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Federal Judge Orders IRS to “Name Specific People” Who Directed Tea Party Targeting…

If the U.S. electorate were ever to grasp the full scope of what took place in the IRS, FBI and DOJ weaponization of government to specifically target people, no-one in Washington DC would ever be safe from the backlash. There’s … Continue reading

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Federal Judge Orders State Dept. To Search For Benghazi Emails…

As surprising as it seems, the U.S. State Department never checked the ‘.gov’ accounts of key Hillary Clinton aides Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan in the initial search to fill the FIOA request filed by Judicial Watch for … Continue reading

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FOIA Documents Reveal Attorney General Loretta Lynch used Alias: “Elizabeth Carlisle”…

The American Center for Law and Justice filed a FOIA request for information surrounding the infamous 2016 Arizona “Tarmac Meeting” between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch during the ongoing Hillary Clinton investigation. The ACLJ has a summary of … Continue reading

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Reports: Mueller Empanels Grand Jury – First Subpoena Issued to Donald Trump Jr….

According to numerous media reports Robert Mueller has empaneled a grand jury so that subpoenas can be dispatched to begin taking testimony in the ongoing investigation into Russian interference within the 2016 election.  Apparently Donald Trump Jr. in the first … Continue reading

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More Intel Leaks: Nunes Letter To FBI Outlines “Hundreds of Unmasking Requests”…

According to a report from The Hill, structured around the leaking of a letter sent by House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes to the FBI, “The letter was provided to The Hill from a source in the intelligence community“, outlines a … Continue reading

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Thursday Morning – Kellyanne Conway Discusses White House Intrigue…

Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox and Friends morning to discuss the current state of White House intrigue:

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President Trump Cancels Obama/Kerry CIA Program Arming ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria…

Reports surface today that President Trump has cancelled the 2012/2013 covert CIA program giving weapons to ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria.  [Washington Post Link] Various news organizations frame the issue as cancelling the program to “arm the moderate opposition to … Continue reading

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