January 23rd – 2016 Presidential Election – Open Discussion Thread

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “2016 Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Presidential Race and/or any of the candidates therein.

GOP candidates 2 mashup

This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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771 Responses to January 23rd – 2016 Presidential Election – Open Discussion Thread

  1. TheTorch says:

    Trump just zinged Cruz, he was talking about the Keystone XL pipeline and Eminent Domain, and said the pipeline would start from Canada, Ted Cruz former home! 🙂

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    Attended my first Trump org meeting today. What a fantastic group of people. All ages, every background, education level, and ethnic heritage. Every person had a different motivation for being there. The one unifying characteristic is that they are all American Patriots. And smart, boy are these people smart.

    All these folks are volunteers, except one Trump guy who handles a large area. They are concentrating on the early primary states, so those with later primaries please be patient. You are next. My impression is – ya, Mr. Trump really does want to win them all.

    The best way to volunteer, from the Trump guy – go to https://www.donaldjtrump.com/
    At the top, click on “Get Involved.” Fill in the form, put additional info in the comments. All the people working are volunteers, so please be patient. They actually do read these, and they will get back to you.

    An observation – they tell everyone to be courteous, respectful, and non-confrontational at all times. If a person is otherwise, they are not from the Trump campaign, imo.

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  3. TheTorch says:

    OH MY! Trump is killing the Gang of 22 – NRO! 🙂

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  4. snaggletooths says:

    In Iowa, Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck hit Trump as “Mounties” pass out Canadian birth certificate
    More than 1,000 people filled a drafty, chilly gym at Faith Bible College in Ankeny. Beck called Cruz to the stage at one point to discuss the oath of office, each raising their right hands as Cruz intoned allegiance to the Constitution.

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  5. Ignatius says:

    Prevent Megyn Kelly From Hosting Any Further REPUBLICAN Debates.

    Do your part and sign the petition!


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  6. mad3703 says:

    Why does Cruz feel comfortable saying Trump is for amnesty? We know he isn’t but I don’t understand why Cruz is lying like dog .. He knows it will backfire.

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    • KitKat says:

      I’m trying to remember what Cruz’s first attack was on Trump. Do you recall?

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      • Voltaire's Crack says:

        It was the tape they leaked from a fund-raiser where Cruz first started talking about how he was going to beat Trump, as I recall.

        Next was the robo-call polls about N.Y. values and other horrendeously framed issues that preceded his actual statements.

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        • gellieba says:

          Cruz was explaining his winning strategy to his donors in NYC (yes NYC).
          Cruz explained that Trump polling # will go down and that he (Cruz) will logically ‘inherit’ Trump supporters…
          Fortunately, we know the rest of the story …


      • SharonKinDC says:

        ‘Temperament’ for the ‘finger on the button’ to donors. Ted was busted because an insider recorded it and released the tape.

        What’s amazing is that Ted would assume, especially after the Romney 47% thing, is that his donor events stay buttoned up.

        I think CanChurian Ted was told for too many years he was destined for greatness to be a Prince or something.

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      He’s got an ad about eminent domain in which the voice over talks about grannies house being bulldozed. Not true. It wasn’t purchased, although Trump offered her big $$. Trump was either out of that property, having sold it, or close to it when the son/nephew sold it as the woman had moved to California. Only realized 530K. Trump offered 5M. He says he’s delighted it never went through, b/c it would have been an expense that wasn’t needed.


  7. Sarah Palin and The Donald on his plane catching up on the news @Drudge

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  8. TheTorch says:

    Can’t confirm this – but apparently only 1000 if that turned out for the BIG Teddy and Becky Love Story (with matching jeans) at Waterloo!

    If that is true, considering the promotion this thing was getting by those two, that is truly terrible, especially as it is also in Iowa and was more like a revival rally…

    Oh my! 🙂

    Of course, it could also be because Trump rained all over the parade and had two rallies in Iowa today… 🙂

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  9. corky84 says:

    Fox News just announced that the Des Moines Register is endorsing Hillary.
    I don’t get this state..I really don’t.

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    • TheTorch says:

      It is not the state. It is the paper. They are very left wing from what I recall, so not surprising. Actually this is great, just confirms that Trump was right when he said they are a dying paper… 🙂 and actually ironic, that they are endorsing someone who might not even make it to the nomination…

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    • RINOKiller says:

      Not surprising due to their hatred of Trump and their efforts to compromise him

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    • The media is generally liberal, and Hillary is a liberal.

      Makes sense to me.

      I think it is time that we all accepted the fact that The Donald is not going to get treated well by the media or other politicians. And we need to get over it.

      Wear it with pride.

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    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      The DesMoines Register is a liberal newspaper. That is why they have repeatedly attacked conservatives in the 2012 election and Trump. This does not surprise me.


    • TwoLaine says:

      ShrillBillary – The OLD HAG that should be in jail for so many Crony Clinton crimes I cannot even begin, along with her sexual harassing, rapist, pedophile husband. Don’t get me started.

      AND –

      RINORubio – The young UNIPARTY Gang of 8 Cuban Anchor Baby who wrote the plans for Amnesty twice, has the worst voting record in the U.S. Senate after The Oh?, yet shows up for his Sugar Daddy funded part-time teaching job, but only for classes, none of the other stuff required for the job he accepted, can’t manage his finances, Sugar Daddy does most of that, for both him and his wife, is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, and is therefore NOT even remotely eligible to be President.

      But the Des Moines Register has no time to vet their Presidential endorsements. They are too busy digging through individual donors records of Donald J Trump for President 2016, making fun of and harassing them. They are as TABLOID as the NATIONAL REVIEW aka NEW WORLD ORDER, BREITBART, CRAZYBECK, LIARLEVIN AND LOUSYLAURA.

      They just handed TRUMP another talking point on the CROOKED MEDIA! AND it’s a 3-Fer. He get’s to take ShrillBillary & Rubio down with the Des Moines Register!


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    • TwoLaine says:

      BTW, it’s not the state. It’s the media heads behind the DMR.

      Don’t corn-fuse the two, please. 🙂

      In the old days, papers at least had the decency to call themselves Democrat or Republican or Whig or whatever. Now it’s strictly lies by omission.


      • corky84 says:

        Right you are and I’m aware of the media bias. Don’t like but..

        The state of Iowa just seems different, and I mean no offense to folks from Iowa.

        They are the first to vote in the primary election
        They have a very involved caucus ..and it’s a seemingly a revered tradition.
        Yet during a rally..everyone is typically, so very refined.
        It’s almost like they’re attending a play.

        Just seems slightly off to me

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        • TwoLaine says:

          I’m not from IA, but have worked with, in, and around IA and Iowans for many years. I have relatives there as well.

          The people are great and hard working. They have been hit over the years like you cannot believe. Death taxes alone have made most of them lose their family farms. Many are D’s because they know they’ll get the subsidies. Our government has screwed up banking and the farming industry SO BAD.

          I think they might be a little more reserved, but I also think it’s a lot what the media portrays. They are cutting off the sound, lines, pre-shows, audience, and a whole lot more.

          Thy don’t want you to know what you don’t know. They like keeping you in thee dark. SO VERY DECEITFUL.

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    • Murse says:

      It is like most papers. They have been taken over by leftist concerns. The goal is to make the majority believe that they are in fact the minority view point.

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  10. corky84 says:

    Fox News latest..Des Moines Register supports Hillary as the Democrat nominee and Rubio as the Republican nominee.
    To borrow a word from my Millennial son… Wut?

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  11. Finalage says:

    The dishonest media and desperate campaigns losing their lunch about a retweet!

    Conveniently left out is the fact that this “supremacist” doesn’t even support Trump, he supports Bernie Sanders! Unbelievable.


    • Donald Joy says:

      The truth has no agenda. Are you so gullible as to not be able to discern that his or her entire Twitter profile is designed to satirize and mock support for Sanders? It doesn’t take much sophistication to discern good Alt-Right trolling. Get up to speed.


  12. TheTorch says:

    Rubio endorsed by the Des Moines Register.

    NOW this is really funny! Rubio just cancelled his ads in Iowa, but the Register has endorsed him!


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  13. snaggletooths says:

    laughing at the huge non event cruz and beck have tonight pictures tell a thousand words.


  14. On my local news tonight. Ted Cruz receives HUGE endorsement from conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck. Guess that put a lock on the Rodeo Clown Vote for Cruz. They made it sound like Beck is really important. LMAO

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  15. liberty2828 says:

    Cruz Beck Medicine Show on Radio. Hahahhhhaaaaa. Snort!



  16. SAFVet says:

    This may be old news, but a friend just re-posted this on Facebook. Can anyone fisk this video for me? It seems to be very deceptively edited and eliminates any sense of how Trump has evolved over time…


  17. TheTorch says:

    Allen West has endorsed the Natural Born Canadian!

    Poor Carly, she thought he was going to endorse her! 🙂

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  18. Dale says:

    I’ve been watching this NRO poll asking whether or not you support Trump all day. It has been running 68-70% for Trump. Now in the last hour they have thrown in about 3,000 votes against Trump to bring it down to 61%. It’s very fishy! But not surprising.

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  19. TheTorch says:

    LMAO! Laughing so hard I am crying here…

    Glenn Beck Administers ‘Presidential Oath of Office’ to Ted Cruz In Iowa

    OOPS! 🙂
    ANKENY, Iowa – Media personality Glenn Beck administered a mock presidential “oath of office” to Sen. Ted Cruz as he endorsed him on stage – and Cruz got the oath wrong when he took it.

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    • Mo says:

      I, Rafael Edwardo Felito Cruz Wilson, do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs
      and Successors. So help me God.

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    • liberty2828 says:

      The comments are laugh out loud. I am watching Beck go on and on and reading the comments at the same time. Who is running Beck or Cruz? HAAAHaaa

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  20. Vladtheimp says:

    Since one needs links to comment here (if this one isn’t deemed anti-trump and never posted) here is a link:


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