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Stock Market Closes Over 23,000 – Flashback: Mark Cuban Pre-Election Prediction: “If Trump Wins, The Market Tanks”…

The stock market (Dow Jones Industrial Average) closed today at 23,157.  The highest ever in the history of the Stock Market. On September 6th 2016 the Stock Market was at 18,510 when anti-Trump billionaire Mark Cuban appeared on television to … Continue reading

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Panda Talk – President Trump Listens To Henry Kissinger on Prior (Failed) China Policy…

Ahead of a working lunch with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary James Mattis, President Trump holds a consultation meeting with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Mr. Kissinger has been an arms-length foreign policy adviser since the … Continue reading

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MAGAnomics – Adjusted Final 2nd Quarter GDP Reflects 3.1% Growth…

The latest 2nd quarter (April – June) GDP growth estimates have been revised to show an increase of 3.1% breaking the economic threshold of three percent President Trump established as a growth goal. Economists snarked it would never happen. However, … Continue reading

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Report: Trump Will End DACA Tuesday With 6 Month Delayed Deportation Enforcement Window For Congressional Action…

Generally speaking, anticipatory media reports can often be subject to incorrect assumptions and false conclusions.  However, a Politico report on the outline of President Trump eliminating the DACA program passes the general sniff test of a process likely to be … Continue reading

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Report: NBC Executives “Total Panic” People Won’t Watch Megyn Kelly Morning Show…

Well, duh.  Think about it.  Most women don’t like her, except for her BFF Sheryl Sandberg, and most men can’t stand her, so who exactly is her target audience?  It’s a little challenging to build an entire morning broadcast audience … Continue reading

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Robert Mueller Probing Flynn-Turkey Financial Lobbying Arrangements…

Here’s one angle to the Robert Mueller investigation that was entirely predictable. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now seeking documents from the White House on Michael Flynn and his personal arrangement to lobby for Turkey during the 2016 election.  Specifically … Continue reading

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