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Rasmussen Poll: 71% of Democrats Say Clinton Should Run Even if Under Felony Indictment…

Orange really IS the new black. A Rasmussen Poll released today shows 50% of the electorate believe Hillary Clinton should continue running for President even if she is under federal indictment.  Perhaps even more stunning is that 71% of Democrats … Continue reading

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News Sources Claim Mysterious Questions Around Wal Mart Unexpectedly Closing 5 Locations – We Share Most Likely Cause….

Seeing this story repeated in numerous outlets, and with a growing mystery beginning to take hold, allow us to share some insight to help identify the most likely reason. First the article:  (Business Insider) Wal-Mart suddenly closed five stores in … Continue reading

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Senator Angus King Responds To Jonathan Gruber Video… (Full U of PA Gruber Video w/ Links)

Almost nothing needs to be said as the Angus King video speaks for itself.  Senator Angus King supporting the Democrat viewpoint that people don’t know enough about what’s best for them and so then need to be deceived in order for liberal … Continue reading

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UNBELIEVABLE yet PREDICTABLE – During Malaysia Joint Press Conference NBC’s Chuck Todd Asks President Obama For Statement On LA Clippers Owner Racial Comment Controversy *Update* Video Added

– Post Bumped and Updated With The Video – The first U.S. journalist to rise and ask a question during the official press conference between President Obama and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib was Chuck Todd from NBC News. What does … Continue reading

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Race-Baiting Media EXPLODES Over Dunn Trial Verdict…… Don Lemon, Charles Blow, Piers Morgan, Lead The Way….

(Via MediaIte)  CNN legal analyst Paul Callan noted the issue here is whether the shooting was premeditated or if it was a last-minute decision. Lemon took note of all the people pointing out online how angry he’s been over the … Continue reading

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Stompy Feet Stomps – It’s Obvious He Can’t Wait To Get The Heck Outta There…

Milli Vanilli stopped doing live concerts as soon as the audience became aware they were lip-syncing. Look at his face as President Edsel is being questioned.  Then listen to what Obama actually says in his response.   “I’m not concerned with polling, … Continue reading

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As The Treehouse Grows…And The Zimmerman Trial Mania Fades

The moderators here at the Treehouse would like to cover some basic issues with our Treepers, new and old. Hopefully we can clear the air, cut down on confusion, and answer questions and concerns. First of all, we would like … Continue reading

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