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Whiskey*Tango*Foxtrot – Beyond Indoctrination: Fabian Socialists In The School System “Distributive Property”?…. Behave, Good Little Bolsheviks’, Behave…..

Staggering to bear witness.   What the heck is the “Distributive Property” of math?  Anyone? (From Neal Boortz via Weasel Zippers)  This really has to be seen to be believed … so the picture is here for you to see.  This is … Continue reading

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Blatant Media Lies – Cultural Marxism – How YOU are manipulated

What is wrong with this article (screen shot below) from CBS-DC ?  It’s subtle but what they are doing is specifically intentional.   Can you see it? The CBS article is about Alexander Kinyua, the man who killed his roommate and ate … Continue reading

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Cannibal Trifecta ….new grisly discovery in Baltimore, MD

JOPPATOWNE, Md. (WJZ/BALTIMORE SUN/AP) — A Morgan State University student who lived in the same home as a missing Joppatowne man now feared dead was charged with first-degree murder after parts of a human body were found inside the house … Continue reading

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