Fundamental Chains…

REPOSTED BY REQUEST – Understanding the bigger picture is to understand how the “fundamental change” issues are not directly connected to the ongoing 2020 debate challenges, ballot issues, election outcome, etc; yet, the “fundamental change” issues required a Biden election.

Why is COVID-19 so important politically? This discussion thread explains why…

Many Americans buy into the narrative that COVID-19 is a grave health threat to the nation. When common sense people engage with the COVID fear community you often hear the masked herd say: if COVID is a conspiracy of sorts, then why is the entire world involved; and what would be the purpose. What follows below is the purpose.

There is a COVID-19 virus; however, COVID is not more dangerous than all other flu-like viruses that impact the respiratory system. COVID-19 is very manageable and doesn’t carry a higher fatality rate.

Why is COVID-19 being disproportionately hyped as such a dangerous threat, when the reality of the statistical danger is much less than the intense level of hype?… That is the key question.

The answer is… social changes under the guise of COVID-19 mitigation, are the entry point for the goals and aspirations of the political left on a national and global scale. COVID-19 is a virus, but also a very important political weapon, and we are about to discover exactly what the purpose of the hype is all about. What follows will help understand; and when you encounter the fear it will help to reconcile what people cannot figure out.

Joe Biden is an avatar; a political pawn; a cognitively declining guy who has no idea what is happening around him. The people behind the Biden campaign, those in real control of what this is about, have not hidden their goals and aspirations. These are not stupid people. They are scheming, conniving, ever-planning, ever-manipulating & Machiavellian types within the political system; lusting for power, influence and affluence.

What they are planning to do is weaponize COVID-19 to attain ideological objectives. This is why they hyped the fear within it for almost a year. Nothing within their plan requires the approval or consent of any representative body in Washington DC. COVID is the tool to “fundamentally change” the way the United States exists.

On October 23rd, those behind the Biden campaign dropped all pretense, openly having their candidate state publicly his intention to control the lives of all Americans using the authority of a weaponized federal government to advance national COVID-19 regulations.

As you watch this video from Biden’s campaign it is important to remember state government officials have already moved to define “essential businesses” and “essential workers” during the forced shut-downs. That is going to become a bigger issue downstream; however, for now just watch closely what Joe Biden is saying here:


The Dept of Transportation would be the agency enforcing a national interstate transit mask requirement. However, don’t focus on the DoT part of what he was saying… that’s only one creek… Instead focus on the downstream use of all federal regulatory agencies and how they align within a Federal COVID compliance network… that’s the river.

Think about the Dept of Agriculture (SNAP/food stamps), the Dept. of Labor, the Dept of Education, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Dept of Labor, Dept of Energy and how they would join with the DoT to create the aggregate raging river of regulation.

Think about the federal government using mandates for enforced national COVID-19 compliance rules. Think about USDA (Dept of Agriculture) and OSHA federal inspections for social distancing (etc) in all businesses, not just restaurants.

Think about the COVID-19 regulatory and compliance system and what political beneficiaries stand to gain.

Think about the Dept of Education using COVID to restructure the way education is taught and the downstream regulations on charter schools and non-compliant educational systems that do not meet the ideological objectives of the master control plan.

Think about how the Dept. of Labor (complaint division) can be weaponized against political opposition based on arbitrary inspections under the guise of employee health and safety…. using federal COVID compliance rules.

Think about required days off for the entire employee base if a single infection is identified in the workplace. Paid days off…. funded by Federal Government. Think about how that changes the income dependency dynamic.

Think about the larger Green New Deal (goals and objectives), and then contrast those objectives while aligning an overlay map of how federal COVID mitigation rules can be applied as a back door to the EXACT SAME objective.

Far, far, far, beyond masks…. Workspaces being forced to be redesigned. New rules on labor density. New rules on labor/manufacturing and office proximity. New rules on uniforms. New rules on hand-washing stations. New rules on sick pay, shift hours, time-off when a COVID infection is detected in the workplace.

Think about everything from rules on surfaces, to rules on packaging, to rules on ALL business operations as an outcome of federal regulatory policy under the guise of CVOID-19 mitigation. OSHA, Labor, Agriculture, Transportation, Energy, Education, Housing, Health and Human Services, and even federal building permits… the entire regulatory system and compliance network.

Think about Housing and Urban Development (HUD) having new rules about dwellings and complexes for housing grants. Population density; the need to move into the suburbs and the confiscation of private property to “ensure the common safety” of the citizens.

If you think this is fear-mongering, I want to to evaluate that cynicism while contemplating this recent example from California:

Think about those types of business regulations applied on a National level…. and then, as seen in prior Democrat administrations with IRS etc, think about them also being enforced through the prism of political affiliation.

Think about how states that refuse to participate will be cut off from federal grants and funding for college tuition, Medicare and/or medicaid reimbursement, etc. etc.

Think about what happens to Main Street USA?

Think about companies on the NASDAQ or national companies on the stock-market?

Think about how those USA-specific federal COVID compliance regulations apply when considering U.S. business operations -vs- just taking operations overseas without those worries.

Think about who in Washington DC then takes control of what types of business interests are allowed to operation…. who determines the winning and losing.

Think about how Federal COVID-19 regulations can be used to put the multinational corporate world back (the globalists) on their former financial pathways, even without TPP and TTIP trade deals.

[Every domestic regulation weaponized against Main Street USA is a win for the Wall Street multinationals.]

Think about how much China and Europe would love to see our economy knee-capped in a Biden regulatory stranglehold; essentially achieving the same objectives as the Paris Climate Treaty.

Think long and hard about how far the tentacles of achieving the Green New Deal can extend under the auspices of federal COVID-19 mitigation.

Remember, those who are working on this don’t care about the middle-class and they have not for decades. The visibility of the ‘rust belt’ is the reference. This is about government bureaucrats using their DC power-base to control trillions in economic value and sell their ability to influence the winners and losers to the highest foreign bidder.

Look at what blue states have already done to seize power and control. Now think about that same manipulative intent spread throughout the entire country by weaponizing federal agencies with advanced regulation.

That should start to frame the reference point going forward. Remember, within totalitarian states religion is a risk… the assembly for religious worship is always considered a risk to by those who demand control over free-thought and lives.

The national legislative priority will be entirely focused on retention of that power system by generating an entirely new form of congressional representation. New states, new senators, new election systems, and funding for the needs of the executive…. that will be the focus of the facilitating legislative branch.

Those behind the executive branch; those controlling Joe Biden; will harness and weaponize the power. The legislative leftists will attempt to ensure the new systems they create under the guise of COVID-19 are never in a position to be withdrawn.

Those are the stakes.


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  1. henry says:

    The establishment media will play a role in the Great Reset, the World Economic Forum suggests. New York Times columnist Ben Smith said the media sees themselves as rule-makers where they set the national agenda — not Americans.

    “I think in this election you saw major media outlets just much more careful about picking up, for instance, these stories about Hunter Biden just because they were on the internet in a way that Wikileaks came to dominate the campaign last cycle,” Smith said.

    “I think that you’re seeing the mainstream media institutions become a bit more confident in trying to set the national agenda, trying to establish priorities that they think are the priorities rather than simply reacting to what’s happening on social media,” Smith continued.

    • Reader(U.K.) says:

      Does anybody have any clue as to the relationship, if any, between the WEF Great Reset and NESARA/GESARA? Asking for myself – not seeing the wood from the trees here…..!

      • Reader(U.K.) says:

        Ah! Just read Trapper’s post (immediately prior on the previous page), and there’s a clue. Is the reset a crude and ungodly imitation of N/GESARA? Designed to deflect our inquiring minds?

      • cyg says:

        Satan always tries to imitate what God is doing. God is bringing America back to its roots in Him, and satan wants control to kill people and take souls. So he is calling his efforts the Great Reset, but it is not. That is all BAAL, Molloch and LUCIFERIAN nonsense and so is the false church preaching its woe and gloom and tribulation hour. It is not. Before that happens there has to be a great harvest and reaping of souls. They tried to move too fast. Got exposed, as usual.
        God is the only true God and he refuses to be mocked. He is bringing Prosperity back to his people, and the Age of CHRIST and rise of Christian freedom back on the nation and restructure to Israel. The harvest before the return. Giving America the reaping of its HARVEST around the world.
        The MEDIA, the CIA, BIDEN, Clinton, Obama, The Fake Republicans in Name only, they can pretend they won, but they did not. They are ALL GOING DOWN through this last batch of EOs. He caught them. He caught them all.
        They are toast. They are walking dead. They just don’t want to admit it.

        • cyg says:

          Covid is the tool they are using to cover up for their imitation Reset, and fraud and steal of the election. It won’t work. It will fail.

    • sarasotosfan says:

      Henry, this is due to the mainstream media having nevet encountered any resistance to their goals.

      The jury is out as to whether that will still be true when citizens object to the use of public spectrum in achieving their goals.

  2. Martin says:

    If you want to institute one-world government, what’s the fundamental difficulty? Physical control of the population. And how is that battle won, with little effort? Fear, the symbol of the acceptance of which is wearing a mask.

    Media should be given credit for the global effect of their propoganda. It’s the most unified and persistent message on any initiative I’ve seen in my lifetime.

    It’s the nearly universal adaptation of their language that’s most disturbing; even the most conservative of commentators cite their “US deaths” 200,000+ figures, even though CDC itself has said fewer than 20K, from covid alone.

    It doesn’t appear they intend to relent, even if there’s not corruption they’d rather not talk about – because the PlanDemic is corruption.

    • sDee says:

      You boiled it down well. Fear is the eternal tool of those who rule and enslave. The tools of propaganda are indeed now global and unified, highly sophisticated in their psychology, execution, and deception.

      Abundance with little work, suspension of critical thinking via state seduction, and, the seamless integration with big tech on mobile devices provided the gilded cage which every one is afraid to leave.

      After a few evenings figuring out the virus campaign based on what was happening in Italy I told my family it was the hill I would die on – that my fate with the virus was calculable, but my fate behind the mask of tyrants had already been cast.

      • jack says:

        Right there with you – the MANDATORY mask is a bridge too far and that’s where I drew the line as well. I’m honestly amazed at the number of acquaintances I have that I would’ve guessed would have the courage to do the same, but they are few and far between.

      • Marty says:

        In the early 60s I remember earth day being preachedvin schools. At that time they were trying to scare us into believing that the earth was cooling off, not warming up. When that changed in the late 70s to the earth is warming, I just laughed at it, because the numbers were always changing and they were always saying “We have to act now, we only have 10 or 20 years left before we all die!” I recognized then it was just some lunitics with a fear driven agenda trying to get me to do something I normally wouldn’t care about, much less do.
        Basically, it was bullshit!

    • Sunshine says:

      It all started with the Global Warming Hoax, back in 2001 (see Al Gore). The planet is burning was their test case. It worked. So many people were terrified and foresaw no future other than sheer misery, fire, and heat. Especially the younger generation, see Greta Girl.

      When interest waned, they whipped out Greta Girl. That worked for a while. And then Greta Girl lost her influence and much of her credibility.

      And now, Covid – the Flu.

      The three steps: Terrify, Divide, and Crush.

      • John Good says:

        There was a video by a retired California weatherman on You Tube that explained HOW this Global Warming Hoax was started in the early 50’s! I have it bookmarked on my desktop at home, but I have been travelling & doing research on trying to get Trump re-elected, so it has to be a couple yrs. ago now.

        A quick summary of the video, is that the companies doing the clean-up after the South Pacific island Nuclear Tests knew that they would be out of work after the Gov’t stopped the tests, so they “concocted” a “scare tactic about the Greenhouse Effect” that they could exploit to create more employment for themselves!

        Al Gore was a student at a college & attended a lecture on “The Greenhouse Effect” & decided to exploit it to get rich & famous himself! The NASA “scientist” James Hansen in 1988, presented the theory to Congress, who “immediately” were spooked into creating agencies,regulations & enforcers to battle this new threat of CO2!

        It is a well presented, professional explanation from a credibile source who lived weather everyday! Myself, if I had gone back to university for a 3rd year, I would have got a BA in Geology, so I do understand quite a bit about “real world science & physics”, not Poly Sci or Socse as we used to call it in the 70’s!

        You can search for the video on Watt’s Up With That or Mark Morano’s website, if you are interested!

        • flyboy46 says:

          When you look at the ACTUAL concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, you begin to see the size of the scam. 400 parts per million seems like a big number, but it is less than 1/2 of 1/10th of 1 percent. Think of 1 million ping pong balls laid out on a football field, and color 400 of them bright red. From 100 feet above the field they would be almost invisible. From 1000 feet they would blend into the visual image and they wouldn’t be visible. Do you really think they would keep the Earth warm?
          Now think of the function of CO2 in the atmosphere. It is the “breath of life”, for EVERY green plant on Earth, and the basis of our food chain, for ALL animal life on Earth. That is where the word Carbohydrate comes in. The carbon is taken from the air and put into the plant and the result is carbohydrates, our food supply.

          • American Heritage says:

            It’s amazing that people have so little knowledge of relatively simple science, that they would be taken in by this carbon dioxide fear mongering.

    • Norma Jean says:

      Fear… my guess it wouldn’t be a motivator for many who visit and comment on this site. I’m glad it has never been a part of my vocabulary.
      “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

      I’m so glad we’re on the winning side.

    • cyg says:

      Fear is their tool, so resist. Take the masks off, and do what they do, go have fun, and tell them to stick it. Sue them into oblivion.

  3. decisiontime16 says:

    Cambridge virologist: Lockdowns and masks are ‘greatest hoax ever’
    ‘Utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians’

    Hodkinson began with a summary of his credentials to ensure he not be regarded as a “quack.”

    He said he is a medical specialist in pathology, which includes virology, who trained at Cambridge University in England. A Royal College certified pathologist in Canada, he is the former chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa.

    Hodkinson said masks “are utterly useless.”

    “There is no evidence base for their effectiveness, whatsoever,” he said. “Paper masks and fabric masks are simply virtue signaling.”

  4. decisiontime16 says:

    White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, in fact, co-authored an article published March 26 in the New England Journal of Medicine predicting the case fatality rate for COVID-19 would turn out to be like that of a “severe seasonal influenza,” about one-tenth of 1%.

    The Centers for Disease Control now estimates the survival rate for those infected with COVID-19 is 99.997% for ages 0-19;
    99.98% for 20-49;
    99.5% for 50-69;
    and 94.6% for those 70 and older.

    • cyg says:

      He has stock in the vaccines, and is on the board for many of Gates choices. which all lead to mark of the beast. Fauci is a fraud. I am concerned over PENCE who chose Fauci and BIRX knowing they are frauds.

  5. henry says:

    They are planning to shut down knowledge, communication and information.

    Rather than worrying about relatively low-impact emails, some researchers suggest we should turn our attention to services such as game and video-streaming and cloud storage which have a much larger effect.

    • jenevive1 says:

      I am not big into cloud storing..that could also be hacked. Kids today
      use if for everything. I notice they don;t really develop pictures anymore
      they just say it is on the cloud. Well what happens if the cloud goes
      down or is hacked..I would rather have a photograph than just leave it on the cloud.
      I gets lots of pics made at the store to have actual photos.

  6. kneejerkreactionary says:

    This is the issue since before 1776, and Our Declaration of Independence. It may seem strange that we still have to answer this question 254 years after our declaration, but this is still The Question: do we want to be told what we can and cannot do, or do we want to decide for Ourselves what we must do.

  7. kneejerkreactionary says:

    This is the issue since before 1776, and Our Declaration of Independence. It may seem strange that we still have to answer this question 254 years after our declaration, but this is still The Question: do we want to be told what we can and cannot do, or do we want to decide for Ourselves what we must do.

  8. Snellvillebob says:

    This has exactly been my thinking for 6 months, despite being hospitalized for ChiCom-19. I am 69 with COPD and Congestional heart disease so it did not surprise me as for the last 20 years I have realized that it will most likely be some influenza that will kill me like so many others.
    This recent “resurgence” in ChiCom-19 is most likely political to prevent another election, an honest one this time. The reason it did not hit Georgia is because of the huge election due in January. Somehow politics immunized us here in Georgia against this virus.

  9. CT covid perspective – following daily dashboard closely – it says 99,381 cases BUT that is from Mid March onward, OK , BUT from July 20 to yesterday increase of 51,389 cases (99, 381 minus 48,000 on July 20 -about 107% increase in cases in 4 months BUT hold the panic for a moment) . Testing to date has increased OVER 440% in the 4 months since July 20 ( from 655,000 to an amazing 2,890,524 )
    BUT here are statistics they are not promoting 1) Currently Hospitalized in whole State of CT (population 3.8 million ) — 840 2) Deaths since July 20 to date – 399 (4406 July 20 to 4805 ) an increase of 9% in 4 months 3) The majority of deaths (well over 80%) continue to be the elderly ,over 70 (NH/comorbidities ?) (for e.g. previous week 62% over 80 , over 70 made it 87% ) . 3) virtually no deaths under 50 years of age 4) Put another way, an increase of 51,389 in reported cases since July 20 have resulted in about 399 deaths , mainly among elderly? What to make of it ?

  10. sDee says:

    Cling to your guns and your bible. Once again, they are all that stand between us and our enslavement.

  11. Ausonius says:

    My brother and his family, suffering in Cowedlifornia S.S.R., have been amazed at the gleeful alacrity with which his neighbors and even a few friends (now tentatively so) have turned into Block Commissars ready to dial 911, if they spot four cars in your drive-way and people carrying presents into your house.

    “What’s happening here, Comrade? Did I see 6 people enter your house? Central control only allows 2 visitors! This will be reported! You are UNMUTUAL!”

    To see Americans switch so quickly into Communist Russians has been more than disturbing!

    • sDee says:

      What we are seeing is a hierarchy of slaves evolving. ‘
      Freemen terrify them all.

    • cattastrophe says:

      For many people this all seems sudden…it’s not. It’s taken the left decades to bring our population to this mentality. While we were sleeping they’ve made stupid our youth, corrupted our courts and morally bankrupted our entertainment and news. My surprise is that there are still so many willing to resist and boldly fight back against it, if necessary.

    • phillip jeffreys says:

      At some point, resistance is in order.

    • Snellvillebob says:

      In Russia, they were called Chekists.

  12. gingergal says:

    What is peculiar is Mike Pence knows all of this yet we still have a task force pushing the lie.

    Mike Pence has a platform to at least start neutralizing the fear and turning this titanic around by introducing new doctors into the fold.

    We could talk about immune system, sunlight, healthy food, antioxidants, the real death rates, and hammer home the 99% survival rate and inform people that this is a strain of the common cold.

    • Randolph Scott Ambassador of Ukraine says:

      The Vice President has been quiet about this virus and many other things for the past 4 years. Almost like he is a place-holder.

    • Pale rider says:

      I don’t know what exactly is going on there with the administration but, to reverse this fear it will have to be taught. If you abruptly end it the public will run the other way. People are messed up and ignorant, more ignorant than I realized.
      In every school and classroom the Bible should be present and taught, at least a fundamental understanding of it. When a Bible is not welcome for any reason in schools that school is obviously not interested in teaching higher thought. Regardless of your religion, it instructs higher thought, and promotes all the qualities of a healthy society. There is no book it’s equal.

      • lewistonnavyman says:

        Pale rider, responding to your sentence “People are…..ignorant”, I fully agree that we who know the statistics should do our best to educate.
        One of the most difficult things in medicine is translating between population statistics on any illness- today it is Covid- and the medical answer to the question what should the individual person do about that illness.
        For the individual it is an additional way to die. For that individual the risk statistic is binary: die or not. To an uneducated person- how many Americans ever have to understand powers of ten in their lives- 50:50 is accepted by default, as 0.0001% is incomprehensible.
        Our society has been saturated by systemic attempts to guarantee the “safety ” of everyone, to every thing, or tongue in cheek, just sue ’em.
        Is it any wonder then that so much of the population has been scared into submission, to be safe from the additional way to die?
        Thus it is quite difficult to tell a worrying patient ” you’re OK, there is no need to go further”. It is an art form, to get it right. It takes practice, and failures and complaints to learn how to do it.
        That is the task we must undertake to educate our fellows. In my medical practice the most effective tactic is to standup, lightly rest my hand on the patient’s shoulder, and say with sincerity “You’re OK”.
        The personal touch from a position of authority.
        When we educate we must recognize that the extraordinary fear we hope to break down in a Karen is in some base sense rational. Perhaps for the first time in their lives, Americans face the question of whether they are brave.
        Effective teaching in the pandemic explains, with integrity, how you personally have dealt with this fear.

    • sarasotosfan says:

      Ginger, Pence is nothing more than a necessary evil. He provides a minute amount of cover to prevent a full scale revolt of the bureaucracies that effectively control our daily life.

      • sickrickfl says:

        Pence – while I really like the guy – was used, to ensure the mid-west and christian vote.

        He has been a decent VP – supportive of the Trump Agenda, a team player.

        Don’t believe he had any plans to run in ’24 (if we get back in, or not), although the incumbent VP is always the “de facto nominee”.

        We might have been looking at a totally different ballgame – had Killery not been promised the shot.

        Joe running (while he still had some of his marbles left), pretty much unopposed, in ’16 – could conceivably have won, leveraging the momentum and support of Bathhouse Barry. OTOH- DNC was BANKRUPTED by Barry (who diverted $$’s that should have gone there – to the Soros backed “Organizing For America” – an Obozo front to continue his treasonous activities). Killery came in and took over the DNC – because SHE FUNDED IT with pay-for-play $$ from the Clinton Foundation Money Laundering front. Similar to the way the BLM was a front for ActBlue to fund DNC activities (in violation of ALL CAMPAIGN REGULATIONS).



        And now, they have compromised Tucker. They’re coming after the treehouse. FB/Twatter already compromised. By the time we all get on Parler – Soros/et al, will buy it (making a $$ offer no one can refuse) and we’ll have no place we can talk.

        It’s not COMING – IT’S ALREADY HERE. We’ve been having some discussions on gun boards I frequent – of what’s in store for us in the area. Pretty much everything can be done with RULE CHANGES at the ATF – and other measures that are in the purview of the executive branch.

        Joe picks Becarra for AG. Joe is gone, Kamamamalalala picks Newsome – and INSTANT CALIFORNIA.

        I’ve been RAINING IRE on my “libertarian friends”. 3rd party candidates ARE REALLY A JOKE NOW. At least if they went DJT this time – the cheating would have had to be THAT MUCH MORE OBVIOUS.

        I pray that Rudy & Sydney can make a difference – but with the media failing to cover it correctly – THE PEOPLE WILL NEVER KNOW.

        My last prayer is that DJT just RIPS THE BANDAID OFF AND EXPOSES EVERYTHING ON THE WAY OUT. DAMN THE RULES. Blanket pardons Pence – resigns – Pence swears in – blanket pardons Trump. It really is ALL WE HAVE LEFT at this point…


        • Great prayers, all being answered right now as we speak.
          God saw the fraudulent votes, He was there. He was also there during their clandestine meetings in the planning of the fraud.
          He is still here.
          He Hears and He is listening to His people who keep faith in Him.
          He’s our Heavenly Father.

        • p.s. Joe Biden will never be president so the outrageous scenarios described will never take place, in fact they are pure fantasia.

          Ever missed death by a second? Like an oncoming car about to plow into you but at the last minute something happens and it misses you by just a hair? We can contemplate the horror but really shouldn’t because it didn’t happen. But looking back can see how it almost did and thus do all we can to avoid being in that situation in the future.

          Donald J. Trump, the 45th and 46th president of the United States of America

  13. Michele Ralston says:

    The only missing part is how this plays into The Great Reset, which depends upon the scenario you described.

  14. FTA:

    “Remember, within totalitarian states religion is a risk… the assembly for religious worship is always considered a risk to by those who demand control over free-thought and lives.”

    In a totalitarian state, assembly for ANY purpose of which they do not have TOTAL CONTROL is a danger. ESPECIALLY when the assembly is intended to be for the exchange of ideas or the discussion of the NATURE of what it means to be human, or the EXISTENCE of any set of ideals that were not written BY the State, and FOR the perpetuation of the State.

    According to THEM, the State is the pinnacle of human existence, and there IS no superior authority, not even an immutable set of morals or rules that can prove INCONVENIENT to whatever goal they may adopt. Hence, the need to trivialize religion AND the Constitution.

    Without a Constitution, there IS no framework that statists must follow, and there ARE no “Fundamental Human Rights” that must be respected. Their goal of “Fundamental Change” is to take us to a place BEYOND freedom AND dignity. A place where rules change from day to day, where language has no meaning, history is non-existent, and people are unwitting slaves.

    • 6079 Smith W says:

      Thank you for so concisely summarizing the agenda of totalitarian Demsoc.We must crush them.

    • The word in the churches now is “we are ready to give our life if that is what it takes.” This is a very different spirit than we’ve seen prior, where it used to be do-to-get-along. Not no more, this fraud is way too in-yer-face and demanding of us that we participate in fraud and deceit.

      • I had hoped it would never come to that, but I now believe that time is upon us. The people elected an agent for change, but the DC insiders sought to thwart or destroy him at every turn, and by any means necessary. If we wait for Joe Biden to put us in shackles, it will be too late.

  15. Learning says:

    I just finished visiting The Salvation Army Intl website after a holiday solicitation that I rec’d from them did not actually mention Jesus Christ. The current head of it is all in on this great reset and
    reimaging his organizations idea of simple obedience to the Gospel. They have an entire list of corporate sponsors. They embrace the LBGQ agenda not the Gospel of repentance.

    It also is all in about this great reset thinking the all those sponsors actually care about the little folk that they serve.

    • jenevive1 says:

      I stop giving to the Salvation Army after they caved to pressure
      when POTUS first took office and decided not to have thier fundraiser
      at Mar-a-lago something they had done for a long time.

      It sad I read a book about the founders of the Salvation Army and it was
      a good organization but like most of them it has been infiltrated with

    • rynonabranch says:

      This is really hard to read about The Salvation Army.

      • learning says:

        Yep it is. One aspect of this is that the elites have access to newly issues $$$ to buy anything,
        The other thing I notice, it does seem that the more Christian organizations become concerned about “social justice” and “making the world a better place”, the less committed the become Jesus Christ and saving souls.

  16. Dana Christianson says:

    Biden Had A “Governor’s Meeting” Yesterday.. We Are Seeing “Operation Lockstep” Being Implemented…. We All Know Where This Is Heading. Every Able Bodied American Need’s To Join This Fight…… Go To Rally’s, Print Flyers, Whatever Is In Your Means.. Do-It-NOW!

  17. Learning says:

    Also if the elites just love abortion and killing the innocent in the womb. If they turn a blind eye to forced abortion in China (so much for a woman’s right to chose!). What makes you think they have qualms of killing any one else for “the good of the planet”. Libido dominandi.

  18. son of mainecoonman says:

    An excellent analysis, well what else would we expect!

    I suggest more stress on the inter-action of Covid over-reaction with the new green deal. As a result of continued lockdown a compliant population will lose the will or ability:-
    1. To travel (hence lower use of air travel. Tick),
    2. To visit and remain in close contact with friends and relatives (lower use of automobiles. Tick),
    3. To commute to work (as above. Tick),
    4. To continue productive manufacturing work (Hence the lower energy availability and higher cost won’t be noticed so much. Tick. US jobs outsourced. Double Tick),
    5. To visit places of worship (BIG Tick, this one really matters).
    6. To assemble or protest (Unless associated with BLM/Antifa where completely different rules will apply).

    All of these lead to greater reliance on what we in the UK call the Nanny State. And that, my friends, is what it’s all about in a nutshell.

  19. rebelinme2 says:

    I couldn’t listen to his propaganda. It makes me sick. It is proven that the number of times the test is run over will result in everyone tested positive. They are running the test in my state over the threshold now to reinstate and ramp up demand that masks must be worn. In future these tests will be used to knowingly produce high numbers of cases anywhere to double down on control of the population and get people to turn each other in for not wearing masks. The directions on boxes of masks decry that they are not effective against contracting viruses, but that was just ignored by multitudes. The masks and restrictions are a screaming warning that we are being herded and our rights and liberties stolen.

    • Randolph Scott Ambassador of Ukraine says:

      I will never ever listen any BS lying rambling words uttered by Biden. >NOT MY PRESIDENT! EVER!!!

      • Rosemary B says:

        completely on the same page, RSAU.
        If Biden somehow pushes through to a “victory”, he will never be my president.
        The left is ramming through, and not taking any prisoners, why bother.
        That is a game I will not play

        • Biden will never push through a victory, not even a fake one.

          Come hell or high water God is gonna have His Way and a prezident Biden is not in this picture. God still has work for President Trump to accomplish for this nation. Biden is just satan’s way of throwing a monkey wrench into things, but he will not be successful because God’s people have stood up and are fighting.

          President Trump, 46th president of the United States. THIS WILL BE.

      • Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. will never be president.

    • it’s like Epstein Barr Virus (this is the virus that causes mononucleosis), a virus most everybody has in their system but it only attacks when a person’s immune system is weak.
      lots of people can show positive for COVID19 but that doesn’t mean the virus will wreak havoc on their systems, only if they have preexisting weakness like OBESITY, IMMUNE SYSTEM weakness, and other health issues, most of which are caused by obesity in the first place. Unfortunately, many elderly are already in these groups. That’s why pneumonia is so deadly for them as well.

    • Shannon says:

      I wonder…..have any of you thought about this. Several times so of these PCR test have been sent in without anyone actually taking the test and they have come back positive. They are saying that it can give you a false positive but what if the swab was really infected with the virus and you use it. I mean, could this be why the numbers are up and more people are getting sick? Just something to think about?

      • annieoakley says:

        Only the PCR tests use the swab in the back of the nose. Only way to test for antibodies is a blood test. The antigen test is a throat swab? Are the swabs made in China? When the president of the country in Africa that sent in the papaya swab, the goat swab, chicken swab etc, he said that he did so because the swabs and the tests are coming from China.

        • Marty says:

          The PRC test is being used to harvest DNA.
          Your attention is supposed to be focused on test results, while your DNA is being categorized. This is being done so you can later be tracked on a constant basis. Then you will be totally plugged in.

  20. wd says:

    When you think about who is going to enforce these mandates, you see families getting ripped apart. When a family member who is a LEO is directed to arrest another family member for non compliance, then the shit starts hitting the fan. A lot of gov’t types will enforce just to stay employed.
    You want a job with a future during the Biden reign? Become a coroner.

  21. Ellis says:

    Since the original post I have passed this on to over a dozen people. It has stimulated real conversations in our company and real conversation among my friends and neighbors.

    I suggest everyone make a copy of this, paste the text into an email and send it to everyone you know. Better yet, print off hard copies and hand it out.

    This is important and the more people who begin to think critically about what is happening the better.

    • Rosemary B says:

      (just rolled out of bed)
      Are you speaking of this blog post? or have you posted a statement earlier on this thread?
      i will get more coffee now

      • Ellis says:

        This is a repost of a Sundance post a few weeks ago.

        The term “great reset” is already being openly discussed among the political class. Consider the tool COVID is to accomplish those goals. This post is a great way to get people to think which is why I am imploring people to share it and use it as a discussion point.

        Massive civil disobedience will be the answer because the political class is all in.

      • Ellis says:

        I am speaking of Sundance’s blog post above.

  22. StanH says:

    The Wuhan Con.

  23. Cole says:

    It is the first known use of microwave weapons on a battlefield.

    Chinese troops used ‘microwave’ weapons to force Indian soldiers to retreat by making them violently sick during a Himalayan stand-off, a professor has claimed.

    The electromagnetic weapons which cook the human tissue of enemy troops ‘turned the mountain tops into a microwave oven’ and made the Indian soldiers vomit, international studies expert Jin Canrong told his students in Beijing.

    The microwave weapons heat water molecules in the same way as the kitchen appliance, targeting water under the skin and causing increasing amounts of pain to the target from ranges of up to 0.6 miles away.

    Jin hailed the Chinese forces for ‘beautifully’ executing the move which cleared out Indian troops without violating a ban on gunfire along the disputed border.

    These unconventional weapons are in the hands of the US military as well. Will they be used on us if we revolt against a Biden regime?

  24. sarasotosfan says:

    I have stated previously that if you follow this to its logical conclusion the Uniform Commercial Code will be shredded. Is there a UCC in China?

    I patiently await an answer, but my guess is there is not. China does not want to abide by it as it is an institution that confers trading rights and obligations equally among parties engaged in fair trade.

    Are there property rights in China? I do not believe there are. In their view, they should not exist. The State should hold all property rights on behalf of its citizens.

    To summarize, do not allow the enforcement of social conventions by governmental agencies. The object is to usurp your constitutional rights and strip you of its protections.

  25. Ken Hutchins says:

    – [ ] So the Dems fault Trump for his management of the pandemic while they suggest measures that will destroy modern medicine.

    – [ ] I’ve heard no one on either side of the argument discuss that the elimination of fossil fuels (both petroleum and coal) would obviate the plastics that make possible single-use, disposable and often sterile catheters, syringes, endotrachial tubes, surgical gloves, the resins to waterproof surgical gowns, IV kits, dialysis kits, pill bottles, laundry bags, garbage bags, nasal cannulas, thermometers, stethoscopes, ventilators and hoses, CPAP and BiPAP masks and hoses, etc…

    • FACT: None of the world leaders saw COVID coming. Even as late as March 3, 2020 in Italy people and the leaders had no idea, that just 12 days thereafter they’d be carting out bodies in Bergamo every day for weeks.
      Blaming Trump–or any other leader outside of China for that matter–is just preposterous.

  26. chzheadproud67 says:

    Very interesting article connecting C19 to the rollout of 5G and its effect on our bodies!

  27. Cole says:

    What is the current condition of these United States?

    o Our electoral process has failed us (rigged 2020 election)
    o Our courts have failed us (corrupt judges – Gen Michael Flynn case)
    o Our congress has failed us (money politics over citizens well being)
    o Our education institutions have failed us (students not taught critical thinking and skills)
    o Our media has failed us (one-sided fake news, in the pocket of liberal Democrats)
    o Our corporations have failed us (mega companies Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc.)
    o Our financial & banking systems have failed us (propped up by government loans, bailouts)

    Pray tell, can any of these be resurrected, reformed, and revived?

    How do you fix a broken country?

    Another comment into the void and social wilderness. Hear my scream, my tired lamentations. Words from a keyboard voicing frustrations, outrage, and cold anger.

    • All institutions built on lies will fail, it is only inevitable. Media, educational system, these are institutions built on lies, deception, with a finger in the Eye of God.

      Be of good cheer, God is making all things NEW.

      Stand in faith in God and His Purposes and you will not be sorry.
      For every failure cited in the list above, there’s 100 positive things God is doing, has done in the past, and will do in the future. Trump is going to be reelected and much corruption is being exposed as it is cleared out and taken to the dump.

      Only problem is where one focuses, we can focus on what satan is doing – or we can focus on what God is doing.
      I’m here to tell you God is doing wondrous and mighty things and there is no lamentation where I’m standing. None. Just JOY. In the Name of Jesus receive!

      Watch as He takes out the garbage, does it smell? YES! But it’s a good thing it’s on its way out.

      • cyg says:

        It takes just one prayer. I prayed for revival in CA. I told God I was reminded of Trump’s mother’s homeland, where two little old women prayed for revival. I prayed for revival. Two days later, God woke me up from sleep and said look at you tube. He told me where to do. Sean Feucht was live, holding revival in guess where? CA. Right at Venice Beach, which was being fought against by Newscum. Then that revival spread. LA. Fresno. Sacramento. Then to Portland, and Washington and all over. Souls won, saved, by the power of Christ, and a bit of music. NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER GIVE IN. PRAY like your life depends on it. Turn to JESUS. He is the answer. Did you see the MAGA rallies in CA? That happened just before and just after revival, and after revival they exploded. God is in control. PRAY.

    • p.s. the days of cold anger are over. these are now the days of standing and fighting. and we will win. it really is time to take back our country. even Christians–both protestant and Catholic are rising up and standing up.

      greater is He that’s within us than he who is in the world.


      a great big HUG too!!

  28. howardrichman says:

    Please check out my blog posting from American Thinker yesterday entitled, “COVID-19 is getting less deadly.” I concluded:

    “In both the U.S. and Sweden, COVID-19 is following the disease course predicted by scientific theory. The communicability of COVID has been rising, as shown by rising Daily New Cases, while the deadliness has been falling, as shown in the U.S. by falling Excess Deaths and in Sweden by falling Daily Deaths….

    “You won’t read about COVID weakening in the Democrat Party’s media (i.e., the mainstream media and social media) until the presidential election has been decided. They need to pretend COVID is still extremely deadly, or their lame excuses for cheating would crumble (such as their claim that “social distancing” concerns prevented them from letting Republican poll-watchers get close enough to see what was going on).”

    If Sundance is correct, they will continue to hide the truth from the American people after the election has been decided.

    • Puzzled says:

      We are shrouded in a fog of propaganda. Too many people see the world designed and narrated by this propaganda. The uphill battle is to topple the entrenched position of the left in education and media (all forms). This can not be done in a couple of weeks, SP has explained the election fraud is decades in the making as well. Unlikely to be unraveled in a couple of weeks.

    • DaughterofLiberty says:

      Is there any substance to the rumor that COVID 19 is “China Originated Virus In December 2019”?

      I’ve also seen reference to COVID 21 – another strain to be introduced next year?

  29. The photo of Joe Biden on this article says it all, for those of us who cared for a loved one with Dementia it is PLAIN, clear, obvious, undeniable. Not only did the DNC choose a candidate the people of their party not like but they chose one who is actually suffering from dementia and this photo and many others like it clearly show he’s well past his time to be president of even an HOA (home owner association).
    Joe Biden, lights on but no one home

  30. kennycan says:

    They havelusted after control of Healthcare forever because healthcare is the one issue that affects ALL people in some way.
    Control of Healthcare is control of People.

    What better way, even better than 0Care or Nationalizing the Healthcare Industry, is a National Health Emergency that requires the Government from the State up to Federal Agencies to get involved in monitoring ever aspect of your life “for the greater good” and how that would be never ending (there’s ALWAYS a new virus going around).

    Even more dangerous is how they will weaponize Global Warming or Climate Change into a “Health” issue.

    I can see them now: Climate Change is causing new and dangerous mutations in the Viruses that attack us and Kill US. We need Emergency Powers to defeat the Viruses and end Climate Change.

    Total Control. AS the Clash say.

  31. Ken Hutchins says:

    Previously posted, rewritten by author:

    So the Dems fault Trump for his management of the pandemic while they suggest measures that will destroy modern medicine.

    I’ve heard no one on either side of the argument discuss that the elimination of fossil fuels (both petroleum and coal) would make impossible the crucial plastics that make possible single-use, disposable and often sterile catheters, syringes, endotrachial tubes, surgical gloves, the resins to waterproof surgical gowns, IV kits, dialysis kits, pill bottles, laundry bags, garbage bags, nasal cannulas, thermometers, stethoscopes, ventilators and hoses, CPAP and BiPAP masks and hoses, etc…

    This is the single most potent argument against the Green New Deal…!!

  32. jgky says:

    Our KY Governor is ‘asking’ for churches to not have in church services for the next 3 to 4 weeks, plus closing down some businesses. The ‘fear’ and ‘shame’ manipulation in all this is horrible. Praying daily that this ‘regime’ will not take over…and that God will have mercy on our nation.

  33. Stuart Wood says:

    “Everything faded into mist. The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.”
    Under crushing regulations and waning liberty, the anaemic Biden economy will be declared the best ever, and to deny it will mark you for cancellation.

  34. ujijin says:

    My spouse and I watched the Trump Team press conference last evening. We were not surprised; we were nonetheless horrified. The breadth and rot they decried exposed a rapidly metastasizing cancer.

    This is the end of our Republic, and world, as we know it. Will it mark the renewal of our Republic, as our Founders foresaw, and designed the Constitution for this very purpose, or will it neuter the United States in finally cementing global governance by a dictatorial system?

    BTW/IMO, the “Green New Deal” and the social upheavals it will inflict will produce so much destruction that whatever reductions in (imagined) carbon emissions will not only be lost; they will be dwarfed by the ensuing wars, burning, wholesale destruction of forests, and so forth. The world they so worship will be greatly harmed.

  35. avocadodipp says:

    I have been reading about the dopey idea called the “Great Reset”, which is what sundance seems to be alluding to. The Great Reset must be a hot topic at all the cocktail parties the Leftists are having. They happen in private, but every once-in-a-while we get a glimpse (think Gov Newsome).

    It’s a takeover scam of the entire world and the control of humans through big tech, big Phama/medical, environment/food supply, government. We sheeple need to be harnessed for Bill Gates and his buddies – they know best. They need more money.

    • czarowniczy says:

      I see The Great Reset as little more than a consolidation of existing programs. The commercial venues have been tracking consumer purchasing to more effectively target their sales efforts long before the government caught on, it was post-911 that the Beltway folks caught on to the idea of combining online medical, commercial and social media threads to create an electronic Big Brother.

      The Feds were working systems to turn on targets’ cellphones without letting the targets know in the early 90s. They moved on to computers, automobiles and home entertainment centers from there – folks are just blasé now about the endless intrusion into their personal lives.

      Last figures I saw showed that some 190-million medical records have been ‘stolen’ and the figures are probably much higher as reporting can be spotty. The Feds mandated the ‘electronicization’ of medical records for fishy reasons and, to help the doctors keep costs down when it came to securing them, gave them blanket immunity from tort suits for the loss. Oh yeah, and the Feds can scan medical records from various sources ‘anonymously’ to check for patterns as they see fit…there’s those mandated universal billing codes.

      You might as well leave a neon slime trail as you live, your electronic signature is your assigned shadow 24/7. The government now has the processing capacity to store, sort and sift thru the daily accumulated metadata (for your own good) to create individual profiles of each person’s individual life as needed. Just wait until we get the single-payer medical system and your medical data is rubbed up against your food purchases and other life choices and you start getting texts from Big Brother about that double cheese pizza you ate last night.

  36. Doug43 says:

    Has anyone visited the CDC Covid-19 website lately? Many of the pages where they talk about the numbers of cases, such as the one showing “Provisional Death Counts” that they update weekly, referred to only Covid-19 back in the Spring and Summer. But now that page refers to “Deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), pneumonia, and influenza”. Many other pages with other kinds of stats do the same thing. They are now lumping Covid, pneumonia, and the flu all in the same numbers. They do not appear to be tracking pneumonia and the flu separately anymore. Why is that?

    The entire U.S. has now entered our normal annual flu season. Pneumonia is not uncommon occurring in those hospitalized with a severe case of the flu as well as those hospitalized with a severe case of Covid. And to be counted as a Covid case you do not need a positive test result. If you exhibit Covid symptoms (many are also flu symptoms) you can be “presumed” to have Covid and be reported as a case even if you test negative.

    So how much of the “surge” that is being reported right now is really just the normal seasonal flu?

  37. “The time has come to fight. Time for the church to have RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION. This is not a time to sit there and ring your hands and worry and fret…it’s time to fight for your children and your future…THE HOUR OF BEING NICE IS OVER, this is a time to act” ~Mario Murillo

  38. IdahoDeplorable says:

    New “public health order” in Boise. Mask requirement for individuals and businesses with consequences (fines) and encouraging people to turn businesses in that do not comply so they can revoke their business license.

    • IdahoDeplorable says:

      They are working with the police department so a business can call the police to issue a citation or arrest anyone not complying with the covid protocols. “Residents are to call in complaints for businesses or patrons do not comply.”

      • Raven says:

        Friends of ours are Chinese citizens who have two “anchor” children. They emphatically state they will NEVER go back to China. NEVER.

        They are also Christians.

        She called a short while ago and I am pretty sure she was going to invite us two old people over to share Thanksgiving with their family. We love them and their anchor children.

        First we talked about the insane lock-downs in Minnesota and I told her that starting Monday she could be sent to jail for 90 days if anyone outside their family comes into their house. She said a piano repairman was over today, and wondered if she could go to jail for that. I told her ‘nope, not until Monday, so get everything done before then.’

        I asked about their relatives in China and how they are doing. She said everyone is great, no one is in lock-down, and she knows not one person in China whose been sick since February.

        Which one of us comes from a totalitarian country? Oh yeah, both of us.

  39. MfM says:

    I have a theory. There is suppose to be a spike of Covid cases happening right now which is why PA’s Gov. Wolf and the Philly mayor racked up more tightening and closures.

    I’m not saying that an uptick isn’t real, it likely is but this is being used as an excuse.

    I believe that it’s been growing significantly in the suburban area around Philly. People who either they don’t know they have it or have light cases they are hiding because of all the hassle for a 14+ day lockdown until they test negative and other closures. Easy enough to hid it if it’s minor with over the counter drugs. What is showing up at hospitals is people who can’t hide it and are really sick.

    I honestly think it’s too wide spread at this point and no matter how much they try they won’t be able to stop it.

  40. Matt says:

    Those who know will be activated to take back sanity over Satan

  41. Rick says:

    Koch’s postulates have never been followed proving what causes COVID-19. Clinically, there are symptoms that hit people that affect the respiratory system, causes blood clotting or bleeding, hypoxia from inflammation in the hemoglobin binding the oxygen, preventing it from getting into the cells. The symptoms can be summarized as inflammatory and or autoimmune. These are not symptoms of any coronaviruses. These symptoms fit a number of things.

    1) 5g. It was reported china had unrolled a large number of 5g towers, that after people were dying in the streets, the citizens in Wuhan tore them all down and blaming the towers. 5g is known to separate the ferritin from the hemoglobin in the blood, which would produce severe hypoxia.

    2) Glyphosate toxicity. Glyphosate is also know to cause inflammation in the blood triggering hypoxia. Look up what Zach Bush has written on the subject.

    3) Retroviruses. The drugs that have been effective against the symptoms for COVID-19 are anti-parasitic drugs. Parasites that cause infected humans to get malaria and lyme diseases are retroviruses. From the 60’s thru at least 2012, probably 2015, vaccines were found to have been contaminated with retroviruses like the HIV/Aids epidemic of the 80’s and 90’s. There was another retrovirus plaguing people at the same time that was called non-HIV for it’s similarities to HIV. The difference between the two was HIV would seek to kill the host, while the other ‘non-HIV’ retrovirus would seek to degrade the B and T cells, but keep the host alive. This one was later associated with ME/CFS and Autism. This is what SARS CoV-2 is acting like, and is a likely candidate for the causative agent of COVID-19. This retrovirus could remain dormant for decades, just waiting for something to activate it. Things known to activate it are being genetically predisposed to some weaknesses, which can trigger immediate activation. Or, strong pathogenic attacks may activate, such as flu shots which are designed to induce the production of antilbodies in the B cells. Unfortunately, the B cells are a favorite hiding place for this retrovirus, so vaccines will kick them into high reproduction. Excess hormone expression was the trigger that brought about the discovery of this retrovirus in 2006 when a patient with aggressive prostate cancer was found to have this retrovirus. It was discovered that the more testosterone and infected individual produced, the more aggressive the prostate cancer. In fact there is a superfood known for boosting testosterone that has a cancer warning on the label. People who are fearful, they were paralyzed with fear over this virus early on, had stories written about how they died from it. Fear produces cortisol. Excess cortisol will drive this retrovirus to your death.

    4) Influenza vaccines are known superspreaders, with highly aerosolized particles that literally travel up to 90 feet, and they are unstoppable by face masks and other lock down interventions. Thanks to the use of PCR tests which according to the inventor Kerri Willis, they are not capable of diagnosing infectious disease. But they will think these highly contagious influenza vaccinated people who shed virus at 6x the rate of unvaccinated people have the coronavirus. And the way they are oversampling them is making everything look like the coronavirus, when it isn’t.

    It’s well known the influenza vaccines have significant viral interference issues with non-influenza viruses, increasing their chances of getting non-influenza respiratory infections, coronaviruses and metapneumoviruses by a whopping 36%.

    So I will agree with you, there are symptoms. I will not agree they are caused by a virus, nor SARS CoV-2 because the data does not support that. The data supports 5g, glyphosate toxicity, retroviruses and viral interference from influenza vaccines. I suspect Covid-19 the disease was made up to cover for the vaccine industries profound screw-ups going back from the early 60’s to at least around 2012-2015 for retroviruses, and influenza vaccine fraud extends from it’s beginning to this day in the form of influenza vaccines.

  42. BSR says:

    Sundance makes some great points in this article and I’m glad someone like this is on the right team. In my opinion, the most critical argument made within this passionate plea is the fact that we have defined essential verses non essential employees. We’ve proven to hundreds of thousands of US companies that the technology exists to have a remote workforce. That workforce doesn’t have to speak English or live within the US. We’ve practically begged them to create mass layoffs as a strategic advantage to appease investors and to replace those workers with a more representative global workforce. This is coming from someone who was deemed “essential” and who believes all that really means is I’m important enough to my industry and employer when my hours are billable to send out into harms way yet if I become infected there’s zero benefits afforded to me. It’s a catch 22 being essential but I don’t rub that in anyone’s face or have Facebook themed pics to show everyone what a narcissist I am like a whole lot of nurse friends of mine do but I digress. Sundance is still my hero of sorts and I tend to agree with much of the logic presented in this post but the one thing I ideologically disagree on is that liberal compliance mandates don’t scare me after having been around long enough and having the good fortune of meeting some of the most successful people in my geographical region I can tell you each of them excelled for one reason. They didn’t go to city council meetings to bitch and moan. They didn’t run for office to make a change. They didn’t let the status quo get them down either. They simply pretended to be in compliance. I’ll give you a prime example. Many states have different mechanisms to achieve the funding they need but most use personal property tax as a major portion of this end goal. The most successful man I’ve ever met built a nice cabin for his family in a community just outside of the suburbs and he achieved this through unconventional means. He titled the cabin as a chicken coop which is the only way to get utilities to a structure on a piece of property unless it’s titled as residential/commercial. Many people in recent years have manipulated this same loophole but in games like this the strongest survive. His logic was that you can be a super shitty farmer and still be living out your life’s dream and they can’t touch you. You have to be willing to buy a few chickens or a single cow to get the title you need but they basically can’t stop you. Don’t worry about masks making you a compliant little sheeple that’s just a game and it’s easy to pretend to comply and if you do you’ll be sticking it to the man.

  43. Marty says:

    To fully understand the unreliability of the prc test, you need to hear the interview of the developer of the prc test. Shortly after he went public in opposition to the use of his prc test for kungflu, he was found dead, earlier this year.
    Basically he stated that he could test a human and run the results of the test to show that the human was infected with cheeseburger, as long as they had ate one in the last year or so. Because we are literally, what we eat, about anything you have eaten, could be tested for and have it show up, because the genetic code is in us. This is one of the reasons why testing is useless. And we are wasting money testing. It’s like testing all football teams for athlete’s foot. Most have had it and survived.

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