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Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses FISA Abuse Investigation…

Chairman Lindsey Graham appears on late-night-interuptus to discuss his Senate Judiciary investigation into allegations of FISA abuse, etc. Advertisements

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Ongoing – Terrorist Attack Against Western Resort in Mali…

Ten days ago the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Mali warned every American to avoid any travel to Mali and specifically to avoid any resort, hotel or venue without high security: “Avoid vulnerable locations with poor security … Continue reading

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Jonathan Karl’s IRS Tax Audit Coming In 3…. 2…. 1…..

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Alarming Reports Of Mass Executions In Iraq (Tikrit) While U.S. Contractors Hunker Down/Fight Awaiting Rescue….

Alarming to YOU, but not necessarily to the White House fundraising team headed to Palm Springs. Against the videos of thousands of Iraqi troops being road-marched by ISIS islamists fighters, new reports outline 1,700 of them may have ended with … Continue reading

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U.S. Intelligence Officials Refuse to Sell Obama Narrative on al-Qaeda – “Over My Dead Body”, will we affirm al-Qaeda is diminished…

If Eli Lake leaves the Daily Beast you will see this level of exposition stop immediately.  Despite his leftist leanings on the subject of Libya and Islamic extremism Mr. Lake is perhaps the most accurate of all reporters on the … Continue reading

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A Trip Around Dear Leader’s Partial Globe – “Lightbringer Edition”….

Sometimes it helps to pause and reflect, then evaluate for yourself: IRAN – In 2009, from the now infamous Cairo Speech, an uprising of the student led “Green Movement” striving for a voice amid the heavy hand of hard-line Islamist governance … Continue reading

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Obama / Clinton and The al-Qaeda Disconnect…. “CORE” al-Qaeda (video)

Most people know al-Qaeda (as a terror entity) has evolved over the past 10+ years.   Recently the Obama administration has doggedly tried to parse and obfuscate around a principle that CORE al-Qaeda has been destroyed. This claim is essential to framing … Continue reading

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