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Fantastic News – All 12 Boys and Soccer Coach Rescued From Flooding Caves In Thailand…

Terrific news. All twelve boys and their coach have been rescued in Thailand after more than two weeks trapped in flooded caves. An international coalition of divers led by Thailand SEAL’s and rescuers from over 50 countries were able to … Continue reading

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Thailand – Four More Boys Rescued in Second Mission Bringing the Total to Eight, Five Remain to be Saved…

Four more Thai schoolboys have been rescued from the underwater cave complex in Northern Thailand during the second mission.  This brings the total rescued to eight so far with four remaining and one adult; their soccer coach. CHIANG RAI, Thailand … Continue reading

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Thailand: Four Boys Rescued in Part 1 Of Treacherous Operation Racing Against Time and Rain…

Four of the twelve Thai schoolboys were rescued by divers in part one of an exhaustive international effort. The remaining boys will have to wait until oxygen tanks are replaced and equipment resupplied along the underwater system for the next … Continue reading

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Act II – The Dance of The Dragon Continues….

China controls the DPRK, that’s the baseline reality.  The question debated over the past several years, has been to what extent?  Having witnessed the Singapore Summit, perhaps we now have additional understanding of the scale and scope. Kim Jong-un “is” … Continue reading

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Wow – VP Mike Pence Shares Note From American Held Captive in North Korea…

Vice President Mike Pence has shared part of a personal note he was handed this morning from a returning detainee.   It is unknown who specifically handed him the note; however Kim Dong Chul is an ordained minister and was held … Continue reading

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U.S. Navy and NASA Join Search for Missing Argentina Sub With 44 Crew…

The Argentine military submarine ARA San Juan has been missing for approximately three days.  Today there were reports of seven attempted transmissions from frequencies that appear to emanate from the sub.  However, they were only a few seconds in duration … Continue reading

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Meet Stephen Willeford – The Hero Who Engaged Texas Church Shooter (Riveting Testimonial)…

Stephen Willeford is the man who shot and chased the Texas gunman who killed 26 people in a Texas Baptist church on Sunday.   Mr. Willeford shares the story of what took place during an interview with 40/29 News in Texas. … Continue reading

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