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Doctors Without Borders Suspends Their North African Migration Ferry Service…

Facing increased criticism from the EU and Libyan officials being paid by the EU to keep North African economic migrants from crossing the Mediterranean, Doctors Without Borders has temporarily shut down their North African ferry services. Under the auspices of … Continue reading

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Why is President Trump Threatening Assad Over Chemical Weapon Use?…

There are people on all sides of the political continuum entirely missing the reason for President Trump to threaten Bashir Assad publicly.   Key word to understanding the Trump motive is: “publicly“. President Trump, according to all high-brow punditry, is breaking … Continue reading

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Dramatic Video: Dozens Feared Dead – Boat Carrying 150 Tourists Sinks In Colombia

Details Sketchy – Dramatic video captures the moment when a boat carrying approximately 150 tourists sunk in Colombia resulting in dozens dead, according to most recent media reporting. The vessel was in the Penol reservoir when it went down, near … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Otto Warmbier Has Died…

In a statement from the Warmbier family they announce the American student, Otto Warmbier, who was detained by North Korea, and released last week while in a coma, died today at 2:20pm EDT. It was less than two weeks ago … Continue reading

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Collision At Sea – U.S.S. Fitzgerald Collides With Cargo Container Ship ACX Crystal Off Coast of Japan…

This is really odd in the extreme. Multiple human-factors, and technological safeguards, would need to fail simultaneously -on both vessels- in order for this catastrophic impact to have happened at sea. Seven U.S. Navy crew members are missing and one … Continue reading

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Secretary Tillerson Testifies To Senate Committee on Fiscal Year 2018 Budget…

Today, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the State Department’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget. , [Transcript] SECRETARY TILLERSON: Well, some of you may have seen a press release that was put out just … Continue reading

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Wunderkind Macron Threatens Putin/Assad With Unilateral “Red-Line” Action…

President Trump’s EU strategy is swimmingly effective. Truly, President Trump’s multinational approach is jaw-droppingly transparent (they’ve obviously never read any of Trump’s books), and today France’s Emmanuel Macron showed just how thoroughly disconnected he is from understanding his own position. … Continue reading

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