Part 9 – The Trayvon Martin Cover Up: MDSPD Sergeant Bradley Rosh Sworn Affidavit (Trayvon Martin FOIA #16)

Miami Dade Schools Police Department

Sergeant Bradley Rosh was one of the six Miami-Dade police officers accused of leaking police reports on Trayvon Martin to the media.  His accuser was former M-DSPD Police Chief Hurley, a man furious about the media becoming aware of Trayvon Martins’ encounters with MDSPD enforcement.

Sergeant Rosh was part of the team close to Commander Fox-Williams, and his affidavit outlines how he supported her duties and took case instructions from her as needed.  One event outlined was the M-DSPD being approached by a Channel 7 news reporter, Rosh Lowe, who was seeking more information about Trayvon Martin and his encounters with the police.

Sgt. Rosh intercepted Lowe in the lobby of M-DSPD and after finding out what Lowe needed Rosh relayed the request to Fox-Williams.   She in turn instructed Rosh to inform Lowe that any and all questions needed to go directly through the police chief.

Sergeant Rosh also affirms that he saw the M-DSPD file on Trayvon Martin held in the RMS (Records Management System) but he did not print, share, or discuss outside of his duties.

In addition Rosh discusses the new information policies that Police Chief Hurley put into place in 2010.    It appears those policies were instituted to insure that no-one discovered the instructions Hurley had given his officers about changing the engagement rules regarding young black male student offenders.

Hurley insisted that his police officers stop using the criminal code to document criminal activity.  Instead he required them to write their incident reports so that school discipline would be used to replace correction through the criminal justice system.  In some cases, like Trayvon, the entire incident was manipulatively reported to avoid pointing out the criminality of the behavior.

What follows below is the sworn affidavit from Sergeant Rosh as given to the Internal Affairs department investigator April 12, 2012.

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110 Responses to Part 9 – The Trayvon Martin Cover Up: MDSPD Sergeant Bradley Rosh Sworn Affidavit (Trayvon Martin FOIA #16)

  1. El Gordo Loco says:

    when is the decision supposed to come down about deposing Benjamin Crump?

  2. doodahdaze says:

    This stuff seems to me to be admissible evidence. It blows up the state’s contention that the suspicions by Zimmerman were unfounded. That is the key point in their criminal intent element of the murder charge. The Miami Police were put in the same box. It will impeach the states claims that Zimmerman was unreasonable in ‘profiling’ Martin as ‘up to no good’ and ‘maybe on drugs’. Without criminal intent there can be no crime. Only justifiable homicide. That is what this is, and has been, from the start.

    • Ricky Jimenez says:

      Zimmerman’s defense has possession of Martin’s school records. Are you suggesting that evidence of a coverup of them by the MDSPD is relevant to their case? Zimmerman explained in detail why Martin’s aimless moving around in the rain made him suspicious. TM’s behavior might be explained by his infatuation with the person on the phone with him, but Zimmerman still was within his rights to call the police. The important part of the case is what happened after they met face to face, apparently at the “T”. The school records may help the defense show that Martin behaved very aggressively towards Zimmerman, so they would be admissible on that account.

      • Ricky Jimenez says:

        I should have said, <>.

        • Ricky Jimenez says:

          I didn’t realize what does to what is in between. I wanted to add that the school records may help the defense show IT IS REASONABLE that Martin behaved very aggressively towards Zimmerman.

      • Springstreet says:

        As of yet, we have seen no (zero) evidence that the person George saw at the cut-thru was in fact Trayvon Martin (we just know one buttoned hooded figure who “looked black” ran away). AND, we have seen no (zero) evidence that Trayvon Martin was talking (except at the 7/11) to anybody anywhere (infatuated or not) on any (dead or undiscovered) cellphone. Also, George did not “meet” anyone face to face … his face was attacked by a parentally abandoned high school drop out whose records of previous criminal activity were being suppressed by Police/School officials … who (incredibly) will now probably also be sued (by the Scheme Team) for their (politically correct) malfeasance.

      • kobeclan says:

        “Zimmerman’s defense has possession of Martin’s school records.”

        Which records??? All of them? Certainly not.

        • Flaladybug says:

          Kobeclan……EXACTLY what I was wondering!! Which VERSION of the school records were given to the defense…..a COMPLETE UNREDACTED RECORD?? I suspect much of the report was missing due to the Baker Act coverup and would only be available in his complete medical records…..any thoughts??

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Doo Dah Daze,
      Yes this is “Bomb-Shell” evidence. Whenn O’mara interviews (deposes). Bradly Ross, they can then “connect the dots”, and this will blow Corey’s case (about Saint Trayvon) totally out of the water. Bernie will do everything in his power to prevent the deposition of these fine, HONEST Miami Police Officers. (Please wave at Bernie for me.)

    • nivico says:

      “It will impeach the states claims that Zimmerman was unreasonable in ‘profiling’ Martin as ‘up to no good’ and ‘maybe on drugs’.”

      Exactly. Even though his recent history of vandalism, trespass, and possession of stolen property, a burglary tool, drugs and drug paraphernalia aren’t ‘violent’ offenses… they do show a propensity for TM to engage in precisely the sort of behaviors the state is essentially wanting to claim he couldn’t have possibly been up to that night.

      And of course it doesn’t help the state’s case that no one actually wants to take credit for including that verbiage (profile, confront) in the affidavit… that was one of the first wtf moments in the case when Gilbreath 1) admitted the state had no evidence to support either claim, and 2) he didn’t even know who wrote it?!

      It begs the question… what does an innocent defendant do when the law is on his side but the state is playing dirty pool?

  3. LOu says:

    can’t believe the resource officer from Krop isn’t a witness yet. I think he would love to tell the truth, and we would understand why T was seen as suspicious.MDCPS is trying to stay out of it, but with all this info the obvious next step for MOM is to depose and have the resource officer describe T in court.. the seen as suspicious seems to be a big deal for the Trayvonites. George and the RO saw him, but they didn’t. they only see a cute little kid in a red shirt. boy, this is one of the largest deceptions of all time IMO.

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  5. libby says:

    I was reading through here (looking at various threads to see the general tone of the department before, during and after the various hurley scandals)….
    Among the most notable concerns it seems in the MD-spd department was the high turnover rates, the dissatisfaction with their employment. I feel bad for the individual officers, I also worried how this would affect the students at these schools. high turnover rates meant that new officers would be asigned to a school more often. having the same officer at the same school consistently would seem to be god for school morale (teach, staff and student) and overall morale would have an important effect on studfents (all of them-melissa harris perry or whatever your hiphenated last name is-if the community is responsible for the kids, then we take care of al the kdis equally, we dont give special attention only to black kids….that would be racialist and we are tryign to be equitable and fair)…..
    Time for an MLK quote……

  6. libby says:

    I found one I like (I love so much of what this man stood for and our current leadership seems to be smearing the good of this man’s legacy)……What did he die for? Why are suppoosed civil rights leaders so dead against what he stood for? Holder, are you reading? Mr president, have you found your way here? I love you, man, but I dislike your policies. Does that make me a raciss?
    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
    I love these sentiments. I know I have failed at times to be the love I hope to engender. I wont let my mistakes prevent me from becoming a better person. I pray we all find the strength to find our most positive outlook (and to put out best foot forward towards racial harmony).
    I dont believe a utopian racially harmonious state exists, but I think it is worth working towards. And I do believe the good ole US of A is the closest thing to a racial utopia the world has ever seen. Yeah, we have our shortcomings, but I have yet to come across a more racially diverse nation that is doing better than us.
    This is hardly an endrosement on the present. I think we need ot move forward, but I am also proud of our many accomplishments as well as cognizant of our failures. I am not blind to racism among whites towards blacks, I just dont think it is as big as it is made out to be. Not only that, but i think the racism among ethnic minoriites is in need of addressing.
    The argument among the anti-racists is that white racism is hidden so well the racist isnt even aware of it while they (they? the liberal anti-racists-the ones who think whites are responsible for all the ills of the world) are blind to the barely concealed very visible racism of ethnic minorities towards whites (and egged on by white liberals)

  7. libby says:

    “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.”
    I can forgive, but I havent heard their apology yet.
    Dr. Martin Luther King

    • Chip Bennett says:

      I can forgive, but I havent heard their apology yet.

      God commands us to forgive when another sins against us, not for the benefit of the offender, but rather for the benefit of the offended. We forgive because we are compelled to do so, to reflect upon the one who sinned against us the mercy that God granted us for our own sin. We forgive in order not to be led into our own sin through unforgiveness.

      When we forgive another for sinning against us, our forgiveness does not absolve that person; only God, through the atoning sacrifice of Christ, can absolve sin. The primary purpose, then, of forgiving someone is to release one’s own heart from holding onto unforgiveness, which begets bitterness, which begets hatred in one’s own heart, which is itself sinful.

      • libby says:

        Thanks Chip (your viewpoint is highly valued by me),,

        “I can forgive, but I havent heard their apology yet.”
        at least two possible meanings here (possibly more):
        1) I shall strive to forgive, but absent their apology, I am not sure they have learned their lesson (and thus I wouldnt be very trusting of them yet).
        2) I shall not forgive untli I have heard an apology
        I meant number one.

      • Flaladybug says:

        Chip…..without even knowing you just helped me IMMENSELY in dealing with a personal issue I have been struggling with for some time now….THANK YOU!!

      • Sharon says:

        Sometimes folks are confused about extending forgiveness because they assume it equates being expected to resume the relationship with whatever risks may be involved. Restoration of the relationship is separate from the choice to forgive. Completely separate issue.

      • arkansasmimi says:

        Chip, your awesome!!

      • arkansasmimi says:

        Also, people say “I can forgive, but I wont forget”. If you cant forget, your truly not forgiving. You can learn from it, but that is diff than not forgetting. Heard a wonderful sermon on that once. Chip is right.

        • Sharon says:

          I can’t tell you the number of conversations I’ve had over the years with folks of tender heart , absolutely crushed because someone persuaded them that their memory of what was done to them constituted evidence that they had not forgiven, so they were bearing false guilt in addition to the burden of what had been done to them in the first place.. God has the ability to decide to forget specific information. We’re not wired that way.

          • justfactsplz says:

            We sure aren’t. The devil will put that guilt feeling on us if we allow him to. When I think of guilt I think of Peter. He agonized when he heard the rooster crow three times. The Lord forgave him but Peter had to move on and forgive himself.

            • Sharon says:

              People impose false guilt on others when it suits them. That’s the whole meme being run by obama, from the top down in this nation, with BGI and all the prog stuff. It’s people who use false guilt against other people to gain and hold power. Yes, the devil does stuff and he’s good at what he does, but sometimes I think he gets credit for a lot of stuff that he’s not actually doing. He doesn’t have to. It’s covered. Deception is about 10 feet deep clear across this land.

              Nowhere in Scripture are we told to forgive ourselves: our problem on this point is usually that we have not understood the fact that we ARE forgiven. The idea that “we have to forgive ourselves” undercuts the extent of God’s forgiveness.

              • justfactsplz says:

                It isn’t in scripture. I think you are right that it has more to do with accepting God’s forgiveness. See I learn something new everyday. You help me put things in a better perspective, in a better light.

  8. CCG says:

    Interesting side note…the attorney representing Rosh is Mak Eiglarsh. Eiglarsh is a legal commentator and has done many shows commenting on Martin case.

    • ejarra says:

      That’s why his name was so familiar! He’s a regular on Kelly’s Court on Fox and has commented many times on this case. He seems one of the more pro-GZ lawyers. Maybe being in on the IA investigation could have swayed his thoughts. I know I would have for me.

    • nameofthepen says:

      Great catch, CCG!

    • justfactsplz says:

      Yes and he also commented a lot about the Casey Anthony case.

  9. unitron says:

    Could someone have left a flash drive or floppy or sheets of paper hidden in that restroom for Lowe to retrieve?

  10. nameofthepen says:

    So this guy went downstairs to help a reporter “piss off” (both figuratively and literally), and ends up being investigated for possible misconduct? Pffffffffttttt! :roll:

  11. IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

    Has anyone seen this news source? they had a section dedicated to trayvon martin news but stopped updating the stories 6 months ago (“parents of trayvon martin start website to fight syg laws”)
    They had posted all the first evidence dump. Something tells me that they decided to drop coverage when they realized george was innocent, out of sheer integrity, they decided to not play along with the main stream media’s narrative. However that leaves me to wonder, why then would they also not continue reporting the aspects of the case that have come out since in support of george? Would it be fear of being labeled racist and being trolled all of the time? did it not fit their own agenda? was it the crs involvement meeting with sanford groups? were they told to tamp it down, as they are such a local source??? what happened?

  12. IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

    a year ago this week
    “Trial in Martin Case, Filled With High Emotion, Would Draw a News Swarm
    Published: April 15, 2012
    The Orlando Sentinel’s Twitter account for the Trayvon Martin case is up and running. So, too, is its topics page, with links to all the newspaper’s articles about Mr. Martin and the man who shot and killed him, George Zimmerman, as well as video clips of its reporters talking about the case on television. A Facebook page will go online on Monday. And a Web video series might be next…………In explaining the intense interest in the case, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Wald and other reporters, editors and executives cited the potent issues involved: self-defense, gun violence, police competency and, of course, race, because Mr. Martin was black and Mr. Zimmerman is Hispanic……………………”

    oh gotta love this: “Correction: April 25, 2012
    A picture caption on April 16 with an article about media coverage of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida misidentified the man shown with Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother, during an interview with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News. He is Benjamim Crump, the lawyer for Ms. Fulton; he is not Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father. (Mr. Martin was shown in another picture with Ms. Fulton when they were interviewed by Nancy Grace on the cable channel HLN.)”

    • IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

      also a year ago nra convention in st louis: nra continues to be the voice of reason
      “Other than a Saturday speech that accused the news media of sensationalized reporting, N.R.A. officials have not commented on Mr. Martin’s death. But interviews with almost two dozen members over the weekend showed that some remain nervous about how the controversy might affect the future of Stand Your Ground statutes across the country, which have come under scrutiny since the shooting on Feb. 26.”
      ……”Greg Moats offered another assessment.

      “If Zimmerman acted out of line, there are laws in place to deal with that,” said Mr. Moats, 59, from Kansas.
      He added that he did not think the case should be a gun issue in the first place. “There’s nothing that the anti-gun groups wouldn’t do,” he said. “There’s no national disaster they wouldn’t exploit. They can manufacture fuel for whatever argument they want.””

      “Many of those interviewed expressed a willingness to give Mr. Zimmerman the benefit of the doubt, accusing others of rushing to judgment before all the facts are revealed.”

  13. IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

    more baker act kids????
    Police are investigating a series of armed robberies in Sanford within the last week that included an attempted carjacking, a home invasion, and two robberies at gunpoint.
    Most recently two armed robberies occurred in the early morning of Monday – only about an hour and a half apart – where each victim said they were robbed at gunpoint by four black males………………All of these followed an attempted carjacking that occurred Thursday afternoon in the Venetian Bay neighborhood. Police said a mother was putting her child into her vehicle when three boys approached. The woman told police she hurried into the vehicle as the boys surrounded it and one pulled a gun while ordering her to open up.

    The woman was able to put the car in reverse and police later caught two juveniles they believe were involved in the crime. A third suspect has yet to be identified.

    Read more: The Sanford Herald – Police investigate series of armed robberies within City of Sanford

    • CCG says:

      Just a “welcome to the neighborhood” for the new chief.

    • boutis says:

      “McAuliffe said the crimes are reminder that residents must report any suspicious activity they witness – no matter how trivial

      “It’s important to remain ever vigilant about people who are acting in a suspicious manner and report it,” he said.

      Anyone who witnesses suspicious activity is asked to call Sanford’s non-emergency line at 407-688-5199 or Seminole County’s line at 407-665-6650. If there is any presence of a threat or danger, said McAuliffe, always call 9-1-1″

      O’Mara needs to use this in his jury remarks since this is exactly what GZ did.

      • janc1955 says:

        Boutis: Boy, does he ever. The scheme team and Traybots want everyone to forget not only that GZ had every right to find TM suspicious, to follow TM in his truck, to try to keep visual contact with him, and to question him face-to-face (which didn’t happen, of course), but they want everyone to forget that GZ’s neighborhood had been the repeated target of burglaries/robberies by young black males. Team Skittles want to portray GZ as some nutjob who for no good reason called LE constantly about young black males in his neighborhood, completely ignoring the fact that several of his neighbors had been crime victims, which is why a NW was set up in the first place. This part of the scheme team narrative infuriates me more than all the other infuriating parts.

        • boutis says:

          And if the Sanford PD is asking ALL citizens to do this, even Neighborhood Watch private citizens, carrying their legal concealed weapon, going to buy groceries at Target what guarantee do they offer that they won’t be prosecuted if the suspicious person decides to beat the heck out of them. This is the unintended consequences of the prosecution of GZ. Why would anyone call LE in Florida or tell them anything about a suspicious behavior or a crime? Would they just call you an idiot, a want to be cop, and that you were profiling a good innocent little child? This case is having dire consequences for law enforcement.

          • Knuckledraggingwino says:

            The last SPD officer shot in the line of duty is Officer Warrol who was investigating a suspicious person at an apartment complex. The perp was a 16 year old Black male.

            If I lived in Sanford, indexer call the cops and I’d vote to cut their budget to zero.

          • libby says:

            You too could be found guilty of going to target while percived to be white outside of the preferred victim zone (remain unarmed at all times to ensure you are in the victim zone).

      • Sharon says:

        Oh, that’s rich.

  14. LandauMurphyFan says:

    I guess this is as good a place as any to post the GZ legal team’s response to Crump’s Motion to Determine Confidentiality re the settlement:

    • boutis says:

      He goes after them hard on “the real issue of potential witness bias” to secure settlements. The entire case is about money.

      • LandauMurphyFan says:

        Para.9 is particularly enjoyable when discussing whether TrayDad changed his story (about whose voice was screaming for help) not b/c Crump introduced him to the smell of lawsuit $$ but b/c he allegedly heard a cleaned-up version of the NEN tape. “The Defense is unaware of any improvement in the quality of the recording, and if there was an improved recording, one would think Mr. Crump would have disclosed it.” Yeah, ‘cos we all know what an audio expert he is! :-D

        • eastern2western says:

          1,2,3 you go.

        • auscitizenmom says:

          I have a little different take on Crump’s audio handling. I think he did exactly what he set out to do with DD. He wanted that recording to be as poor and illegible as possible. I am surprised he didn’t have a piece of paper crinkling it next to the recorder. :)

          • auscitizenmom says:

            “illegible” should have been “unintelligible”

          • boutis says:

            Of course he manipulated it to make it unintelligible and edited the heck out of it to cover his prompting, direction, and putting words into W8’s mouth. And it the partial ABC tape version had not been located he would have gotten away with it scot-free. Playing dumb to cover up crimes is a very common tactic. But it is not acceptable for a lawyer to do it.

            • myopiafree says:

              Hi Boutis – Same with the “John Doe” Cell phone. The total failure to PROVE anything about it. But what little we have says IT WAS NOT OPERATIONAL IN THE LAST 30 MINUTES. No effort to find WHO “John Doe” was talking to. No effort at EASY research – get those stinking PING LOGS from the phone company. Who at the SPD gummed up that research?

    • eastern2western says:

      this new response has just called crump an idiot without using the word idiot. great response, but it will take a corrupt judge to ignore it.

      • auscitizenmom says:

        LOL I had the same thought. :)

      • nivico says:

        “Such a suggestion is without support in law or common sense.” O’Mara

        Great summary of the situation in the defense’s response, but I tend to agree with you e2w, at the end of the day Crump doesn’t actually have to convince anyone with a lick of common sense or ethics…

    • Flaladybug says:

      Oh my….this is GOOD!! My FAVORITE quote is definitely the one on Pg. 2 section #5 that reads ” Such a suggestion is without support of LAW OR COMMON SENSE.”

  15. jello333 says:

    I liked the honesty of this guy on one point. Most of the other ones were like, “No, I never looked at the report!” or “If I looked at it, I had a good reason.” But Rosh admitted he looked at the report on his computer “out of curiosity”. Well OF COURSE, if you’ve got access to something involving the biggest case in the country at the time, and if it’s not illegal for you to do so, OF COURSE you’re gonna take a peak at it out of curiosity. I think it’s cool he admitted that.

  16. FrenchPug says:

    I’m having a hard time keeping all this info straight. If the jewlery was described in the police report as “found”, with no connection to martin, then how did the truth eventually get out? Robels story said that there was a police report that the news had. Was that the report about the found jewlery or another report? How did this end up being connected to martin? Is that where the supplemental report came in? And why are they asking about rosh lowe? Did he report sensitive info?

    • libby says:


    • theparagons says:

      The jewelry was found in TM’s backpack. Allegedly, the MD school police sent a picture of the jewelry to Miami-Dade PD to see if it matched the description of any reported missing jewelry in the area. The result was negative.

      Apparently, this school police report was one leaked to the Miami Herald. That’s one reason why an investigation was started.

      • libby says:

        so, if the jewelry was stolen from a place like sanford, its being placed in lost and found made sure it wouldnt be found by other police departments……There is this thing known as the internet that police agencies around the state use to share information with each other (and to return stolen property). Checking with only a single police department whlie excluding the rest of the state is very irresponsible and likely illegal. the stolen jewelry found on this young MAN was not dealt with according to SOP. the cops did what they could to hide any evidence of his criminality contrary to state law, imo, to cover up the illegal activities of only certain select ethnic groups (Afircan American young MEN were given special treatment, not sub par treatment).

      • FrenchPug says:

        But I thought the report didn’t mention that the the jewlery was found it martins bag. How did it come to be associated with martin if it was listed as found jewlery?

    • theparagons says:

      Still confused? Hope this helped. (hahaha…)

    • sillymsm says:

      The stolen jewelry/found items report got out I believe because Dodd (school policeman?) talked about it with one of the detectives. If it wasn’t for that, this report would have never gotten out because it was listed as “found items” and TM’s name was taken off the report. It is scary to think about how many other “found items” reports there are out there…

  17. arkansasmimi says:


  18. arkansasmimi says:

    Just catching up on this article. ODD.. the last name of Sgt is ROSH and the first name of the reporter is ROSH? Smh….

    • arkansasmimi says:

      Ok, this might be way out in left field…. but…. I know that most news/media people dont use their REAL names, or maybe part of it. Wonder if this Reporter ROSH Lowe is somehow ROSH as real last name and kin to the LEO? Just odd the names. Ok back on track

  19. sunrise440 says:

    Not sure if this has already been posted here, I copied the link from Random Topics. The word is getting out. Kudos to Sundance and Treepers.
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  20. libby says:

    They’re wratcheting up the hate for GZ over at huffpo (I cant provide a link to such a nasty article)

  21. doodahdaze says:

    There is new stuff on GZ legal I think.

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