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Lindsey Graham Discusses DHS Border Security Funding and Political Details….

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman appears on Fox News to discuss the border security funding bill.  Senator Graham urges President Trump to accept the deal that is presented and move on. Advertisements

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Devil in Details – Democrats Insert Language Allowing States and Municipalities to Veto Border Wall…

The language of the bipartisan border security funding legislation is still being written. Unfortunately, reports indicate Democrat language will be inserted into the DHS funding bill that will allow any town, city, municipality, mayor, city manager or local council within … Continue reading

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MAGAnomics – Despite Doom and Gloom Tariff Predictions Inflation Remains Low…

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the latest consumer price information today which shows overall low inflation at 1.6 percent (with energy price deflation, and flat food prices). Excluding food and energy costs the total CPI remains low at 2.2%.   … Continue reading

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U.S. Trade Delegation Likely to Meet Chairman Xi Jinping Friday….

Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Robert Lighthizer are currently leading another round of trade negotiations in China.  Recent reporting indicates the U.S. team will meet with Chairman Xi Jinping at the conclusion of this round … Continue reading

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Pictures of the Day….

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President Trump Speech to U.S. Sheriff’s and Major City Police Chiefs…

Earlier today President Donald Trump delivered a speech to a conference of Major County Sheriffs and Police Chiefs. [Video and Transcript] . [Transcript] 3:21 P.M. EST – THE PRESIDENT: I have a lot of friends in this room. Thank you. … Continue reading

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The al-Qaeda Rep. Questions Venezuela Special Envoy Elliot Abrams…

al-Qaeda is at the functional military end of the Muslim Brotherhood spectrum.  The Muslim Brotherhood is the umbrella political face for multiple factions of radical Islam. al-Qaeda’s representative to congress, Ilhan Omar (AQ-MN), was given a seat on the House … Continue reading

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