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Epic – President Trump Tweets Hilarious Biden Spoof….

Carpe Donktum strikes again.  A little while ago President Trump tweeted the hilarious spoof created by meme generator Carpe Donktum.  Here’s the video meme: . And below is the tweet from President Trump welcoming back Joe Biden. Advertisements

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Joe Dan Gorman Presents: The Green New Episode…

In his latest Intellectual Froglegs episode cousin Joe Dan Gorman asks: …”does the left needs to take pills to be so smug?” The answer is yes, and they’re called suppositories. WATCH the Latest Episode Here

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A Higher-Brow Analysis of “The Swamp”…

And now….  for something, completely different. Enjoy:

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Brilliant Agitprop: Peshwa Warrior Trump…

The selected facial impressions are buckets of awesome.

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EPIC – President Trump Tweets Carpe Donktum SOU Mashup….

CTH shared this hilarious video on February 6th; today President Trump shared it with the world.  Epic and hilarious: — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 15, 2019

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A Resistance Perspective – The State of Our Union….

The look on Mitt Romney’s face is, well, priceless….  Too Funny: . Credit: Carpe Donktum Twitter Carpe Donktum Facebook Carpe Donktum YouTube

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President Trump Remarks: Liawatha’s “I’m gonna git me a beer” Skit, Would Have Been Better From Wounded Knee…

President Trump drawing attention to the severely inauthentic Senator Elizabeth Warren through a little presidential humor: (Tweet Link)

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