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Bill Whittle Describes “Cold Anger” – Fear and Justice…

Bill Whittle summarizes a decade of corruption and presents it against current events.  Mr. Whittle doesn’t use the term “Cold Anger” specifically, but the resounding sentiment he outlines, a combination of anger, frustration and resolve, is exactly that. Often videos … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle Discusses “Fake News”…

Good segment from Bill Whittle discussing the latest “fake news” meme, and the accompanying media motive therein.  The end message is especially apropos:

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Bill Whittle: “It’s a Miracle”…

Through the 2016 election Bill Whittle never believed.  He, like many other patriots, had lost all hope. Here’s his take:

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Bill Whittle: The Liberal Failure of Intelligence…

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Politics are Downstream From Popular Culture….

…. and Bill Whittle shares another example of how the influence surfaces:

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Not Even Close: Isn’t Obama’s Economic Growth Historic?!?

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First 100 Days: Can The Next President Really Cut the Size of Government?

From the Trifecta team at PJTV:

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Have Democrats Caused Urban Poverty and Collapse? | Trifecta

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Inner City Drug Use: Crack-Cocaine Conservatives?

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Be Prepared: Defense Against Terror, Hoodlums, & Disasters

What do you think about the big picture?  

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