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Gander, Newfoundland: September 11, 2001

On this anniversary of September 11, 2001, We The People of the USA thank you sincerely,  O Canada,  for your kindness and support of our brothers and sisters in their time of dire need.  From Whitehorse to Gander, your graciousness … Continue reading

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Rick Rescorla – The Man Who Predicted 9/11

A man who was convinced the Twin Towers would be targeted in a terror attack led 2,700 people to safety from the World Trade Center before being killed when he went back in looking for stragglers. Security chief Rick Rescorla … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day

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Saluting Our Military: In Memoriam…

Since I was raised a military ‘brat’, it’ll be no secret to anyone that my heroes are those who have served We The People in the military. Today we’ll look at a man whose most famous and difficult mission was … Continue reading

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Dawn, March 6, 1836, Siege of the Alamo – Day 13

By Elvis Chupacabra The old timers said that a dry, chill wind was blowing out of the northwest, right from the heart of the Commancheria, that dawn of March 6, 1836. It ripped the palls of black smoke billowing from … Continue reading

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March 2, 1836: The Republic of Texas is Declared!

Texas Independence Day March 2, 1836 By Elvis Chupacabra . When I was a mere lad, Texas Independence Day was celebrated in schools with patriotic songs, readings of the Declaration by schoolkids and grave lectures on our role as Texans … Continue reading

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Thirteen Days Of Glory: Day One, February 23, 1836

This series of articles is guest posted by Elvis Chupacabra! … February 23, 1836: General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna reaches San Antonio with a large body of his troops, mostly cavalry. Much of his assault infantry, engineer troops and siege artillery … Continue reading

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