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A Rebel With a Cause – Notorious Thought Criminal “Sabo” Strikes Again…

The notorious thought criminal Sabo strikes again with thermonuclear agitprop delivered at the epicenter of Marxist controlled think.  Yes, he’s a rebel with a cause.

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President Trump Thanks Vladimir Putin For Reducing State Department Payroll in Russia…

President Trump was asked to respond to Russian President Vladimir Putin expelling 755 of the U.S. Russian embassy’ 1,200 strong consulate staff in Moscow. The response wasn’t exactly what the liberal U.S. media anticipated. WATCH:

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Comedic Relief: Intellectual Froglegs “Tar and Feathers”…

Joe Dan Gorman has produced another edition of intellectual froglegs “Tar and Feathers”: Visit Intellectual Froglegs HERE

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Gen-Z political agitprop. A funny counter message to THIS.

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Funny CNN Video Meme – Maestro Trump Plays CNN…

There are hundreds of new Trump -vs- CNN memes ever since CNN made a fool of themselves and threatened a Reddit meme generator.  However, this one is entirely funny because it accurately pertains to just about every single outrage broadcast … Continue reading

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Mr Pinko Announces CNN Meme Contest…

To help counter the insufferable censorship, blackmail and Stazi tactics of CNN, Politopinion is providing an opportunity for meme producers to win prizes. If you create a funny gif, video, or image meme (with the CNN logo) you can submit … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn React To CNN Blackmailing Reddit User…

Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn discuss the ongoing #CNNBlackmail story.

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