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Obama Admin and Allies In State Dept. Intentionally Undermine Structural “Trump Peace Alliance” With Leak To Reuters of Secret 2016 Meeting….

When we shared the last research outline of what is being assembled by a quiet coalition of President Trump (U.S.A), Prime Minister Netanyahu (Israel), President Fattah Abdel el-Sisi (Egypt), King Abdullah III (Jordan), King Salman (Saudi Arabia), President Mahmoud Abbas … Continue reading

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Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up – Italy and EU Strike Deal to Pay Libya To Keep Migrants in North Africa…

You really must reflect upon this recent media release to fully grasp the scope of the exhibited EU sanctimony. There’s a level of intellectual dishonesty that increases in direct proportion to the scale of Hypocrisy (X Axis) and Liberalism (Y … Continue reading

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Another Promise Fulfilled – President Trump’s Temporary Halt on Refugee Influx and Seven Nation Visa Suspension…

In yesterday’s executive action (full script not yet released) President Trump suspended the visa travel program with Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days in order to assess the screening process for immigrants, and visitors. Additionally, … Continue reading

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Live Stream Rex Tillerson Confirmation Hearing – 3:00pm Until….

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is conducting confirmation hearing for President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson (aka T-Rex).   Two Live Stream’s below: PBS – Live Stream Link: FOX – Live Stream Link:

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About Today’s Ridiculous Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing – The Advocacy for Deep State…

BLOOD BOILING – Everything you need to know about the motives and intents of today’s insufferable Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on “Foreign Cyber Threats to The United States“, can be summed up in the following question: Why does DNI … Continue reading

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Understanding Obama/Kerry’s Recent Approach Toward Israel and the Palestinians…

There are numerous reports where the current events surrounding President Obama’s push to paint Israel into a corner are specifically outlined and addressed with specificity.  However, if you really want to understand what’s going on, you must reference the longer … Continue reading

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Report: Egyptian Media Have Transcript of Kerry/Rice Colluding With Palestinian Authority Against Israel…

This is disturbing.  According to The Times of Israel, the Egyptian government have transcripts of communication showing Secretary Kerry and Susan Rice formulating a plan with the Palestinian Authority to create the anti-Israeli U.N. scheme; and beyond… The usual suspects: … Continue reading

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