Sidney Powell Discusses Status of Election Investigation With Glenn Beck – Dominion and Smartmatic

Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell has a very interesting interview with BlazeTV Glenn Beck to discuss ongoing “election rigging” involving companies involved in ballot counting (software) as well as foreign actors engaged in data gathering.

Powell states she is hopeful to begin sharing documents as early as this weekend, but the scope of the investigation is taking time to complete.

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700 Responses to Sidney Powell Discusses Status of Election Investigation With Glenn Beck – Dominion and Smartmatic

  1. Attorney says:

    I love Sidney even if she ends up losing on this. What a wonderful lady.

    • LEET says:


      If Sidney Powell loses on this. People all over the world lose.

    • Eric says:

      Sidney Powell never loses because she is AWLAYS on the side of truth and righteousness!!

      • Dave Radetsky says:

        Eric – Sorry to say that while you’re right eternally, in this world many times truth and righteousness lose in an immediate fight. It is often that later, sometimes it won’t be until eternity, that truth and righteousness win out. That’s what Scripture teaches and that’s what life shows. So yes, ultimately Sidney’s fight for truth will win out, but it may not be when we expect.

        That said, if anyone has the best chance to win it’s Sidney Powell. She’s the best of the best and she’s guided by spiritual truth, which is something most people don’t understand. We can have confidence that if we side with her that we’re siding with what is ultimately right.d

    • kneejerkreactionary says:

      Sidney Powell should be nominated for Attorney General should the President win this fight!

      • Dave Radetsky says:

        She should be AG only until an opening comes on SCOTUS, then that’s where she belongs where she can make a lifetime difference instead of for only the short period as AG during a presidential term.

  2. starlyn20 says:

    If the narcissist Tucker didn’t go off half-cocked on a rant, badmouthing Powell, he may have had the interview he wanted. Instead, he lied by omitting the fact that Powell actually offered to send a witness for the interview; indeed, she even sent an affidavit to Tucker that would help explain the situation. I hope his behavior toward a highly reputable attorney is the death knell for Fox. Even if Powell simply declined an interview at this time, that is certainly her right. She is not obligated to share information with Fox, especially because that particular network has been hostile towards guests who were there in support of Trump.

    • She owes Tucker ZILCH.
      Powell has provided more than enough evidence there was and is widespread election fraud. The most notable are the statistical improbabilities, not irregularities, but mathematical improbabilities that are undeniable in the voting results of the questionable states. Example: 3 million dead people voting; 300%, 200%, 120% voter turnout; more votes than registered voters in the state.

    • Jan says:

      He completely ignored her response this a.m. & didn’t mention the Affidavit or the witness she offered up or his rudeness. I was shocked, I tell you, shocked!!

      I’d cut the lady some slack if I were you, Tucker. Someone who is constantly surrounded by Democrats in the work place with Paul Ryan lurking over your shoulder is eventually going to need her help & you just pissed her off.

    • Maximus-Cassius says:

      My spidey sense tells me that Sidney (or someone close to or advising her) smelled a rat (trap / ambush) and waved her off going on Tucker’s show.

      Tucker’s reaction to her decline certainly does validate Sidney’s reluctance.

  3. straystrat says:

    “It’s now or never”…that’s Elvis!!! …same song as “O Sole Mio!”…

    Hopefully our dream comes true!!! – – Trump – Jan 20, 2021

  4. inspectorudy says:

    I would pray if I was a religious man but I simply wish with all of my being that what Powell and Giuliani are saying will come to pass. I have never been let down so many times in my life as I have the last four years with the promises made about justice! One disappointment after the other and no crooks were arrested for treason and sedition. Durham and AG Barr have disappointed badly. Wray and the flake Lindsey Graham are also in the hall of shame. Now it has come down to the courts and finally to the SCOTUS. If you believe in positive thought or prayer think about this and maybe we will finally see justice in our lifetime!

    • fangdog says:

      Two huge mistakes; Not purging Obama’s people when Trump took over and not making wrong doers accountable by issuing indictments. Trump reads the “Snake Poem” but doesn’t heed the warning.

      • linderella says:

        Wasn’t part of the problem that Obama made many of his minions in those govt positions permanent and much harder to get rid of them?

      • Kathy says:

        Just how evil Obama and his people have been working against a duly elected president of the US? It is beyond comprehension that their having power is more important to them than serving the citizens of this country.

      • Turbocharger says:

        I hate to say it fangdog, but I think you’re right about the snake poem.

        But that’s all in the past now. PDJT was not a politician, he didn’t know who to trust and apppoint when he became POTUS.

        Now he knows. And he wont get fooled again.

        Sidney Powell has my highest esteem. She’s the real deal. People will go to jail this time.

        This is not a game. And it ain’t over till the fat lady sings! Mark my words.

    • Joemama says:

      All this injustice was a necessary evil. About 1/2 the country is aware of how corrupt the USA has become as a result of the incessant injustice. Before PDJT, very few were aware. I, myself, was lulled into thinking things were OK by the propaganda of the MSM. Even some democrats are waking up.

      Painful, but necessary.

  5. spoogels says:

    GOP irate after Trump lawyers claim they are in on election conspiracy
    Sidney Powell charged that congressional Republicans participated in a scheme to manipulate the vote.

    • Ocelot says:

      Sidney might have gone too far too quickly in accusing congressional Republicans in general if there is no specific evidence to present. It created enemies unnecessarily unless it’s a clever part of her evidence based plan.

      • LEET says:


        What makes you think Republicans are our friend? ?

      • Ocelot- do you mean the lovely congressional Republicans who havn’t said a peep about this fraud? Those Republicans ARE the enemy!

      • Cynthia says:

        Well they sure don’t seem to be too concerned with the evidence of voter fraud now do they? So what are we to assume if they won’t even bother to support Trump or even just call for an audit of votes because it’s the right thing to do when it comes to real questions of fraud? They are silent, because they know the steal is real. Either they benefit from it or they just don’t care.

      • Dave Radetsky says:

        I’ve watched Sidney’s work for some time. She doesn’t say things she doesn’t mean and she’s not one to go too far too quickly. That’s why she’s so successful. As for the congressional Republicans, anyone who has missed the fact that 95% of them are UniParty and can’t be trusted has not been paying attention for years. This is nothing new. They are not our friends. A very small percentage are trustworthy. Frankly, we’d be better off if the house cleaning that may get done includes both Parties.

    • David Vicknair says:

      The rushed (as in CYA), no audit certification in GA speaks volumes as to the complicity of Kemp, Raffensberger and the GA legislature.

      • Maximus-Cassius says:

        Trump has few friends or supporters in the Republican Party. That has never been more apparent than now.

        • MTeresa says:

          If they don’t support him, and (God forbid) Sidney Powell & Lin Wood are unsuccessful, the Grand Old Party has no idea what kind of a sh*t storm is coming their way. After seeing Miss Lindsey fist bump Kamala you know that it’s all a big club and President Trump (and 80M Americans who voted for him) are not in it. That’s okay, I’m not deterred. I’ll never vote for another Republican as long as I live.

        • MTeresa says:

          And they won’t be getting a plug nickle out of me either.

  6. Donna in Oregon says:

    Get one’s just deserts:

    Glenn Beck deserves a big bag of Cheetos.

    Sidney Powell deserves to be the next Attorney General.

    Donald J. Trump the First President EVER to keep his promises deserves this second term.

    • fangdog says:

      In the case of Sidney Powell and Donald Trump I would substitute the word “Deserve” with the words “Most Qualified”.

    • Joemama says:

      Has anyone ever heard Glenn Beck apologize for the cheetos incident? I did not see it myself. I did not follow Beck back then, but lately he seems like a pretty solid PDJT supporter.

      If he were to apologize, would any of you who have written off Beck accept it? Was it really that bad? People sometimes make mistakes.

      • oldumb says:

        Freedom of speech, why should he apologize?

        • Bebop777 says:

          Maybe because it was a stupid stunt and made him look pathetic—and crazy.

          • oldumb says:

            So? And he owes an apology? That is childish that someone should apologize to anyone for what they said. People need to grow a set.

        • Obviously he has repented, which is not the same as apologizing. Repentance is action, turning around, changing ones mind and actions. Apologizing is just words and doesn’t mean any true repentance has occurred. I was never a fan and was a big critic of Beck, but I’m also a person with INSIGHT enough to see he has long since repented. If God doesn’t hold it against him then who is any human being to?

          Disturbing that anyone at this point in the middle of a fox hole would be so small to go back in the past for things Beck did or said that he obviously is not doing or saying anymore. God knows if you do that you must have a lot of problems in your own personal relationships especially marital. Bringing up the past is one of the major problems in bad marriages, and in many cases IS the cause of the marriage being bad in the first place.

          • *you = meaning people in general, specifically people that still hold Beck’s past sins against him, when a mountain of their own sin lies before them; they conveniently ignore their own past sins while hanging onto the sins of others. Theirs may be more private and less people know about them, whereas Beck is a public person so his are readily known.

      • Signeroyal says:

        I did.

      • Dave Radetsky says:

        Glenn has apologized for his not supporting Trump and has committed himself to total support of Trump. He’s still a bit nuts at times, but he’s much closer to when he was solid than he has been for some time.

      • Patchman2076 says:

        He apologized to Trump and his family.
        If Don jr. went on his show a few months ago I’m sure Trump and his family have forgiven him.
        Please keep forgiveness in your heart, we all make mistakes and fools of ourselves at times.

      • Jen says:

        I will never forget how ruthless Beck was to the President during the campaign. I was a paying customer. It was every day as he followed Cruz around the country. He mentioned stabbing the President. He lost at least half of his audience over this. But he’s still very wealthy. Yes, I like Sidney Powell a lot. Beck is ‘sorry’ and has been trying to get back into good graces in the last year. Beck is an opportunist…look who he affiliates with;) I never trust a Never Trumper.

    • Dimbulbz says:

      You have a weird idea of how to reward someone… Make them a bureaucrat and give them a huge paycut, long hours and half the country wants you dead… Yeah, thats a great reward or saving the country…

    • oldumb says:

      PDJT DESERVES to play golf, eat McDonalds and hang with his family. He is willing to serve us for 4 more years. He does not deserve it.
      I am being snarky, I know exactly what you meant, but had to say it anyway. Peace.

    • Signeroyal says:

      Glenn publicly apologized. He is on the Trump train.

    • Post from the Office of the Emperor-Elect, avocadodipp says:

      I would really like to see people like Sidney be installed as head of the CIA, FBI, NSA… these idiots in the intelligence agencies have so much power, it has gone to their heads! Sidney, Lin Wood, and Rick Grenell would clean house.

  7. spoogels says:

    Podcast Exclusive-Washington Examiner interviewd by Washington Examiner

    Discusses the voter fraud machinations

    She mentions Cucker Tarlsonand how awful he was to her

  8. MAGA Minuteman says:

    I think Tucker Carlson is playing Devil’s Advocate here. By “calling out” Sidney Powell to show us the goods, he is keeping the ballot counting machine fraud in the spotlight and therefore in the news.

    The rest of the media want to bury it and never mention it again. They want to give it the old “nothing to see here folks, move along”.

    Ask yourself, why would Tucker do this? Why would he take a cheap shot at one of the most well respected attorneys in the country? Is he pure evil or is it possibly something better? In his two shows where he discusses the issue, he gives himself the relief valve of inviting the possibility that if what Sidney Powell is saying proves to be true, he wants to know about it. “The truth is the only thing that matters.” Everyone watching thinks it’s just Tucker being a smarmy little douche, but I think he knows the truth and this is his way of getting it out there amongst the willfully blind media.

    That old expression, good press or bad press is still press. I think he is creating a fake controversy between he and Sidney Powell to get the story out there. I think he’s playing the Russia, Russia, Russia game in reverse.

    • Jan says:

      Could be you’re right. I still think you toy with her at your peril because she is fierce & she doesn’t forget, like our Pres. Trump. And like many Treepers, I question shall I say FAUX’s editorial bent these days–why the night crew is still allowed some editorial grousing about Democrats, while the day crew sounds more like CNN every day.

    • Orbanista says:

      The thought passed through my mind too. We should not be too quick to dismiss the possibility.

    • Maximus-Cassius says:

      Occam’s razor–let’s keep it simple: Tucker wanted her on his show for unknown reasons (my suspicion is that his intentions were not to the benefit of Powell or Trump, and Sidney declined because of that potential).

      When she declined, Tucker’s imperious ego caught up with him and he dissed her. Tucker has the TOP rated cable news show in history and that tends to warp ones ego. Regrettably, Tucker has ascended to Mt. Olympus and thinks himself a TV god.

  9. fangdog says:

    There seems to be no limit for the Evil and no shortage of “Useful Idiots”. When I see someone voluntarily wearing a mask I immediately assume a “Useful Idiot”. For the voluntary mask wearer: they see virtue, whereas I see dumb and stupid sheep. I also see an unwittingly enemy of my Freedom America.

    The part which makes sense; In a war, how many enemy soldiers actually knew the real reason they were fighting in the first place? I guess the same can be said of our soldiers such as Vietnam War.

  10. leavemygunsalone says:

    When did Beck get out of the White House set? Where is this remote place supposed to be? Covid related, or he just doing something weird?

  11. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    It seems that Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani have distanced themselves from Powell because she does not possess evidence establishing that the Smartmatic Software for the Dominion vote counting machines were hacked, I for one certainly hope that both Ellis and Giuliani are wrong, and if Trump encouraged dumping Powell and loses the election I will curse him with every last breath in me for betraying the trust of the peo ple, things certainly do not seem as they should be.

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