Jeb! Haz Plan…

Just announced:

jeb fox

…“We should have a temporary ban on refugees coming here until it’s clear that there aren’t any terrorists embedded.”

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197 Responses to Jeb! Haz Plan…

  1. TwoLaine says:

    Class, don’t you think Jeb! has earned a purple penguin sticker today, for Happy?

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  2. RINOKiller says:

    People can see through Jebbie boy


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  3. yakmaster2 says:

    Since Trump was flogged by the msm, the GOP, and the Left for the statement that Jeb is now parroting can we expect them all to begin flogging Jeb tomorrow or will they just pretend Jeb never said it? It certainly goes against their calculated collective argument that Trump is single-handedly ruining the image of the GOP by making it look racist and Islamophobic. On second thought, since it’s Friday night the msm has the weekend to calculate a response (that includes Princess Megan and O’Reilly too.) 😉

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  4. Cetera says:

    Sundance, you’ll probably need to get these mirrored. If you want my files for further editing, please let me know.

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  5. TwoLaine says:

    Can anyone say “Climate Change”?

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  6. TwoLaine says:

    Oh My! Jeb! has 391k Twitter Followers. ROFL!

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  7. Gee, I wonder if Mayor-of-whatever-nothing-city in Florida or the UK, who banned Trump, will do same thing to Jeb? He’s actually worse! He wants to ban ALL of them:) I call Jeb a Trump-poll-number-butt-sniffing YUGE loser! He was USING Trump to do all the dirty work, then sees how popular it is, and jumps on it.

    Doesn’t he KNOW that Trump will publicly humiliate him for having no b*lls or brains?

    Does he even have a clue as to how pathetic he comes across? It’s SO disgusting!

    Just read an article by Larry Kudlow: “Changed my mind. Need to ban immigration. We’re at war.” Now, everybody has Trumpvision! (except Univision:)

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    • Linden says:

      He comes off as a wimpy, trying-to-look-in-charge-and-masculine-instead-of-weak, Mr. Me Too candidate. Really pathetic.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      The GOPe has been trying to get Kudlow to run for Senate in Connecticut. Sounds like the “mimic Mr. Trump” memo is going into effect.

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    • IntoTheFray says:

      “Now, everybody has Trumpvision! (except Univision:)”
      KT, LMAO! GREAT line!
      “Doesn’t he KNOW that Trump will publicly humiliate him for having no b*lls or brains?”
      Yeb! is in “good” company (or not) – All of the current Uniparty politicians fall into this catagory, including Fiorina. “In a battle of wits, they are all unarmed” They’ve been Trumped! LOL!
      Great post KT!


    • yy4u says:

      Jebads are running nonstop here in VA and every time it comes on I think of the word Nebbish (Jebbish?)


  8. bertdilbert says:

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  9. Melania for 1st Lady says:

    Wimpy Jeb Bush makes George Will look like Chuck Norris. Time to face the music, Jeb, America has had enough of your whole donor-boot-licking family. Bushes are the past – the future is Trump and the future looks good.

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  10. teajr says:

    “Follow the Leader”

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    • jc says:

      I said the R candidates would start following Trumps Muslamic ban plans with more sensible sounding, balanced, statesmanlike me-toos,they have too after seeing Trump soar in the polls, the American people want this and they will demand it.

      A total ban on Muslamics is hard to implement, how do you identify an ostensibly agnostic or atheistic Muslamic from a western democracy?

      Don’t make better enemy of the best, ban immigration from Muslamic majority countries and then fine tune the rest,give immigration officers wide discretion over those with suspect names etc.

      Cat Stevens might slip in but not Yosef Islam (who sounds like an advocate of state sponsored terrorism anyway).

      Following Ayatollah Khomeini’s 14 February 1989 death fatwa against author Salman Rushdie, Yusuf Islam, previously known as Cat Stevens, made statements that were interpreted as endorsing the killing of Rushdie.

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      • yakmaster2 says:

        “A total ban on Muslamics is hard to implement, how do you identify an ostensibly agnostic or atheistic Muslamic from a western democracy?”

        The point is that a total temporary ban of all Muslims (with exceptions for diplomats, dignitaries, and such) makes sense because our government obviously can’t discern the DIFFERENCE at this time between secret jihadists, fundamentalists, and the so-called “moderates” who we believe sincerely want to embrace Western culture.
        If a person identifies as Muslim, they are not agnostic nor atheist since Islam is a religion, not a race. Trump’s “until our government can figure out what the hell is going on” is spot on because many of us suspect that when you peel back the layers of this onion you’re going to find most Muslims DO believe the fundamentals of the Koran, including Sharia Law.
        Between 2005-2010 multiple surveys surveys of Mosques in America found 70% teach radical ideology—which begs the question: Is what we and the other European countries call “radical” or “extreme” actually STANDARD Islam? Endeavoring to answer that question is, I think, at the heart of Trump’s proposal.
        America needs to figure out the truth or we’ll be in a more divided, turbulent, dangerous country before long. Do the math on even 5% of the .6% Muslim population here in America wanting a Caliphate. Even that percentage is waaaay too many and I suspect it’s higher.

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  11. manoagirl says:

    Many years ago in college, a proto Jeb ( actually running for something) asked me out. I was nicer then and politely declined. But inside I was like this: eeww eeww blah…

    My best instincts have served me well over the years!

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  12. Nick says:

    The fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree

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  13. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Maybe Jeb wants to be Trumps VP?


  14. Bunnie Verfaillie says:

    I knew they all would start coming out for a ban on refugees. DHS needs to VET anyone that is coming into this country. It is their duty to protect the American citizens. I am very concern with what is going on in Missouri prepaid phones bought at Walmart, and propane tanks missing . Eyes wide opened .be vigilant.

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  15. TeaForAll says:


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  16. shirley49 says:

    Jeb must have read the polls that 73% of Americans agreed with Trump and then Trumps numbers went up also.


    • LOL!

      Actually, this is mathematically profound, and says a lot about computing and intelligence. And the idea that one could put it in a meme is just like “Q.E.D.”

      I just love this place! Treepers, you rock! Gonna be a great weekend!

      shuffles toward the coffee….

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  17. bullnuke says:

    Jeb! is the poster child for the 7 signs you’re living in denial. Fascinating and hilarious to witness the control The Donald has over the losers running against him.

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  18. He says this and then states he doesn’t agree with trump statement ” all Muslims”! All refugees are Muslims! Please somebody tell him they are the same !

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  19. Del Parker says:

    For someone that has only stepped into the political arena last June, Trump is doing an incredible job. Cruz has been mimicking Trump. Now, in 3 days, Trump has done a couple of studied intentional things, that Cruz just can NOT follow, that leave Cruz separated from Trump.

    Rove has, instead, and unlike Cruz, directed Jeb! brilliantly, to draft Trump.

    1) Advocate “temporarily” halting Muslim Refugees. This is in direct conflict w the goals of Cruz’s David Barton Glenn Beck Super Pac.

    2) Ethanol Subsidies. This also is in direct conflict w the goals of Cruz’s TX oil money donors. It’s not about the science or economics of ethanol subsidies, or even about crony capitalism. It’s just about forcing Cruz into a position, where Cruz is unable to follow.

    Just AMAZING excellent political work on Trump’s part.

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    • El Torito says:

      Which fills me with concern that the cabal is still intends on committing an insane act of defiance at the convention. I also find it concerning that every single poll still include Jeb in top 5 – I don’t believe he’s even polling that high but they keep his face hanging around…


  20. irvingtwosmokes says:

    Thanks !Jeb, so much red meat here for Donald to live on for 6 months


  21. Skip says:

    Hey Jeb, where did you get that idea? You are a loser! Donald Trump 2016.


  22. Paco Loco says:

    Jeb is a dork. He has zero originality going for him and has never created anything. After this next debate the RNC can fold up their debate tent. Trumps numbers will exceed 45% which in polling terms means that no other candidate can over come that lead. This is all now a grand charade by the RNC from here until the Iowa caucas trying to make believe that Trump is in a competitive race when all the data shows that the race is over and Trump will win.


  23. Ono says:

    Jeb if you don’t get elected to the presidency…I hear that they are re shooting the Beverly Hillbilly’s and need a big dumb idiot to play Jethro.

    Make sure you ask Pappy first and have him sign a permission slip.


  24. stringy theory says:

    Yebbie has a plan. Well, isn’t that special. What a loser. They need you in Mexico. Why don’t you go there.


  25. angryduc says:

    …“We should have a temporary ban on refugees coming here until it’s clear that there aren’t any terrorists embedded.” ..Jeb

    Larry Kudlow: “I’ve Changed. This Is War. Seal the Borders. Stop the Visas.”

    While I am happy Trump’s position is now receiving some support. These statements seems to evidence a sense of urgency. Possibly, something known that is a clear and present danger, beyond the obvious crazed shooter. These statements are broad, not limited concessions. (imo)

    We all need to continue praying unceasingly, and be extremely vigilant.


  26. archer52 says:

    I’ve heard a lot of thoughts on this. What we want is security. What the government wants (through Obama) is chaos and insecurity.

    When Trump says “ban Muslims” that is an impossible idea. Some say look at Carter and Iran. Carter banned a nation-state citizenry. Totally different. Not all Iranians were Muslims and not all were hostile. But you can target places, not thought or religion.

    The most obvious problem with “banning Muslims” is what to do with the Muslims here, and then what to do if someone here converts. Do we throw them out? Of course not. They can be Muslim. What they can’t be is Muslim terrorists. Again- target the act. Which includes- as much as it bothers me- targeting radical mosques. Not that I care, but the next President – another Obama- may use that precedent to target conservative churches. Friends and enemies are all about the position the observer takes. (Which is why their will never be an Arab coalition in the Middle East. )

    So what to do? First, target identified high risk nations. (of course the terrorists will move to low risk and try there- but that takes effort and time. This is an asymmetrical war and must be nimble.)
    History will tell us what nation. Start with where the Minnesota problem is coming from. Most Muslim trouble comes from one region of the world. (Not Malaysia)

    Second, the new President must make the federal authorities do their jobs through risk of suspension and loss of pay. IF they follow the law, the work will be far more efficient and we will catch more.

    Third, Get CAIR out of government. Destroy their influence and assisting terrorists by writing domestic ROEs. What..a..stupid…idea!!

    Re-institute the real pre-CAIR ROEs and regulations the FBI and others worked under. You’d be surprised how many bad guys would suddenly pop out!

    Lastly, this war has to recognized as such. But we must give Muslims the choice to stop their own, or suffer the damage their own causes. Remember the Arab mind- they will follow the strong horse.

    That would do it. Also pull out of that region all the Arab Christians you can. You may get some ringers and you will get criticized, but screw those critics. Right is right.

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    • jc says:

      “Also pull out of that region all the Arab Christians you can. You may get some ringers and you will get criticized, but screw those critics. Right is right.”

      Amen. As an interim measure set up a refugee site for Christian arabs in Lebanon, reestablish it as an Arab Christian beacon of democratic values, education and prosperity to be secretly envied by Muslamic arabs.

      Trump should also propose having US set up refugee locations in any Arab or Muzzie country willing to accept them. I predict there will be a grand total of zero. Just watch Lawrence of Arabia in that scene with Anthony Quinn and all the tribal chiefs battling, things haven’t changed that much in 100 years except too much oil $$$ swirling around.


  27. Jill says:

    Something must be going on that we do not know about yet. Larry Kudlow, the defender of globalization and unlimited immigration called for a halt to all immigration on his program on WABC 770AM this morning. Kudlow speaks for the Republican corporate elites and Wall Street.

    I get the feeling that a massive attack is imminent and the Republicans are front running the blowback from the American people.


  28. Totally Domestic says:

    American people are looking for leadership
    not followship Jeb.


  29. So THAT’S how George got labeled the smart brother.

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  30. Backspin says:

    When the Rigged Diebold voting machines try to show a massive win for Bush , against all proof and common sense , the Blow – Back will be EPIC !!!!


  31. yy4u says:

    I saw Tom Ridge on Neil Cavuto. He said he would NEVER vote for Donald Trump. Well, we cancel each other out because I would NEVER vote for Jebbush. The establishment doesn’t get it. We don’t care whom they support. They have no influence over us (Trump supporters). In fact, when they DO support someone, it turns us against that candidate. We don’t trust them. We’ve had their candidates (H. W. Bush, McCain, Romney) and we don’t want any more. I suspect they might be right about one thing, however. I think this might be the end of the GOP, certainly the end of the GOPee. A smart party would see the writing on the wall (as happened in 1980) when Reagan was the skunk at the garden party, recoup and see if they can force Trump to take an establishment VP (as they did to Reagan) and then “suck it up for four to eight years” (as they did with Reagan) knowing that the establishment VP (?Rubio) will take the ship of state back on the Establishment course (as H. W. Bush did in 1988). In short, live to fight another day. If they don’t, what’s going to happen is the Democrats will get another 4-8 years. That said, Hillary is an establishment candidate. All they lose by her winning is they dont get the power shots while she’s in office. Nothing else changes for them.


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