Update #30 – Leaker Chickens Come Home To Roost – George Zimmerman Case – Detective Chris Serino and ABC’s Matt Gutman BUSTED

Calling All Roosting Chickens – Please Return Home

BREAKING – TreeHouse Vindication.  On March 29th in the midst of the Media Frenzy we focused on one little aspect no-one was paying attention to.

March 29th Treehouse Post: – A police surveillance video obtained by ABC news shows George Zimmerman’s arrival at the police station following the Trayvon Martin shooting.  It is being used by people, and manipulated by the media in an apparent attempt to bolster their case that Trayvon did not attack Zimmerman.

Watching the video many Trayvon advocates, and those with a vested interest in selling the Trayvon family story, are saying the video is damning to Zimmerman because they cannot make out any significant injuries to his face or back of his head.

However, there is something more evident, and far more damning, in the video than most observers are focusing on. A BFD (I’ll explain after the video).

Go look at it again.   This footage is video of a video.  Meaning that surveillance camera used in the police station does not move.  Yet the video is moving and shadowing the police and Zimmerman.

This is footage taken on an i-phone by someone recording the screen at a Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) panel monitor and feed.   You can tell in a few segments of the video that show the exterior frame of the monitor being filmed.  

Again, CCTV surveillance video cameras like this do not move.  They’re stationary fixed recording cameras.    This is a video shot of a monitor showing the CCTV digital video playback.

Why does this matter.?

Well first this proves this video was not released by the official police department.  Nor was it leaked by the official police department or it would have been footage from the actual digital recording.  They would not release footage from recording a monitor showing the footage, they would just copy the recorded image on DVD and present.

This is stolen and intentionally leaked “unauthorized” video footage from someone recording it from a monitor inside the Police Department.  Either by an employee of the police dept., or by a journalist who convinced an employee within the police dept to film it.

So why steal, sneak, and release the video? and why via ABC ?   Who does this benefit?  That’s the bigger type of question those of us who have been following the media manipulation want to know.

So we contacted the Sanford Police Department, the Public Information Officer and the Police Chief, and we explained how they can use the secured CCTV system to identify who accessed the footage and recorded it on their cell phone.

Now we know that recording was done by Lead Detective Chris Serino who was also the source of numerous exclusive ABC leaks.

Chris Serino was obviously disciplined and given the opportunity to resign from his position and take another position as  “Night Patrol”, where he can wait til his retirement.

But the official response is here:

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Sanford police say the lead detective in the Trayvon Martin case has been reassigned to the patrol division at his request.

ABC’s Matt Gutman has exposed ABC to considerable litigation risk and has been reassigned to a foreign coorespondent role.   He was shipped out of the country by ABC and tweeted this morning from Tel Aviv.

Everything Matt has reported on this issue is now suspect.   Including the “exclusive” DeeDee recording interviews.

Matt Gutman ‏@mattgutmanABC
Bumped into @UncleRUSH in Tel Aviv airport – he’s bringing Imams and Rabbis together in the Middle East. A noble yet challenging endeavor
8:47 AM – 26 Jun 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry® · Embed this Tweet
4m Carolyn Carolyn ‏@cmae1


Treeper Cracker looks at Media Bull and says:

…..”How’d ya like us now”? 

ps.   Hey Julison  …..  You’re Next !  😀

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298 Responses to Update #30 – Leaker Chickens Come Home To Roost – George Zimmerman Case – Detective Chris Serino and ABC’s Matt Gutman BUSTED

  1. pet says:

    sent to a certain dude that is retired but still WAY highly connected in law enforcement and prosecution in the state of FL. This will make it’s way everywhere. trust me.


  2. Jello333 says:

    Ok, I’m just getting to this thread. Starting to read through it now. But this is confirmed?! I mean, that Serino has been leaking stuff, and Gutman and he (and others) have been conspiring? I mean…. I know people on this site have suspected that all along, but now it’s confirmed? Is word of this gonna hit the MSM now? Like I said, I haven’t read the comments yet, so I’m just rambling. But if this is what it looks like, this is EXCITING, IMPORTANT stuff!

    And I wanna make this clear: I am SO happy to have found this site, and I’m proud of what tiny bit I may be contributing. I’ve only been here since early May (around the time of Update #8 or so I think), so I missed a lot of the early stuff. I just wanna say you all are amazing.


    • Sharon says:

      They are, aren’t they, Jello333? Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase American Serendipity. 🙂 And your participation has been important, sir.


    • GBishop says:

      Hey, good question Jello333, I was also thinking about whether or not this is confirmed. I posted above regarding Seminole County’s ability to cover up and keep things on the down low until they think the public can handle it, or rather that they can handle the public. So, I am not sure if they’re going to keep this Serino thing under wraps for a bit.

      But, I hadn’t heard about Gutman being the recipient until this thread. Until today, I thought we suspected Jeff Weiner to be in contact with the mole.

      Also, another thing that bothers me, is how safe is GZ in a jail where there is a mole leaking information? Someone said earlier that Serino had figured out where GZ was hiding out and that’s why they decide to arresh GZ, for his own safety. Gosh I hope GZ will be safe the whole while and get out quickly. I am not comfortable with this whole thing.


  3. Walther PPK says:

    This is probably the Florida law which Serino evidently has violated and it is a five year felony
    This probably taints the criminal investigation to a point that the charges against GZ will be dropped


    • ejarra says:

      Two things will occur by the 4th of July. Corn will be knee high and Serino will wave bye-bye.


    • RUDY says:

      “It is unlawful for a public servant, with intent to obstruct, impede, or prevent a criminal investigation or a criminal prosecution, to disclose active criminal investigative or intelligence information as defined in chapter 119 or to disclose or use information regarding either the efforts to secure or the issuance of a warrant, subpoena, or other court process or court order relating to a criminal investigation or criminal prosecution when such information is not available to the general public and is gained by reason of the public servant’s official position. Any person who violates this section commits a felony of the third degree”

      I’m not sure that they will say his intention was to “obstruct, impede, or prevent a criminal investigation” as it seemed more to empower the angry mob to force the state to take action. I don’t think that they can get him on that charge. What do you think??


      • ejarra says:

        I think they may go with this part: “to disclose active criminal investigative or intelligence information as defined in chapter 119”.

        He was NOT supposed to do what he did, period. If it was legal, why did he hide that fact that he did it. Simple logic. Arrest yes, conviction may be a plea bargin.


      • Walther PPK says:

        The part I think would burn Serino is the second part which says: “or to disclose or use information regarding either the efforts to secure or the issuance of a warrant, subpoena, or other court process or court order relating to a criminal investigation or criminal prosecution when such information is not available to the general public and is gained by reason of the public servant’s official position. Any person who violates this section commits a felony of the third degree”

        Staion house surveillance tapes of the “suspect” being brought into the police station are documentary information regarding the efforts to secure a warrant on the person whose images is being published, before any actual arrest when mugshots would have made the image available. And in this case where threats against the suspect and family were being openly made and the case had become a legitimate security concern not even the mugshots should have been released. If it was lawful to release the surveillance footage then Serino would have simply burned a copy to disk or saved the video file to a thumb drive or copied it to a laptop instead of using an iphone to pirate the video for his reporter friend Gutman, who probably paid Serino a nice piece of change for this and other confidential information. Honestly, Gutman could be charged criminally also. Freedom of the press goes only so far and this is over the line. GZ should sue the bejeezus out of ABC and the City of Sanford. And they should settle too, it will be cheaper in the long run.


    • John Galt says:

      Definitions referenced in 838.21 are here in 119.011:

      “active criminal investigative or intelligence information”



  4. ejarra says:

    One thing I haven’t seen mention before is the money trail. No way would Serino risk this without a sizable payout; which puts ABC News on the line. Gee, I wonder why Gutless is in Isreal? Is this where the FBI no needs to get involved as this would cross state lines? FCC?

    The plot just thickened….


  5. John Galt says:

    Is there any reference in any of the police reports to the clubhouse videos?
    Like who collected them, how they were authenticated, what they showed or anything like that?


    • Now that you mention it, I’ve seen nothing – and we SHOULD see that, as without it there’s no “chain of custody”!!

      That should settle the question as to whether cops saw TM outside in the 7-11 vids…

      I maintain they had to, else the vid would have ended when TM left the store, like all the others did.

      That only one camera went on for so long, and just happened to be the one that showed TM outside, tells me the cops **HAD** TO HAVE KNOWN HE WAS THERE!

      I can believe they missed him palming the same bills “curly” used to buy his first blunt – they don’t have the manpower we do to investigate every little detail, I’m not surprised we find some stuff they missed, but it makes NO SENSE for that vid to be as long as it is unless they knew TM was out there!


      • John Galt says:

        Right, they should have documented collection of the 7-11 video as well. Who they contacted at the 7-11 to get the video, how the copy was made, when it was made, etc. The clubhouse video is not time stamped, so they should have a report on the times on the video timers vs. real time.



        • howie says:

          Sanford is the home of the Sanford Zoo. It looks like the Monkeys on Monkey Island should be released and the players involved in this case should replace them in the cage. It would be a great tourist attraction and defray some of the cost of Mr. Z’s lawsuits. It would be great to see them in their natural habitat.


      • Jay says:

        I worked for 7-11 and they have lots of cameras. Is the only video of inside the store? I know the 7-11 I worked at had a camera outside wide angle type so you get part of the parking lot and the entire front door.


        • jimrtex says:

          The door is in the corner of the store. So you have one angle down the counter and towards the front of the store. Someone walking across the front of the store is visible (going east to west), then disappear from view, you can hear the door chime when they enter, and suddenly they appear perhaps 10 feet from the counter about 12 seconds later. The cameras have motion detectors – or perhaps frames that don’t change aren’t recorded, so once a person goes out of view new frames aren’t recorded.

          There is another camera towards the back of the store including the coolers. And there are two cameras shooting generally downward on the counter, one behind the customer, and one behind the clerk.

          There is sidewalk on the west side of the store, that doesn’t go anywhere, because there is the driveway to Sam’s right behind. It is covered, so if someone wanted to loiter outside the 7-11 this would be the place to do it.

          So there is no camera coverage released (so far) of the front door, an area immediately inside the front entrance where someone could have a gun pointed at the clerk, or could be rushing to jump the counter, of the sidewalk outside on the side of the store, the nearest parking spot to the door, and some parts of the store.

          If there is no camera on this view, it is gross incompetence by whoever set up the coverage; the camera was not operational or recording; or that angle has not been released.


          • 2ntense says:

            That seems pointless verging on irresponsible. My vote is not released yet because it shows something Angie doesn’t want anyone to know. But everyone here knows. 🙂


  6. Edmundruffinsghost says:

    Very good job, Sundance. You are most impressive. God bless you and all the others helping you here.


  7. ArkansasMimi says:

    April 25, 2012
    Should Attorney Benjamin Crump Be Disciplined for the Trayvon Martin Debacle?


    • GBishop says:

      Thanks ArkansasMimi. A good suggestion from the reporter:

      It requires absolute credulity to think that a charlatan like Crump should demand the resignation of an exemplary public servant like Chief Lee. Contact the Florida Bar and demand that Benjamin Crump be disciplined. Phone: (850) 561-5600 or email Elizabeth Tarbert at eto@flabar.org


    • howie says:

      He probably deserves disbarment.


  8. backattack says:

    Somebody please tell me the shiit is going to hit the fan and not be swept under the rug?


  9. James Crawford says:

    I knew that Serino was the leaker.

    Now to establish why he leaked. To do that, the SPD needs to start probing his finances. How much you bet that matt Guttman and his network paid Serino good money for the leaks? Probably Crump as well.

    This utterrly guts the prosecution case against GZ. Everything that CS touched is now tainted because it can be argued that the desire to make the case more newsworthy and lucrative for him affected the investigation. What clues did CS ignore or not document that would help establish GZ’s innocence? Did CS find TM’s pot or perhaps even a stashed gun? There will be legitimate questions asked about what info CS passed to Crump to help Crump construct the alleged phone conversation with Double-Dee-Dee. (can I still get away with this joke? ). CS needs to be interrogated about the purpose of all of the calls that he made to GZ fishing for info about where he was hiding. This can be legitimately viewed as aiding and abetting a potential assault or homicide.


  10. Lou da Jew says:

    now we must ask what happened to the red 7/11 brand lighter.


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