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Illegal Immigration and Lax Border Controls are The Epicenter of The UniParty….

CTH has tracked this issue so closely through the years it often feels futile for another reminder.  However, with the insufferable political games surfacing, yet again, over the issue of illegal immigrants and children – perhaps it is worth another … Continue reading

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President Trump Signs Law to Target On-Line Sex Trafficking…

H.R. 1865, the “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017,” which makes it a Federal crime to own, manage, or operate a website with the intent to promote or facilitate prostitution. [Summary Details] [Transcript] 11:08 … Continue reading

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The Bloom is On The Ruse – Evidence Surfaces Attorney Lisa Bloom Arranged Payments for Trump Accusers…

Attorney Lisa Bloom is the daughter of Gloria Allred.  The apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the poisonous tree.  Both Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom have a history of planned and strategic attacks against candidate Donald Trump and President Donald … Continue reading

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“CLICK”: CNN Contributing Host Ryan Lizza Fired from New Yorker…


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Senator Al Franken Schedules Announcement For Tomorrow…

It appears the DNC (Perez) gender plan for the political aspirations of elected Democrats is continuing.  In a coordinated and strategically timed roll-out today, DNC Chairman Tom Perez and a host of top level Democrats began demanding Senator Al Franken … Continue reading

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John Conyers Announces He Is Retiring From Congress Effective Immediately…

Facing increased scrutiny for his financial settlements with harassment accusers, Democrat Representative John Conyers states he is retiring from congress.  According to lawyers speaking on behalf of Conyers, his retirement is effective immediately. (Via CBS) [John Conyers (D-MI)] has announced … Continue reading

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Super-Creepy Expanded Predatory Sexual Assault Claims Against Matt Lauer…

Good grief, when does this get accurately labeled as super-creepy, villain-level, ‘work-place rape‘? According to updates reports in Variety and The New York Times, NBC Today Show creep, Matt Lauer, actually had a button installed on his desk to auto-lock … Continue reading

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