Texas Poll: Donald Trump 32%, Ted Cruz 32%, Marco Rubio 17%…

A recent Texas poll of 1,531 “registered voters” and 1,293 “likely voters” shows Ted Cruz and Donald Trump essentially tied.  Ted Cruz being more successful in West Texas, and Donald Trump being more successful in North Texas.  If Senator Ted Cruz loses Texas, his candidacy is effectively over – that’s why he’s campaigning in Texas right now.

DALLAS – Six days before Super Tuesday, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are now tied in Texas, according to a new public opinion poll commissioned by WFAA-TV.

Cruz and Trump both had 32 percent support from likely and actual GOP primary voters, with a 3.9 percent margin of error.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets a supporter following her address at the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University in New York

It is the most recent survey of Texas voters and the first one to show Cruz no longer leading in his home state.

“He’s fading,” said Cal Jillson, professor of political science at Southern Methodist University, of Ted Cruz’s candidacy. “Trump has proven to be stronger and more resilient than anyone expected.”

Marco Rubio is a distant third in the WFAA Texas TEGNA poll with 17 percent, John Kasich has 6 percent, Ben Carson has 5 percent and another 5 percent of respondents remain undecided, the poll revealed.

[…] The WFAA Texas TEGNA poll breaks down the Republican electorate even further to show Cruz narrowly leads Trump among Texas’s Hispanic/Latino population, 34 percent to 27 percent.

Cruz has a wide lead over Trump among Texas evangelicals, 42 percent to 28 percent.

The senator overwhelmingly leads Trump among those who are members of the tea party, 62 percent to 21 percent.

Cruz leads by 11 points in West Texas, which includes El Paso, Midland and 88 surrounding counties; and by a nominal 3 points in East Texas, which includes Houston and 60 surrounding counties. That is a surprising finding, considering Cruz is from Houston.

Cruz leads by 20 points among “very conservative” primary voters.

But Trump leads by 16 points among Republican voters who identified themselves as moderate and by 14 points among non-evangelical voters.

Trump leads in North Texas, which includes Dallas, Tarrant, Collin and 41 surrounding counties.  (continue reading)

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326 Responses to Texas Poll: Donald Trump 32%, Ted Cruz 32%, Marco Rubio 17%…

  1. Nottakingthisanymore says:

    Trump could let people know that the Supreme Court Nomination was so important he was inclined to name Ted Cruz. This gives them a reason not to vote for Cruz and to still support Cruz. A win win for Trump. No constitutional bar! And Ted would be a Conservative voice on the court.


    • lineabirgit says:

      that makes no sense. donald trump already named two very qualified possible candidates who have extensive judicial experience. why would he name a disingenuous politician (cruz) to pander to a few voters who will scatter when cruz does poorly or drops out after super tuesday?

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    • fedup says:

      How would it look to do that, after calling Cruz the biggest liar ever?

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    • TRONGOD2000 says:

      IF Cruz doesn’t come out number 1 in TX he has not only got no chance at the Presidency but he has no chance of remaining in congress either. I’m not sure if Rubio does either. Congress is actually where the real shake up is about to happen. The Dems loosing control was big but when the “GOP elite” lose congress that will be HUGE.

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    • lawrencepaul1 says:

      What? A lying piece of cr*p bought, paid for and owned by Wall st with no record as a judge to measure him by. What? Trump will win this thing without the help of Slick Eddy.
      Many of his supporters are leaking away as it is. Cruz is toast even if he manages to scrape out a win in Texas, and burnt toast if he doesn’t.

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      • Voters in Texas ( as well as in the whole nation) must have noticed by now that Cruz is a liar. Lied about Carson campaign(saying sorry later does not alter the fact that he lied); Lied about his loans from Goldman Sachs. Tried dirty tricks( voting violation mailers, broke the election law.He tried push polls, robocalls. And now blatantly copying Trump’s idea about deporting illegals and purposely misinterprets other’s ideas, even faith. Cruz looks slimy and creepy. There is something wrong with him. We can hope the Texas voters will see through this fraudulent guy and note that his real colors translate to nothing but a ” ravenous greed” for power and money. He can’t do anything for the economy or jobs. Neither he can stop the ISIS. No real guts. Can’t ever say It As It Is.God Save America.

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        • politijim says:

          Cruz has an amazing grassroot network here of volunteers. I know because I was one. I think it’s close to 50,000 people – almost all whom are only locked into the same conservative media channels and don’t listen (or have the desire to listen) to outside voices. My guess is that organization alone – which guarantees turnout – is probably worth 4 points not shown in the polls (based upon how much better Cruz did against polling in his Senate run).

          Bottom line: Trump will need to be up by 5 in the polls to have a shot at winning (IMHO) and even then – only picks up a few more delegates than Cruz coming in a close second – if he can dominate some of the urban districts. however, a Trump “win” regardless of delegate count – would likely but a silver bullet in the heart of the Cruz campaign.

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          • DMorgan says:

            And strategically, Cruz is pinned down playing defense in Texas while Trump (and Rubio) are pressing their advantages in the other 11 states on March 1. If Cruz manages to eke out a Texas victory while DJT takes all the other states, guess what….IT WON’T MATTER!

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        • Mike says:

          .. and Cruz hasn’t told us the truth about his NBC or even citizenship papers.

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      • Bon says:

        clean it up bud


    • Bon says:

      sounds good to me


    • Rick Nash says:

      Its Time the Texans Think More broadly although Cruz is from ther…Vote for Mr.Trump who will take care of Elliegal emigrants and fanatic jihadi muslims refugee problems and economic problems in the state and will make Texas and America Great again So please join the new Flow of the crowd eveywhere Be a Part of this big chnge

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    • Dick Albright says:

      Can a Canadian Citizen serve on the US Supreme Court? Mom & Dad were on the Canadian voters’ list. This may preclude him from that post since “alien influence” is as important here as in the Exec Branch. No CRBA. He may even be subject to recall as Senator.

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    • Jeff Thomas says:

      Definitely a win win. Trump nominates him, but no one in their right mind would confirm him.


  2. beaupre03 says:

    It would be a thing of beauty to see Trump beating Televangelist Ted in his home state.

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  3. keebler AC says:

    OMG, 6 days. What are we waiting for? Get on the phones and start calling. Get out and start talking! For Texas to elect Ted Cruz, the ex-patriate, ineligible Canadian from the North not the South would be an absolute embarassment for a Conservative state.

    Rafael Ted also needs to be removed from Texas Senate for selling out America to TPP and fast tracking this piece of treasonous globalist malarkey. When you call, start there and then tell them to not vote for Ted because he won’t be around long. He’s only using Texans for his agenda. Those loyal to GWB in Texas ought to know he hates Ted Cruz and has openly broadcasted this.

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    • Bon says:

      keebler AC : Ever hear of a poison pill. The bill was loaded with one and so it did not pass at the time. When is a half truth a lie? ” for selling out America to TPP and fast tracking this piece of treasonous globalist ” Read the 38 words that made it unworkable.


      • Yeoman says:

        It passed in the senate. IF it was a poison pill, it failed.

        Don’t pander the “the house wouldn’t pass it” line. They didn’t. But not because of the poison pill. They would have passed their own bill and a compromise would have been made by the GOPe.

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      • keebler AC says:

        Nah, the poison pill is just another of Rafael Ted Cruz’s “reframing” of his dirty deed. Proof: His wife is a Goldman Sachs advocate, he is for amnesty prior to Donald Trump, and he is still for Amnesty no matter what he says now to win votes. Rafael Ted is a slick lawyer, all the more dangerous having been trained at a top Ivy League school. Harvard doesn’t teach ethics, they teach legalese. Rafael’s ethics was learned from his dishonest, charlatan “preacher” father who has absolutely NO THEOLOGICAL TRAINING.

        To continue, Rafael Ted has dishonored the Constitution right from the get go with dual citizenship. It matters not that he formally renounced it. You can’t formally renounce that you’re not a natural-born citizenship. Can’t do it. You see……..Rafael Ted is indeed slippery with those “reframings”. Rafael Ted is pure globalist, banker’s peon, pure GOPe – but rejected by the GOPe because even they see he’s a slippery goose. He’ll sell out to the highest bidder. It’s all about Me-too Ted and his ambition to rule by dictatorial “self-appointed” decree, as Obama had to do by stifling and threatening your privacy.

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    • ZurichMike says:

      You need to check who they are polling. Texas is an open primary state, and the polls where Cruz is ahead mostly poll just Republicans. As we have seen in other states, Trump has an enormous crossover appeal. Polls where they poll likely voters regardless of party affiliation and likely to go to the primary, Trump is even or ahead.

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      • texasmama6 says:

        Texas is following the trend of the previous states. In my county over 8 percent of the registered voters have voted early as of 7:30 p.m. last night. In the last Presidential primary the total voter turnout was 11.01 percent (Republican) percent statewide. I imagine my county runs higher because it is more conservative and more Republican than most of the state. Early voting ends tomorrow night and I think we will also have a record turnout when Super Tuesday is done.

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    • joleeinca says:

      all of those show a much smaller amount of voters polled.


    • boutis says:

      And the turnout is YUGE. As in other states, the bigger the turnout the better for Trump. People who had given up voting out of disgust or had nothing to vote for are showing up. Cruz has a lot of very good citizens supporting him mainly because the media here in Texas has not covered much about all of his problems and lies, but I think the crossover vote and Republicans sick of ALL incumbent Republicans including Cruz will push Trump over or extremely close in delegates awarded. And Rubio’s polling is downright pitiful. Bless his heart.

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    • They didn’t poll the Trump base. Polled a list of registered voters, who participated in a primary election in 2012 or 2014 or voted in both of the last two general elections.

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  4. Bull Durham says:

    Project for the New American Century (PNAC) neo-con map of future wars and government corruption from William Kristol and the monster Kagan family (cookies Victoria Nuland).

    Marco Rubio’s theme logo is A New American Century.

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    • AdamSelene says:

      I was telling my wife about that last night. I saw a Rubio thing on TV with that on it and it just grated on me. I’m not a Truther (I wouldn’t be shocked if the administration had foreknowledge that something like 9/11 was going down, but all the “inside job” or “controlled demolition” stuff doesn’t pan out for the research I’ve done), but I know all about PNAC. And for Rubio to run with “New American Century” as his theme is just like screaming “nyeh nyeh nyeh we did 9/11 and now we’re rubbing it in your face” to conspiracy people. They can’t be so ignorant they don’t know what “New American Century” means to people in some circles. They did that on purpose and it’s weird.

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  5. pancho says:

    As a native Texan I would be so thrilled to see Trump not only beat Cruz but to win going away. It is a truly grievous thing to find out how slick and sleazy Ted Cruz really is. The truth hurts, but when Trump took “that famous escalator ride” in June and launched into a speech about illegal immigration, and he didn’t back down when the firestorm of phony outrage erupted, I was hooked. I was hearing a nationalist for the first time in years, maybe ever! What a simple message–We Win! Go Trump!

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  6. keebler AC says:

    Whatever is said about George W, he was at least a keen observer of Mice and Men. He has not faulted Trump on statements towards his Iraq War effort and keeping America safe from 9/11. He knows in retrospect that it is true and has been a reluctant participant in his brother Jeb’s brief primary run. He even said the family was a bit shocked when Jeb brought home Columba. Texans should not take it out on Trump when even GWB accepts the truth on some level and it’s now between God and himself to balance the scales.

    It is this keen observation through seeing Rafael Ted Cruz work on his campaign that as early as Oct 2015 before we knew about sleazy Ted tactics, that GWB surprised everyone at a press meeting that he mistrusts Ted. GWB had Rafael Ted all figured out already.

    George W. Bush unleashes on Ted Cruz

    ‘I just don’t like that guy,’ the former president tells donors.

    It’s George W. Bush’s former employee — Ted Cruz.

    “I just don’t like the guy,” Bush said Sunday night, according to conversations with more than half a dozen donors who attended the event.

    One donor in the room said the former president had been offering mostly anodyne accounts of how the Bush family network views the current campaign and charming off-the-cuff jokes, until he launched into Cruz.

    “I was like, ‘Holy sh-t, did he just say that?’” the donor said. “I remember looking around and seeing that other people were also looking around surprised.”

    “The tenor of what he said about the other candidates was really pretty pleasant,” another donor said. “Until he got to Cruz.”

    Bush also cast Cruz’s candidacy as an exercise in personal gain, not service. “He sort of looks at this like Cruz is doing it all for his own personal gain..

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    • Bull Durham says:

      He’s one of the most unlikeable politicians since Nixon. And Nixon didn’t lie. He deceived.

      Cruz actually is a thief. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors votes. Especially, Dr. Carson’s.

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      What’s also interesting re Trump and GW, is Trump expressed his warm regards for GW via someone in the media. IOW, he said what he felt he needed to say, but genuinely doesn’t bear him ill will. Don’t think he thinks GW is evil (although, Stone’s book would argue otherwise). Likewise, even when GW stumped for Jeb, he didn’t go for the jugular re Trump… in fact, one passage of his speech, actually sounded like an ENDORSEMENT! B/C it was referencing the characteristics needed for the job, and they sounded to my ears to fit Trump out of the rest of the field, including Jeb.

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      • NCPatrick says:

        ’t think he thinks GW is evil (although, Stone’s book would argue otherwise).

        Yes I’m reading that very section right now in Stone’s book about the Bush crime family .. W is no businessman and had to be bailed out constantly by his father’s friends. Really kind of dopey in a sweet way. The evil one is his dear old Dad, according to multiple examples in Stone book. Scary stuff for sure.

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    • redlegleader68 says:

      Well, I missed that article for sure …. thanks so much for posting.


  7. moogey says:

    Americans have lived with open borders and illegals for 30 years, Texans have lived at ground zero with illegals for 30 years. Bring it home Texas – Let’s build that American wall.

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  8. urbanpatriot says:

    But all those absentee ballots Texas Residents cast back when they liked Cruz are going to make all the difference! lol


  9. gringz says:

    Trump got my SE Texas vote Wed. .

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  10. TERESA says:

    Ted Cruz won one state because he lied and cheated. Voters need to examine closely his record for lying. Think of this: There may not be a law for (GBA) Guilt-By-Association, but God sure does have such a law. This means in God’s eyes Ted Cruz knew that Super PACs lie and cheat therefore Cruz is GBA in God’s eyes. God would NEVER SUPPORT someone that lies regardless of rather or not it was a white out outright lie.

    For Trump to win you all have to VOTE. He has to win by a landslide to keep his election–because our Representatives, Governors, etc will use their votes to keep Trump out. Why do you think they keep saying with confidence “Trump is not going to win”. Tell everyone you know about this. CAR POOL. TAKE YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND NEIGHBORS THAT NEED A RIDE.

    If you truly want changes and to take back our government–stop the curruption–STOP criminal illegal immigrant from entering our country–get rid of common core education–help our law enforcement and vets–Social Security and Social Security Disability fixed (which is ONLY paid by people that earn under $113,000 per year)–get better trade deals–decrease our country’s deficit–end OBAMA CARE share a ride and flood the polls early with Trump Voters.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Actually – there are such Bible verses:
      Romans 1:32 – Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.
      Romans 2:18 – and know his will and approve what is excellent, because you are instructed from the law;
      Romans 14:22 – The faith that you have, keep between yourself and God. Blessed is the one who has no reason to pass judgment on himself for what he approves.

      We are known by what we say, do, by the company we keep, by what we applaud and approve.

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  11. rumpole2 says:

    Remember The Alamo
    (I am sure that means “Vote Trump”) 🙂

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  12. ZurichMike says:

    The pollster only looked at Republicans? In an open primary state? Huh?

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    • texasmama6 says:

      I’m not sure they could look at only Republicans because we don’t declare a party when we register. Perhaps they are polling people who voted Republican in past elections?

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  13. Not that I put too much faith into this as people change but as far as I can tell, unless I messed up somewhere, there are only three States who have picked the nominee continuously since 1980 which also went Republican in the general election, Texas (3/01), Idaho (3/08) and South Dakota (6/07), (the parenthesis are this years voting date). So let’s hope Trump takes Texas, and the other States of course and the General and 2020 and, ah, you get it. 😉

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    • Big Jake says:

      Texas isn’t as conservative as it used to be thanks to immigration, both foreign and domestic.

      If Cruz wins it won’t be by much and will do nothing to alter the trajectory of the race.

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      • KBR says:

        Yep. They used to say “Don’t mess with Texas!” But Cali democrats moved in and illegals moved up. They messed with Texas alright.

        Sad to see that real old-time Texans are not voting (according to polls showing Cruz equal to Trump) for the real foundation of Texas, the border secure, the wall builder.

        Are Texans now really ready to send Texas back to ol Mehico?

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  14. Big Jake says:

    Well I consider myself ultra far right. I keep my religion to myself (Christian) but tend to despise evangelicals for the hypocrisy I see from too many of them. Anecdotal experience, I know.

    I like big houses with big yards, big cars, big trucks, guns, and girls. I definitely support the TEA Party and voted for Cruz in his Senate race. Big disappointment.

    I have dumped Fox, Levin, and Limbaugh.

    I have voted in Texas my entire adult life and cannot see why Cruz is winning with some of these groups.

    That said I have never once participated in the primary until this year and I voted Trump. I don’t think I am alone.

    I would not be shocked to see Trump win it.

    In any event we are a hybrid proportional state. Cruz will not win very many more delegates than Trump. It will be like Iowa at best for Cruz.

    I expect Trump to win.

    Why did I write all this? Good question. Lol

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    • “Well I consider myself ultra far right. I keep my religion to myself (Christian) but tend to despise evangelicals for the hypocrisy I see from too many of them.”

      There are a lot of us like you out here. I think we will all turnout for this one in all states.

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    • NCPatrick says:

      Why did you write all this? Cuz we wanted to hear it! You sound like our kind of guy, Big Jake! Thanks and I sure hope you’re right about Texas!

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    • I don’t know why you wrote it, Big Jake, but I’m glad you did!

      Texas represents the American Dream. When our jobs in Georgia were lost, men went to Texas for work. That has been the destination for many years. Now, if you call someone and he says he’s working out of town, that means “I’m in Texas”. When a woman says her husband is working out of town, we don’t ask where, because we know he’s either in Texas or Mississippi. So God Bless Texas and Thank you, Mississippi.

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    • TforTexas says:

      I agree 100%. First primary I voted in was for Romney in 2012. What a let down he was! But I believe things happen for a reason, and that reason became a wake up call to America!! I am a born and raised Texan whose ancestors we one of the first settlers here, and I feel most Texans just want to be left alone. But we have an onery spirit once we are lied to and betrayed.

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    • redlegleader68 says:

      Thanks, Big Jake. You’re the reason many of look to Texas to be, well, Texas! Spent a little time at that post outside Kileen a lifetime ago … nice folks besides the LBJ infested crop.

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  15. lawrencepaul1 says:

    Open primary guys, that means independents and crossover dems in the mix.
    We all know who they are likely to vote for don’t we now.
    It’ll be close but I would not be shocked if Trump squeaks it.
    I believe it is not winner take all either so Donald could come away with a pile of delegates to ad to his growing stack whatever the outcome.

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    • KH says:

      It’s not winner take all.
      The 47 state level delegates (if nobody gets 50%), go to first and second place proportionally (so long as first and second have 20% or more).
      Then 108 go based on who wins each CD, you get 3 if you get 50% in the CD, other wise first gets 2 and second gets 1 (so long as all involved get 20% or more)

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  16. davecatbone says:

    Interesting that trump losing to tea party but not surprising. I used to attend meetings even went to the March on Washington. But from the beginning I saw the GOPe presence attempting to co opt the movement. And too much focus on ideology and political dogma.

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  17. ZZZ says:

    I think W has guilty conscience syndrome.


  18. joshua says:

    If Cruz Loses in Texas, Greg Abbott is a One Term Governor.
    Abbott is a POS. Also, Jeb’s son is going to get the boot from Texas political office as well when the State wakes up…..John Cornyn and Eddie Bernice Johnson and Shiela Jackson, and Pete Session are toast TOO.

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  19. tz says:

    This shows Ted’s ceiling is around 25%. He gets almost all ultraconservative evangelicals, but they are a tiny slice in the whole electorate. What they are calling “moderates” don’t want us to take a nuke for Israel, don’t want to stone gays and adulterers, and are the same theologically but prefer to live and let live, not impose a Christian theocracy.
    Ted gets more being in home state – bring home the crony bacon! and his earlier machine still runs.

    Still, if Cruz was channeling the anger and disgust, and was beloved as a great senator, he should be over 51%, not at 1/3 about equal to Trump.

    Doing even only slightly better than Trump with home field advantage will not be a victory, and to achieve even that he will have to campaign hard in Texas and ignore the rest, ceding them to Trump.

    If Trump gets 51% and all the delegates, Cruz may as well shut down.

    How is that targeting NSA like database voter profiling working out?

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  20. Tammy_B says:

    I live in a conservative / republican part of Texas. Bush country .. if you will. Met with a longtime friend 2 days ago, and Jeb had dropped out. We talked about the primary, I told him I supported Trump, even though I voted for Cruz as senator. I asked him if he was going to vote, and did he want to share. He said .. “yeah .. Trump probably .. Cruz is just .. i dunno”. He was not really enthusiastic about either, but said something like “less of two evils”. So either not a primary vot at all, or a vote for Trump. GO TRUMP !!!

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  21. Texas Jack says:

    I will early vote later today and am taking two co-workers with me. One is an unmarried, millennial male and the other is a 50 year old female lesbian (served as Sgt in Army years ago) who are both voting Republican and for Trump this year. Another lesbian co-worker and a large group of her outside-work lesbian friends are voting Trump. She is in her mid-forties and ex-Army, as well. Both lesbians are former Hillary supporters.

    So what does that North Texas / DFW demographic snapshot tell you about the power of Donald Trump in Texas!

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      My daughter bartends and a couple of military ppl wandered in and volunteered both were voting TRUMP: black guy and white lesbian. Think it’s very interesting, but I think Trump will get a lot of the gay vote (not that it’s a YUGE segment of the population) People seem to know he said gay marriage ‘isn’t his thing’, but it’s clear he doesn’t hyperventilate over the issue… and he’s not going to remain silent if that population is targeted by some of our ‘refugees’. I’m happy about this, because it’s another demo to add to the Pro-USA Trump tent. #Uniter

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  22. Wiggy says:

    I am still wondering why the Canadian document (linked to by Sundance months ago) showing both of Cruz’s parents applied for and given Canadian Citizenship, PRIOR to Ted’s birth. Is the media sitting on this not daring to show it? Or are people afraid of the truth? Or is this document a fraud? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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  23. KH says:

    Keep in mind 250k+ votes were banked in Texas prior to this week (during +10 teddy time) and the tightening, state is Ted’s to lose, but Trump will pick up some delegates.


  24. Texas Jack says:

    Texas / 15 Largest Population Counties as of Feb 23, 2016 (Republican votes exceeds Democrat in 13 of 15 of these counties)

    Total Reg Voters 9,162,986
    Cumulative In-Person Voters Thru 2/23/2016: 482,762
    Cumulative % In-Person: 5.27%
    Cumulative By Mail Voters: 77,648
    Cumulative In-Person And Mail Voters: 560,410
    Cumulative Percent Early Voting: 6.12%


    • KBR says:

      6.5% have early voted?
      I keep hearing how early voters for Cruz before the people got wind of the extent of his lies, was what would put Cruz over the top.
      Is that 6.5% of all potential voters in the state, or of all republican voters in the state?
      Or is that 6.5% of LIKELY primary voters? Clicked on the link but it didn’t go.


      • Texas Jack says:

        That’s 6.12% of the 9+ million registered voters in the listed 15 largest by population counties. Texas is “yuge” and has 254 counties, of which numerous are semi-arid and of low population.

        Also, Correction 12 (not 13) of 15 counties as of 2/23/2016 had more Republicans than Democrats voting.


  25. thesitrep says:

    Here’s the deal about Texas.
    If Cruz doesn’t beat Trump by a large margin in the Greatest State of Texas it will be a Yuge psychological loss for Cruz.
    I hope The Donald crushes him like a grape. I think Trump could edge him out because of a few reasons
    1. New voter enthusiasm. Trump is bringing a ton of first time voters to the polls.
    2. There are massive numbers of Dem crossover voters supporting Trump.
    3. Your average conservative Texan is just as sick and tired of the status quo as anyone.
    4. Trump’s immigration stance is music to Texan’s ears.
    5. Trump does extremely well with Hispanics.

    At least that’s this exiled Texan’s take.

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  26. “Donald Trump has closed to within one percentage point of Canadian migrant, Ted Cruz, in the Texas primary.”


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  27. georgiafl says:

    I’m not too worried about TEXAS – look at the support from just College Students:


  28. Arkindole says:

    I’ll be waiting to see how that “west Texas” “conservative” vote actually breaks. Relatives on the paternal side infiltrated Stonewall county and surrounding areas of TX beginning the early 1900’s. The grandmother’s links to there came from Cleveland county OK during the oil boom at the turn of the century. So, as a kid I visited a lot of “peanut fields” in TX that were basically fallow, with the exception of what seemed like hundreds oil pumpjacks. From what I could see during TX visits, those “conservatives” in the clan are actually fairly soft/squishy/moderate republicans, if you can even call them republicans.
    A lot of North and West TX folks followed the oil boom south from OK, not just my relatives. My Norman OK gene stream is as democrat as you can get.


  29. What I find the MOST egregious about Cruz is how he USES the Bible for his own gains. He reminds me of that phony televangelist Jim Bakker who got caught cheating on “lovely” Tammy Faye. Just hold your nose shut (so you’ll sound as nauseatingly nasal as Cruz) and start spewing Biblical passages while waving the Bible around and saying, “You NEED to vote for ME! I can SAVE you!” I would think truly spiritual people would be completely offended, and not fooled, by this horsepucky.


  30. Mike Karppe says:

    This Tuesday will be very interesting. It looks like the Trump Train is taking off.


  31. Max says:

    Cruz & Rubio looked like a couple of yelping weiner dogs yapping at the Mighty Trumps feet at the Houston debate –
    Trump looked Presidential … the Cubana boys looked like low energy weasels …


  32. Max says:

    Trump will WIN TEXAS


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