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Operation Broken Heart: DOJ Arrests 1,000+ Child Sex Predators During Two Month Sting…

More than 1,000 child sex predators arrested during Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention funded Operation Broken Heart. The arrests marked the end of Operation Broken Heart, a coordinated DOJ investigative operation to intensify efforts to identify and arrest … Continue reading

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Trump Wins – Supreme Court Reinstates President Trump VISA Travel and Immigration Ban – (Full Ruling pdf)…

So much winning. The Supreme Court is letting a version of the Trump administration ban on travel from six mostly Muslim countries to take effect, a victory for President Donald Trump. In the decision to lift the stay the court … Continue reading

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GOP Georgia Turnout Stuns Media and Pollsters – 260,000 Votes Cast…

[…] John Anzalone, Ossoff’s pollster, said the Democrat’s campaign succeeded in turning out its voters — but they were swamped by Republicans who came out in numbers that ended up dwarfing previous high-profile special elections (link) That’s a very interesting … Continue reading

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Senate Releases Healthcare Reform Bill – Only 142 (Easy to Read) Pages – W/Full pdf…

After Democrats announced they wanted nothing to do with the Obamacare reform efforts, the Democrat leadership and their water-carrying media counterparts cried foul because they feel they were not consulted on a current Senate bill to reform Obamacare.  Go figure. … Continue reading

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President Trump MAGA Rally Cedar Rapids Iowa – 7:00pm EDT Livestream

Tonight President Donald J. Trump is holding a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  The venue is the US Cellular Center.  The event is scheduled to begin at 7:00pm CDT/8:00pm EDT however the pre-rally festivities will begin approximately an hour earlier … Continue reading

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The Politics of Professional Procrastination…

Making America Great Again continues to run up against the reality of DC UniParty roadblocks.  Both Democrats and Republicans are procrastinating while hoping for any excuse not to participate in America-First policy advancement. The election result in Georgia’s sixth district … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn Weighs In On Special Election Outcomes…

Political humorist Mark Steyn gives his perspective on the continual failures by the democrats to win elections.  Steyn coins the apt phrase “Deep State Dinner Theater” to point out the ridiculous Russian narrative. Funny, and specifically accurate analysis. Well, the … Continue reading

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