me Hillary is outraising Trump in big donations. I wanted to show my dad how frugally Trump is using the “little” money he has–and to what result!!


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