Rally #3 – President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Rochester, Minnesota – 6:45pm Livestream…

Despite the state government attempting to block President Trump from holding a rally in Minnesota, our ‘fired-up‘ president will still hold a Make America Great Again rally at Rochester International Airport in Rochester, Minnesota, to a COVID fear limited audience. The anticipated start time is 6:45pm [Livestream Links Below]

Trump Campaign LivestreamRSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream



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370 Responses to Rally #3 – President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Rochester, Minnesota – 6:45pm Livestream…

  1. Radiotexas says:

    Betcha Our President will have some really choice words for the Minnesota Commmiecrats! Been watching RSBN directly on YouTube as CTH just now got a link up. Come on Treepers! Lets get commenting!!!

    • Radiotexas says:

      Thanks Chiz! I have friends up there who wanted to. They are really PO-d at the Commiecrats!

      • Dutchman says:

        PDJT said, just the other day, that he would LOVE to do ONE rally,….WITHOUT the media, so he could let his hair down.

        And the Demoidiots have given him his chance! He drove right by the 250, AND THE MEDIA, and went to see the THOUSANDS waiting outside.

        I think he is giving THEM the speech, and those lucky souls are getting on HELL of a treat, for defying the Govenors order;
        Trump, unrestrained by concerns of media soundbite.

    • H.R. says:

      Good on those that attended anyway. Finest kind and MAGA all the way.

      The jumbotrons will be set up for them, so they’ll get the comradery and President Trump’s message. I’m thinking he’ll find a way to get see as many as he can in person or at least walk the edge of the crowd to give a thumbs and thank the big crowd.

      And that massive crowd says to Ellison, “Up your nose with a rubber hose, bub! What… you actually thought only 250 would show up?”

    • TL Howard says:

      First, they tell you what you’re not allowed to read, then what you’re not allowed to believe, and now where you cannot go. MInnesota, you are being RULED OVER, NOT GOVERNED.

  2. SR says:

    Why is Kamala in TX? TX is super red state.
    I am little worried that PA and NC would not declare results and fake media will play after election that Biden is winning those absentee ballots.

    • petszmom says:

      Yes. Yes, she was. She got her arse shown to the door. Even on the border just saw Mayra Flores Facebook video on the Latino turnout. She was unwelcome every where. Our town (Trump outfitted pickups) accompanied her all the way to Austin.

    • theoldgoat says:

      The news reporter on the radio was gushing over the huge increase in voting in Texas, claiming it is the youth vote turning out about million extra votes this election.

      Tough to say if it’s true, and what way they break.

      • Gage says:

        The “increased youth vote” mantra from the MSM is based on incomplete data… Essentially what they are doing is focusing on the numerator of a fraction while completely ignoring the denominator of the fraction… As a percentage of the total electorate, the youth vote is actually DOWN… same with the black vote.

        • samw12 says:

          Always the same with the weak willed here. It’s “I heard/saw/watched….on the liberal radio/fake news channels”.

          Instead of listening to those on this site and following/listening to conservatives on the ground reporting the opposite…or hell, just watching and listening to POTUS. His demeanor alone tells you what is really happening.

    • samw12 says:

      “I am little worried” Nothing new here.

      Maybe if you stopped watching MSNBC and CNN you wouldn’t be worried.

    • MaineCoon says:

      How about you keep your worries to yourself or find someone whose shoulder you can cry on. I don’t think Treepers want to hear your whining.

    • Tiffthis says:

      SR, not sure what Kamala is doing in Texas. But a huge caravan of trucks with giant trump flags is following her bus around. I’ve also seen pics of a hearse following her bus around ????

  3. Zy says:

    I getting cold anger at the situation in Sharia Law Minnesota. It’s a peaceful protest, let the crowd in ! This can’t be accepted or other cities will limit POTUS venues the next few days.

    • H.R. says:

      The crowd should have had the sense to loot a snack machine or something and set a dumpster on fire. Then we’d have a legitimate, mostly peaceful protest and they could all go in, right? Right, Ellison?!?

      (Sarcasm, of course, but it wouldn’t be if it was a Biden rally.)

  4. PaulCohen says:

    BREAKING: Twitter backs down (finally), restores NY Post account functions

    Hunter Biden stories can be tweeted again (for now)

    Just one win vs. Big Tech and Malicious Media, many more to go…. but nice to see someone succeed in standing up against the Big Tech Overlords….


    • cow wow says:

      Yea-after it’s stock sank today! The American way bwahahaha.

    • paper doll says:

      Good news!?

    • KT Prayer Warrior says:

      Thank God, Almighty, I am free at last…..let truth ring free!

      • David Mitchell says:

        They should run even more stories on the Biden crime family, every day. Stick it right up Jack’s ass…

        • AmphibianRide says:

          Still getting buddies who think it’s Russian ops. They just have no idea how thoroughly validated the information is. All the independent sources, email chains, participants etc. I don’t blame my buddies. The information is just suppressed so effectively while the reddit cretins spread the counter-narrative.

    • KimP says:

      PaulCohen – that’s really interesting that Twitter is FINALLY letting the NYP back on. I’m guessing it’s because one of the other big outlets is going to come out with a BS story on Trump this weekend and their gonna let it spread all over social media with zero confirmation (because they won’t be able to find any). I guess they decided they’d better let NYP on now or they might look biased. What a joke they are.

      • Beau Geste says:

        ‘or they might look biased’ ???
        when has that ever been a concern for propaganda? ‘Bias’ is the sole purpose of propaganda.

    • A Fortified City says:

      Too late

  5. Bill says:

    Thanks Ellison for turning MN Red! Petulant idiot.

  6. The Gipper Lives says:

    MNN BREAKING NEWS…Hunter Biden Retroactively Registers as a Russian Agent Under FARA, the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

    The Biden Campaign immediately released this statement:

    “It’s official; the man pictured in photographs of sex and drug use was an admitted Russian Agent. The bribery emails were written by a Russian Agent and the computer was dropped off at the repair shop by a Russian Agent. This should put an end to this matter forever.”

    In other news, all of Official Washington is bracing for the mandatory amphibious SWAT assault on Jack Dorsey’s house for Lying to Congress.

    MANUFACTURED NEWS NETWORK: “Democracy Dies In Harry Reid’s Crawlspace!”

  7. retiredseabee says:

    This will backfire bigly against the governor and his AG

  8. helmhood says:

    The fear from this governor and all those who would suppress freedom is visible and growing by the hour.

    When HE moves, make no mistake
    The mouth of hell begins to shake

  9. jello333 says:

    One weird little concern I have with all these many rallies is how many times Don has to walk down those (usually) steep steps from the plane. Is it just me?

    • rcogburn says:

      Yes, it’s just you. He’s fine!

      • jello333 says:

        Thanks! 😉 Just having a little Jerry Ford flashback I guess. Now that I think about it, Trump hasn’t even hit anyone with a tee-shot yet, has he? 😀

        • mspsgt says:

          I actually saw Pres Ford hit someone with a T-Shot on the course at Andrews AFB during a Congressional Golf Match. I was manning a security post on the 9nth T when it happened. And another time, I was in the press pit in front of the Air Terminal on the flight line when Marine #1 flew in and Pres Ford came down the steps and stumbled the last three steps almost falling down.

        • rcogburn says:

          Or maybe a Hillary flashback to 2016! She couldn’t take two stairs without falling down.

  10. Zydeco says:

    Fake News Network re MN:

    Trump crowds are declining, reflecting election is lost.

  11. BuckeyeMom says:

    Best President ever…

  12. Radiotexas says:

    The Beast with PDJT is moving away from Air Force One to visit the huge crowd that was not allowed in!!! Brilliant!!!!!!

    • cow wow says:

      Chilling to say the least!

    • KT Prayer Warrior says:

      It won’t work and that is a good way to automatically thin the herd as all those people immediately lose their clearances as are shown the door. They are living in echo chamber bubbles if they believe enuf people will act with them. Keyboard warriors do not equal the cold resolve this will take. They underestimate the resolve of patriots guarding Trump. And their message is convoluted. Some will expect action even when Trump is the winner. So.e only think action if Biden wins. Their ranks will be full of dissention.

      There will be a group who tries to make DC life miserable regardless. There will be unrest in dem-run cities. Plan for disruption. Buy supplies now.

  13. 1stgoblyn says:

    This man is just awesome! He is taking the time to go outside the fenced off area to see the supporters the MN gov would not let attend.

  14. retiredseabee says:

    Motorcaded to the crowd outside the venue.

  15. twingirls says:

    Must read! Sharyl Attkisson on Parler: The censored Glenn Greenwald article about Hunter (and Joe) Biden

  16. PaulCohen says:

    MAGAsota !!!

    Make Minnesota RED

    MAGAsota !!!

  17. patti says:

    President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign announced Friday that he will hold a rally in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on the eve of Election Day — just as he did in 2016.

    PresidentTrump will also hold rallies in Pennsylvania all day on Saturday — in Bucks County, Reading, and Butler.

    The Scranton rally is scheduled to be his last in the state.


  18. delighteddeplorablechumpette says:

    Following the rally at work via Treeper comments. This sounds over the top great! Like nothing you’ve ever seen before. ????

      • after this is over, you can restart from the beginning and see POTUS outside…someone gave him a painting of himself…he said it was better looking than himself…funny, as cspan has two female reporters who are very cold, you can hear a them talking and sniffing from the cold..haha…

    • BoomerCat says:

      You’d never know what was going on listening to RSBN! I usually watch them for all the rallies but the readouts of all the chats are to the point of being annoying. Switched to other broadcasts.

      • WSB says:

        RSBN did a great job…they were the first to report that the motorcade was NOT going to the poduim but first directly to the people who were not allowed in by the Governor and Ellison.

        Their camera could not be moved from thenevent.

        OANN was able to cover the exterior event.

  19. dwpender says:

    Hopefully Ellison’s outrageous stunt will persuade President Trump that after November 2, he must declare the disaster and emergency over, and all federal funding cut off, in every State where citizens’ constitutional liberties are being trampled on!

    This step would do wonders in restoring our Land of Liberty from Sea to Shining Sea.

  20. cspan had camera outside…

  21. At Rochester, MN, President Trump gives Minnesota Governor Tim Walz the finger by opting to take The Beast and drive off the flight line to see the tens of thousands of folks who weren’t able to get in to the actual rally site. Spiteful authorities limited the crowd size to fewer than 250 persons, which still dwarfs number Depravity Party nominee Joke Biden manages to draw.

  22. rebel53blog says:

    _♥♥♥___________♥♥___________ ♥♥♥_
    _♥♥♥______WE LOVE YOU______ ♥♥♥_
    _♥♥♥ ________TRUMP __________♥♥♥_
    __♥♥♥____REAL AMERICANS____♥♥♥__

  23. ENIAX says:

    Looks like as I write this Trump jumped into the Beast and is out driving to see the 1000s outside the rally that can’t get in but who showed up anyway… 100% classic Trump move

    • Serena says:

      Just when I thought I could not possibly love him more he does something like this. Oh my how I love this man.Please God protect him and his family and all his supporters.

  24. Troublemaker10 says:

    I had Cspan on when Trump got there. He went around a cement road barrier to be with the overflow crowd who were not allowed in. He signed things for them. One girl had a painting of Trump in front of the flag. He held it for photos . The crowd was chanting four more years and so excited that he spent time with them.

    His motorcade is now going to the actual event location.

    I felt so bad for the overflow crowd. They wanted to be with their president for the rally. It just makes you angry that they were kept from him.

    He will be speaking soon.

  25. WSB says:

    Mike Lindell!!!

    There will be such a Trump Boomerang…this won’t even be close!

  26. RedDawn says:

    You can see the media headline “Trump rally in Minnesota only draws a couple of hundred people”

  27. sunnyflower5 says:

    They can gather by the thousands to tear your cities apart but not allow to peacefully gather to listen to our President of the United States.

  28. Nick the Deplorable says:

    sound feed sabotaged.

  29. BuckeyeMom says:

    He is really letting it loose. Good for him! Any person that is undecided should really listen to this.

  30. Sound suddenly scratchy…switch back to Rsbn..only with good sound now…wow talk about sabotage on cspan and fox..

  31. sheree252 says:

    Wow Trump tearing MN Gov and Ellis a new one. MN may indeed go red aft this stunt.

  32. This Governor and Ellison will pay dearly for this absolutely stupid decision!
    Actions such as this just secure the vote for freedom; vote for President Trump.

    It’s incredible that we actually have government leaders who believe that today they can just tell POTUS “go away” and tell the citizens “no, you can’t hear your President speak” will actually be accepted and then they will vote for Joe.
    This is just not unconstitutional; it is actually extremely stupid.

    • JustSomeInputFromAz says:

      Yep, as many have postulated these KungFuFlu restrictions are a test run for the wanna be dictators to see just how far they can push us…..

    • ivehadit says:

      In the media business we all know that every person denied entry will tell a MINIMUM of TEN PEOPLE about their experience with the democrat leaders of MN. Cold Anger will not begin to describe the intensity of THOUSANDS of people later tonight.


    • WSB says:

      Federal Election Tampering. Period.

    • A Fortified City says:

      That’s exactly why Trump went to Rochester even though he was told only 250 would be allowed inside. It was painful but in doing so the people got a taste of what it would be like all of the time, if the communist regime get in the White House.

  33. The Gipper Lives says:

    Our President is taking the bark off these scumbags. What an awesome guy!

  34. retiredseabee says:

    I think there is a jumbotron facing the overflow. I can hear echo of his speech.

  35. This is definitely sabotage…only rsbn has clear sound. cspan now showing something else…wow…

  36. retiredseabee says:

    He is not happy. He is about to cry

  37. Landslide says:

    This is President Trump full of Cold Anger. This will be the biggest boomerang to date. Watch. Donald J. Trump does not forget.

  38. Sonia says:

    Stopping the Trump supporters getting in is publicity gold and is backfiring badly. The President is going big time on Democrat double standards and hypocrisy. No permits needed for violent protests, riots and arson.

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idu9US2q2sQ&w=636&h=360%5D

  39. booger71 says:

    Did MN AG outlaw lights too?

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