The People of Minnesota are a Patriotic Battalion…

It is easy to rally and cheer when adversity is low. However, it is only in the face of tyranny when the heart of true patriots shines through. Yesterday the people of Minnesota won the hearts of many; no doubt President Trump will not forget.

The corrupt governor and attorney general of Minnesota blocked the rally for President Trump by hiding behind their arbitrary COVID mandates and limiting crowd gatherings. But the patriots showed up anyway and surrounded the venue.

Despite knowing they would be turned away from the rally, they showed up anyway; stood resolute and represented the very best within our nation.

You see, when the American people see corruption holding influence while individual liberty is so easily dispatched and nullified, at an inherent and internal level we know our own freedom is also at risk.

It is still true that most Americans can actually still see the bigger picture.

Most Americans go quietly about their business trying to do the next best thing for themselves, their family, their friends and their community. Most Americans just go about living without much discussion; and we don’t try to interfere in the liberty or happiness of others; but we notice stuff.  That deep and inherent expectation of fairness holds the key to understanding “Cold Anger.”

We notice the things that are put in front of us that are not fair, even if they are not happening to us. The expectation of fairness is actually very important to Americans. Construct unfair systems, and we notice. Often we don’t say anything, but we notice.

Foolishness and betrayal of our nation have served to reveal dangers within our present condition. Misplaced corrective action, regardless of intent, is neither safe nor wise. We know exactly who Donald Trump is, and we also know what he is not.

Donald Trump is exactly what we need at this moment.

He is a necessary, defiant and glorious fighter.

He is our weapon.

This man has faced opposition that would overwhelm any other President. Our chosen President is constantly attacked by those holding a corrupt, conniving and Godless leftist ideology.

It is our job now to stand with him, firm on his behalf.

The people in Minnesota did exactly that yesterday.

I tip my hat to our brothers and sisters; and thank them for standing despite the corrupt political schemes of their totalitarian state officials.

Let all Minnesotans, of every political outlook, use this opportunity to think carefully about their freedom.  Then contrast their state officials’ power grab against the restraint shown by President Donald Trump in not using COVID-19 to grant the federal government even more power over We The People.

Support freedom.

Vote liberty.

Vote Donald Trump.

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  1. Dwayne Diesel says:

    We all still need to vote. For those of us who haven’t…Tuesday is an important day. I shredded the absentee ballot CT mailed me without my permission. We have no early voting….my poll opens at 6am. I will be in the parking lot at 530.

    If you haven’t voted yet- get one or two others and convince them of its importance and take them with you. Me- I have convinced my 19-year-old and my 23-year-old to come with me. One I know is all red…the other said he won’t share until after (he’s just a private kid- he said he may never share, it’s his business and his alone- and I am proud of that comment).

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    • The Boss says:

      I’m hearing interesting things about CT, especially about the widespread Trump rallies and virtual shrines people are building in their yards. The Trump love is reportedly becoming more and more overt. Is it possible some dems there are in danger of losing their seats?

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      • Robert Smith says:

        A good portion of “average” Democrats must have have their eyes opened by Democrat’s support of BLM/ANTIFA destruction of cities. AND hte silencing of their opponents.

        We often talk about the “silent” Trump vote. It seems the dam is breaking on that in the weeks leading up to the election. I can only assume because everyone knows it is all or nothing right now.

        But let me propose there is also a sizable silent Trump vote in the DEMOCRAT. If anything most of their support will only ever be known to themselves. Because of where they live and who they might even live with because TDS is powerful. If the Media/SocialMedia didn’t do what they do – this would long ago have ended and we’d be looking at a 50 state complete repudiation of Democrat values.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Robert Smith;
          Any who doubt, or need rrassurance that the phenominom you describe is REAL, might I suggest reading an article in todays AmericanThinker, “conversations with a shy Trump supporter”?

          It accurately portrays this phenominom perfectly.

          EVERYTHING that the Dems have done, the last 4 years, SEEMS to have been done with the goal of DRIVING as many of their traditional constituencies AWAY from the Democrat party, and TOWARDS PDJT.

          IF PDJT had been a “traditional Republicon”, a Romney or Ryan or Bush, the Dems efforts would have had little effect.

          However, PDJT’s efforts to enact America First policies, benefitting ALL Americans, means these former Democrat voters are responding to the fundamental political realignment PDJT is bringing about.

          Basically the Dems are “fighting the last war”, which in the history of warfare, inevitably is a losing strategy.

          I believe the “MONSTER vote” is going to be YUGE, and MUCH of it is going to be from formerly lifelong Democrats who have red pilled, and are aghast at what the Democrat party has revealed itself as being.

          Said it a year ago; hard to say who is going to be more shocked by the results of the 2020 election,….them or US.

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      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        My son and a friend were driving on I-84 yesterday and out of nowhwere- a Trump train formed. He said it was awesome. It was long, flags, horns honking and so he and his friend joined in. He said his voting age friend admitted then he was voting for Trump with his first ever legal vote.


    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      So, +2 votes for the president last week in Texas. Just mssgd family up north and they will be voting on Tuesday; so +4 votes for the president in Michigan. No excuses DD get out and vote!

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    • Allano says:

      I am not sure of the rules but you should not mention to the poll worker that you shredded your unsolicited ballot because if you did that with an official absentee ballot they would not count your vote but would call it a provisional ballot that would only be counted if there is a run off. This happened to me once when I requested an absentee ballot because I was working out of state at the time. When elections rolled I happened to be home and went down to the polls to vote in person and they would only accept the ballot as a provisional.

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      • Lady Sid says:

        Yep, I will be working on Tuesday at my county’s Absentee Counting Board. As there are twice as many of us workers as usual they putting us in an annex building away from our usual sequestration upstairs at the Bd of Elections. We usually bring food to share and the Bd of Elections has fried chicken and salads, but not this time. We will be treated to boxed sandwiches and bottled water; canned beverages, too. We can bring personal snacks.

        Re: Provisional voting. When one requests an absentee ballot you must state the reason for doing so — age, out of state, and so on. Our state supreme court in a court case rejected the reason of “not wanting to be exposed to COVID-19.” The polling places during early voting followed guidelines for sanitation and spacing to a T. Same will be true on Nov 3. Several years ago I went with my husband to vote early in some primary, having forgotten that I had asked for an absentee ballot already. When I gave my name to the registrar, the computer showed that I had already requested an absentee. Whoops. No one offered me a provisional ballot, either. So I had to leave the polling place and wait for my husband outside;-)

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    • Flyover Fuji says:

      Good for your son. When I was in grade school, the nun was teaching us a civics lesson and told the class that if anyone ever asks who we are voting for just tell them, MYOB.

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      • trishinsouthernillinois says:

        That also applies to how much you make.
        My parents always told me when I was a kid, Never ask anyone how much they earn & never tell anyone what you earn. It always causes someone to be jealous (which is magnified by those on the left).

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      • ruralnc6 says:

        I have my speech ready if anyone asks me. I voted for President Lincoln and MLK’s Party. From the dumbing down of American history, there may be few to comprehend how I voted but feel my statement will be acceptable to most. When I voted last Monday, the line was long, took an hour to vote, had to wear a mask because of Demo Gov. Cooper, voted for all R’s; here in Rural NC, my county surprisingly selected DJT in the 2016 primaries and is for him now.

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    • I second that very important recommendation. Get out and vote as if your lives depended on it……all our lives do.
      The GOP and DNC are demanding a return to the Uni-Party of deception, fear and the ultimate dissolution of the Republic.
      The enemies of American tradition and culture are better organised than before and the population more weary than in 2016.

      These rats are more entrenched and determined than before, let’s give them the boot.
      Remember this?


  2. CM-TX says:


    | Paranoia is in bloom,
    The PR transmissions will resume
    They’ll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
    And hope that we will never see the truth around
    (so come on)

    Another promise, another seed
    Another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed
    And all the green belts wrapped around our minds
    And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
    (so come on)

    They will not force us
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious
    (so come on)

    Interchanging mind control
    Come, let the revolution take its toll
    If you could flick the switch and open your third eye
    You’d see that we should never be afraid to die
    (so come on)

    Rise up and take the power back
    It’s time the fat cats had a heart attack
    You know that their time’s coming to an end
    We have to unify and watch our flag ascend
    (so come on)

    They will not force us
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious
    (so come on)

    Hey, hey, hey, hey
    Hey, hey, hey, hey
    Hey, hey, hey, hey

    They will not force us
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious
    (so come on)

    Hey, hey, hey, hey |

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    • scslayer says:

      Trippy video!

      Rabid bears- nice touch

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    • Love it! But what’s really ironic is that if I posted this on FB both my anti-Trump and pro-Trump contacts would think it was for them. This is where we are. God help us.

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    • stakan says:

      Video came out during the wasteland timeframe of Obama / McCain, and I recall in my small circles we saw it as a sort of optimistic resistance to the pathetic establishment choices then – Ron Paul was a theme.

      Most of the artistic establishment creates this type of resistance piece to fight the “fascists,” and I’m sure they were, as we all were, exhausted with almost 8 years of Bush NeoCon anti-terror talk. They still think they’re fighting Hitler today.

      Interesting that you posted as a resistance to the real fascist / Marxist establishment. Beauty / art in the eye of the beholder / listener.


    • I love that song….and Muse is a great group.
      Don’t forget to vote!!

      Michael Travis


  3. thedoc00 says:

    A commenter on CTH posted, yesterday, that CNN was saying the low turn out in MN was indicative of voters loosing interest in the President. Odd how that story magically appears immediately on the tail of the actions by the MN governor and AG.

    Another posted today said, the FEC needs to investigate networks for violating equal time and campaign contribution laws. That would be a possibility if the FEC had been actually restaffed with people desired by the President….Mitch McConnell strikes again. [Note: In the normal batch of campaign contribution adds claiming to be RNC sent, there was a plea from Mitch McConnell for money to replace Ginsberg. Don’t care if it was spam or not…still indicative of the creep’s actions.]

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    • Tulips Moran says:

      The media report coinciding with Gov actions to quash Trump rally is not “odd” nor a coincidence but part of the never ending obstruction of the Dimwits and Deep State. The only solution is to make sure none of these poodles gain control of any govt body, not even a town council. We’ve seen how they became drunk on their power. Never again.

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      • John OB says:

        Democrat overlords can not dictate misery in Minnesota. Standing in defiant joy on long crowded lines, Trump supporters shouted their exhilaration throughout the chain of cold, but obviously happy people, “four more years,” “four more years!” The lines stretched back to honking cars along a highway, which extended north toward Minneapolis. That Liberty is joy and tyranny is misery was unmistakably self evident in Rochester yesterday.

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      “losing”…. lol


  4. TrumpPatriot says:

    This was a great article Sundance!

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  5. signfollies says:

    God bless the people of Minnesota. Now we know there are still many patriots willing to stand with us.

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  6. Kaco says:

    “expectation of fairness”

    Had a conversation the other night with one of my liberal friends. This was how I explained why I was against illegal immigration and everything that goes with it.

    I’ll just say, these liberals are living in a totally different world with totally different information, she even acknowledged that. With her, specifically, there will be no breakthrough. She thinks I’m the one getting propagandized, etc. It really is awful. And I blame Barr and his predecessors for allowing this to go on without punishment. Because I couldn’t explain how these people were all guilty, and yet no prosecutions on it. So it’s all a “conspiracy theory” as to the coup, impeachment, etc.

    Thanks, Barr, way to go.

    And if he did get started,, the Left media will say it is a political prosecution when it’s been the other way around the entire time. Just like they are doing with this Biden “smear” and keep lying it is Russian disinformation.

    Maybe the DOJ let them all go not just to demoralize us, but to strengthen the Left’s opposition to the administration. If we would have had prosecutions early on, it wouldn’t have been so ingrained. Now they can’t recognize the truth at all.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      This is why all the violence and mayhem has been very carefully planned and contained by the democrats. Allot of fence sitters and crossovers live in the collar counties of the DNC run plantations and are allowed to live their “normal” lives uninterrupted. They are pacified by AG Bagpipes and kept blind by the MSM that throws the crap into their mushroom cellars.

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      • Tulips Moran says:

        The Dimwit sheeple are BEYOND propagandized. They have been indoctrinated for decades to the point of total and complete brainwashing. They all have very rude awakenings in their near future. Distrance yourself from them because they will immediately take on the mantle of victim and want you to fix it for them.

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      • coastermomohio says:

        This is probably breaking the CTH rules about long posts, but this is what I wrote to 2 of my 3 children who think President Trump is responsible for the division in this country.

        When Trump won the 2016 election, the people who did not want him to win basically had a temper tantrum. It started the day he was elected, with the “resistance” who vowed to get rid of Trump by any means necessary. The former President stayed in Washington, DC instead of returning to his home to work on his book, or library or other things pretty much all former Presidents do when they leave office. The “peaceful transfer of power” never happened.

        Many Democrat politicians boycotted his inauguration and many people in government bureaucracies worked to sabotage every policy he tried to put in place. The FBI and CIA spied on the Trump campaign and the Trump transition team and the Trump Presidency. That is a FACT and if you want to see the evidence I can show you. It is a lot and it would take time to read all of it, and most people are so busy they don’t take the time to read through all the documents. Thus, they remain in the dark, just where the media and most of our “representatives” want us.

        Even most of the Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate tried to sabotage his agenda. Paul Ryan and about 40 other Republicans resigned from the House and basically gave it to the democrats so they could do the impeachment. These politicians are not there to serve the American people, they are there to make themselves rich – and they do.

        They tried saying President Trump was unfit for office, he was using the Presidency to make money for his businesses, he colluded with the Russians, he said something or other on a phone call with the Ukrainian President, etc. All proven to be lies. And they called his supporters racists, homophobes, xenophobes, deplorables, uneducated.

        But Trump is the one who is responsible for the division in this country? He didn’t “unite” us? Let me tell you something. This division has been around for a while. I remember how they treated Reagan and how they treated George W. Bush. This is nothing new. It is just ramped up because President Trump, unlike most of the others, fights back. He fights for the American people. He fights for you, even if you don’t support him.

        So now we are supposed to get rid of him and the riots and chaos will go away? Give in to the temper tantrum crybabies and we can all go back to the way it was before? I’ve got news for you. There is no going back. We are either going forward to a stronger Constitutional Republic of free people or we are going to the abyss of tyranny.

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        • Cole says:

          The “establishment” was against Trump as a President from day one. It is because he is an outsider, a non-politician, a successful businessman. Not “one of theirs”. He is the bull in the china shop, the usurper that I was hoping would come along when American needed one.

          I am a rebel, PDJT is a rebel. He is one of my kind.

          God Bless Donald J. Trump.

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    • teabag14 says:

      Kaco: I think you are absolutely correct about this. We live in totally different worlds & it remains to be seen by all which world is real and which is not.
      I am slowly realizing that VSGPDJT has his ducks in a row. He has had less than 4 years to strengthen & grow his base & he has done this by Promises Made, Promises Kept. Reelection has had to be a top consideration or all has been for naught. It’s sad enough that the resistance took the House in 2018.
      I believe we are seeing the fruits of his dedication, exemplified by our brothers & sisters in Minnesota and so many others. Now it us up to us all to follow through for him: VOTE! Keep the WH! VOTE! Keep the Senate! VOTE! Take back the House. VOTE!
      VOTE MAGAA!!!! ❤🇺🇸

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  7. MNcarrypermitholder says:

    I’ve been inside a Trump rally and I’ve been in the overflow crowd outside, at different events, I think I prefer being outside.

    I don’t much enjoy going through the security check, and for me the real fun was talking to people in line – the speeches, I can watch from the comfort of my home.

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    • Mad Mike says:

      I made it to the last rally before Covid lockdowns in March… Charlotte, NC… one of the best times (if not the best) I’ve had in years. It was a long day, with much of it spent standing… but didn’t leave me tired.

      I highly recommend it to anyone that needs a power up.

      These airport rallies might be the best though… I get a high from watching Air Force One ease up to those crowds. What an entrance for our President! He has taken the whistle stop tour to new heights.

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  8. Val says:

    The China virus know if there are more than 250 people? I’m truly amazed at the wisdom of WuFlu.

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    • H.R. says:

      251 people and everyone drops dead. That Kung Flu is crafty.

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      • RWG (Right Wing Gal) says:

        Yes here in WA state you have to wear masks from the restaurant door to your table. Then you can take your mask off. The virus knows when you are standing or sitting.


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        • sturmudgeon says:

          RWG: Bless you for your *eyeroll*. I have never worn “the mask”, so the merchant(s) don’t get my (meager) spendings… but what a disappointment here in WA. State, to see so many sheeple… PARTICULARLY as the virus(es) particles are MUCH smaller than the mask ‘filters’ (holes) are, so… of what use are masks?

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  9. snailmailtrucker says:

    Amen Sundance !
    AMEN !

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  10. Patience says:

    250 people limit ?

    If the intention and abuse of power imposed and displayed 😏🔨🔨🔨
    ~>under the guise of speading the china viruswas to prevent thousands of Americans from participating
    in the Friendly Peaceful Protest Against Stupidity
    ~~~~~~~~~>THEY FAILED!<~~~~~~~~

    Those thousands were gathered, celebrated & participated
    and were greeted by and given their due respect by their President, Donald J Trump!

    Those thousands made more "news"
    than the many thousands who've attended and participated in other Trump rallies!!!

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  11. Alex says:

    It is a true now as it was true the. We did it before and we will do it again!
    Such memetic potential…

    Search it on Youtube “We did it before and we will do it again”


  12. DannyD says:

    Big Red Wave is building. American people are seeing thru all this BS aimed at Pres DJT and are sick if it. The Blue State leaders/goons are losing ground fast to the one speaks the truth. 4 more years of MAGA!!!!!!

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  13. ekurie says:

    President Trump gives us great hope. With him we know protection of true freedom, our gift from God is within reach. He has kept more promises than he even made.

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  14. bertdilbert says:

    Trump was visibly upset with the mistreatment of his supporters. The democrats went a bridge too far. Now they are going to pay.

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  15. CC says:

    Early on, in 2016, POTUS tried to do a rally of sorts in Chicago. The libs shut him out and down. He did learn a few things, though. and did a fund raiser in either central or southern IL.

    Someday, maybe, IL will turn Red. I can only hope…the good people of MN offer us some hope, by their turnout.

    I am living my best life. And my theme song is starting to be….Leaving on a jet plane….”all my bags are packed am ready to go….”

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    • chicagobearcat says:

      Since I don’t think I can live long enough for Illinois to wake up, I’m moving.

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    • kaste668 says:

      We have friends and family still in southern Illinois, we left in 2001 for my job. My husband did not want to leave at the time, now he is extremely happy we got out. Our family/friends are not in a position to leave. Southern IL is pretty desolate now.


  16. Mad Mike says:

    I’ve never been more excited about Election Day… our President is one-of-a-kind and as sundance says, he’s exactly what we need.

    Thank you for representing the United States, Minnesota! It makes me realize that I’ve judged that state as a whole and I shouldn’t have… just like CA, NY, and other blue fortresses, there are plenty of good Patriots that don’t seem to have a voice in their state/local governments.

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    • marypuma says:

      We are here in California. Fighting every day since the Tea Party days. My husband and I are like the person who said they would stay in Minnesota and fight. we will stay in California and fight. Never ever give up. California has been my home for 50 years I came here from Texas for a job. I will stay. I will fight

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      • Same here Mary
        Moved to WA 46 yrs ago for a job.
        It was beautiful then.
        Thought about moving but decided that it was best to stay and fight.
        The pendulum always comes back to the other side.
        It’s just taking a bit longer this time.

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      • Jorizabeth says:

        Lots of Trump voters in San Diego, my home for the last 50 years. I remember how beautiful Los Angeles was where I grew up. A native who can’t move and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Life is struggle anywhere, so staying to fight and see better days! MAGA!

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    • dbobway says:

      Your right Mike. Every Blue State has a microcosm of the leftist takers living in boxes stacked on top of each other. Everything they need to survive, is supplied by you and the rest of us.
      And they want to take more and do less.
      That defines a slaver, plain and simple.
      Now we must still have faith in our vote, will protect our sovereignty.
      Without our vote, there is no more America.
      The leftist, Idiot savant, will no longer have the luxury, of our commitment to treat all Americans the same.
      Our vote is the one individual power, that makes us a civilized country like no other.
      Our laws, ‘as’ written makes the loss of the vote, for our leader, tolerable to live with.
      Right now, today, the left want our vote and change our laws.
      If they succeed, plan B, is power of the fittest, the only alternative of individual freedom.
      “Blow up the TV,
      Throw away the paper,
      Go to the country, find us a home
      Have us some children, feed them on peaches.
      Let them find Jesus, on their own.”
      “we are living in the future,
      Tell you how I know.
      Read it in the paper 15 years ago.
      We’re all ridin’ around in rocket ships and talkin’ with our minds.
      Wearin’ turquoise jewelery, and standin’ in a soup line.”

      John Prine

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    • Tulips Moran says:

      I was raised in Minnesota. Back then it was the Democratic Farm Labor Party representing mainly rural interests. Fallover from McGovern’s socialism the Bolsheviks soon moved into MN and soon after everything became state sponsored, graft and corruption proliferated with a natural evolution to Keith Ellison, a little pudge of a black man who clearly has issues with himself which is why he latched on to the tyrannical side of things. All of them are feckless and wholly unsuccessful on their own out int he real world. With an ideology/movement Ellison draws his power. It’s the little guys like him who are the worst abusers of others, particularly the vulnerable women they surround themselves with.

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      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        Overlooking a certain factor of evil in that little pudge?

        He was the first congressman in DC to take his Oath of Office on a Koran.


  17. Chad C. Mulligan says:

    To appreciate fully the dedication of Minnesotan Trump supporters, you need to know that there ain’t much of nothin’ between there and the North Pole but a barbwire fence, (to borrow a phrase from Texans). It’s the very paradigm of cold, windswept prairie. But they came. They came from Worthington, and Blue Earth, and Owatonna, and Albert Lea/ Probably more than a few down from Red Wing, and yet more from Wisconsin and Iowa.

    Leftists: These are the people who FEED you. Be afraid. Be very afraid,

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    • Tulips Moran says:

      “you need to know that there ain’t much of nothin’ between there and the North Pole “. You wax poetic, but you’re completely wrong. There’s A LOT TO MINNESOTA. And looking at a map and naming a few communities in southern Minnesota doesn’t make your statements accurate. Minnesota does have rural agriculture but they are not “the people who FEED you”. Somehow your Wiki search didn’t turn you onto the tourism industry, the great iron range or the Duluth shipping.


    • Kroesus says:

      I worked at a gold mine in CA for a dozen years and we had a saying about the rabid environmentalists. “Let the b–tards starve in the dark.” Modern society needs lots of resources from the ground starting with food and minerals but ending with energy. In many ways, these morons fight against it all.

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    • Raven says:

      Being from Minnesota I greatly appreciate your words concerning what many may not realize about our “dedication” to waiting in line outdoors.

      There ain’t much of nothin’ between Minnesota and the North Pole when it comes to cold, bitter cold and biting cold. Yesterday’s Sign Wave was cold. Last weeks two hour Sign Wave took place in biting cold; it took half an hour for my face to thaw before I could talk normally again.

      President Trump’s rally in Duluth a month ago (right before he came down with wuflu) was bitter cold with rain that turned to sleet, the “very paradigm of cold,” and yet the only person I saw leave early was a very elderly lady who had already been standing in line for over 4 hours. She fell down three times while walking to the bus (I walked holding onto her the rest of the way), and when she got on the bus she was extremely disappointed she was not going to see the President in person. That was dedication for sure.


  18. Pale rider says:

    Thanks Sundance! This is great news.

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  19. SomeDemsDidSomething says:

    My wife asked if I was going to vote for the President. After I said yes, she threatened to divorce me. I asked if she was going to vote for the party that burned up all those businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul. She stormed off, muttering something about class struggle and white supremacists. As if Hollywood celebrities were bailing out Trump supporters. As if our Democrat governor delayed calling up the National Guard because he didn’t want to discourage all those white supremacists. As if the Democrat DA’s and AG released all those Republican rioters without charging them. Can you say cognitive dissonance?

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  20. bosscook says:

    Never been to Minnesota….never knew how many sisters and brothers I have there. So incredibly proud of them.

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    • preptodef says:

      What I can never forget is the good people of MN allow a Cal Comic to become their senator. I have, however, forgiven them.


      • Ips Prez says:

        Don’t forget, we also voted in a super duper wrestler governor. Please, forgive us for that one too but in our defense, it was a reaction to the crap politicians we were getting.

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        • Raven says:

          Yes, it was something to wake up and find Jessie, the body, Ventura had been voted in as our gubner by a bunch of 18 year olds who had just discovered “social” media — and used it to their advantage.

          But! They would have never gotten that chance if, as you said, we had anything other than crap politicians running.


  21. retiredseabee says:

    Promises made, Promises kept.. Navy SEAL Team 6 just rescued an American held hostage in Nigeria last night.

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  22. Anon says:

    Sorry, but I don’t even know what thread to post this on. An intercepted ZOOM CALL from Millie Weaver (arrested prior to her film’s release, Shadowgate):

    War Room: Pandemic Ep 465 – The Misdirection Play (w/ Jack Posobiec and Rudy Giuliani) (Start at 33 minutes)

    These guys are all government employees and contractors, basically planning a COUP (no exaggeration). Likely the real reason Trump cancelled his election night celebration.



    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      “Likely the real reason Trump cancelled his election night celebration.” ~ Anon

      He cancelled the event at Trump Hotel in DC an tentatively rescheduled over to The White House.

      The domestic terrorists caught on ZOOM planning on their VIOLENT TAKEOVER of the capitol city on Nov. 4th & 5th is something to be dealt with. Perhaps the First Family should spend election day at Mar A Lago instead of Washington?


      • Jen says:

        I’m simply amazed that there are many people that have no clue what is planned for Election Day/night. Many still think FB is where you get news;)


    • Han Solo says:

      I’m sure they know all about it…this has been in the works since the summer when the fools started advertising it…Sunrise Movement and Antifa and BLM are all being watched. Assuming the NSA is still in good hands, that intel is ours now.


  23. corkyboyd says:

    The Rochester Rally was Trump chose Rochester for a rally because he knew the governor would put the ca bosh on it. Earlier in the week trump had a rally in La Cross Wisconsin an just hour’s drive from Rochester. Trump did this to rile up the base.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Ips Prez says:

      Well I guess that shows how stupid Gov Walz and AG Ellison are to get so easily played.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Raven says:

      Don’t buy it, especially since little timmy, Minnesota’s gubner, has allowed many other Trump/Pence events to take place.

      President Trump does not need to rile his base up in negativity. That’s what Joke Hiden and the dems are famous for, including little timmy.


  24. Oldspeak says:

    Just watched a gay parade in Thailand – tens of thousands, No masks, no distancing whatsoever, the usual floats, flags, dress up, etc etc, and good for them. BUT don’t give me the BS when it appears that any “woke” event – “peaceful demonstrations” “celebrations” et al are completely allowed, and NOBODY says boo.


  25. LtoL says:

    Thank you Minnesota for showing the American people how our President is Loved by average Freedom loving American.

    Liked by 4 people

  26. TradeBait says:

    A massive vote for America is scheduled on 11-3. Be there. Be part of history in the making with your vote.

    For those of us who have already voted early in person – we will be cheering you on and providing transportation as needed.

    Ground report for the Knoxville, TN MSA – all counties reporting double the number of early voters than in 2016. I repeat – double. Never been anything like it. Some folks tired of waiting due to the lines and plan to return on 11-3 when there will be many more election workers and locations to vote. The Volunteer State will do its part for MAGA.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Never forget what this is all about: FREEDOM


  28. bessie2003 says:

    I love that last picture, the crowd with the American flag held high. Have saved it, named it “America 2020”


  29. Gunner says:

    Good on the folks of Minnesota. Thank you. You sent a message that will not be ignored. You should be very proud of yourself…I know I am, and I betcha’ POTUS is, as well.

    Liked by 2 people

  30. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    In my heart of hearts –

    Today being the 503rd anniversary of the Roman Catholic preacher Martin Luther, postings his 95 Debate topics on the then Blog-Site called the Castle door in Wittenberg, Germany.

    This unlikely carrier of hope, of Grace, of Forgiveness, of Second Chances, and third and fourth, along with clever usage of the newly invented mass- communication technology called the Printing Press…

    With his appeal to the simple, truthful clarity of the Word of God presented for this first time for most citizens of Germany, Europe and beyond…

    Extricated from centuries of all too human corruptions of Pride, Greed, Power and all the others in the organized structures of the Church and the message it was supposed to present as a Gift, turned into never-ending Works…

    Wed together for over a Millennia with the dread power of the State; the Sword, the gallows and the boot of oppression, torture and execution simply for challenging the teachings of this Entity…

    Three and a half years later, he stood before the Deep State of his day and instead of shrinking back in fear and defeat, he Stood His Ground.

    In April 1521, he came before Emperor Charles V and various other officials of church and state in the city of Worms.

    Finally when pressed to give his Final Answer, here are the words that still ring loud and clear…

    “Unless I am convinced by the testimony of the Scriptures and by clear reason (for I do not trust in the pope or councils alone, since it is well known that they have often erred and contradicted themselves), I am bound by the Scriptures I have quoted. My conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and I will not retract anything, since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience. May God help me. Amen.”

    But then come the words that are even more famous, “Here I stand. I cannot do otherwise. God help me. Amen.” These words Luther spoke in German, “Hier stehe ich. Ich kann nicht anders. Gott helfe mir. Amen.”

    So in my heart of hearts, we Americans, all of us are also standing up to the assembled Deep State, around us and within us.

    And with us and for us, Our President stands as he presents Our Final Answer.

    Instead of the city in Germany pronounced Vourms, how wonderful it could be, mindful of inherent security risks, if Our Lion could give his Answer to the Deep State, in person, at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts.

    Wall Street, New York City.

    El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles; the San Fransisco Presidio, California…

    Liked by 1 person

    • JSBachLover says:

      Thank you. Interesting juxtaposition. (From someone who sees Oct. 31 as, first of all, Reformation Day, then Halloween.)


    • Joemama says:

      I thought I was so smart and I was in some ways. When I was young, say around age 14 or so, I convinced myself that I was an atheist, even though I had a Christian upbringing.

      It took me until about age 18 to realize that to be an atheist, was simply another religion. A religion that, without proof, believes that God does not exist. I decided that I was an agnostic. I knew nothing about God.

      I had a devout Christian coworker say to me once early in my engineering career that “Christianity is not intellectually bankrupt.” I was working at a company that was kind of intimidating, because it was like 60% PhDs and almost all the rest were Master’s degree holders. I was working on my Master’s degree. These guys spanned the range from very smart to genius level.

      I was angry at first. I thought that it was inappropriate for him to bring up religion at work. I actually thought about it deeply for several years, but it went nowhere. I just got busy with working and “living life.” Eventually I decided that he was right. There are a lot of intellectual levels of understanding one can have in Christianity. I forgave him in my mind. It was never a big deal in the work environment.

      About 4 years ago, I was talking to a fellow SCUBA diver about something that had nothing to do with religion. He suddenly said something like “Come on! Look around! Look at the beauty! How can you believe there is not a God!”

      Again, I was challenged to think deeply about it. I can’t explain it, but it suddenly became obvious to me that there had to be a greater intelligent force at work. Something so big that I could never comprehend it.

      This is coming from a seriously hard core scientist/engineer that previously thought that rational though was a substitute for religion.

      Then I stumbled upon CTH.

      I am getting a great theological tutorial from posters, in drips and drabs. I know that I could learn a lot more if I made it a formal study, but I love hearing about the real life experiences of the enormous varied experiences of CTH’ers and how they interpret these experiences through the scriptures and their faith.

      Thanks very much and God Bless you all.

      Liked by 2 people

      • zorrorides says:

        Thank you, Joemama, for writing today. I’ve seen your posts before and will give them a moment in the future.

        Did you imagine that our Mr Trump would be one of the beautiful things God made for us his people to look upon?


        • Joemama says:

          No, surprisingly enough, I did not anticipate this.

          But you are right, PDJT is a gift from heaven, even if he doesn’t realize that is the case.

          I suspect that PDJT is beginning to understand his place in heaven.

          I pray for him, his family, the people that love him, and all that pray for the USA and more .


    • Joemama says:

      Martin Luther apparently was one seriously brave and devout man.


      • VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

        Thank you JoeMama and JsBachLover.

        I admit sometimes reading responses.

        One lesson burned into my mind, at a State University, no less was just how consequential the Protestant Reformation was to so much of European Culture.

        Once the lock which the Church/State combined Entity held over pretty much aspect of life eased a little, then a whole host of human development occurred.

        Remember the account of Galileo being under house arrest because the Italian sub Entity considered his invention, the Telescope, to be a work of Evil, because it allowed the people to see the satellites of Jupiter revolving around the planet?

        Yet, not too many decades later in Denmark, the scientist Copernicus was able to publicly postulate his model of a Sun-Centered Solar System, vs the earth centered model held as dogma since at least Ptolemy. And he didn’t suffer public execution.

        And the same holds for music. JS Bach devoted much of his compositional energy into amazing acts of worship for his beloved Lutheran church. So named as a branch of Protestantism who closely followed Martin Luther’s body of teachings.

        Politics, too freed somewhat from the combined forces of the Church/State Entity, allowed more freedom of worship, and hence expression of beliefs and personal convictions.
        But that depended on what Kingdom you lived in, or as in Germany, what state or principality you lived in…

        The Church of England, while it broke away from the Vatican, nonetheless retained a slightly smaller combined Church/State Entity, but one that did allow free or unaligned churches.

        … 400 years ago, an intrepid band of English Protestants, chafing under this Anglican Entity, struck out for a refuge in Holland, for 12 years, then made the perilous journey to Plymouth Rock.

        And so became the first North American community to enshrine the principal of a real separation of the Church – as they were free to worship AS THEY FREELY CHOSE – from the State enforcing HOW/WHO to worship…



  31. kayray444 says:

    Posted this on the Presidential thread but it seems a good idea to post here too. Please read this open letter to President Trump from arch bishop Vilano about “The Great Reset”. It is heartbreaking seeing the lives being destroyed globally with these lockdowns.

    Liked by 2 people

  32. delighteddeplorablechumpette says:

    Haven’t had a chance to read through all the comments yet so this has probably been said but….from way over here on the Left Coast, Minnesota is looking VERY red! We Ugly, Smelly, Irredeemable Deplorables proudly stand with you!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Han Solo says:

      If it goes red as we expect, it means all the other states he wins by larger margins than just squeaking by as we expect from the voices on the ground. Assuming voter fraud is kept to a minimum in other states besides PA, my guess is if he wins MN, and say another light blue state like NV, CO etc, we wouldnt’ need PA in an OOPS type of move. Misdirection would work in our favor as the Trump campaign has a strong ground game in states few are talking about.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        Yeah, losing PA to a long dragged out corrupt count & recount period would be offset by picking up Nevada & Minnesota. We would come out with 4 less Electoral College votes than 2016 but still over 300 for the Trump win.

        ~~~~~~~ TRUMP the VOTE ~~~~~~~

        Liked by 1 person

      • Raven says:

        It is the cheating thing that is a YUGE problem in Minnesota.

        Our Dem Secretary of State wrote a handbook for the officials who run the polling sites to use, and Instead of writing the actual laws/statutes polling locations are supposed to follow the SoS paraphrased those statutes — and by doing so changed the intent of the laws.

        Now his blind followers are using his handbook as if it were the law, instead of actually knowing the law. One huge in-your-face cheat.

        Liked by 1 person

  33. Pierce Koslosky says:

    Early voted yesterday here in Omaha, Nebraska with my wife and daughter. It took three and three-quarter hours! People brought in stacks of pizzas, water, Halloween candy. In the four hours I was there I just saw two or three (mostly younger) people give up and leave. Everybody else waited patiently. We all know how important this is.


  34. Cole says:

    Trevor Loudon has studied marxist movements, BLM, and antifa and has produced some very good documentaries. This a recent interview about the current anarchist movement in America, and who is funding it.

    (Download Enhancer for Youtube if you use Mozilla Firefox to eliminate commercials if you use that browser.)

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Silk says:

    This was a hard one to Swallow.


  36. bcgone says:

    Great article Sundance!!
    Wish we could somehow let the MN Patriots know how much we love and appreciate them.


  37. bcgone says:

    Great article Sundance!!
    Wish we could somehow let the MN Patriots know how much we love and appreciate them.


  38. trnathens says:

    “Cold Anger”: We notice the things that are put in front of us that are not fair, even if they are not happening to us. The expectation of fairness is actually very important to Americans. Construct unfair systems, and we notice. Often we don’t say anything, but we notice.

    Matthew 24:12
    12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.


  39. 1nikao says:

    I love America!


  40. Raven says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for your kind and gracious words about the state I love and fight for, Minnesota.

    Even though she has more than her share of internal rot we know Minnesota is a treasure worth fighting for. And living here we have first hand knowledge of what sheer torture life with Joke Hiden would be like.


  41. dolphinwrite says:

    Voting for Trump is voting for the U.S. Constitution and freedom with responsibility. It’s a vote against socialism, communism, and individual slavery.

    Liked by 1 person

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