Egypt Demands Answers From U.S. Ambassador Over Secret Meetings Between White House and Muslim Brotherhood…

It’s no secret the Obama administration is ideologically favorable toward the Muslim Brotherhood.  Conversely, it’s also an open secret that President Obama does not like Egypt’s secular leader Fattah el Sisi or the principles represented by Sisi’s framework of governance for all Egyptians.

However, the U.S. administration conducting secret meetings with a terrorist enemy of the Egyptian state, the Muslim Brotherhood, is going too far.  El Sisi wants answers.

el sisi 3

(Via Reuters) Egypt summoned the U.S. ambassador in Cairo to show displeasure at Muslim Brotherhood figures coming to Washington for a private conference, sources familiar with the matter said on Monday.

One source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said U.S. officials did not intend to meet the group although they had met some Brotherhood figures that came to Washington in January.

The tensions reflect a clash between U.S. diplomats’ desire to deal with the whole political spectrum in Egypt and a fear of alienating Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who, as army chief, toppled a Muslim Brotherhood-led government in 2013.

The sources declined to say precisely when U.S. Ambassador Stephen Beecroft was call in by the Egyptian government, though one said it was in recent days. Egypt sought the meeting to make clear its unhappiness at U.S. dealings with the Brotherhood.

State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke declined to say whether Beecroft was summoned by the Egyptian authorities or whether U.S. officials would meet Brotherhood figures visiting Washington, telling reporters he was aware of media reports of such a visit but that “I don’t have any meetings to announce.”

He said it continued to be U.S. policy to engage with people from across the political spectrum in Egypt.

The United States has had ambivalent dealings with Sisi, prizing the stability has brought to Egypt while cautiously criticizing Egypt’s human rights record and the authorities’ crackdown on the Brotherhood.  (read more)

Interesting to note how the administration official views the Muslim Brotherhood as just another entity in the political spectrum of Egypt.


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38 Responses to Egypt Demands Answers From U.S. Ambassador Over Secret Meetings Between White House and Muslim Brotherhood…

  1. Ziiggii says:

    State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke declined to say whether Beecroft was summoned by the Egyptian authorities or whether U.S. officials would meet Brotherhood figures visiting Washington, telling reporters he was aware of media reports of such a visit but that “I don’t have any meetings to announce.”

    I’m confused or this spokesman has made me confused! Are the Egyptians up in arms about this meeting or a more recent one that the Administration is trying to keep under the radar?


  2. czarowniczy says:

    I could be smarmy and make a reference to Obama and his other Muslim Bros-in-da-hood but I wonder if there are a few thinkers in his employ who are looking for ‘allies’ (yee-haw, ride that tiger) in Egypt now that the Russians are slithering deeper and deeper into Egyptian power circles? The Brotherhood ain’t any too anxious to sit in any steam baths with the US but the Russians will work with the Egyptian government to retain the same control over the Brotherhood it had when it was last in Egypt. Perhaps a few in the Administration are looking to develop a line of termites in Egyptian government just in case the Russians come back in force. Hey, it worked so well in Iraq, why not in Egypt?


    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      Well Czar, your close, real close. Oh, did you hack into Hillabeasssst email server? Do you think the Russkies ought to call the JCS and que our military boys in? Having Obola sitting in the steam room may be the best deal for the Russskies. Film at 11′, from Russia with Love!


      • czarowniczy says:

        Yeech, Putin and POtuS lounging in a banya (not baño – oh wait, that would work), there goes breakfast. I think that once the Russian check clears Bill & Hillary Financial Services, LLC, will probably just give the Russians the keys to teh DoD filing cabinets. Hey. y’all, they did help the Chinese with vital assistance on their ICBM systems that ended up with the Reds having the abilities to throw accurate MIRV’d warheads our way. Wonder if they got a gratuity for that one?

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  3. mcfyre2012 says:

    Egypt wants answers?

    Well…modern fascism is also called corporatism. O’Blah-blah is a corporatist.

    The Muslim Brotherhood was founded by the Nazis in the 1930s.

    Birds of a feather flock together.


    • RJ says:

      No no…Obama may not be a “corporatist” for he does not like to work at all, he is lazy. He only gives speeches (agitprop extraordinaire!).

      His only relationship to a “corporatist” is using that person/system to get a “great tee time” when needed, etc.

      Of course, he is a wanna be Dictator…so I guess there are some common threads.

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  4. CrankyinAZ says:

    Didn’t Egypt and Russia just have joint naval exercises as well? Are they perhaps showing even more “distaste” for US foreign policy?


  5. RJ says:

    I’m starting to overload on all this “red meat” that is constantly being presented on this site.

    I appreciate being informed (which I am sure is the main intent); however, after so many events driven by Obama’s twisted perspective–being just one voter, what am I to do? I’ve been bummed out for over six years! This is mental torture for me, and I suspect, millions of others.

    Just when do the “gloves come off” for us? Will we have to wait till after he is out of office to be bombarded by those who “worked with him” while disagreeing with his decisions to learn via television appearances, books, etc. how bad a so called leader he really was (as they try to wash their hands for the support they provided!)?

    Egypt turned to the United States (away from Russia) during the late 60’s. Now Obama and his ilk are pushing this nation back into the arms of Russia…is Israel soon to follow? Who could blame them if they did!

    Want to go swimming in a public pool this summer for relaxation? Must we now make sure before entering the area of swimmers that the “others” are not there, for our safety? Must every cop in America look all around before apprehending a person, especially of person of color?

    And why are so many organizations (the latest being of Catholic origin) inviting this “liar” to come and stand before them, using them for his propaganda against the American way of life?

    Oh, lest I forget…McDonald’s hamburger has just hired “Robert Gibbs” for a senior communication position…”I’m not feelin it!” Why would this company hire a bald faced liar who propped up Obama and constantly came out to lie to us about Obamacare?

    Just how big of a sucker do these people think we regular citizens are? Take about “red meat”…Now I must forgo my BigMac and fries!

    Next up will be Hillary demanding a female Catholic Pope! This is real torture for me!

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    • Dixie says:

      RJ I feel the same way. Overloaded. I don’t like it but I guess I’ll join you forgoing the McDoubles and fries.

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      • RJ says:

        And now coming forward is Donald Rumsfeld, former Sec. of Defense, stating that it was a mistake for former President Bush to try and impose a democracy in Iraq…let’s all go and wash our hands! (However, Rumsfeld is and has been a team player, meaning once the decision was made he did his best to follow orders).


        • Col.(R) Ken says:

          RJ, old rummy is a POS. rummy understood war from a carrier pilots eyes, cut 10,000 more troops, don’t need aviation, you can walk in A-Stan, we will fight house to house, use wheel vehicles, instead of tracks, it’s cheaper to replace a wheel vehicle………I got his one handed push-up right here! To me, rummy has nothing to offer to the conversation except his ego. If you remember, Gen. Zinni was right!
          Rummy is just clearing one’s soul, justifying his part in the dance, and refute the way he was run off by the Libbies, and now the deception plan: to run some interference for “Jeb”.


    • Crystal says:

      OT, but Mickey D’s now (allegedly) purchases its hamburger meat from South America, where the laws regarding Mad Cow Disease are very lax.


  6. manickernel says:

    So like “Ooops” we didn’t mean to meet with them, just kinda ran into them in the elevator. Really. Didn’t know who they were. Thought they were a some guys got lost from the tour group. Yeah, that’s it. Yeah!


    • woohoowee says:

      In a sense it’s just another of this administration’s “it was the video” bunch of malarkey. The administration doesn’t care if anything it puts out even sounds plausible, evidently.


  7. Raptor Eagle says:

    For God’s sake el Sisi wake up. You defeated obama’s Muslim Brotherhood and eradicated them from Egypt and you question the legitimacy of the obama regime? His entire cabinet is nothing but Muslim Brotherhood. The traitor Americans you and your cabinet speak with are controlled by your enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood. Good picture of the coward ketchup-head leech.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Obama is interested in people of value to the administration. That means extremist Muslims that will fight other Muslims if the CIA provides them with arms. If you are moderate you have nothing to offer in achieving WH goals.


      • RJ says:

        Put a bunch of lawyers in a room (that would be Congress), elect a lawyer trained idiot as President and you get nothing but “passive aggressive” behaviors at play. Is it any wonder we have to spend so much time “reading between the lines” with these liars?

        Here are the three main things they teach you at law school:

        How to…
        1. Admit nothing!
        2. Deny everything!
        3. Talk around any subject!


  8. Yup, he worked hard to derail Israel too.. But Benjamin is a whole lot more slick than obozo.. Egypt & Israel have been working together on behalf of defeating terrorism..( Palestine ) I would like to see more savy concern from Republicans, but I fear they will just act like children, hoping the beast under the bed goes away…

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  9. ThankYou,Treepers says:

    Isn’t Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi exactly the jihad-suppressing “moderate muslim” whom American politicians (D) and (R) have been both acclaiming and awaiting since 9/11?

    And now they oppose him for being too moderate, too strongly proactive against jihad?

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  10. Kathy says:

    How long do we have to endure such antiAmerican behavior from our president? Israel and Egypt are more pro American than he. Not only that he has managed to load ISIL up with weapons from the U.S with his choices in Iraq. And this group could present a real problem for American allies.

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  11. Ziiggii says:

    CSP, by Ashley Davies, June 8, 2015: A two-day conference of Syrian opposition leaders in Cairo is set to wrap up today, June 9th. The conference, a continuation of meetings in January, intended to develop a political solution to Syrian turmoil and form a new coalition called the Syrian National Opposition. In January, over 150 representatives […]

    Egypt helping organize anti-Muslim Brotherhood Syrian opposition
    Syria, Egypt, Counter Jihad Report, Muslim Brotherhood


  12. archer52 says:

    Obama hates losing. He HATES anyone who shows him up. Total malignant narcissist. If he can undermine the new Egyptian leadership he will just out of spite.

    Dangerous man to be in charge of anything.


  13. remster says:

    Isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood aligned with ISIS?


  14. Josh says:

    With all the BS going on in the world, it is stories like THIS that should be focused on. Instead the MSM doles out pabulum – medicating the masses they are.

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