Trump – The Verb

This is how you brand. This is exactly how you brand:


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  1. Plain Jane says:

    I was surprised that G.E. Smith did the music. Love his work.

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  2. andi lee says:

    “Black Authority – ‏@TheBlackChannel

    How is #Omarosa going to help #Trump get Black support when SHE HAS NO BLACK SUPPORT EITHER?
    Don’t bigots know we can see their PET NEGROES?”

    There is no wonder here why the black-on-black crime rate is so high in this country. They hate their own color, apparently.

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    • Lucille says:

      What’s funny is that we can see those bigots with their PET WHITE GUILTERS just lapdogging it (no offense to our canine friends) and hoping for a crumb from the table of racist liberalism.

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  3. Prothonotary Warbler says:

    Ask not for whom The Donald Trumps. He Trumps for thee.

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  4. LP says:

    The man in the mist. The nevertrump and Cruzlims epiphany. 😀

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    • Lucille says:

      “Where shall I go…what shall I do?” they cry, knowing that no sentient person in the nation thinks they are worth a plug nickel. I was going to say “Confederate dollar” except they are worth a LOT of money today…hahaha!


  5. Sue in MT says:

    Don Lemon on CNN was loving the entrance in spite of himself!

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  6. yohio says:

    The only way Hillary tops Trumps entrance tonight is if she comes out in an all orange jumpsuit, but in the end if she did it, she would only succeed in branding herself

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  7. three by one says:

    Tracking Drudge, looks like the MSM’s angle on Day 1 is “Melania stole Michele’s speech” (ignoring that Michele mooched much of her speech)

    Now, if it is true that 30 seconds of a 20 minute speech were close or identical to Michele’s 08 speech, one has to ask three questions:

    Was this a subconcious or conscious effort? Reading prior speeches by potential first ladies is sensible research. Copying is not, although certain phrases might resonate and get written in.
    Did she write the speech or have help? Was it ghostwritten or “tuned up” by speechwriter (s)? If so, who? Would any professional speechwriter dare lift more than a phrase verbatim?
    How did a certain person in the media key up so fast on a paragraph being the same from a 2008 speech?

    No ideas on any of this, heck someone could have inserted a paragraph in a teleprompter if she was using one. Need not be some DNC black ops team, plenty of disaffected LOSERS within the party who would love to plant stuff for or without cash incentives. Hard to fathom skullduggery within the party at the convention, but wouldn’t be a first.

    Watch for the headlines tomorrow and see what gets reported…

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    • danapeterson426 says:

      She said in an interview w NBC’s Today show with Matt Lauer that “she wrote it herself with as little help as possible”. Assume She wrote it first then had her speech writer review it & he moved things around a bit then maybe added in a paragraph or two. It would be funny if it’s the same speech writer used for the both of them, lol “You’re Fired”

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    • R-C says:

      The ONLY question one needs to ask is, *”WHO CARES?”

      We are voting for DONALD Trump, not his wife. NOTHING will distract us from that–not this diversion attempt, nor the next dozen they’ll throw at us this week.

      WE. ARE. VOTING. TRUMP. The rest is just static.

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      • Mr. Izz says:

        The media cares. And therein lies the problem. I’m voting for Trump, you’re voting for Trump, and almost of us here on this website are voting for Trump. However, most of the country is not on board yet. These ignorant voters are not going to come to this website for the truth. They’ll go to CNN, Fox, or MSNBC. These lying media outlets will make it a big deal and will pin it on Trump (because they pin everything on Trump).

        Just food for thought…. how many people are voting for Hillary because of Bill? A spouse can make a big difference in a campaign. Without Bill, Hillary wouldn’t have made it through the primaries, wouldn’t have been Secretary of State, and wouldn’t have a political resume.


        • R-C says:

          Has it escaped your attention that ‘the media’ has been HAMMERING Trump for over a year now? And that they’ve gotten NOWHERE?

          So, I say again, “WHO CARES (what the media cares about)?”

          It’s TRUMP, and only TRUMP. (And they KNOW IT.

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        • Rick says:

          Too much concern for so little matter.

          A few lines copped of “oft used” phrases falls far short of plagiarism.

          The media had this angle pre-planned and had to run with it. Otherwise, they would be left with a “Beauty & the Beast” narrative, which doesn’t bode well for the Dems.

          Relax, you haven’t seen anything until you see IVANKA introduce her dad on Thursday evening. That’s when heads will really explode.

          TRUMP/PENCE 2016

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        • Roberto says:

          Bullshit. The so-called ‘ignorant voting bloc’ will not decide this election, cannot be quantified (if they can I’d love to the data). This is not Joe Biden 2.0.


      • fightthepols says:

        Absolutely! Who Cares? She hit it out of the ballpark. Her passion and love for America and belief in Donald was what came through! The liberal media REALLY needs to destroy her now- she’s too much of an asset.

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    • pageoturner says:

      But – who said it and meant it? No question about authenticity.

      Note – Melania DID NOT say “For the first time in my adult life I’m proud of your country”

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      • JC says:

        Yes, Page!

        Talk about grasping at straws and much ado about nothing – that all ya’ got, MSM? Someone was scrambling behind the scenes last night; the panel was begrudgingly complimenting Melania’s speech on CNN (I wanted to see her speech so held my nose and went to CNN) when a guy on the panel almost breathlessly introduced the idea of Melania’s lifting lines from MOB’s speech. Looked like he had just been seated and was sent with a mission to trash the speech. Wreaked of desperation, but they all piled on and were clearly relieved they could find something to criticize.
        Disgraceful treatment of a candidate’s wife’s speech.

        Good point of free air time, Sue. MSM thinks they can mud rake Melania’s speech by spinning it and replaying sections as “case in point” but in reality, Trump supporters and undecideds will be repeatedly exposed to a lady delivering a tasteful, heartfelt speech. Only enemies will think the “MOB Speechgate” is true, relevant or the least bit important.


      • wvgrandma says:

        That was exactly what I thought.


    • Betty says:

      All the media is working at is trying to disappear and distract from Melania Trump’s block buster statement : “On July 28th, 2006, I was very proud to become a citizen of the United States — the greatest privilege on planet Earth.” – Melania Trump


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    • lorenetn says:

      Heard an interesting perspective on this. Could this have been done deliberately by Trump (Trump campaign)?

      Look what has happened. This has everyone comparing Melania Trump to Michelle Obama. There is now doubt who wins that comparison. And the Trump campaign does not have to lift a finger to get the comparison moving.

      Plus the word overlap is really trivial, so in the end who cares and Trump wins again.

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    • west1890 says:

      “If Melania plagiarized Michelle, then Michelle plagiarized others. Compare Michelle’s words with the advice found in a 1992 book about doing business in Africa:
      Michelle in 2008:
      “And Barack and I were raised with so many of the same values: that you work hard for what you want in life; that your word is your bond and you do what you say you’re going to do; that you treat people with dignity and respect, even if you don’t know them, and even if you don’t agree with them.

      Rob Marsh in 1992
      “…is based upon the application of certain basic truths: that integrity is all important, that your word is your bond, that if you owe a person money you pay him back, that you work hard, enjoy what you do and show a loyalty to those with whom you work and do business. He instilled in me simple, clear cut values and a will to succeed.”

      Do the political swells so concerned with this “scandal” really think that anyone’s vote would be swayed by whether Melania voiced the same bromides as Michelle?


  8. Roozter says:

    JUST AMAZING! And the music…could they have chosen anything more perfect! I guess I’m officially hooked 😆

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  9. Arkindole says:

    The convention speak on the first night was like no other that I’ve seen. To say it was stunning is an understatement.
    Vacuous milquetoast grey haired career politicos have been abandoned.
    And, Pat Smith’s talk will cauterize the minds of progressives until November and well beyond.

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  10. ZZZ says:

    ROCK STAR level…4 of us were hooting, hollering, screaming Donald! And two of us are burly men!

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  11. skipper1961 says:

    At the risk of sounding repetitive,.. LIKE A BOSS!!!

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  12. cajost says:

    It was beyond fabulous. First time I ever watched a political convention. I cannot wait for each night this week to watch more!

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  13. What do we expect from Crooked Hillary’s cheerleaders, MSM political class? Of course they are going to accuse Melania of something that is NOT there.
    I have heard Melania Trump use those very words in prior interviews and Not One Critic came forward to accuse her of taking words from anyone’s speech or interview.
    How transparent can the MSM be?
    Their actions demonstrate to me just how well Melania spoke last night and just how afraid they are of a Trump Presidency, with Melania as First Lady.
    This will backfire on the MSM and increase support for Trump.


    • cmscarpa says:

      The bigger the crock of BS, the stinkier the backfire. You’d think they would have learned this one basic lesson over the last year.


    • Nelle says:

      It will invite those who wouldn’t watch a minute of the convention to take a look at Melania, and compare/contrast with Michelle. Either it was brilliant subtle planning, or it will just work out to Trump’s advantage anyway.


  14. kallibella says:

    Last night’s convention theme couldn’t have been more clear. The speeches were centered around the issue of national/domestic security and a decisive approval of our Armed Forces and our Law Enforcement Officers. All this contrasted with the pathetic and criminal record of the old, possibly incontinent woman, the speeches were very effective.
    The speakers came from various backgrounds and all spoke very compellingly.


  15. Great entrance by trump.

    By why in the world did he hire the same speech writer as Obama?! FFS.

    We need a First Lady speech! OK, hold on! I got one here I wrote in 2008…hold on…I got it somewhere…maybe in my email…ah! Here it is! COPY…PASTE

    All right, Mr. Trump! That’s be $25,000!


    • susiepuma says:

      Trump hired Cruz’s former head of communications who ‘helped’ Melania Trump with her speech…………………………………..back stabbers have infiltrated the Trump campaign….he needs to start a little house cleaning,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      Loyalty is supposed to be Trump’s big thing …….. it started with Lewandowski and has been going downhill since then……………….Trump needs a little reminder…..these PPC’s, crony capitalists, and GOPERS have no loyalty…their main god is the almight buck…..

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  16. redsequin4 says:

    Something happened to the feed when Trump made his entrance and I missed the music ):


  17. redsequin4 says:

    That’s the first opening of a Republican convention I actually enjoyed. How wonderful to hear people fired up and speaking positively about America and Americans. It’s a new day!


  18. ssupsky says:

    Perhaps of note, and going in line with the entire presentation last night from all of the speakers, This is especially true of the speech that his wife Melania gave.

    Mr. Trump’s first name is of Scottish origin.

    The meaning of the name is World Leader or Ruler of the World


  19. v4ni11ista says:

    The Battle Hymn of the Republicans

    Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of The Lion.
    He shall rip apart a Hilldebeast who did commit a crime.
    He shall loose his faithful lightening with old clips of Clinton lying.
    Yes, The Don is marching on!
    Glory, glory hallelujah!
    Trump will smack ‘em like a ruler,
    Hit ‘em on the butt when their policies are nuts
    ‘til the Donkeys can’t tax no more.

    I have seen him in the watch fires of the Treehouse Rebel Camp.
    He’ll speak boldly on the talk shows, and he’ll Tweet in the spot lamp.
    We can read his fiscal policies which show he is The Champ!
    Oh, The Don is marching on…..
    Glory, glory hallelujah
    Freedom’s definitely cooler!
    Smack ‘em in the face with their socialist disgrace
    ‘til there ain’t no commies no more!

    I have read a fiery gospel writ by #Never Anger Babes.
    See their Trump Derangement Syndrome washing over them in waves.
    As our Hero, born of woman, tries- our Nation State- to save,
    Thank God Don’s marching on!
    Glory, glory hallelujah
    Trump’s our very toughest dueler.
    Put this man in charge of all the criminals at large
    And the people won’t mourn no more!

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  20. avannr says:

    Which would be worse for a First Lady?

    A sexual predator
    An accidental, one time 22 word plagiarizer

    Hmmm, tough choice. But we see which one the media and Left pick. Such hypocrites for supposed women’s rights advocates. Pfffft


  21. quintrillion says:

    Now Queen is saying that Trump did not have permission to use ‘ We Are The Champions’ song.


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