#5 Tip Line – Research Request – Natalie Jackson

Jumpin’ Judas Bat Man……  Wow, to say you guys have unearthed some incredible contradictory information on #4 Tip Line is a MASSIVE UNDERSTATEMENT.    How anyone could look at that list of factual and cited information about Benjamin Crump and the Scheme Team, and not come away with the recognition they have been duped, had or conned would be impossible for anyone except the most die-hard of Trayvon narrative Kool-aid drinkers.

Exceptional job.   I could hire a staff of a dozen Full-Time research preparers on that single substantive thread of comments alone.  It is going to take a little time to put it all together into a digestible deconstruction of the false narrative, but man-o-man is it obvious.  (there goes the weekend 🙂 )    Benjamin Crump et al has talked himself silly with varying contradictions on the entire fiasco.    Again, excellent job.

Now, understand, we will not disengage or get off track from the original goal of step-by-step deconstruction of the entire TEAM of manipulative schemers.

Despite the document dump distraction we will remain focused, and yes, we will still post the new stuff.

But, this is important because it speaks to the manner of the agenda at hand, do not doubt this document/discovery dump by the prosecution team is intentional, it is.   They were losing control of the false narrative to the sunlight of truth in the drip, drip, drip, discovery leaking.   Each new factual element was/is supporting George Zimmerman, that is why they dumped a big batch of contents simultaneously yesterday.

They were getting crushed slowly and methodically as the information came out, so they dumped a batch hoping to overwhelm the system so-to-speak.   It is a strategic manuever designed to provide breathing room to recapture their messaging.

That is why we continue to say, don’t let up, keep pushing back.  WE ARE OVER THE TARGET.   They are looking for breathing room to regroup and they have the legacy media on their side.   To compensate for the automatic advantage we must be relentless in filtering quickly through the distractions and getting to the heart of the lies, manipulations and false narrative positioning.

With that in mind I ask you to turn that same intensity of spotlight on Natalie Jackson, the attorney that Crump hired on the weekend leading to Monday March 5th.

Look for her contradictions to the overall narrative in any interviews, articles, or associations.     Except for this research we also need to look at the Dec. 2010 Sherman Ware case because it also involves George Zimmerman.

I’ll let you in on a preview.   I am in possession of not only the media release letter she sent out in response to the Zimmerman family NAACP letter about Sherman Ware and George Zimmerman’s advocacy.   But I am also in possession of her own writing where she contradicts the content of the media release itself.   In addition we have copies of her writing where she specifically claims no knowledge of Zimmerman surrounding the Ware Case, yet we have documentation to support her first hand association with him.   We’ve been sitting on that for a bit waiting for the right moment.

Now, right now, while they are on their heels, is the time to push back even more.  Never relent.   When they think they have an “out”, they don’t… because we have more on them than they are aware of.   It is when they are “forced to react” that they will make mistakes.  And yeah, I’m well aware they are reading this.  HA.

So what can be found to dissect the lies of Natalie Jackson like the lies of Benjamin Crump were done on #4?   What contradictions has she left in her wake, all while feeling comfy knowing the legacy media would never remind, research or question her?

Thanks again for the amazing discoveries and insights you are providing.  Please continue to frame the examples you find in your words, along with the links and citations to their words.

Never diminish your opinion, nor consider your questions or framing irrelevant.  It is not.  You might not know it but your words are important because tens of thousands of people are reading your comments and research.   Yeah, you are reaching multiple tens of thousands of  people daily.   Great job.

Wolverines !

“Crumped Up Charges”

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  1. Andybinga says:

    But Sanford PD didn’t use force against the protestors then, instead choosing to diffuse the potential controversy that they felt some were trying to create. So they moved their daily operations to City Hall and worked from there.

    The protestors, also known as the “Dream Defenders” movement, however, also threatened to “break the law” if they have to in order to see Zimmerman get arrested, according to WESH.

    The Martin family attorney, Natalie Jackson, shockingly, supported the students’ actions, saying “These students are beautiful; I have to tell you, they have the passion and determination to do what they did.”



    • howie says:

      Obviously our Governor Scott and AG Bondi are in on the scam. They will pay the price at the Polls. Many are very disappointed it their performance. This whole concoction is a disgusting episode and shows just how bad our system has been degraded. Even worse is the fact that it is aided by the supposed watchdogs. The Press. Political Correctness run amok.


  2. Andybinga says:

    “Why do neighborhood watch captains or patrols have guns? They’re not the police,” said Natalie Jackson, another Martin family attorney.



  3. Andybinga says:

    Attorney Natalie Jackson said in a news conference earlier this week that if Martin fought back, it was because he was being accosted by someone who did not have any official authority to stop him.



  4. Andybinga says:

    “This is amazing,” family attorney Natalie Jackson told the media after hearing the tapes on Friday. “The police have been covering up from the start. The most alarming thing was hearing a 17-year-old pleading for his life and someone still pulling the trigger.”



  5. Andybinga says:

    Natalie Jackson, another attorney for the Martin family, said police had not interviewed the girl.



  6. Andybinga says:

    A family attorney said Wednesday the purpose is mainly to prevent others from exploiting Martin’s image.

    “It wasn’t to make money off Trayvon’s name, it was to stop the exploitation of Trayvon’s name,” said the attorney, Natalie Jackson. “We wanted this family to own their child’s legacy.”



    • John Gault says:

      Federal trademark app requires actual use of mark in interstate commerce or bonafide intent to make such use.


  7. Andybinga says:

    Trayvon’s body was found face down with his arms underneath him, which would not jibe with his being shot while atop Zimmerman, said attorney Natalie Jackson.

    Zimmerman was still the aggressor, and even if a physical fight took place, the use of force was excessive, Jackson said.

    “This law doesn’t apply to Zimmerman. You can’t pursue someone and then claim self-defense when you’re getting your butt kicked,” Jackson said.



  8. Andybinga says:

    Attor­neys rep­resent­ing Strickly Skillz and an­oth­er Pine Hills area barber shop on Wednesday an­nounced their in­tention to sue the Or­ange County Sh­eriff’s Office and the Florida De­part­ment of Busi­ness and Pro­fes­sion­al Reg­u­lation in connection with the un­orthodox joint licens­ing in­spections at barber shops that resulted in a slew of arrests this summer and fall.

    “What hap­pened here is not le­gal, and it’s not lawful,” said attor­ney Na­tal­ie Jack­son, who rep­resents Strictly Skillz.

    Jeff Weiner, Orlando Sentinel August 18, 2011



  9. Andybinga says:

    Berry was handcuffed by deputies during the licensing checks at his store, though no criminal or licensing violations were found there. His was one of several shops targeted in the operations.

    Soon after a Sentinel report exposing the raids, Berry his intentions to sue. On Saturday, Berry and attorney Natalie Jackson will address the media, and give details of the barbershop’s next legal move.

    According to spokesman Ryan Julison, Saturday morning event will also feature refreshments and entertainment. School supplies will be distributed on first-come, first-serve basis.

    Article by: Jeff Weiner, Orlando Sentinel August 18, 2011



  10. Andybinga says:


    Not much of a blogger, but it seems to be one of the better ways to communicate with the masses.

    The past couple of months have been crazy! Several high-profile national stories, a lot of regional news and the promise of some very cool things to come.

    Today, I helped my client Attorney Natalie Jackson announce a lawsuit in Federal court against the Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office on behalf of African-American barbers who were unlawfully handcuffed and detained as part of a “barber license check.” Coverage is widespread and prominent.

    I also worked on a media tour of the home of embattled businessman Claudio Osorio in Miami. I’m working with Fisher Auction Company to promote an upcoming bankruptcy auction of Osorio’s 8,700-square foot mansion. Great turnout in Miami as well with three TV’s, the Miami Herald and South Florida Business Journal taking the tour.



  11. Andybinga says:

    “The fact that the Sheriff’s Department continually states that they did nothing wrong, that is the reason we need an injunction for relief,” attorney Natalie Jackson said. “Because if they think they did nothing wrong, that means policies and procedures have not been changed which means this could happen again.”

    Read more: http://www.wesh.com/news/29570369/detail.html#ixzz1vDIf3RTh


  12. Andybinga says:

    “Nobody was charged with any crime at Strictly Skillz,” said Natalie Jackson, the group’s attorney. “Nobody was in violation of any health or safety codes at Strictly Skillz. In this case, we definitely think that the sheriff’s office was trying to get a free search.”



  13. Andybinga says:

    “They stormed the parking lot, raid style,” said Berry. His attorney, Natalie Jackson, contends that the deputies did a warrantless search. Jackson is representing Berry and two other barber shops in the lawsuit which claims violations of the Fourth and Fourteenth amendments. The two amendments address illegal searches and equal protection under the law, respectively.

    “This is a constitutional violation, and it’s a violation that shouldn’t have happened,” said Jackson.



  14. Andybinga says:

    These people are shake-down artists…


  15. sybilj says:

    JACKSON: Um, I don’t know if the whole thing was a racial issue. It may have been a “Zimmerman wants to be a hero” issue. It becomes racial because Zimmerman thought that black males with hoodies are criminals

    “Racism is too simple. It may have been a factor,” said family attorney Natalie Jackson . But also to blame was Zimmerman’s “hero complex.” He should never have gotten out of his vehicle and confronted Trayvon , she said.
    “You take race out of it, and there’s still a lot to be upset about,” Jackson said, adding that police should have simply arrested Zimmerman and let a judge and jury decide whether he acted in self-defense.

    NATALIE JACKSON , FAMILY ATTORNEY: He got out of his car and he — there was some confrontation with Trayvon .
    JACKSON: There’s only one person alive who knows what happened, and that’s Zimmerman.

    “We have a murderer on the streets, walking around,” Natalie Jackson , another lawyer representing the family, said on Friday.

    “This is amazing,” family attorney Natalie Jackson said. “The police have been covering up from the start. The most alarming thing was hearing a 17-year-old pleading for his life and someone still pulling the trigger.”
    She said calls from other witnesses who heard or saw the incident from their window appeared to back up their claim that it was Zimmerman who had the upperhand throughout the altercation. “Racism doesn’t make you go get a gun and shoot someone,” Jackson said. “Racism makes you profile them. What made him shoot was that he was one of them; he felt he was a cop.”

    “You hear a shot, a clear shot, then you hear a 17-year-old boy begging for his life,” said Natalie Jackson , one of the family’s attorneys, “Then you hear a second shot.”

    NBC – Saturday, March 17, 2012
    NATALIE JACKSON , MARTIN FAMILY ATTORNEY: The issue of racial profiling started when a suspicious person was reported because Trayvon was black and walking slow and had a hoodie on.

    “It could be a blue wall of silence,” attorney Natalie Jackson said. The family thinks the Sanford police feel an affinity for Zimmerman because of his devotion to law enforcement, something Chief Bill Lee vehemently denies.

    NATALIE JACKSON, ATTORNEY FOR TRAYVON MARTIN’S PARENTS: Zimmerman wants to say he has a concealed weapon for personal protection. That day, he was acting as armed security. The official manual of the neighborhood watch program which we will give you a copy of issued by the U.S. department of the justice states that members do not possess police power and they shall not carry weapons.
    JACKSON We believe as a gun was pointed at a 17-year-old child, he pled for his life and George Zimmerman pulled the trigger.

    “You hear a shot, a clear shot then you hear a 17-year-old boy begging for his life then you hear a second shot,” Jackson said.
    Those statements fueled a great deal of anger and frustration among those following the case in cyberspace. Twitter, Facebook and other social media exploded with news that two shots were fired.
    Jackson and Crump were not available for comment Monday evening, but a prepared statement released by their spokesman said, “Regardless of how many times George Zimmerman pulled the trigger that night, unfortunately for Trayvon Martin, it only took a single bullet to end his life.”

    NATALIE JACKSON, ATTORNEY FOR TRAYVON MARTIN`S FAMILY: I think that they unofficially adopted George Zimmerman as one of their own. I think that…
    JACKSON: I think that you get to the scene. And here`s a person that you know to be a good guy, who is volunteering to patrol a neighborhood. And you see a kid with a hoodie on that`s dead. And the good guy tells you it was self-defense, you know. They did something that, you know, George did when he saw Trayvon. They profiled and they said, “Our friend is the person that we`re going to protect.”
    JACKSON: Absolutely. you had motive and intent here. The intent was to get them, because they always get away. And you have a pursuit. George Zimmerman states he’s running away. You have a pursuit of George Zimmerman on this guy.

    Natalie Jackson , thank you for your patience, attorney for Trayvon Martin’s family, the dead teenager’s family. Are you going to be investigating any of this? I was very, very perplexed to find out he had a record essentially, accused of battery involving — and it was expunged. It was expunged. And that’s my question. Are you going to investigate why his record was expunged?

    NATALIE JACKSON, MARTIN FAMILY ATTORNEY: Well, I think that they are
    seeing what the public is seeing. They are seeing a lot of mistakes made.
    And really, you don`t punish people for making mistakes, but do you punish
    people for adamantly and stubbornly standing by their mistakes, even to the
    detriment of a family who lost their 17-year-old child.
    JACKSON: We`ve had no conversation with the Sanford Police
    Department. We have had some conversations with the state attorney`s
    office, who now has the case.
    At this point, the Sanford police chief — he doesn`t have the case
    anymore. He passed the buck to the state attorney`s office. The state`s
    attorney office has now said that they will convene a grand jury. They are
    convening the grand jury on April 10th.
    I don`t believe there will be an arrest until April 10th — if an
    indictment comes down.
    JACKSON: I definitely do. I think that the city commission did the
    right thing by voting no confidence, because, clearly, this investigation
    has turned into a circus. And, clearly, the way that it`s being handled is
    biased and prejudiced.
    You have a victim, a 17-year-old victim, whose parents have to go out
    and prove that their son is innocent.

    JACKSON: The Justice Department said they would look into whether or not this was a hate crime. They said that the hate crime standard was very, very high. It’s a willfulness standard. They would have to actually look at his actions and his intent.
    JACKSON: Yes, that’s my opinion, that there was.
    We have listened to the tape, but we still don’t know. That’s up to the jury to decide whether or not there was a racial slur. There’s people that think they hear it. There’s people that think that they don’t. So, you know, really that’s ultimately up to a jury and that’s why there must be an arrest in this case so this case can get to a jury.
    JACKSON: They’re cautiously optimistic. They have been told a lot of things before. This is a case where we’re optimistic by your words, but really your actions speak louder than words. They want to see an arrest in this case and the police chief has no say in this case anymore. It’s up to the state now.

    JACKSON: That’s correct. Clearly, the investigation in this case was either bungled or ignored completely. Our legal team has had to put together investigators and take interview witness statements, pretty much trace the whole scene again.
    And we’re willing to turn that information over to the prosecutors, and I’m sure the new prosecutor will also conduct her own investigation, as she said.
    JACKSON: Our reaction to that is that is a sort of ridiculous statement. Hoodies don’t carry guns. George Zimmerman carried a gun. Hoodies are clothing. Our children, black and Hispanic, they should be able to wear clothing just like white children or any other child.

    can`t make anything of that. I think he`s been inventing (ph) stories — I
    think his story has changed for his client at least three times that we
    know of.
    What we know is he left the car after being told not to. We know
    that he had a nine millimeter gun when he left the car. We know that he
    was told — he said by his own words that Trayvon Martin was running away.
    Hence, Trayvon was not the aggressor.
    JACKSON: Mr. Blow, we do have a witness that we presented. We
    presented phone records to the media that shows that Trayvon was talking on
    the testimony phone to a girlfriend at the time when he first encounters
    Mr. Zimmerman. This woman — this girl.
    JACKSON: It will be answered by a jury if George Zimmerman is ever
    arrested. That is a question that goes to the jury, the credibility of
    George Zimmerman versus the credibility of the 16-year-old girl, along with
    the phone records that she has as proof.

    Zimmerman was still the aggressor, and even if a physical fight took place, the use of force was excessive, Jackson said.
    “This law doesn’t apply to Zimmerman. You can’t pursue someone and then claim self-defense when you’re getting your butt kicked,” Jackson said.

    Another lawyer for the family said she didn’t put much credence in the report about the jewelry and the screwdriver.
    “This is someone in a school writing a report, rumor as far as I’m concerned,” said attorney Natalie Jackson .
    “If he and his friends were experimenting with marijuana, that is still completely irrelevant,” Crump said. “It is one of the things the family has said: ‘What does that have to do with him killing my son?”‘


    • sybilj says:

      JACKSON: I want to make it very, very clear that this was a good kid. This was a kid that was going to college. This is a kid who by all accounts of his teacher was an A/B student. This was a kid who — e wasn`t a perfect kid. He was a 17-year-old.
      JACKSON: The family agrees with you also. The family — there were 2 million people that signed a petition for justice for Trayvon. These were 2 million people of all different ethnicities, of all different nationalities, of all different races, of all different political affiliations.
      This should not be a divisive issue. The parents want justice for their son. They don`t want any other agenda that any other people attesting agendas.
      Now, I will say, as far as Reverend Al and Reverend Jackson, without the national dialogue, without people talking about it, the parents would have never — this case would have died. There would never have been a public prosecutor appointed without the public, social media, without people debating.

      JACKSON : Nancy, they’re new to us, too. This is the third version of Zimmerman’s defense put forth to the press by leaks and by anonymous sources. This is the third version.
      Zimmerman is vetting a defense through the press. That is what is happening here. His statement to police made no sense at all. Trayvon was found — his body was found 70 yards from his home. He was almost home. It makes no sense. If he’s running away from Zimmerman, as Zimmerman’s own words say he’s running away, then he would not just go home. Trayvon was trying to get away from Zimmerman.
      JACKSON : The first story was Trayvon dragged him out of the car and attacked him. The second story was he was looking at — he was looking for street signs to tell the police where he was, and Trayvon attacked him. Now we hear that Trayvon had somehow attacked him from behind and knocked him down.
      JACKSON : You have two witnesses, Mary Cutcher and her roommate, who came out in the press and they told what happened that night. They were called liars by the police department in “The Orlando Sentinel.” The police department sent a press statement.
      This is the same police department that has not sent the parents any information
      regarding this investigation. Everything the parents learn about the death of their 17-year-old unarmed child has been through the media and through leaks and stories from the police department.
      JACKSON : We have two witnesses that have come out, the 13-year-old boy, and also, there’s another witness who viewed it. She’s on the 911 tape. These are the witnesses who are on the 911 tapes. They are the ones that had the best opportunity.
      JACKSON : What we have are the 911 tapes. We have talked to three of the witnesses so far. Those three witnesses that they believe that Trayvon Martin was in — that it was George Zimmerman who was the aggressor.

      JACKSON : My response is Joe Oliver was not there. I don’t even know why he’s on television giving these interviews.
      JACKSON : He’s not a witness. He wasn’t there.
      JACKSON : No, I was not there.
      JACKSON : But there are witnesses. I am not saying — I am not putting forth a defense. All we’re asking for is an arrest. We are saying arrest George Zimmerman. Have a jury and a judge decide what witnesses are credible that have seen it.

      O’DONNELL: NatalieJackson , I think we just ripped away the veneer of what the Joe Oliver TV act is. There’s absolutely nothing there, except a guy who, for some strange reason, inexplicable — I just confessed to the audience I find it inexplicable that he’s dropped everything, he’s dropped his job, he’s dropped his income simply to go on television on the basis of nothing other, when you get right down to it, than a gut feeling. He must have been counting on, and he has gotten an awful lot of softball interviews on television that made him think he could get away with that.
      JACKSON : Yeah, this is a man who has inserted himself into this. He’s not a witness in this case. He can’t provide anything valuable to the trial. He doesn’t know. He was not there. You brought home a point — and I do hope these investigators talk to him. I hope that they get whatever stories — he’s put about three versions of George Zimmerman’s story. I believe that he’s vetting his story through the press. I believe that that is what he’s doing. And our team believes that. But we’ve kind of ignored the Joe Oliver. Because we asking for an arrest in this case. Anything else is up to the jury. There were witnesses that were actually there.

      JACKSON : And I agree with that. Now, we are still under the impression that the Grand Jury will go on April 10th. That is what they have told us and that is what we are going with. However, we need look no further than Zimmerman’s own words. We don’t have to listen to Joe Oliver. We have tapes with Zimmerman’s own words. “These a-holes always get away.” “He’s running away. I’m going after him.” We have that. That is enough to arrest George Zimmerman and to have a jury and a trial listen to people who actually know about what happened and for what they speak of, and not the Joe Olivers of the world.

      “It wasn’t to make money off Trayvon ‘s name, it was to stop the exploitation of Trayvon ‘s name,” said the attorney, NatalieJackson . “We wanted this family to own their child’s legacy.”

      O`DONNELL: OK. Natalie Jackson, I just want to be clear, this is not
      in a police report. That quote does not come from a police report. That
      comes from the shooter`s father in an interview with a Fox TV station in
      Florida. The only quote — the only quote we have a in a police report
      from George Zimmerman that night is at the scene, where officer Timothy
      Smith quotes him as saying, quote, “I was yelling for someone to help me
      but no one would help me.”
      Natalie Jackson, if George Zimmerman faced one who said to him,
      “you`re going to die tonight, you`re going to die now,” isn`t it likely
      that that`s what he would have been quoting, that that`s what Officer
      Timothy Smith would have heard him say?

      something from a movie that George made up. Attorney Crump is absolutely
      right. We`ve been told by George Zimmerman — we`ve been told by George
      Zimmerman`s father — we`ve been told by Joe Oliver, do not believe our
      lying ears and do not believe our lying eyes.
      The people are not crazy. They need to make an arrest tonight. We
      had an armed vigilante walking the street, and he shot and killed someone`s
      innocent child. He needs to be arrested.

      NATALIEJACKSON , ATTORNEY FOR TRAYVON ‘S FAMILY: Well, it shows us that George Zimmerman had no visible injuries. It shows he did not have the injuries that he and his representatives have claimed that he had.
      Through his lawyer, Craig Sonner, we heard that he had a broken nose. He had gashes in his head that were so severe that they needed stitches, but he didn’t get them.
      We heard through Joe Oliver that he had a broken nose and his head was bleeding, his nose was bleeding. We heard through his father that he was fighting for his life.
      We don’t see any torn clothes. We don’t see any blood. We don’t see any swelling. We don’t see any redness. We don’t even see him having a problem walking or getting out of the car. This totally contradicts all of the stories that purportedly George Zimmerman told his family and friends.
      JACKSON : This video was taken within an hour after this incident. If — really, what we’re hearing these people who are defending this video saying is that — that emergency workers were miracle workers. They — you don’t — you have…

      NATALIEJACKSON , LAWYER FOR MARTIN FAMILY: You know, Mr. Zimmerman is a father trying to protect his child. The call happened. There are records that the call happened. This is not something that a young girl made up and people just believed her. There are records that back up her story. Now everything that his son has told him, there’s nothing to back it up except for his son. In fact, all the different stories that have been reported by family and friends of George Zimmerman, they’re kind of proving to be not true.

      SCHULTZ: Now, did the family want civil rights groups to come in and get involved on this? There’s been some criticism of those, such as Al Sharpton and — both Reverend Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson and some of the groups. The NAACP, of course, was mentioned by Robert Zimmerman, and the Congressional Black Caucus, even the president of the United States. And the word hate was thrown around. What’s your reaction to that and the family’s?

      JACKSON : My reaction to that is that it seems to be Zimmerman’s camp that is bringing up the racial issues. We had two million people sign this petition, two million people of all nationalities, races and political affiliation. Every time someone from Zimmerman’s camp gets on camera, such as Joe Oliver, who brings up that Zimmerman’s not racist, or his father who brings up the hate and the racism. We have said that Zimmerman noticed Trayvon because he was young, black and male. That is racial profiling. We have purposely said we don’t know George Zimmerman. We don’t know if he’s a racist. We do and we can hear from his own words that he profiled Trayvon . So racism is being brought up by their camp. If anyone is trying stir up racist thoughts or division, it is their camp. We are a camp of unity, hope and justice.
      SCHULTZ: Natalie , what have you learned and your lawyer team learned from the police surveillance video?
      JACKSON : Well, I mean, we’ve just added more on to the fact — what we already knew, that Robert Zimmerman should be arrested for the killing of Trayvon Martin. This video, it’s just more evidence that goes towards it. There is no visible injury to George Zimmerman. There is no visible evidence that Trayvon — there was some sort of attack that led to imminent fear of death or imminent fear of great bodily harm.

      NATALIEJACKSON , ATTORNEY FOR TRAYVON MARTIN FAMILY: Yes. My take on this is that we don’t see any visible injuries. We don’t see any torn clothes. We don’t see any grass stains. We don’t see any — any type of that.
      NATALIEJACKSON , MARTIN FAMILY ATTORNEY: No. and this is not a direction of the parents want. The parents want a legal arrest by lawful authorities. They don’t want any vigilantism. They don’t want the KKK hacking into their son’s account. They don’t want black militants putting bounties out on people. That is not what they want. This is about justice, this is not about everyone’s different baggage and their hate.

      NATALIEJACKSON , MARTIN FAMILY LAWYER: Well, I thought it was more of the same that we’ve seen. We’ve seen it from his father. We’ve seen it from Joe Oliver. We’ve seen his from his attorney. And now, we see it from his brother.
      It’s a tweaking of the story. And it’s a bedding of a story to see which story is the best and most acceptable to America.
      And it’s also coming from people who will never, ever take the stand. These are people who are not involved in the story. They weren’t there, they won’t take the stand.
      We — our team will ask to please look at the evidence that we know. There probably is more. But what we know right now is that we have a 911 — we have a call that George Zimmerman made to the police. We have seven 911 tapes. We have three witnesses who said they are sure that George Zimmerman was the aggressor and that it Trayvon that screamed for help.
      We have a girl in a phone record that backs up a young girl who says she was on the phone with Trayvon . We have now a video that totally throws out any of the assertions that Robert Zimmerman made.
      Robert Zimmerman actually said that one more hit on the head and he would be in diapers. His brother would be in diapers. It’s just — it’s impossible — it’s ridiculous. And it shouldn’t — I don’t know.
      MORGAN: I mean — do you believe that the family is conspiring to create a version of events best suited to a defense under the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida?
      JACKSON : Yes, I do. In fact, I think that they consulted with someone to help them, with his story. And I will say that because I notice Piers that you did ask Robert three times if George told him something. Robert never said, “Yes, George told me”. That’s very telling.
      JACKSON : And I believe he did that because if he would say that George told him something, he could possibly be a witness at trial.
      But as it stands, what he said is not admissible in trial. So he can say whatever he wants. Joe Oliver can say whatever he wants. His dad can say whatever he wants.


      • sybilj says:

        NATALIE JACKSON, MARTIN FAMILY LAWYER: Well, we`ve talked about this
        among our team. The family is very tired. They however feel that they
        need this press. They need the media because without the people, without
        the support, they would have never gotten a special prosecutor. They would
        have never gotten a grand jury.
        This was a family that was told your child is dead, he`s claimed —
        George Zimmerman claimed self-defense. Case closed.

        Natalie, do you have any thoughts on this enhanced video? Is this in any way going to be relevant?
        NATALIE JACKSON, MARTIN FAMILY ATTORNEY: You know, it will be relevant if the defense brings that or if the prosecution brings that. This case has to get to trial. That is a question for the jury. The jury gets to decide what they see. They get to decide what is relevant, what is credible.

        Now, Natalie, is there proof, though, the other eight burglaries were, in fact, committed by young African-American males?
        JACKSON: You know what? I don`t have such information. And Frank Taaffe spouts off stuff without any proof. I can`t believe anything that comes out of Frank Taaffe`s mouth. As far as Trayvon`s case, Frank Taaffe was not there.

        (NOTE: All the above, and previous posts, are excerpts.)


  16. Tula says:

    “Martin family attorney: ‘The people have taken this over’ ”
    by Joe Wilhelm Jr., Staff Writer – March 26, 2012

    ” ‘This is why we are lawyers. You may not be able to change someone’s heart or what they may do. When we look at the Trayvon Martin case, we can’t make them bring Trayvon justice, but what we can do is inspire gun laws to be changed. We can inspire someone else to be looked at a different way in our system,’ she said.” – Joe Wilhelm Jr.

    “Rev. Jesse Jackson: Trayvon A Martyr For Change”

    Attorney Natalie Jackson – Obie & Lil Shawn Show – March 22, 2012


  17. Tula says:

    “Martin Family Lawyer: ‘Stand Your Ground’ policy” – March 31, 2012

    Trayvon Martin referees street fight – anthony vs. curtis”


    “Trayvon Martin’s mother files to trademark son’s name” by Walter Pacheco – March 26, 2012
    “Federal documents show Sybrina Fulton, the teen’s mother, is the owner of the trademark petitions, which were filed online March 21 by her attorneys Kimra Major-Morris and Natalie Jackson of the Women’s Trial Group.” – Walter Pacheco

    “We Are All George Zimmerman” – by Daniel Greenfield – April 15, 2012

    “Trayvon and Zimmerman: The Structure and Elements of a Disinformation Campaign”
    by Scott Swett – May 3, 2012

    “John Swinton on the independence of the press” – 1880

    “There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it.

    There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.

    The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?

    We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.” – John Swinton – 1880


  18. Bill Palmer says:

    First of all, Natty needs to grow some bangs to cover that humongous forehead. Now, let’s post what she blathered on March 8:

    “If Trayvon fought back, said Jackson, that’s to be expected. He was being ordered around by someone who was not a police officer, was not in uniform and was not in a patrol vehicle.

    The teenager did not know, Jackson said, that Zimmerman had a gun.”

    How did she know that Zimmerman was “ordering” Slimm around? How did she know that Slimm “did not know Zimmerman had a gun”? Did she communicate with his ghost through her Ouija board?


    Benny & Natty methodically laid the foundation for their smoke-and-mirrors hocus pocus extravaganza at that March 8 press conference. The black magic continues to this day …


    • MRM says:

      “…The teenager did not know, Jackson said, that Zimmerman had a gun.” Kind of contradicts all those versions where a scary man with a gun was chasing that poor, defenseless child … “like a rabid dog!”


  19. Bill Palmer says:

    2 shots were heard? Did the Retreat at Twin Lakes have a grassy knoll? Slimm was pleading for his life? Shot in cold blood? If Natty were Pinocchio, her proboscis would be 10 feet long by now.

    On the recordings, one shot, an apparent warning or miss, is heard, followed by a voice begging or pleading, and a cry. A second shot is then heard, and the pleading stops.

    “It is so clear that this was a 17-year-old boy pleading for his life, and someone shot him in cold blood,” said Natalie Jackson, one of the Martin family lawyers.



    • myopiafree says:

      Please don’t get smug! Crump and the “Fib Team” are still dangers – because they are one fib ahead of the truth. Each time he gets “caught” he will have another fib to cover up, and the gullible will believe Crump – because they WANT TO. Until this encounter is declared, “justified self defense”, GZ is not free.

      There was only one shot – as the police confirmed. The only screaming was GZ attempting to get someone to push TM off his chest. If you think your “fellow citizen” will help you in this circumstance – you are mistaken.


      • Bill Palmer says:

        Who is getting smug? I simply pasted two paragraphs from the article I linked (Beginning with “On the recordings …”). Is it possible to post here in italics or bold type?


        • Sharon says:

          Bill P–yeah, that’s frustrating that commenters/non mods can’t doing that kind of edit.. Since you clearly indicated where the quote was, I put italics on for you. Hope I got the right spot. I’m on the run now, and will not see your reply..if it’s not right, leave a note and one of the others might catch it.


  20. Tula says:

    “Trayvon Martin Circus Reveals Race Card Bankruptcy”
    by Daniel Greenfield – March 30, 2012

    “…Grievance Theater isn’t about race, it’s not about slavery, police brutality or separate lunch counters. It’s about power and money. Black politicians are not fundamentally different from white ones. They have more in common with their white colleagues than they do with their own communities. The only difference is that they are playing with the race cards they have been dealt. …. The ghetto farms black communities for votes and more importantly for subsidies. For every dollar that is taken to help minorities, a penny goes to the problem and ninety-nine cents goes to the hucksters, the administrators, the bureaucrats, the wives of influential pols hired on massive salaries to oversee some aspect of the program, the experts who monitor compliance, the affirmative action contractors who charge four times as much to build a school or provide meals, the unions who have the exclusive right to service the program, the slumlords who administer affordable housing and finally the politicians who have the money kicked back to them by all of the above….” – Daniel Greenfield

    “Families of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman receive outpouring of donations”
    by Frances Robles – May 12, 2012

    “…”They are using the money to continue the legacy of their son,” said Michael Hall, a graphic designer and marketing specialist who helped launch the Justice for Trayvon Martin Foundation. The parents created the non-profit in March in response to their son’s killing. “They didn’t want a situation where people could say they were profiting off the loss of their son.”

    Hall said Trayvon’s parents will become paid employees of the foundation, compensated for their time conducting speaking engagements and other advocacy work. He stressed that the foundation would keep Fulton and her ex-husband, Tracy Martin, at the levels of income they already made – not higher.

    Until now, the parents’ extensive travel expenses have been paid either by their attorney, Benjamin Crump, or by whoever invited them to the event they attended, he said. They turned all checks they received over to the Miami Foundation, a pre-existing and separate organization that is administering the Justice for Trayvon Martin Foundation’s trust fund, and will help establish a board of directors, review expenditures and conduct audits, Hall said.

    The goal is to raise $1.5 million for programs such as teaching conflict resolution to teens.

    The first order of business: a movement to repeal the Stand Your Ground laws that exist around the nation. Fulton released a video on Friday, timed for Mother’s Day, on secondchancecampaign.org urging Americans to appeal to their respective governors to eliminate laws that offer increased immunity in self-defense cases….” – Frances Robles


  21. sybilj says:

    JACKSON: They have. That office has spoken to the girlfriend. And
    really, she`s the connection of all the dots here. We`ve had the 911 tape.
    And when I say the 911 tape, I`m talking about George Zimmerman`s own
    words. So we`ve had that.
    When that tape came out, we were sure there would be an arrest. And
    there wasn`t. And then the next thing that we saw, we saw videotape. And
    we once again were sure that an arrest would be made. It wasn`t. Once we
    saw the phone records of the teenager, we thought, surely, there`s an
    arrest. The dots have been conducted.
    This teenage girl says that she heard the argument and that George
    Zimmerman was the provoker. So at this point, we believe that if people
    just listen and look at the evidence — or it`s not even evidence right
    now. What`s in the media,. with their own eyes and ears, there`s enough
    case — there`s enough information to bring this to a trial and let a jury

    JACKSON: You know, we thought that this is the charge that she would
    bring. There is a lesser included manslaughter. So, in Florida, you have
    necessary lesser included. So, the jury would get to consider that also.
    This is the appropriate charge. And this is bravest (ph) and the
    right to do. It gave us so much confidence in Angela Corey as a
    prosecutor, that she`s constantly just doing the right thing regardless of
    consequences, because anyone else would have charged this as a
    manslaughter. Just to appease everyone.
    And she did the right thing. She looked at the evidence and she came
    out with her charge.

    NATALIEJACKSON , ATTORNEY FOR TRAYVON MARTIN’S FAMILY: Well, I think the charging document is based partially on what the girlfriend said. I believe that there is some other evidence that will come out during the course of this trial that we are — we’re not privy to yet.
    This prosecutor, she based those targets based on what she believes she could prove beyond a reasonable doubt. So she’s privy to a lot more information than we are.
    JACKSON : Well, you know, that’s up to the state department, and what I will say about the profiling is that he actually says “these a-holes” and then even if he says f-ing punks, that puts Trayvon in a category of what makes Trayvon an a-hole? What makes him a punk that you see?
    All he’s doing is walking home with Skittles and a hoodie on. So why is he being called that? That’s the question. And that’s the point here.
    JACKSON : My response is that goes back to your first question Jane about the 16-year-old that was on the phone. She’s an ear witness that contradicts George Zimmerman. That’s what people keep forgetting. Is that there is a witness who George Zimmerman was the person that initiated the first contact and the aggressive action. And she’s going to be the lynchpin in getting over any justification in this case.

    (NOTE: All the above are excerpts.)


  22. Bill Palmer says:

    Just wondering if Benny & Natty may have “coached” DeDe on what to say about her conversation with Slimm? Was it scripted and rehearsed for hours before her police interview? Will she repeat the same story on the witness stand under oath? Would the “team” compensate her for committing perjury if she does, in fact, lie? Seems like she is Corey’s star witness at the present time …


    • myopiafree says:

      DeDe is Corey’s star witness – because to make the 2nd degree STICK, Corey must prove that TM was “Cornered”, and in GREAT FEAR FROM GZ who, according to DeDe was TERROIZING TM with “depraved indifference”. I think DeDe will avoid testifying at all – because of some Crump-fib. He could allow her to testify ONLY to the FBI, and then claim that she was in “fear of her life” if she testified in “open court”.


      • Bill Palmer says:

        No_Limit_Nigga tweeted that he liked “hittin’ it from the front and hittin’ it from the rear” (referring to sexual imtercourse – and possibly sodomy). He also tweeted about sloppy pussy. Wonder if the young gentleman was referring to DeDe, the love of his life, in both tweets?


    • Aussie says:

      Bill that is what I have been saying since I first read or heard what the little dimwit has to say.


  23. This is an important point. When Zimmerman was asked to describe Trayvon, he told the dispatcher Trayvon was wearing a pin on his hoodie. But cops later found that pin in Trayvon’s pocket. For some reason, Trayvon took that pin off and put it in his pocket. Could it be because he knew he was going to be in a fight and didn’t want to damage them?

    Secondly, Trayvon’s headphones were ALSO in his pocket when he was shot. How is that possible if he was on the phone with DeeDee when the fight started.



    • Aussie says:

      because Crump made up the story and DeeDee is a willing accomplice in the lie.


      • Jasper says:

        yet his phone was found on the ground- i dont know if he was talking earlier on his headphones but if he was then he switched over to the regular phone after he ran and notice Z never tells dispatch that TM is on the phone bc he isnt holding a phone up to his ear, the hoodie is up and Z cant see the headphones. This is all curious but not sure it proves or disproves anything really


  24. recoverydotgod says:


    Jackson says she will wait until the investigation into the actions of the officers involved is complete before deciding whether to take action against the Sanford Police Department.


    SANFORD, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – Sanford Police Officers have just been cleared of any wrong doing in a beating investigation. The investigation involved the beating of Sanford homeless man, Sherman Ware. The incident involving Ware was caught on camera and seen around the world on the internet.


    “Zimmerman felt he was one of them; he felt he was a cop,” said Trayvon’s family attorney, Natalie Jackson, who accuses the police of protecting him.


    This article was amended to reflect the following correction: Due to incorrect information provided by the Sanford Police, the Herald misstated the course of time in which George Zimmerman called police 46 times. The calls began in 2004, not Jan. 2011.


    “You hear a shot, a clear shot, then you hear a 17-year-old boy begging for his life,” said Natalie Jackson, another family attorney. “Then you hear a second shot.”

    It was the first time that anyone said two shots were fired that night.


    Mr. Zimmerman, who is white and Hispanic, told the police that he had acted in self-defense. But 911 tapes released late last week have raised questions about the official police account and Mr. Zimmerman’s assertion. On the tapes, Mr. Zimmerman is heard calling the police and reporting a young black man wearing a hoodie who he said walking through the neighborhood. He then follows Trayvon despite the urging of the police dispatcher not to do so.

    He is also heard on the tapes mumbling in a barely audible voice an obscenity and a racial epithet that Sanford police did not pick up until after the Justice Department became involved in the investigation.


    The controversy over the investigation into the fatal shooting is not the first time the Sanford Police Department has come under fire for its relationships with blacks.

    The Times’s Lizette Alvarez reports that Chief Lee has served only 10 months in the job. He succeeded Brian Tooley, who was forced out after a scandal that involved a police lieutenant’s son.

    In that case, the Sanford Police Department failed to immediately arrest the lieutenant’s son after video posted on YouTube showed him attacking a homeless man in December 2010.


    At a Community Meeting held April 19 at the Second Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church the City Manager Norton Bonaparte Jr., Acting Police Chief Darren Scott and City of Sanford Project Manager Andrew Thomas Sr. participated in a forum with representatives of an organization called the Dream Defenders.

    The meeting was facilitated by the Community Relations Service of the U.S. Department of Justice. At the meeting Thomas presented a 9-point plan of action to help move the City of Sanford forward given the recent series of events that have taken place in the city regarding the tragic death of Trayvon Martin and the ongoing investigation of George Zimmerman.

    The 9-point plan of action was presented as a starting point for community discussion and dialog.



    About 40 people attended the meeting, including Martin family Attorney Natalie Jackson. Jackson said she believes in the community meeting process.

    “Dialogue is always good and I think that they community will be better. I know a lot of people are seeing the storm but there’s going to be a rainbow at the end of this storm,” Jackson said.


    One of the attorneys representing Trayvon Martin’s family said Sanford police Chief Bill Lee did the right thing in resigning, though it was rejected by the City Commission.

    “What has to happen is a cleaning up of the department,” said attorney Natalie Jackson. “This is not just about Chief Lee. This is about the leadership, and then the leadership who can control what is happening internally.”

    “Really, I don’t know if we’re dealing with racial issues as much as we are about nepotism, and the people who have been there forever, they don’t want to change their ways,” Jackson continued.

    She added the legal team representing the Martin family has asked the Justice Department to look into corruption within the Sanford Police Department.


  25. knowthyenemy says:

    attorneycrump Benjamin Crump, Esq.
    Follow my legal team, Attorney Daryl Parks @ParksEsq and Natalie Jackson @NatJackEsq for the latest on the Trayvon Martin Case.

    Natalie Jackson (@NatJackEsq) on Twitter
    Apr 6, 2012 – princss6 RT @NatJackEsq: @Momisbuff @lawrence I wonder if the person who told those lies knew that I represented Sherman Ware (the …

    edshow Ed Schultz
    “This investigation has turned into a circus” says Trayvon Martin family attorney @NatJackEsq. #edshow #video http://t.co/6di6IiHh

    politicsnation PoliticsNation
    On #PoliticsNation, @NatJackEsq says it’s preposterous to think you can’t make an arrest just because someone says “self-defense”

    momisbuff Jenna Blake
    I see the blame-the-victim racists are out in force 2night w/ despicable leaks & uncallenged lies. Stand strong @attorneycrump @Natjackesq

    natjackesq Natalie Jackson
    Can’t believe low lives are stalking high school kids offering BIG money for any NEGATIVE info or videos of #trayvon. He’s the VICTIM!!
    12 minutes ago

    natjackesq Natalie Jackson
    Lawyer Lesson #62: Your clients pay you to put them FIRST. It may be a job to you but to them…it’s their LIFE.
    4 days ago


  26. recoverydotgod says:

    This Nancy Grace show segment from 3/27/2012 in it’s entirety was interesting given the guests
    – included among other guests Angela Corey, Natalie Jackson, Joe Oliver


    As an aside….from that transcript and then a later link to a breitbart.com post (Curious if Corey was listening to the rest of the interview where Oliver mentioned the iPhone photo? Was this the same photo that ABC reported on?)

    GRACE: Let`s see Joe Oliver and Steve Helling. What about it, Joe? What can you tell me about his injuries?

    JOE OLIVER, FRIEND OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: About his injuries? About his broken nose and about the gashes on the back of his head?

    GRACE: Yes.

    OLIVER: That they happened. We are efforting, rather, a picture that was taken by one of the police investigators on the scene on an iPhone before George was cleaned up to show the severity of the beating.

    GRACE: OK, that`s going to go a long way if that really exists.


    The arrest affidavit did not mention the photograph, or the bleeding, gashes, and bruises on Zimmermans’ head. Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School stated upon release of the arrest affidavit that it was “so thin that it won’t make it past a judge on a second degree murder charge … everything in the affidavit is completely consistent with a defense of self-defense.”

    After the release of the photo, however, Dershowitz went much further, telling Breitbart News that if the prosecutors did have the photo and didn’t mention it in the affidavit, that would constitute a “grave ethical violation,” since affidavits are supposed to contain “all relevant information.”


  27. knowthyenemy says:

    Attorney Wants Cop’s Son To Pay Restitution:
    Sherman Ware

    SANFORD, Fla. —
    The attorney representing a homeless man, who says he was was sucker-punched by a Sanford police lieutenant’s son, spoke out on Wednesday at a news conference. Attorney Natalie Jackson is demanding the suspect, Justin Collison, pay up.

    “That is Justin Collison’s responsibility. That is Justin Collison’s fault and that is his responsibility. He is the person that we are going after,” Jackson said.

    COP’S SON PUNCHES MAN (explicit) : Raw Video DOCUMENT: Read Incident Report

    Collison, 21, was caught on video hitting Sherman Ware, 47, last week. Collison wasn’t charged until days after WFTV aired the video of the attack. He has not appeared before a judge yet.

    Sherman Ware 010511 Sherman Ware Ware’s attorney wants Collison to pay restitution. Ware is homeless and has admittedly had serious problems with substance abuse. However, his attorney insisted on Wednesday that Collison should step forward to pay the victim’s growing medical bills or she will sue him in civil court.

    The video shows Collison punching Ware from behind. Ware fell to the ground, seemingly unconscious, with a broken nose and other facial injuries.

    Ware’s attorney admitted her client is not a model citizen and has had his own trouble with the law in the past. But in this case, she said, he is clearly the victim.

    Ware has no means to cover his own medical bills and because he doesn’t want taxpayers to pay them, he and his attorney are asking Collison to step up voluntarily.

    Jackson applauded city leaders in Sanford for acting quickly to oust the police chief and review the officers involved after WFTV broke the story. She said that makes the city less of a target for possible lawsuits.

    Jan. 5, 2011

    Ware’s sister, Mary Dixon, was also at the news conference. She said one positive effect of her brother’s hospital stay is that he is finally getting the help he needs for his substance abuse problem.

    “It’s not fair to anybody involved that they would handled a situation of this nature, as they did,” Dixon said.

    Ware will likely remain in rehabilitation for two to three months, trying to get sober and to recover from his physical injuries. He’s had no follow-up care or prescriptions since leaving the hospital.

    The family is giving Collison 30 days to voluntarily apologize and offer restitution before filing the suit.

    Previous Stories: January 3, 2011: Cop’s Son Turns Self In, Chief Tooley Retires January 3, 2011: Cop’s Son Accused Of Beating Man Walks Out Of Jail January 3, 2011: Sanford Cop’s Son Arrested After 2007 Shooting December 31, 2010: Chief Says He Was Blindsided By Homeless Beating Video December 31, 2010: Arrest Warrant Issued For Sanford Officer’s Son December 30, 2010: State Attorney: Cop’s Son May Face Felony Charges December 29, 2010: Cop’s Son Caught On Cam Punching Homeless Man


  28. knowthyenemy says:

    Victim agrees to financial settlement in Collison case:
    Sherman Ware

    Saying he is willing to forgive his attacker, the Sanford homeless man who was punched from behind while trying to break up a bar fight has reached an out-of-court settlement. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

    During a press conference Tuesday, attorney Natalie Jackson said her client, Sherman Ware, agreed not to pursue legal action against the man who knocked him unconscious during the Dec. 4 incident outside a bar in downtown Sanford. Ware suffered a broken nose and head injuries after hitting his head against a light pole.

    The case drew widespread attention because the suspect, Justin Collison, 21, is the son of a Sanford Police Department lieutenant. The SPD was criticized for waiting nearly a month before charging Collison with aggravated battery, despite earlier seeing a video of the beating taken by a witness.

    The controversy prompted the forced month-early retirement of SPD Police Chief Brian Tooley as well as an internal investigation into the conduct of nine police officers involved in the case. Lt. Chris Collison, the suspect’s father, is not a target in the investigation, which is being conducted by the Professional Standards Division of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

    Through his attorney, Ware said he was willing to show mercy. In return, Ware asked that Collison participate in a substance-abuse and anger-management program.

    In addition, Collision will contribute $1,000 each to the Seminole Action Coalition for the Homeless, the Seminole branch of the NAACP, and Crossroads, a Sanford-area substance-abuse rehabilitation clinic.

    Collison already had compensated Ware for all past and future medical bills, as well as additional money for pain and suffering.

    Weighing into his decision to agree to a settlement was the victim’s own problems with substance abuse and the law, said Ryan Julison, a spokesman for Ware.

    Shortly after the attack, Ware, 47, went into a rehab facility. He also has spent much of the last 30 years in and out of jail, having been arrested on charges that include battery, burglary, robbery, possession of a controlled substance and carrying a concealed weapon.

    “Ware has a track record himself. He understands that people deserve a second or third chance to succeed,” Julison said. “He is willing to forgive.”

    Collison’s troubles are far from over, however.

    On Monday, the Seminole State Attorney’s Office formally charged Collison with aggravated battery, a third-degree felony, and disorderly conduct, a second-degree misdemeanor. A conviction on the felony charge carries with it a maximum of five years in prison.

    Collison’s next scheduled court date is an arraignment at 1:30 p.m. March 1 before Circuit Court Judge Debra Nelson.

    In the video of the attack, Collison can be seen sucker-punching Ware from behind. The video also shows Collison striking another individual and shouting expletives that included a racial slur. Ware is African-American; Collison is white.

    But Ware, through his spokesman, said he does not believe the attack was racially motivated because Collison was involved in several fights that evening against white and black people.

    Responding officers viewed the tape and interviewed witnesses. Police also placed Collison inside the police car for questioning, but did not handcuff or pat him down beforehand, a violation of SPD police protocol.

    According to the police report, officers termed the victim “uncooperative” when they interviewed him at the hospital following the incident and denied having any video evidence of the incident.

    SPD Capt. Jerry Hargrett, who was serving as acting police chief in the firestorm’s aftermath, acknowledged that police made mistakes during the initial investigation and should have made an arrest that night. Only when the video came to light during a television news report more than three weeks later did the SPD make an arrest.

    In the interim, Seminole County Chief Deputy Sheriff Steve Harriett was named to head the SPD until a new police chief is appointed. Harriett served as the SPD police chief from 1985-1992.

    Other fallout included the Seminole County chapter of the NAACP demanding that the Criminal Justice Department investigate the incident, alleging preferential treatment and a cover-up. The NAACP also charges that, if the charges are enhanced to a hate crime, there are possible civil-rights violations.

    Collison has had previous run-ins with law enforcement. In March of 2007 he was arrested on assault and weapons charges in Volusia County.

    According to police reports, Collison was charged with firing a rifle shot into a moving vehicle, injuring one of the occupants. Those charges—assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery and shooting into a vehicle—eventually were dropped due to a lack of evidence.

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    The year in review: 2011 | 4 months ago
    Harriett calls for police reforms at SPD; city extends search to find new chief.

    January 26 2011


  29. knowthyenemy says:

    Zimmerman’s family: George handed out fliers, protesting police coddling of white suspect:
    April 5, 2012|

    George Zimmerman handed out fliers at black Sanford churches a year ago, outraged that a white police lieutenant’s son, captured on video sucker-punching a homeless black man, was not arrested on the spot, family members said.

    The fliers urged people to attend a Sanford City Commission meeting and demand that the police chief be held accountable.

    Robert Zimmerman confirmed that story Wednesday during an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News.

    George Zimmerman is the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old, in a Sanford neighborhood five weeks ago.

    Civil rights leaders, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the national president of the NAACP have traveled to Central Florida, calling Trayvon a victim of racial profiling and demanding that Zimmerman be arrested.

    Zimmerman had spotted Trayvon walking through his neighborhood, called police and describing him as suspicious. He then followed the teenager and several minutes later, the two got into a fist fight, and Zimmerman pulled out his 9 mm semiautomatic handgun and killed the teen.

    Sanford police did not arrest Zimmerman, saying they did not have enough evidence to disprove his claim of self defense.

    That decision set off a storm of protest. Marchers have held rallies in Sanford, Miami, Tallahassee, Los Angeles, New York, London and several other cities. Gov. Rick Scott appointed a special prosecutor, and the U.S. Department of Justice has launched an investigation to determine whether Zimmerman violated Trayvon’s civil rights.

    Zimmerman’s attorneys and father say he’s not a racist.

    As proof of that, Robert Zimmerman last night told Hannity that his son handed out fliers, protesting the way a homeless black man was treated by Sanford police in 2010.

    Sherman Ware, who is black, was standing on the sidewalk when Justin Collison, who is white and the son of a Sanford police lieutenant, came rushing out of a Sanford bar Dec. 4 and punched him in the back of the head.

    The blow knocked Ware out and sent him to the hospital. The incident was captured on video by a bystander with a cell phone, and although police saw the video that night, they made no arrest.

    Orlando-area news organizations aired the video, prompting calls for Collison’s arrest and the ouster of Sanford Police Chief Brian Tooley.

    George Zimmerman on Jan. 2 handed out fliers at black Sanford churches, urging them to go to City Hall and demand that Tooley be held accountable, according to family members.

    The following day the commission voted to oust the police chief, and Collison was arrested.

    He pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of battery and was sentenced to a year of probation.

    Ironically, Tonetta Foster, the sister of Sherman Ware, the man punched by Collison, took part in a Trayvon rally March 19 at the Seminole Criminal courthouse at which protesters called for Zimmerman’s arrest.

    “I stand for justice for Trayvon, for Sherman Ware,” she said.

    A lawyer for Trayvon’s family, Natalie Jackson, represented Ware. She said she did not believe Zimmerman handed out any fliers. She called the family’s account “race baiting”.

    By Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel

    George Zimmerman handed out fliers at black Sanford churches a year ago, outraged that a white police lieutenant’s son, captured on video sucker-punching a homeless black man, was not arrested on the spot, family members said.

    The fliers urged people to attend a Sanford City Commission meeting and demand that the police chief be held accountable.

    Robert Zimmerman confirmed that story Wednesday during an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News.

    George Zimmerman is the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old, in a Sanford neighborhood five weeks ago.

    Civil rights leaders, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the national president of the NAACP have traveled to Central Florida, calling Trayvon a victim of racial profiling and demanding that Zimmerman be arrested.

    Zimmerman had spotted Trayvon walking through his neighborhood, called police and describing him as suspicious. He then followed the teenager and several minutes later, the two got into a fist fight, and Zimmerman pulled out his 9 mm semiautomatic handgun and killed the teen.

    Sanford police did not arrest Zimmerman, saying they did not have enough evidence to disprove his claim of self defense.

    That decision set off a storm of protest. Marchers have held rallies in Sanford, Miami, Tallahassee, Los Angeles, New York, London and several other cities. Gov. Rick Scott appointed a special prosecutor, and the U.S. Department of Justice has launched an investigation to determine whether Zimmerman violated Trayvon’s civil rights.

    Zimmerman’s attorneys and father say he’s not a racist.

    As proof of that, Robert Zimmerman last night told Hannity that his son handed out fliers, protesting the way a homeless black man was treated by Sanford police in 2010.

    Sherman Ware, who is black, was standing on the sidewalk when Justin Collison, who is white and the son of a Sanford police lieutenant, came rushing out of a Sanford bar Dec. 4 and punched him in the back of the head.

    The blow knocked Ware out and sent him to the hospital. The incident was captured on video by a bystander with a cell phone, and although police saw the video that night, they made no arrest.

    Orlando-area news organizations aired the video, prompting calls for Collison’s arrest and the ouster of Sanford Police Chief Brian Tooley.

    George Zimmerman on Jan. 2 handed out fliers at black Sanford churches, urging them to go to City Hall and demand that Tooley be held accountable, according to family members.

    The following day the commission voted to oust the police chief, and Collison was arrested.

    He pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of battery and was sentenced to a year of probation.

    Ironically, Tonetta Foster, the sister of Sherman Ware, the man punched by Collison, took part in a Trayvon rally March 19 at the Seminole Criminal courthouse at which protesters called for Zimmerman’s arrest.

    “I stand for justice for Trayvon, for Sherman Ware,” she said.

    A lawyer for Trayvon’s family, Natalie Jackson, represented Ware. She said she did not believe Zimmerman handed out any fliers. She called the family’s account “race baiting”.


  30. knowthyenemy says:

    Here, read part of a letter written by George Zimmerman’s father to the local NAACP, in an attempt to walk the whole “George is a racist” thing back to reality:

    “Do you know the individual that stepped up when no one else in the black community would?” the family member wrote. “Do you know who spent tireless hours putting flyers on the cars of persons parked in the churches of the black community? Do you know who waited for the church‐goers to get out of church so that he could hand them fliers in an attempt to organize the black community against this horrible miscarriage of justice? Do you know who helped organize the City Hall meeting on January 8th, 2011 at Sanford City Hall??”

    “That person was GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. Ironic isn’t it?”

    “The main point for this letter is to explain to you that the black community has labeled George a racist without any investigation at all,” the letter continued. “Regardless of the fact that George personally spoke to many of your constituents, not one has stepped forward and said, ‘Hey I know that face. That is the Hispanic guy that was standing up for Sherman Ware. That was the only non‐black face in the meetings for justice in this case.’”

    “You know as well as I do that there are many NAACP followers that recognize George from the Ware case as well as many other good things that he’s done for the black community.”

    And guess what? One of the attorneys for Martin was the attorney representing Sherman in that case. Therefore she knew exactly who George Zimmerman was, along with many other members of the African American community and the Sanford community et al. Her name? None other than Natalie Jackson.

    Ms. Jackson could have easily squashed the whole racist aspect of this case immediately. But she chose to ramp it up, creating a racist of George Zimmerman out of whole cloth, so she and her enablers could shake down the community for $$$$$$. And guess what? Their little propaganda campaign worked! Racial tensions are sky-high, people are getting beat up on a daily basis all in the name of “Justice for Trayvon.”


  31. knowthyenemy says:

    “I kind of believe in karma,” ~ Natalie Jackson


  32. knowthyenemy says:

    Homeless victim takes on high-profile attorney:
    January 12 2011

    Attorney Natalie Jackson (left) and Mary Dixon, sister of victim Sherman Ware who was attacked by a Sanford police officer’s son, address the media this week.
    Attorney Natalie Jackson (left) and Mary Dixon, sister of victim Sherman Ware who was attacked by a Sanford police officer’s son, address the media this week.
    When interim police chief Steve Harriett returned to the Sanford Police Department this week, he was among familiar faces. He knew several members of the command staff, some of whom he hired as the SPD chief from 1985-1992.

    Although the new Public Safety Complex wasn’t in place during his 18-year tenure as a Sanford police officer, it still felt like home.

    “I was born and reared in Sanford. This is all I know,” said Harriett, a proud member of the Seminole High School Class of ’71. “I’m a Sanford boy.”

    Since 1992, he has served as chief deputy in the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. But under less than favorable circumstances in Sanford, Harriett has been called back to the SPD.

    His homecoming to his beloved police force, where his grandfather and uncle served before him, is marred by a scandal that has rocked the department. The SPD is under fire following a series of missteps, or worse, in the criminal investigation of a homeless man who was trying to break up a bar fight when he was struck and injured by the son of a police lieutenant.

    The controversy, fueled by allegations that police accorded the suspect special treatment, set off a chain of events that included the forced month-early retirement of Police Chief Brian Tooley and an internal review of the department’s actions.

    Until a new chief is named, Harriett was brought in to provide leadership to the SPD and assurance to the community that law and order will be preserved.

    “The Sanford Police Department has the longest and richest history of any law-enforcement agency in the area. We’ve got pictures of guys carrying swords,” he said. “We’re proud of our organization.”

    In the new police headquarters, next to the chief’s office, there is a parade of pictures of all Sanford police chiefs since the turn of the century, with Harriett’s photograph next to his predecessor, Ben Butler. Harriett learned his trade under Chief Butler, a law-enforcement icon who shepherded the department through the transformative years of 1967-1985.

    “He was one of my mentors,” Harriett said. “He was loyal, faithful and dedicated, a police chief who genuinely cared about his officers as well as the community he served. He was highly respected by everyone.

    “He demanded that you conducted yourself professionally. The chief held his officers accountable.”

    Harriett pledges these same ideals in the internal investigation of the SPD, launched to look into the conduct of nine officers associated with the case. Under orders by Harriett, this administrative review will be performed by the Professional Standards Division of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, an objective third party that will restore the hallmark of justice envisioned by Butler, Harriett, city officials and the citizens of Sanford.

    “Our goal is to meet the expectations of the community,” Harriett said.

    In doing so, he must calm the racial tensions fanned by the beating of the homeless man, who is black. By all accounts—including the NAACP, which is asking the Justice Department to investigate possible civil rights violations—Harriett was a popular choice to bring the community together.

    “I am very satisfied with this development,” said Sanford Commissioner Velma Williams.

    “Deputy Chief Harriett is a responsible, qualified and concerned individual who is highly respected by all races, all officers and all agencies. He has worked very closely with the African-American community.”

    To accomplish this goal, Harriett said the SPD must satisfy four main performance measures—to be visible, responsive, professional and results-oriented.

    “It may not even be a law-enforcement matter but, if we can help someone, we will do all we can,” he said. “Whatever problem the community brings to us, we’re going to see it through.”

    That means being proactive, and co-active, working with the community to lessen the impact of crime and resolve issues.

    “We’re partners in this,” he said.

    During his stint as acting police chief, the length of which will depend on how the nationwide search for a new police chief progresses, Harriett wants to reach out to the entire community in every way possible. One example will be to re-emphasize the ongoing community survey program, where police officers conduct reviews of homes and businesses to determine their strengths and weaknesses in warding off intruders.

    After all, Harriett said, the police department’s fundamental duty is to provide safety and security.

    As SCSO’s second-in-command, Harriett’s assumed a leading role in community policing and protection, helping Seminole County register the lowest index crime rate of any county in the region.

    These same basic protections have been espoused for generations by Harriett’s own family, which has carved out its own legacy in safeguarding the citizenry.

    His grandfather, George Washington Harriett, started it all as a Sanford police officer from 1920-1930, when he died of natural causes. Then it was his uncle’s turn to wear the SPD badge.

    Along the way, Harriett’s father, George Manning Harriett, served 38 years with the Sanford Fire Department, starting in 1942 as a firefighter and ending with a 15-year term as fire chief.

    “Public safety in Sanford is part of the family heritage,” he said.

    Harriett couldn’t wait to join the tradition after graduating from Florida State University with a degree in criminology.

    “On the day I graduated I walked in the door of the Sanford Police Department and took my oath as a police officer,” he said.

    Harriett would go on to earn a master’s degree in criminal justice from Rollins College and to graduate from the FBI National Academy.

    After distinguishing himself as an officer in the SPD, however, he accepted an offer to become the assistant city manager in 1980. While still maintaining active status as a police officer, Harriett focused on the business of city government.

    “It’s all personnel management and budget planning,” he said.

    His time in city government also helped him develop necessary leadership skills.

    “Leadership is inspiring others to buy into the mission of the organization. You develop an appreciation for the vision of the organization, where it wants to go and how to take it there,” he said.

    “But my first love was always law enforcement.”

    He discovered that the two career paths followed common ground. His government experience proved vital in preparing him for police administration, leading to his appointment as SPD chief. After eight years, he made the move to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

    “It was difficult to leave the city because I had so much invested, but the county also serves the city of Sanford,” he said.

    And, yes, the family tradition continues. His son, also an alum of FSU, is with the Tallahassee Police Department, where he manages information technology. And there is a grandchild on the way.

    “My wife and I are so ecstatic about being grandparents,” he said. “Life is good for the Harrietts.”

    And, he vows, life will once again be good for the SPD.

    “The Sanford Police Department has all the tools, personnel, technology, equipment, facilities and talent to be one of the prominent law-enforcement agencies in the area,” he said. “We’re going to move this agency forward.”



  33. knowthyenemy says:

    “Not to mention, those of us who know downtown Sanford well, know that Ware’s status as “homeless” is questionable. He has an address listed with the Florida Department of Corrections and has family around Sanford he often stays with.

    And although Ware may have been treated particularly cruel the evening of Dec. 4, as a “homeless” man he has been shown some kindness in Sanford.

    January 12, 2011


  34. knowthyenemy says:

    “Sanford, Florida is no stranger to haphazard investigations when the victim is black. Before Trayvon Martin and the hot glare of the national media, another black victim gained moderate local media attention: Sherman Ware. Most people don’t know his name, partly because we as a society deny the humanity of those who are poor, and partly because the media insists on telling his story with the sensational phrase “homeless black man”. But here’s a quick synopsis of Mr. Ware’s tragedy. Ware was brutally attacked outside of an establishment, Wet Spot, in Sanford on the night of December 4, 2010. When Sanford cops arrived on the scene, Justin Collison, Ware’s attacker, wasn’t questioned, detained, or arrested. It should be noted that Justin is the son of Sanford Lt. Chris Collison. The wheels of justice are notoriously slow, but in the case of Sherman Ware, justice’s wheels only moved forward because the attack was caught on video. Bill Lee was brought in as Chief of Police to fix the racial angst of Sanford. Much more should be opined about the racial angst of Sanford prior to the killing of Trayvon Martin if we are to fully understand the outrage of his death. ”

    04 May 2012

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  35. Kyozokuninja says:

    So…Ms. Jackson says the illegality, and therefore, the use of marijuana is not of importance in this case. Oh, and the suspensions mean nothing. Meaning we can’t say anything bad about St Skittles because? Because? As an attorney, she – and Crumpet – made an oath in the state of Florida:

    I do solemnly swear:
    I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Florida.
    I will maintain the respect due to Courts of Justice and Judicial Officers.
    I will not counsel or maintain any suit or proceedings which shall appear to me to be unjust, nor any defense except such as I believe to be honestly debatable under the law of the land.
    I will employ for the purpose of maintaining the causes confided to me such means only as are consistent with truth and honor, and will never seek to mislead the Judge or Jury by any artifice or false statement of fact or law.
    I will maintain the confidence and preserve inviolate the secrets of my clients, and will accept no compensation in connection with their business except from them or with their knowledge and approval.
    I will abstain from all offensive personality and advance no fact prejudicial to the honor or reputation of a party or witness, unless required by the justice of the cause with which I am charged.
    I will never reject, from any consideration personal to myself, the cause of the defenseless or oppressed, or delay anyone’s cause for lucre or malice. So help me God.

    “Whether or not he smoked a joint a week before, it does not matter,” said Martin family attorney Natalie Jackson. “This was an unarmed teenager in a place he had every right to be, who was confronted by a man with a nine-millimeter gun.”


  36. Kyozokuninja says:

    2010 a high-profile year for Orlando attorney Natalie Jackson
    ‘If there’s one thing we’ve got to do, it’s defend the Constitution.’
    December 27, 2010|By Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel

    …And most recently, Jackson has announced plans to file a civil-rights suit against the Sheriff’s Office and Department of Business and Professional Regulation after a series of raids by deputies at mostly black- and Hispanic-owned Orange County barbershops, WHERE HAIRCUTTERS WITHOUT VALID BARBERING LICENSES (commet author’s emphasis) were handcuffed and arrested.

    “This was such a clear case of illegal search and seizure,” said Jackson, of Orlando. “When I heard what happened, I thought it was horrible. As lawyers, if there’s one thing we’ve got to do, it’s defend the Constitution.” (So she’s saying it’s okay not to be certified if you are a minority? – K)

    …Many of her clients are low-income, Jackson said. It has put her in a squeeze. She is battling a foreclosure suit filed by her mortgage company and another suit by her homeowners association that accuses her of failing to pay $14,000 in monthly maintenance fees. (So you need to make money to cover these, right, Ms Jackson? Are you willing to lie to gain said monies, Ms Jackson? – K)

    “I’m a victim of the economy like everybody else,” Jackson said last week.


  37. Kyozokuninja says:

    Jackson shares details of Travdemark’s last moments: http://www.star94fm.com//Player/101306771/


  38. Kyozokuninja says:

    Lawyers who “continue to make irresponsible statements to the media”
    by Walter Olson on April 12, 2012: http://overlawyered.com/2012/04/lawyers-who-continue-to-make-irresponsible-statements-to-the-media/

    …Natalie Jackson, an attorney for Martin’s family, said these lawyers “continue to make irresponsible statements to the media.” In a statement obtained by NBC News she said, “Not only have they spoken recklessly about racial issues, enflaming passions and reinforcing stereotypes,” now they’ve thrown “their own client, George Zimmerman, under the bus by [alluding] to his possible flight from justice.”

    Yes, it would be nice if attorneys involved with the case refrained from making irresponsible statements to the media, speaking recklessly about racial issues and inflaming passions. It should be noted that this is the same attorney Natalie Jackson who, with colleague Benjamin Crump, promoted the “cold blood” or “two shots” account of the case that was influentially picked up by the New York Times’s Lizette Alvarez on March 17 and then by much of the rest of the press:

    On the recordings, one shot, an apparent warning or miss, is heard, followed by a voice begging or pleading, and a cry. A second shot is then heard, and the pleading stops.

    “It is so clear that this was a 17-year-old boy pleading for his life, and someone shot him in cold blood,” said Natalie Jackson, one of the Martin family lawyers.

    …Tom Maguire at Just One Minute has been all over media misreporting of the Martin/Zimmerman case, including the two-shots account. He points out that a large number of memes unfavorable to Zimmerman, and which turned out to need revision or correction in later coverage, originated with the Martin family’s lawyers, particularly Benjamin Crump. That would include Zimmerman’s allegedly huge weight advantage over Martin, the supposed “racial slur” that dominated coverage for a few days, and the negligence of the Sanford police department in still (“unbelievably,” says Emily Bazelon) not having interviewed Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend, who allegedly “heard him get pushed” over a cellphone (when in fact the family’s lawyers had instructed her not to cooperate).


  39. knowthyenemy says:

    Trayvon Martin’s Mother To Visit Baltimore:
    Friday, May 18, 2012

    WBAL’s Steve Fermier reports that Trayvon Martin’s mother is scheduled to visit Baltimore this weekend.

    Dr. Bryant joined WBAL’s Mary Beth Marsden Friday to talk about Trayvon Martin’s mother’s upcoming visit to his church

    The congregation at Empowerment Temple Church is expecting to hear from Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, at services this Sunday morning.

    Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant began an association with the Florida teen’s family soon after Martin was shot.

    A clergy group in Sanford invited him because of his experience as a director for the NAACP and he was among those who stood with Martin’s family at a gathering soon after George Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder. Pastor Bryant also has worked with NAACP’s Kweisi Mfume.

    The Pastor told The Sun that he wants his members to hear about Fulton’s bravery in standing up to injustice. Below is the tweet sent out Friday morning from Bryant.


    #TrayvonMartin mother is speaking at http://empowermenttemple.org Sunday for women’s day. Spread the word to all your sisters! #FB

    The news of the visit comes as autopsy results on the body of the teen show the presence of the drug THC from marijuana was in his system. Authorities also say that he was shot at very close range which tends to support the description of a struggle over the weapon. A photo of the back of Zimmerman’s head also indicates he was bloodied in the confrontation.



  40. xballer52 says:

    “You hear a shot, a clear shot, then you hear a 17-year-old boy begging for his life,” said Natalie Jackson, one of the family’s attorneys. “Then you hear a second shot.”

    The first shot can be heard in the distance — “a warning shot,” said attorney Ben Crump. The second shot is much closer.

    “It is shocking when you hear these 911 tapes,” said Crump. “It was far worse than they thought it was going to be.”



  41. recoverydotgod says:


    When police arrived, an officer overheard Zimmerman complain, “‘I was yelling for someone to help me but no one would help me,'” according to an incident report released Thursday. It also noted that, the back of Zimmerman’s shirt was wet and had grass clippings on it, as if he’d been on his back on the ground.

    On one recorded 911 call, the police chief said, “You can hear the struggle and the gunshot.”


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