Sidney Powell Talks Details With Larry O’Conner

The Trump Campaign’s legal team’s lead attorney Sidney Powell joins Larry O’Connor in an exclusive interview. She tells Larry she is willing to stake her personal and professional reputation on the allegations she has made.

Powell says the legal team has pictures of votes being manipulated in real time. She answers pointed questions about her allegations regarding the computerized voting systems on election night. She says Republicans have benefited from these systems as well. She also says she would LOVE Dominion to sue her over her allegations so she can conduct civil discovery.  Lastly, Powell also responds to the charges made by Tucker Carlson on Fox News Thursday evening.

Listen to Podcast Here

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268 Responses to Sidney Powell Talks Details With Larry O’Conner

    • Well, they were probably surprised by the ropes…

    • avocadodipp says:

      Smoke and mirrors.

      • trnathens says:

        Connecting the dots:

        Premise: Sydney Powell is correct about Dominion software, and the “breaking” of the algorithm.

        Working backwards:

        (1) “They” have an algorithm to ensure Joe Biden wins.

        (2) It is fixed, because it is based on math.

        (3) For it to work, they have to have an idea of how many voters there will be, because the algorithm is based on awarding percentages of votes. To be BELIEVABLE, they have to be “accurate”, which means they have to have a good idea of the number of voters.

        (4) They know they can’t actively discourage PDJT voters; but a health issue could.

        (5) They knew how popular PDJT rallies were leading up to the Fall of 2019.

        (6) They knew they had to suppress the vote so the algorithm would work.

        (7) Which means the weaponization of the virus was necessary.

        (8) Which means the “rush” to impeach in December was necessary (divert from news of virus in Wuhan)

        (9) And why the delay to deliver articles of impeachment in 2020 now makes sense (let it spread to United States)

        (10) Which means they KNEW about the virus.

        (11) Which means they are COMPLICIT with the virus.

        (12) Which PROVES they are in bed with China.

        (13) And don’t you know… China can’t wait for Biden to be President so their investment pays off.

        Now does Executive Order 13848 make more sense?

        Obama: Joe can still f**k this up.
        Biden: I’ve put together the greatest voter fraud ever
        Hillary: We’ll all hang.

        • Post from the Office of the Emperor-Elect, avocadodipp says:

          Totally agree, and I would go further – the Democrats knew about the virus, knew of the danger, and actively worked to hide the danger from the American people. Their plan was for as many American citizens to die as possible, in order to make President Trump look bad. I’m going to repeat that:

          The Democrats wanted a vast number of American citizens to die, in order to make President Trump look bad.

          Here is a link to the White House website with the text of the Executive Order 13848 – it maps out the procedures.

          • This may be true, I imagine you’re referring to sometime in March 2020? However, what is the explanation for the deaths in Northern Italy? 99% of all COVID19 deaths occurred in Northern Italy, and out of the Northern regions the majority being in Lombardia. March 3, 2020 people in Italy were just suspecting something but it wasn’t until March 15th that it was declared a real threat. It appears that COVID19 made its way to the US from North Italy and China, trickling in; at least that is where the early cases were traced to having come from.

            It is obvious the dems use COVID19 deaths to put Trump in a bad light, but I don’t see how the dems knew about the threat of COVID19 before it even was known in Italy March 2020; and before it got to the US.

            The fact is that none of the leaders–except China–saw COVID19 coming, not Trump, not the dems, not even the Italians. The Americans really didn’t get wind of it until April 2020, after tens of thousands of Italians died in March. Surely the Chinese knew–do you think that China tipped off the Dems prior to COVID19 hitting Northern Italy? And that they had the foresight and were hoping people coming to the US from Italy and China would be bringing COVID19? If so, what does Italy have to do with Trump? Then we have Spain (2nd to deaths in Europe) how is Spain connected?

            • Adele Virtue says:

              many Chinese work in northern Italy in the industry that makes bags and such. They went to Wuhan for the Chinese New Year celebration and then went back home to Italy. That fits pretty much right in with the time frame. Also, China restricted travel in China from Wuhan, but not to the rest of the world.

            • Somewhere in Dixie says:

              Adding to Adele’s story. All the Italian designer houses are in Lombardy. The EU wanted to send them to China, but the Italians didn’t want that to happen. If you buy a bag that says made in Italy, let’s say is $1,000, but if it says made in China is worth $10. So, the EU demanded that the workforce be Chinese and not Italian. Look the Silk Trade and you’ll see. The Chinese arrive from Wuhan to Rome, then they travel to Lombardy and work there until another group of Chinese arrive. They go back and forth. They all went back to China for the New Year. The rest is history.

            • Post from the Office of the Emperor-Elect, avocadodipp says:

              No, the China travel ban in the US started in late January 2020.

              The Dems get the same briefings as Republicans – they all see the same data. Our government knew something bad was happening in China – Trump slapped a travel ban on China. What did the Dems do? They started to scream racism.

              So, if Trump, our government, and the CDC was watching this going on and they feared a pandemic… why wasn’t the Dems concerned? Why were they more concerned about the Chinese? It’s because the Democrats are bought and paid for by China. Also, they don’t give a damn about US citizens. That’s the point of my post.

              From Breitbart: From January 21 through February 23, 2020, public health agencies detected 14 U.S. cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), all related to travel from China (1,2).

              • annieoakley says:

                It means this Plandemic was a world wide plan because President Trump is POPULAR with the people of many Nations. He is just hated by the POLITICIANS in most nations.

        • JWC says:

          One more thing…they believed their own polls…lol.

        • Are you saying that they knew about the virus and allowed it to sweep through Northern Italy during March 2020 killing tens of thousands of people BEFORE it even arrived in the US? I understand the dems use COVID19 to blame Trump and put him in a bad light, that is undeniable. What I don’t understand is if the dems knew before it ever arrived to the US what is the purpose of the deaths in North Italy, which is not connected to Trump?

          Doesn’t it make more sense that the dems became aware of it in April 2020 when it hit NYC (coming in from people from North Italy and China) and being opportunistic used it politically against Trump? And have been using it as such ever since. But to say the dems knew it would become a pandemic here in the US before it even ever hit Italy doesn’t make sense, so this is why I’m asking. I know for certain Americans didn’t know about COVID19 until April. I also know for certain that as late as March 3rd Northern Italians didn’t know how devastating it would become just 10-13 days later.

          I’m sure we both agree that when the dems discovered it they jumped on it to use politically, but to say they knew prior to mid-March would mean they knew it was to first attack Northern Italy. Not that I don’t think they would care about Italians, but it seems odd that Italy would serve the dems any purpose, unless they were using Northern Italians as guinea pigs? Anything is possible with them just seems improbable that the dum dems knew anything about COVID19 hitting the US a month after Italy.

          • Adele Virtue says:

            part of the global reset. China wanted all economy in the world to suffer so they could get back on top again. Working with the dems was just the icing on the cake since they could get back at Trump who put them in the position they were in with the tariffs and trade deal. China wants it all and does not care who they hurt on the way.

            • Mao killed over 180 million people . Xi reveres Mao.

              Hundreds of millions of babies hav e been aborted in China
              People who have been illegally incarcerate are involuntarily having organs removed.

              Do you think for one second that an atheist country run by a genocidal egomaniac wants any of us to survive?

            • ar says:

              China would love to have our land. They need more land, there are no wide open spaces in their country.

          • *note: there are records that some in the American government knew about COVID19, but at that time was BEFORE it ever hit North Italy–notably mid March 2020. I know this because I live In Lombardia, n the heart of the epicenter, in early March it was suspected as a problem, but not known it was a serious problem until mid March. At that time no one in the US was talking about it until it became widespread news here in April 2020.

            • twohartsintx says:

              “no one in the US was talking about it until it became widespread news here in April 2020”?
              It was very much in the conservative news reports. It was absolutely being reported about in February. I still remember Nancy visiting China Town for Chinese New Year and encouraging people to come out. She wouldn’t have been saying that if the reports of covid weren’t already out there and people were already worried about going out.

            • artichoke says:

              Of course people in our government already knew about it. Trump had long since cut off people coming from China because of it.

            • Marc says:

              POTUS talked about the China Virus in his SOTU address back in January.

          • Fixin2 says:

            I knew about COVID in January when it was becoming obvious the Chinese were altering their numbers for cases & deaths. The Chinese New Year was the mechanism used to spread it to the rest of the world in quick order. Most people weren’t paying attention to the news of the disease sweeping thru China so Italy probably wasn’t aware either. The day President Trump declared the National emergency in March we called our kids & local relatives-liberals btw-kids were on top of it. “Woke” relatives hadn’t even heard about it. The Dems knew & so did a lot of other people ?

          • oldumb says:

            Are you saying they give a crap that it swept through Italy?

        • artichoke says:

          They put in precise percentages with no randomness. Incredibly lazy. But they had to make something usable by morons and even poll workers who weren’t entirely down with the program. Still the patterns seemed unnecessarily sharp once the Drop and Roll was noticed, providing not nearly enough fuzziness to cause a court to dismiss the claim.


  1. FPCHmom says:

    FYI – voting machine certification is done by former dominion employee. It’s all very sketchy –

  2. The Gaffer says:

    These guys just have to be loved and be considered ‘smartest guy in the room’ by their

    That, along with a contempt for laws (which are for stupid folks, like us), is in their DNA.

    Trump won.

  3. OpenMind says:

    I am not defeatist, but the clock will run out on the challenges unless (a) an audit turns up hundreds of thousands of votes in GA, WI, or PA; or (b) the servers are being scoured presently by the food guys (some subset of the new DOD leadership?) and hard proof of wholesale manipulation is located. Otherwise, the clock expires, we’re told the conspiracy theories have been debunked, and we move on.
    My hope is if that happens, then the 2022 house majority ushered in by Tea Party II opts for a better leader than Ryan.

    • Conundrum says:

      If this false election is allowed to stand, there will never be another legitimate election. Stop deluding yourself.

    • Donald Trump will be reelected. Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. will never be president. You are looking at courts that have not come yet; I am seeing beyond the courts, looking at the work that I see God still has for Trump and us to do. Go above the clouds and look down you can see the beginning of the parade and the end of the parade at the same time. It’s not necessarily you being “a defeatist,” just that you’re standing on the ground and can only see the part that passes you. Fly above that, now look down, see the start of the parade and the end, you will see the big picture. NOW LOOK. SEE IT?

      • Beau Geste says:

        do we have an extradition treaty with ukraine?
        Ukraine has a felony indictment of crooked joe-bribe-him.
        Just send him to ukraine for trial…

    • Patchman2076 says:

      If they can steal the highest office in the land what do you think they’re going to do with some two-bit house seat in some small town or city.
      The elections are tainted if Trump doesn’t win and most of us will never vote again.
      The trust is lost and I’ll never trust this government again.

      • Dee says:

        I wrote Bill Barr to thank him for not doing anything before the election but to cover for the deep state and pols. I also told him how it all affected me and most likely many others. I told him no one will ever trust another election the FBI or DOJ or gov in general as it has lied to us and worse. I asked how long before he too will stop giving consent to be governed by this mess. Asked how he feels about his children now that he sold us to the highest bidder and how must they feel or will feel when old enough to understand who helped them live under Communism. Burn it all down the only way to start fresh.

  4. GB Bari says:

    OK try this analysis by a very bright young man….

  5. Jayke says:

    Who is Eric Coomer?

    • Freedom ring says:

      Enemy agent, missing in action. Thought to be not too intelligent.

    • paper doll says:

      Antifa fixer for the crooked voting machines and he bragged about it.

    • 1togetready says:

      Dominion / Antifa. AKA a puke.

    • He is with Dominion and he was in a group call with members of antifa, when they expressed concern over Trump winning he said “don’t worry I will fix it so Trump will f*** lose.” This audio is still around and Sidney Powell alluded to the fact that they either have a copy or access to it. He also had a twitter with words of death against the president, twitter didn’t feel the need to remove that since twitter is onboard with all of that.
      (do a google search you should be able to find the articles on it).


    • Professor G says:

      Cal Berkley vote flipper for Dominion Voting System. My guess is that he is in hiding now.

    • herebouts says:

      A mad scientist who is anti-American. He supposedly has a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics.

  6. wvvet says:

    Podcast wouldn’t play. 1:40pm Saturday.

  7. Spaulj67 says:

    Below is video of someone that looked at the real time data feeds from just Philly. He has back calculated how the fraud was programmed into the system. Nice thing about computers and software they do what you program them to do and thus they create non random patterns.

    One theory I have is that the actual vote overwhelmed the originally vote flipping programed into the voting system. Its likely the algorithm can’t be changed live, hence why they needed to shutdown the system and upload the new algorithm into the key swing states that had to win.

    In addition, they needed more fraudulent ballots than they had originally anticipated to match the new vote flipping totals with paper ballots. Hence why the ‘also’ kicked out independent witnesses and drop even more ballots in the dead of night. This is also why they needed shredders since they would have too many ballots vs the computer totals. Some got a bit sloppy though as now they have more votes than residents.

    The way we can detect this though is to check the remaining paper ballots and check the down vote totals as now they have shredded those along with Trump votes. So the computer will show a serious mismatch between the computer count down ballot votes and the paper ballots.

    I would also like to examine the ‘mail in’ ballots that aren’t folded and/or have ovals filled by a printer. These should be tossed out as clear forgeries.

    • I envisioned heroin addicts, street people, and anyone who the dems could hire to make a buck brought in those fake ballots, judging by the condition they were brought in: some in trash cans, paper bags, and cardboard boxes, those are containers available to street folks. I have no doubt some of these poor souls have come forward and provided affidavits too.
      The dems are looking so pathetic.

      One thing the dems DID do was disenfranchise the many votes of black males who voted for Trump in these inner cities so when the dems scream “racist” to the GOP canvassers, they ought to look in the mirror because it is the dems stealing votes from black men. No one can convince me that black men would vote for Joe Biden an old white man with dementia in huge numbers–they’d vote Trump or not vote at all.

  8. Buckeye Bob says:

    On 11/8, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out “Declassify Everything”. What if he wasn’t talking about Russia-gate? What if he was talking about everything they knew about the election offshore vote counting/tampering? Barr met with McConnell shortly after the tweet.

    • jbrickley says:

      The very next day Gina Haspell, Head of the CIA also met with McConnell for 20 minutes, saying nothing to the media afterwards. Why would the US Attorney General of the DOJ and the Head of the CIA meet with the Senior Majority Leader of the Senate? Is that a good thing or a very bad thing? Do we trust that Mitch McConnell has Trumps back? Whose side is he on?

  9. ReglarMerican says:

    Remember that Sidney Powell has tried more than 500 cases. I believe that is just her career in private practice as an appellate attorney at the federal courts level. That is significant because she knows how to work with limited resources as a “David” against a system of unlimited resources stacked against her like “Goliath”.

  10. jmclever says:

    Love how the host takes a jab at Tucker at the 4:04 mark saying he wouldn’t expect Sidney to reveal evidence that is heades for court.

  11. Patience says:

    Tucker Carlson JUST stopped saying he is:
    ” the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think”.

    Then again, fox used to motto “fair and balanced”

  12. grahampink says:

    Interesting article at the bottom of the Washington Examiner site about how the Georgia GOP (and the two Senate candidates) need to dump President Trump because they think he’ll dragging the party down.

  13. Joe Collins says:

    Sidney Powell = Superwoman!

  14. Biblical says:

    Fox News showed in real time that votes were being electronically flipped in PA.

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