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McKinney Mob: After action report – Same song, different verse ….

It would appear that the BGI Narrative Weavers are still singing from the same sheet of music. Going through media reports it appears that familiar actors and entities have quickly inserted themselves into the confrontation, deliberately driving a local issue … Continue reading

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Greece: High Stakes Poker – A tectonic shockwave looming that could smash the unity lie

*Greece has signaled its willingness to default on its upcoming IMF payment *Sets in place a plan to shift from Euros to a new issue of Greek controlled Drachmas *Tspiras boards a plane for Moscow *Seeks alternative creditors in Russia … Continue reading

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**Breaking** – Shooting at Ft Meade gate, home of NSA Headquarters

Developing: #BREAKINGNEWS officer involved crash/shooting #FortMeade appears at least one fatality #breaking — Brad Freitas (@NewsChopperBrad) March 30, 2015 UPDATE: FORT MEADE, Md. (WUSA9), March 30th, 2015 at 10:44 am EDT — We’re learning more about the incident that … Continue reading

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GermanWings 9525: Black Box Recovered; Terrorism involvement “highly unlikely”

Germanwings Flight 9525’s black box, which was located by French search crew on Tuesday, is badly damaged but can be used to derive information to help determine the cause of the crash, a senior French official announced Wednesday. “The black … Continue reading

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GermanWing Flight 9525: Co-Pilot Hid Illness from employer, co-workers

UPDATE:  Investigators confirmed that a note declaring Lubitz “unfit to work” the day of the crash was found in his apartment, and never provided to his employer, GermanAirWings. Dusseldorf University Hospital has confirmed that Lubitz was a patient there and … Continue reading

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Tilting at Windmills … use $770 worth of electricity, pay a $10,000 bill …

Tilting at windmills is very very costly …. (H/t Small Dead Animals) A  good friend of mine runs a business in the County. He has done so for 40 years. He showed me his electricity bill last week. In December, … Continue reading

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Saudis ask to borrow Hillary’s “Reset” Button …….

Asia Times Online,  Jan 16/2015: Saudi reset with Iran unavoidable, as Saudi Prince Turki renames IS “Fahesh” (obscene)…. The terrorist strike last week on the Saudi border post facing the Iraqi province of Anbar — known to be the Islamic … Continue reading

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