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Representative Doug Collins Explains The Reasoning and Sequencing of House Transcript Releases…

House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins appears with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the reasoning and sequencing of congressional transcript releases highlighting the FBI and DOJ officials who participated in the political weaponization of their offices. According to Representative Collins … Continue reading

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Sunday Talks: Senator Rand Paul -vs- Margaret Brennan on Syrian Withdrawal…

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (KY) appears on CBS Face-the-Nation to discuss the appropriations conflict, border security and his support for President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan. . Anyone else notice not a single media network even … Continue reading

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Derp TV 2.0

On the same day Alex Jones is kicked off media platforms for promoting informational products the control agents deem to be ‘conspiracy theory’…. CNN airs this: .

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Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó Dispatches Insufferable BBC Pontificating Liberalism…

The BBC’s condescending Emily Maitlis demands support for the European Union and challenges the sovereign authority of Hungary to self-determination.   Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó was having none of that nonsense, and pushed back against little Miss feelings. . This … Continue reading

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D’oh Canada – Justin and Chrystia Announce Plans To Retaliate Against U.S. Steel/Aluminum Tariffs – Trudeau Government Will Expand Unemployment Payments, and Subsidize Canadian Industry…

Today Canada released an updated list of retaliatory tariffs designed as countermeasures to the U.S. Steel and Aluminum tariffs [SEE HERE] which will begin Sunday, July 1st. Additionally, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains, and Employment and Labour … Continue reading

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New York Fed Sees U.S. Economy Growing 3.2% in Fourth Quarter…

All leading economic forecasters said it would be impossible for President Trump’s MAGAnomic plans to generate 3% GDP growth in the first year.  President Obama said it was impossible and Trump would need a “magic wand, or something“. Well, three … Continue reading

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Sketchy Media Now Retreating From Sketchy Russian Conspiracy Reports…

Hillary Clinton and aligned political operatives manufactured the illusion of a connection between Russian entities and the Trump campaign/organization. Those manufactured points of evidence, including a sketchy Russian Dossier, were used by the political intelligence community (Clapper, Brennan Comey) to … Continue reading

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