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President Trump Discusses Unmasking of Flynn and Obama’s Political Surveillance – ie. “Obamagate”…

Maria Bartiromo broadcasts a taped interview with President Trump discussing the topic of Obamagate and how the IC, FBI and DOJ was weaponized against the Trump campaign and incoming administration. This interview is interesting as to how much President Trump … Continue reading

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Racist Vatican Canonizes Two Dead White Guys, Ignores Obama – Harry Reid Exposes Conspiracy: “Koch Brothers To Blame”…

HatTip WeeWeed – (Via Peoples Cube) While some undoubtedly ignorant people today made much ado about the nothing engendered in the Vatican’s redundant elevation of two dead old white males into so-called “sainthood”, reasonable people are asking a more important … Continue reading

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Ezekiel Emanuel VS. Chris Wallace On FNS: White House Blames Insurance Companies for Cancelled Plans (Charm, Misery, Anger)…

Deception is an uncomfortable characteristic to witness. (FOX NEWS) The architect of the Affordable Care Act insisted on “Fox News Sunday” that President Obama isn’t to blame for the rocky rollout of ObamaCare and deflected charges that the administration misled … Continue reading

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