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BREAKING: Otto Warmbier Has Died…

In a statement from the Warmbier family they announce the American student, Otto Warmbier, who was detained by North Korea, and released last week while in a coma, died today at 2:20pm EDT. It was less than two weeks ago … Continue reading

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Collision At Sea – U.S.S. Fitzgerald Collides With Cargo Container Ship ACX Crystal Off Coast of Japan…

This is really odd in the extreme. Multiple human-factors, and technological safeguards, would need to fail simultaneously -on both vessels- in order for this catastrophic impact to have happened at sea. Seven U.S. Navy crew members are missing and one … Continue reading

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Secretary Tillerson Testifies To Senate Committee on Fiscal Year 2018 Budget…

Today, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the State Department’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget. , [Transcript] SECRETARY TILLERSON: Well, some of you may have seen a press release that was put out just … Continue reading

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Wunderkind Macron Threatens Putin/Assad With Unilateral “Red-Line” Action…

President Trump’s EU strategy is swimmingly effective. Truly, President Trump’s multinational approach is jaw-droppingly transparent (they’ve obviously never read any of Trump’s books), and today France’s Emmanuel Macron showed just how thoroughly disconnected he is from understanding his own position. … Continue reading

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Egyptian President El-SiSi: “Don’t jump to conclusions” on President Trump…

There is no doubt the genuine secular leaders in the mid-East, those who value freedom and minority protections like Fattah el-Sisi (Egypt) and King Abdullah (Jordan), will find a more consistent and stable ally with President Donald Trump. “I believe … Continue reading

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Father Crushed By Boulder In Idaho Saved by Quick Thinking 13-Year-Old Boy Scout Son….

Remarkable and uplifting story of how a 13-year-old boy scout helped his Father survive three days in the wilderness and hiked out to get help. Weighing in at 90lbs and carrying a 40lb backpack, 13-year-old Charlie Finlayson not only had … Continue reading

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Woah – Planned Parenthood Tells Congress Future Expose’ Videos Will Be Even Worse, Much Worse….

Sweet mother of hades, we had a strong suspicion last week the video release by Center for Medical Progress investigation of Planned Parenthood was merely the tip of the iceberg – but no-one had any idea how deep they penetrated into … Continue reading

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