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Minneapolis City Council Hire Private Security for Themselves, $4,500 Per Day, After Voting to Defund Police Department…

An interesting outcome and juxtaposition amid the new policing approach advanced by the Minneapolis City Council. After voting to remove police from the community, the same city council now approve hiring private security for themselves at a current rate of … Continue reading

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Quick, Retreat – The Biden/Clyburn Campaign and Key Democrats Now Reverse Position, and Oppose Defunding of Police…

CTH noted last night that something shifted. It was clear the Biden/Clyburn plan was quickly adjusted due to something internal; likely polling. Today, the background issue surfaces; the Biden/Clyburn campaign saying they do not support defunding the police. “As his … Continue reading

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Hollywood Celebrities Pay To Continue National Riots and Violence – “Match” Funds…

Most Hollywood celebrities are the personification of caviar socialists and limo-liberals.  Recently these celebrities have started a fund to pay the legal costs of looters, arsonists and Antifa/Black Lives Matter activists arrested for physical violence. As each payment is made, … Continue reading

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