Donald Trump Rally, Las Vegas Nevada – 10:00pm EST Live Stream…

The second Donald Trump rally of the day takes place in Las Vegas at the South Point arena 7:00pm local / 10:00pm Eastern.

Live Stream Link – Alternate Live Stream #2 – Alternate Live Stream #3  – Fox10 Link

trump rally tampa 12

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309 Responses to Donald Trump Rally, Las Vegas Nevada – 10:00pm EST Live Stream…

  1. Bull Durham says:

    Let’s go Nevada! You know he has a stake in your community. Deliver that landslide tomorrow.

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    • This is the state where previous polling had him winning the Hispanic vote by a large margin. I want that to hold true so badly, what a message that would send tomorrow. Pundits will be jumping off buildings if that happens! Haha

      Let’s GO NEVADA!



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  2. We reached 17,000+ on our chat on RSB Trump Rally tonight!!! All aboard the Trump Train. The ROAR of the crowd was IMMENSE!
    Run Megyn Run!!

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  3. Belle819 says:

    Man oh Man, I had a bad day, but I came home and had my Trump fix; all is right in my world. Hope he does well in Nevada, we could all use more good news.

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  4. AllOrNothing! says:

    Right now it’s Cruz’ turn to get hammered by Trump. I look forward to Trump squashing Rubio. I can’t wait for Trump to expose that premature politician.

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  5. duchess01 says:

    Just the beginning…am sure it will change for the better

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  6. Cathie says:

    Glad to see that Trump is NOT going to do the mean cheerleader’s townhall on Wednesday.

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  7. NHVoter says:

    She must have hated admitting this

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  8. what do the red hexagon signs with “22” on them mean?


    • Cathie says:

      22 represents the number of vets per day that commit suicide.

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      • Janie M. says:

        Cathie, reading those words makes me cry. The VA must be held accountable and MUST be remediated from top to bottom. President Trump will provide vets with the much needed quality care they deserve and nothing less. I want every broken vet made as whole as medically/psychologically possible. This administration and those before it have abandoned our wounded warriors which is criminal neglect and unacceptable. All the politicians have ever done is provide sanctimonious lip service regarding the VA medical scandal and nothing changes – the fraud and waste continues.


    • Emma Johnson says:

      22 veterans commit suicide every day.

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    • sandraopines says:

      22 Veterans commit suicide I believe daily.

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    • What a disgrace we let it get to this! Get rid of ’em ALL! Media must die too! Replace with honesty. So sick of the lies and murder!

      NO MORE PHONY WARS (Iraq and many more too numerous to list)! NO MORE PROXY WARS (Ukraine, Syria)!


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      • winky says:

        You are so right Moni….My heart also aches for those poor people in Europe and Syria and some of those countries…those poor people who have to live with so much devastation and war and I shudder to think of that awful HRC being able to run who has been the cause of so much of it. I am sure those people are paying close attention and longing for a president Trump who is not a warmonger like all of the rest of them. Perhaps they will finally have some peace that they deserve. What have we become because of these leaders and their greed and lust for power?


  9. manoagirl says:

    Did anyone notice the two older guys behind Trump? They reminded me of Statler & Waldorf, only they weren’t heckling. They were totally stoked to be there! Luv…


  10. KBR says:

    The USA. We hear it every Trump rally. USA USA USA!
    Do we deeply think about the words the letters represent?

    The first one is UNITED. Look at these rallies how United these great masses of people are! And look too at the numbers watching these rallies, most of whom are United in spirit with the people attending! 16,000 watching on rightside broadcasting alone at the rally shown on this thread.

    The second is STATES. This unity of purpose is shining through in every state where a rally has been held for Donald Trump! The attendees are mostly from the state the rally is in, but people come from neighboring states, some come from states far away too. The viewers are from every other state in the country! We are UNITED STATES, states full of citizens UNITED in a purpose!

    There is a preposition, “of” that doesn’t get a letter, but it’s kind of important too. We call ourselves Americans, but hold on a minute: Don’t Canadians live in America? Isn’t Mexico in America? Argentina is even in America. Many countries are in these continents jointly called America. We are not JUST AMERICANS. We are the UNITED Americans! We need to recognize how the word is being used by the globalists: when their puppets say “America” do they mean “USA” like we do? Like Donald Trump does? I think the globalists are tricky with the word “American.”

    “US citizens” has five syllables, “Americans” has four: to me for absolute clarity I don’t mind using and demanding the use by politicians and pundits of one more little syllable. If they say Americans, I’m gonna say “do you mean US citizens?” How about you?

    The final word is AMERICA. That is really two entire continents called north and south. We are the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! WE, we people, ARE the USA!

    Donald Trump is the great RE-UNITER of the STATES and the PEOPLE of those states!
    He and he alone is the great UNITER of us people, the USA, the greatest Nation ever!
    I am so very proud to be a UNITED STATES citizen! I am so happy that we are becoming RE-UNITED in the cause of our Nation!

    We know that Make America Great Again means Make the USA Great Again! Our nation, the USA, becoming proud and brave and strong and secure and smart and rich again!

    Becoming so will help, directly or inadvertently, all of North and South America in the end, because it is the strength and example of our USA
    that will help to keep the other nations in both Americas. They will be watching and learning while we STOP the PROCESS of being overrun EU-style with migrants, greedy conniving b*stard traitors, foreign infiltrators and NWO terrorists!

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    • KBR says:

      PS: When Rubio and Cruz say “America” I hear “the continent.” And greed is in their eyes.
      When HRC or JB say “America” I hear “NWO or North American Union.” And greed lines their pockets.
      When any of these traitors foreigners or their media mouthpieces say “Americans” I hear that same disgust with the US citizens, those same nasty names, they have been spouting from the start of this campaign!

      When Donald Trump says “America” I hear “the USA.” And love of us, the USA shines in his eyes.

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