President Trump Blasts Minnesota Governor and AG for Blocking Rally and Undermining First Amendment…

President Trump blasted Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and State AG Keith Ellison for their transparent political scheme to block his campaign event.

The same state officials who allowed Black Lives Matter to organize and march without restrictions under the guise of political protest, are the same officials now limiting attendance to 250 people at Trump’s rally in the state.  Steel Your Resolve !

Meanwhile just outside the venue thousands of supporters defied the arbitrary state rule and gathered together near the entrance.  So President Trump stopped to talk to the media, blast the state officials, and then went to talk to the assembled crowd that could not attend the rally.   [Three Videos Below]  First, President Trump talks to media:

…”This is why they are going to lose Minnesota”…


President Trump took a motorcade to the overflow crowd rather than the state-sanctioned stage after disembarking Air Force One.

“There are thousands of people all because the governor wants to play games,” Trump said as he approached within feet of the large group of supporters gathered behind a barricade.

“There are thousands of people injured by this,” Trump said. ” I’m going to go back and speak to 250 people… This should be a lesson [for Democratic Gov. Tim Walz].”

[…] “When large numbers of rioters and vandals sacked the city of Minneapolis earlier this year, Keith Ellison did not ask them to submit a permit. He told the throngs of violent demonstrators, ‘by all means, exercise your First Amendment rights,” Trump said.  (read more)

These are the strong and patriotic people of Minnesota who waited outside just to show their support for President Trump.


President Trump confronts the issue in his remarks:


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170 Responses to President Trump Blasts Minnesota Governor and AG for Blocking Rally and Undermining First Amendment…

  1. They’re scared Trump is going to win Minnesota, and this is going to help him imo.
    Straight from the horse’s mouth, here is the link that shows that fear.

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  2. hokkoda says:

    Free tip to our great President: give the crowd a low-altitude pass with AF-1 they’ll never forget, then “buzz the tower” at the State House and Governor’s mansion.

    ”To the free people of Minnesota trapped behind Marxist enemy lines. If you want your freedom back, it’s time to get to the polls and vote for Pres. Trump. Fight for your freedom. Fight back against tyranny.”

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  3. hokkoda says:

    For the people who couldn’t get in, a suggestion: everyone drive to the state Capitol and block every street for ten blocks in every direction.

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  4. Trump 2020 says:

    I was there, there were 10,000 people there when we got there, according to the state trooper we talked to, and at least a mile of cars behind us. We couldn’t see the end

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  5. CTH Fan says:

    Is there not a single Attorney willing to take on these despots and file a brief declaring that 25,000 US Citizens were deprive of their constitutional rights and freedom of assembly? Discrimination is clearly shown. The criminal elements of society can gather in any number and perpetrate crimes against their fellow citizens without any repercussions, while law abiding citizens are deprived of a gathering to hear a simple discussion with the President of the USA.

    It is about time these Governors are challenged and their actions put under Constitutional scrutiny.

    As far as I am concerned this is election interference at the highest level. Free citizens were prevented from hearing from the President of their country.

    I vehemently hope that this is going to boomerang on them in the greatest way possible.

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    • warrprin1 says:

      I could not agree more, CTH Fan.

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    • Metro Hockey says:

      AG of Louisiana is great and fighting the governor every step. Governor actually suing LA House because they voted to take away his emergency powers over covid.


    • WanderingCon says:

      The President should have declared martial law and taken out a few of these violence-enabling tyrants during the summer of unrest.

      He is a great man. But he is not perfect or omniscient. He missed numerous chances, still believing that rule of law would prevail. I would have acted differently, but I understand why he did what he did–he was hoping to salvage the Republic.


  6. azgulch says:

    From the time he landed, to the time he took off was 45 minutes. He was not a happy camper, and his remarks reflected that. Actually one of the least inspiring events I have seen, but he blasted the govenor and Keith Ellison. It needed to be done. I watched because of curiosity at such an odd event.


  7. warrprin1 says:

    It’s going to be front row viewing position in this household, to see if after the right election outcome, Mitch has finally learned his lesson – regardless of how much slime he, himself, is hiding.


  8. cmcallm says:

    Here’s your chance MN!

    That may have been the biggest slap in the face to the people of the state today in Rochester that I have ever witnessed. Disgusting and embarrassing, but not surprising. If that doesn’t generate some cold anger, I don’t know if anything will!

    For the first time in almost 50 years! (Just amazing really).
    Humphrey, Mondale, Franken, Ventura, Omar, Ellison, Walz …….
    Burned down the city! Incompetent and completely unqualified Mayor, shunned. Governor that has lost all respect. Marxist AG, corrupt, compromised, immoral, actually evil.
    Crime is through the roof and now all over the suburbs.
    Kept the state locked down!
    Schools closed!
    No sports or activities for kids.
    Defunded the police!
    Corrupted the government!
    Corrupted the elections and voting.
    Taxes through the roof!
    Resettled 150,000 refugees in the one major city with people who literally hate our countries guts! (While churches and other non-profits made millions doing it-big business.
    A once beautiful city is almost unrecognizable, in less than 10 years, right under the noses of those living there.
    Shipped out jobs!
    Absolutely killed tourism!
    Decimated iron ore mining, forestry, paper mills, oil refineries, manufacturing.
    Might be too late already or it might be your last chance! Quite honestly, I don’t know how much more we can can tolerate! But like they say, “you deserve what you tolerate.“

    “This is an election between Trump: a man who thinks America is good and Biden: a man who is controlled by a movement that thinks America is bad. It’s really as simple as that. “. Thomas Klingenstein

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    • Klingenstein is not hitting the real point: The Biden side — Democrats — is INSANE, to the last person, place or thing. Since Obama came in, in 2008. If Trump doesn’t get 100 million votes, it will tell me the insane half of the country is GONE — lost in the CULT that the Democrat party has become. And THEY think they are MAINSTREAM…really!


      • WanderingCon says:

        It all comes back to control of the media. And the left has it in a diabolical stranglehold.

        You can’t expect most people to be engaged to the degree they should, because “watching the news” gives many the false impression that they ARE engaged, as they are fed poison against the good guys, whose achievements are ignored otmr even cast in a bad light.


  9. furtive says:

    Contemptible Eric Holder is running the DNC voter suppression COMMITTEE and lying naturally,


  10. James Street says:

    Trump writes a lot about revenge in his books. He devotes entire chapters on the subject. He always gets revenge.

    Part of it is practical: He will spend $50,000 in legal fees fighting a $10,000 frivolous lawsuit to discourage other frivolous lawsuits.

    But part of it is he loves getting revenge. In fact at first I was disturbed by his blood lust for revenge. Now I thank God we have a President who is a fearless scrapper.

    “My motto is: Always get even. When somebody screws you, screw them back in spades.”
    – Trump in his book ‘Think Big and Kick Ass’ page 183

    “When you hit a bully back they always fold”.
    – Trump in his book ‘Think Big and Kick Ass’ page 190

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