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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Issues Modified Stay-Home Order…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was under massive pressure to issue a state-wide stay-at-home order.  Most of the pressure was from political opposition and their allied media… However, there was an aspect to the COVID-19 mitigation that Gov. DeSantis wanted/needed; so … Continue reading

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President Trump Extensive Interview with Sean Hannity About Ongoing Coronavirus Response – Video

President Trump called-in to Fox News host Sean Hannity for an extensive interview on the latest coronavirus developments.  Full interview below: .

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Kansas and Missouri Officials Dictate “Stay Home” Order for 30 Days….

CTH analyzes data to assemble unemotional models that reflect/predict outcomes.  If this type of government mandate expands much further, there WILL be rationing – it is an inescapable conclusion.  It’s not a matter of “if“, it’s a matter of when… … Continue reading

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PA Turnpike Authority Reopens Closed Service Stations To Support Truckers…

Math is math. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math, understand the logistics of the current extreme demand, recognize that fixed assets are limited, and realize if you shut down essential services for truckers the total supply-chain … Continue reading

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(Part II) – Coronavirus as a Global Economic Reset…

…there had to be a point where the value of the Wall St economy surpassed the value of the Main St economy… Part I Here We now look forward, and consider the question: How would the multinational underwriters, the multinational … Continue reading

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President Trump Meets With Tourism Industry to Discuss COVID-19 Issues – Video and Transcript…

Earlier today President Trump met with executives from the U.S. tourism industry to discuss how their operation are impacted by the various COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Participants included: Roger Dow, President & CEO, Travel Association; Chip Rogers, President & CEO, American … Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau Closes Canadian Border to Most Foreign Travelers….

In 2017 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau famously mocked the U.S. effort to restrict migration by saying Canada welcomes all refugees. However, apparently in 2020 diversity is a Canadian strength, unless there is a possibility a person might be germy. … Continue reading

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