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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Holds Press Briefing – Answers Questions on Kashoggi Determinations…

President Trump’s statement on Saudi Arabia is one of the most forthright explanations of foreign policy by a US President, ever. No obfuscation; no convoluted parseltongue; just plainly spoken brutal honesty.  The Saudis may do bad things but they are … Continue reading

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Influence in Action: Croatia Will Not Sign U.N. Migration Agreement – Brazil Will Move Embassy to Jerusalem…

Reports from European media that Croatian nationalist President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic will follow with the United States, Hungary and Austria and dismiss the United Nations latest global migration agreement. (Voices of Europe) Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic will not sign the UN’s … Continue reading

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President Trump Interview With Laura Ingraham….

Tonight President Trump gave Fox News host Laura Ingraham an extensive interview to discuss multiple issues and current events.

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PM Benjamin Netanyahu Sends Message of Support to Pittsburgh…

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sends a message of support to the people of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. .

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Blasts John Kerry’s Intervention in Iran: “literally unprecedented”….

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a press conference today reacting to how Obama administration officials were intentionally undermining current U.S. policy.  Those actions include former Secretary of State John Kerry traveling to various hostile nations, specifically Iran, and telling … Continue reading

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Dual-Purposed Trump Doctrine Squeeze #3 Continues – Pentagon Cancels Financial Aid to Pakistan…

The Trump Doctrine is easiest to describe as: deploying economic leverage to achieve national security interests.  The Trump Doctrine is unique and stunningly effective. Many of the geopolitical decisions have multiple facets which connect like small gears on a much … Continue reading

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Here We Go – China State Media Attacks Trump on Trade Using Unusually Harsh Terms…

If there was a five-click dial available as a severity meter between the U.S. and China, something happened internally in Beijing, over the last 72 hours, because that dial just triggered movement from 3 to 4… Keep watching everything in … Continue reading

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