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President Trump Tweets Suggestion for Fake News Competition…

This is an epic POTUS Trump tweet.  The flow, content, syntax, ratio of succinct thought to humor, along with the auditory elocution rate -and inherent hilarity- are master level word assemblies.   One tweet containing all the ingredients to make … Continue reading

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Chinese Math Quiz

Chinese elementary school math quiz.  Can you figure it out? . TWO HINTS: 1) Each element has an individual value. 2) Chinese are sneaky. ANSWER BELOW.

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Intellectual Froglegs – Thanksgiving Edition….

Joe Dan Gorman has released the long awaited internationally acclaimed 2017 Thanksgiving Day commemorative collectors edition of Intellectual Froglegs: Visit Website Here .

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Happy Halloween !!

“Quick honey, time to panic… word around this town is they might kick us out and force us to go back to a luxurious, private and relaxing life as billionaires.”…  “Oh Donald, you are so bad…. but you think I … Continue reading

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Mini Media: President Trump Welcomes Trick-or-Treater Media Kids To Oval Office…

Earlier today President Trump welcomed the children of the press corps to the White House for early Halloween trick-or-treats.

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CNN Unveils “Credibility Recovery Campaign” Using Apples and Bananas – Fails Miserably…

Throughout the past several years CNN has lost all credibility and spiraled themselves into such diminished brand value they are now routinely subjected to snark and ridicule at their inaccurate reporting. Every attempt CNN has made to try and push-back … Continue reading

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Fun Friday – Intellectual Froglegs: Humor With A Purpose…

Joe Dan Gorman is back with his latest edition of Intellectual Froglegs. Enjoy: Visit Website HERE

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