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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Issues Modified Stay-Home Order…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was under massive pressure to issue a state-wide stay-at-home order.  Most of the pressure was from political opposition and their allied media… However, there was an aspect to the COVID-19 mitigation that Gov. DeSantis wanted/needed; so … Continue reading

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Positioning – Nikki Haley Resigns Boeing Board In Advance of Likely Bail-Out…

If Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton had a child, it would be Nikki Haley.   Ms. Haley and her paid staff of political wind-testers, are constantly scanning the horizon for optics and issues that might upend her aspirations to the presidency.  … Continue reading

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Iran Admits Military Accidentally Shot Down Ukraine Air Flight 752, Cites “Human Error”…

While the admission of fault is rather unusual for Iran, they really didn’t have much choice.  Despite their earnest effort to cover-up the cause and deny their involvement, the evidence was overwhelming that Iranian military shot-down Ukraine Airline flight 752 … Continue reading

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U.S. and Canadian Officials Now Confirm an Iranian Missile Shot Down Ukraine Air Flight 752…

It was only a matter of time before western intelligence agencies confirmed Ukraine flight 752 was shot down just north of Tehran by Iranian anti-aircraft missiles. The evidence was growing, and it was/is overwhelming. Most of the passengers on the … Continue reading

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Iran Refuses to Hand Over Black Box From Fatal Boeing Crash Near Tehran – Nose of SAM Missile Discovered Near Crash Site…

In the aftermath of Ukraine Airlines Flight 752 exploding and crashing just north of Tehran airport, the Iranian government is refusing to turn-over the black box flight data recorders recovered from the crash site.   Combined with the timing and location, … Continue reading

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On Same Night Iran Fires Missiles – Ukraine Passenger Flight Leaving Tehran Airport Crashes Killing 170….

Horrific coincidence that might not entirely be a coincidence.  A Ukraine 737 Airliner, Flight 752 from Tehran to Ukraine, is lost shortly after take-off.  The incident takes place only hours after Iran fires ballistic missiles into Iraq targeting U.S. bases. … Continue reading

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Some Guy Did Something – Judge Denies Bail for Sketchy Airline Mechanic Caught Tampering With GPS…

After disclosing his prayers of death for the infidels; and after telling investigators he was acting on behalf of his “evil side”; and after finding out his brother is a member of ISIS in Iraq; and after finding pro-ISIS propaganda … Continue reading

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Dying to Visit The Dominican Republic?….

No-one seems to know why Americans are dying of ‘heart attacks’ during vacations in the Dominican Republic, but many people are beginning to suspect intentional poisoning by hotel workers.   Another mysterious death today: (Dominican Republic) The son of a New … Continue reading

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President Trump Issues Emergency Order Grounding Boeing 737 Max 8,9, Aircraft…

Following two similar plane crashes in Indonesia (Oct ’18) and Ethiopia (March ’19) President Trump has issued an emergency order grounding a specific Boeing 737 airliner.  The “Max 8” and “Max 9” models are being grounded out of an abundance … Continue reading

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Suicidal Airline Service Agent Steals Plane, Pulls Stunts, Commits Suicide…

The story of an obviously unstable ground service agent at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is terribly sad. According to most accounts 29-year-old Richard Russell stole a turboprop jet for just under an hour before eventually crashing and killing himself 30 miles … Continue reading

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