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Eclipse 2017 – Open Discussion Thread…

There’s a great deal of interest in the solar eclipse happening today throughout the U.S.  Here’s an open discussion thread for anything pertaining to the eclipse: NASA also has an eclipse countdown clock and Live Webcast SEE HERE Advertisements

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A Note About Political Violence…

A brief note about political violence from an observer of modern political history. Many people are familiar with the linear political terms left and right.  Left equals Democrat world-views and Right equals Republican world-views.  On the left we discuss progressives, … Continue reading

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Being A Little Boy’s Mama – The Real Life Version

Originally published in 2014. I thought it worth a re-do, in honor of more grandsons being born and joining the family. Lately on Facebook, several versions of what it means to be a little boy’s mama have been circulating. They … Continue reading

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Imposter/Fraud Alert – Conservative Tree House is NOT on Facebook…

We received the following email inquiry: “I need some info. There’s a new FB page calling themselves Conservative Treehouse. Is that The last refuge Conservative Treehouse or has someone taken your name to create a page on FB? Their stories … Continue reading

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The Dramatic Pageantry of The Arab Islamic American Summit – Video and Discussion…

The Saudi people and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are very proud of what they were able to accomplish during this historic visit by President Donald Trump to the summit of a united Arab coalition. (Summit Production Video): . The … Continue reading

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The Last Great Race – Iditarod Day #2

You can follow the updates at the Official Iditarod Website HERE – The Iditarod Trail Facebook Page is HERE Nicolas Petit first to Yukon – By Joe Runyan In an impressive display of raw power, Nicolas Petit took command at … Continue reading

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The Last Great Race – Iditarod Day #1

You can follow the updates at the Official Iditarod Website HERE – The Iditarod Trail Facebook Page is HERE The race began approximately 12 hours ago. ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Mushers pumped their fists and high-fived fans Monday as they … Continue reading

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