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Donald Trump Gives Media Cuban Sandwich for Pre Debate Discussion…

Source – Source – Story – and (Fat Man Anticipated)

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Intellectual Froglegs – “It Takes a Village Idiot”…

Joe Dan Intellectual Froglegs Website HERE:   Follow Joe Dan on Twitter HERE

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Video Tribute To The #BestSummerEver !!

Stay with it….  enJOY !! #BestSummerEver

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Cowboy Up ! – Oregon Rancher Lassos Mexican Bandit At Wal Mart…

“I use a rope every day, that’s how I make my living. If it catches cattle pretty good, it catches a bandit pretty good.” (Eagle Point Police Department FB) Oregon rancher Robert Borba was at the Eagle Point [Wal Mart]  … Continue reading

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Treatment for Battered Conservative Syndrome…

Common side effects of Growacet™ include: lack of headaches, visual acuity, increased cognition, lower blood pressure, and increased energy. Other side effects include: uncontrollable optimism, a happier life, decreased desire to listen to talk radio, severe aversion to images of … Continue reading

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Epic: Policeman -VS Fireman…

If, like me, you grew up in a much simpler time and understandably accept the #1 best candy of all time is cherry flavored Pez.  Perhaps you too might remember the epic sandlot arguments about which super-hero was strongest. Mighty … Continue reading

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Iranian TV Discusses The Nuclear Arms Deal…

It’s U-Tube parody, but it’s funny as heck.  Well, I mean, if the issue wasn’t so serious, it’d be this funny…. and it is, so it’s not, but it’s still pretty damned funny.

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