ACORN Whistleblower, Anita MonCrief, and Her Fight Against Voter Registration Fraud.

Last Feb. 12th., I received an e-mail (with videos) from one of our commenters here at the Treehouse.   This ‘TreeHouser’ is currently involved with investigating voter registration fraud and they have asked to remain anonymous.  The primary subject in the videos we received is Anita MonCrief, an ex-liberal and Acorn whistleblower, who has now become a citizen journalist blogger.  The same corrupt individuals she mentions in the videos (below) are now targeting Congressman Allen West. 

In October of 2008, Anita MonCrief was a young, engaged, 27-year-old mother-to-be living in Maryland.  She attended the University of Alabama majoring in Political Science and History, then later interned for the American Bar Association.  In 2005, she joined ACORN and its affiliate Project Vote. As a staff member for Project Vote, she worked with grassroots organizers across the country to register low-income and minority voters.  Anita designed Acorn’s 2005, 2006, and 2007 Political Operations year-end PowerPoint presentations.   To quote Anita, “I lived and breathed ACORN with every fiber of my being at the time, because I thought that I was doing something to make the world better for Addie (my daughter).”

Soon however,  Anita learned what ACORN really was about and subsequently they had a falling out.  She made the following statements revealing connections between ACORN and the Obama campaign:

1. Project Vote has violated its 501(c)(3) status by using government and private grants that ultimately go directly or indirectly to ACORN (based on direct knowledge).

2. ACORN, Project Vote and Citizens Services Inc. (CSI) are essentially the same organization with different tax designations that are used to facilitate the transfer of money between them (based on direct and indirect knowledge).

3. ACORN has promoted a culture of dishonesty motivated by reaching target Voter Registration goals and senior staff have portrayed an attitude that allows for some “bad” cards in order to reach these goals (based on direct and indirect knowledge).

4. Karyn Gillette, Project Vote Development Director, Jeff Robinson, senior Project Vote “money man” and Nathan Henderson James, Project Vote Research and Political Director are all employed by CSI and may have worked directly with anyone seeking the services of CSI and money paid to CSI would have obvious ACORN ties (based on direct and indirect knowledge and documents).

5. Zach Polett, former Executive Director of Project Vote and former director of ACORN Political Operations mentioned that Obama had worked for us and that he even supervised him during a ACORN Political staff retreat in November 2007 (based on direct knowledge)

According to MonCrief, in the years 2003 through 2008, ACORN and its liberal groups like Emily’s List, and Project Parenthood, registered over seven million unmatched voters thereby creating Obama’s margin of victory in precincts across America.

MonCrief first came forward as a confidential source to The New York Times.  However, after the  Times backed away, she decided to speak publicly to expose the damage that ACORN had done to the impoverished and marginalized communities, as well as its rampant voter fraud.  She also began to blog and write about corruption within the ACORN/Project Vote network of corporations.   In June 2009, Project vote/ACORN filed a lawsuite against MonCrief attempting to silence her.  In March 2010, the lawsuit was dismissed.

Anita is now the National Spokesperson for American Majority , and the Editor-in-Chief of a new website, Emerging Corruption.  She’s a citizen journalist, blogger, and writer in Washington D.C., and contributes to Breitbart’s Big Government, Hot Air, and the Heritage Foundation as well.  She’s also an enthusiastic supporter of both Allen West and Sarah Palin, however, she’s most famously known as the ACORN/Project Vote Whistleblower.


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15 Responses to ACORN Whistleblower, Anita MonCrief, and Her Fight Against Voter Registration Fraud.

  1. Jennifer H says:

    I don’t know how many grass root organizations are out there trying to combat this problem but right next door to me is a great group called the King Street Patriots. They were quite effective in the last election exposing thousands of fraudulent voter registrations and working in various watchdog positions in precincts all over Texas. They are now bringing their ideas and tactics to combat voter fraud to the nation.
    Here is a link for those that have the time and inclination to help combat voter fraud in their area
    I suspect that this election will likely be the worst ever (in terms of fraud) because the leftists are in fear for their ‘lives’.


    • Ad rem says:


      If you only have a short amount of time, please watch the last of the videos. In this video Anita discusses her work with the K-St. Patriots in Texas. “True the Vote” is the group started by K-St. that was sent to Harris County TX to combat massive voter fraud by “Houston Votes”, the ACORN group in TX. Their 800 workers found that voter ID laws were not being enforced and that voter rolls were massively overinflated. Eventually “Houston Votes” had their license revoked because of the work done by “True the Vote” and Anita MonCrief. K-St Patiots and their “True the Vote” appeared with Anita at the last CPAC as well.


  2. I admire Anita MonCrief’s courage.


  3. Kristi says:

    Nothing has amazed me since Obama took office. NOTHING.

    I must have lived in a dream world before he ran for office… because I never thought this stuff actually went on.


  4. IAmDagny says:

    Notice how Anita speaks completely off the cuff with complete command with no notes, and not a single “uh”, “um” stammer or studder. One of the reasons she can speak with such clarity and command is because everything she is saying is true. She doesn’t have to analyze what she is saying while she is saying it because she has no lies to keep track of. She just tells people the truth, and it comes out with complete ease. Compare that to Obama and the rest. Their non-scripted speech is tortured because it is all tortured lies.


    • Exactly. And while I’m here just a note to say Thanks for the posting permission. Your writing on the Islamic considerations is very helpful in understanding a complex subject. Much enjoyed. 🙂


    • Ad rem says:


      So true. She speaks so forcefully and rapidly that she almost has to gasp for breath as she trips over the words. The words can’t spill out fast enough!


  5. Ad rem says:

    I know that three videos is a lot to sit through, and you all have demands on your time and attention. I would just request that you watch the third video….it really summarizes the other two nicely, and gives you a window into the whole discussion of voter integrity.


  6. GracieD says:

    I would definitely be interested in this issue. Louisianans vote even after they die. 😀


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