Ground Reports #3 – Polling Narratives Collapse, Democrat COVID Strategy Backfires, MAGA Resolve Stronger Than Ever…

Never doubt nor underestimate the resolve of American patriots… Because when it matters most, no words are needed; each understands the mission at hand. Right now in every state, county, village, hamlet, city and street the MAGA community is independently rallying to the exact same standard. “Meet at the old mill, we ride at midnight“.

This is the third in our 2020 series of CTH ground reports, and with Treepers in every state, your information is actually a great insight into the political landscape.

Individual reports are obviously anecdotal; however, when they are compiled on a larger scale, and overlaid against the social media network we also follow, these ground reports have proven to be pretty darned accurate. Early voting has begun. If you have voted in person feel free to share your experience.

Perhaps no headline best showcases the current state of the media narrative than Politico: “Democrats Sound The Alarm in Miami.”…  Except, it’s not just Miami, Florida; it is also Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and states like Michigan, Wisconsin and even Minnesota.

Yes, the middle-class insurgency is fully engaged, and with us all activated the media polling narratives are collapsing by the hour.

President Trump is surging at precisely the right moment. Momentum is building and you can see all across social media platforms the MAGA movement is pushing back against censorship.

We still see massive boat parades and incredible vehicle parades both replete with flags and banners supporting our President.

Yard signs/banners are now out in force and the MAGA gear is visible everywhere. In the past week the latest viral platform videos are of Trump dancing; Trumpy dance and Tik-Tok duets.

Good stuff.

The biggest single attribute connecting all of these visible events is joy, fellowship and the visible spirit of a patriotic movement happy to stand with President Trump.

Tens-of-thousands for rallies and Trump events; and even surrogates for President Trump are drawing exponentially larger crowds than the democrat candidates. The monster vote is awake, alive and on the march.

The MAGA rallies, parades and grassroots events break-out independent of each-other and literally happen all over America on any given day. Miles and miles of cars with Trump flags… the same with boats… and sometimes just marches in the street where thousands of people gather and walk with American flags, Trump banners, and other gear.

To make the marches even more effective we now see Trump supporters swarming the event venues where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are showing up. The Trump supporters easily outnumber the Biden supporters by 20:1 or more. This is a totally organic uprising that started in early October; but word has spread on social media, and now it is happening everywhere.

MAGA-TikTok is an army of users generating content, and that content is bleeding over to other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Google is trying to tamp it down via controls on YouTube but the scale, just like the MAGA parades themselves, is overwhelming. Generation Z is leading the charge on this approach as they take 60 second videos of MAGA-people, MAGA-places and MAGA-events and then rebroadcast the content adding their own MAGA-centric enhancements and soundtracks.

As we anticipated the COVID weaponization is backfiring against the totalitarian left big time. Yesterday, in an attempt to restart a depressed movement Joe Biden said: “I’m not going to shut down the economy. I’m not going to shut down the country. But I am going to shut down the virus,” a platitude statement that refutes Biden’s prior position and simultaneously makes no sense.

We have the best candidate. We have the best message. Our color-blind movement is optimistic and filled with patriotic joy. Massive numbers of Latinos; massive numbers of blacks; massive numbers of young voters.  The confidence level is increasingly high.

Our opposition is shallow, reliant upon astroturf and completely dependent on media manipulation. Ignore the narrative engineers and join in fellowship. Live your best life.  Put out the signs; wear the gear; engage with everyone; be openly optimistic and rally to the standard in these final days. We have got this if we want it…

Deserve MAGA victory !!  Get your ass in the game, get serious, get everyone involved and register those who never voted before; remind everyone, and drive the MONSTER VOTE !!

So here’s the question…  What do you see in your area?

What is the visible situation from your community and how does that contrast or align with the national narrative you are seeing as promoted by media?

How does the turnout look?  What are you seeing in/around your neighborhood and polling place?   If you have early voted in-person, what was turnout like?

Ground reports are a great way to get a *sense* of the election.

At this point, if you are on a team thinking this entire assembly of our union is headed in the right direction… you might want to revisit your proximity to the ballpark. If you look around at the passing landscape you’ll find your autopilot has taken you, not just out of the city, but out of the state the ballpark is located in…..

There’s a level of resolve far deeper and more consequential than expressed rage or visible behavior.  Cold Anger does not need to go to violence.  For those who carry it, no conversation is needed.  You cannot poll or measure it; and even those who carry it avoid discussion.  And that decision has nothing whatsoever to do with any form of correctness.

Cold Anger is not hatred, it is far more purposeful.

Cold Anger absorbs betrayal silently, often prudently.

We’ve watched the shooting of cops, and the parades which follow, absorbing.  Cold Anger takes notice of the liars, even from a great distance – seemingly invisible to the mob.  Cold Anger will still hold open the door for the parade goer.  Mannerly.

Cold Anger evidenced is more severe because it is more strategic.

Cold Anger does not gloat; it absorbs consistent vilification and ridicule as fuel.  This sensibility does not want to exist, it is forced to exist in otherwise unwilling hosts – who also refuse to be destabilized by it.

Deliberate intent and prudence will insure avoiding failure.  The course, is thoughtful vigilance;  a strategy devoid of emotion.

Foolishness and betrayal of our nation have served to reveal dangers within our present condition.  Misplaced corrective action, regardless of intent, is neither safe nor wise.

Cold Anger is not driven to act in spite of itself; it drives a reckoning.

When the well attired leave the checkout line carrying steaks and shrimp using an EBT card, the door is still held open; yet notations necessarily embed.

When the U.S. flag lays gleefully undefended, it does not lay unnoticed.

When a school community cannot openly pray, it does not mean the prayerful were absent.

When a liar seems to win, it is not without observation.  Many – more than the minority would like to admit – know the difference between science, clocks and political agenda.

A resolve filled with cold anger perceives deception the way a long-term battered person absorbs the final blow in the hours prior to the pre-planned exit; with purpose.

A shield, or cry of micro-aggression will provide no benefit, nor quarter.  Delicate sensibilities are dispatched like a feather in a hurricane.  Pushed far enough, decisions are reached.

The political pendulum has never, in the history of humanity, stayed on one side of a swing. The backlash from leftist over-reach has always been proportionate to how far off center it went before coming back; and right now there’s a whole hell of a lot of the country (about 80-90% of the land mass, as well as over half the population) that is FED UP.

They tried to take him down with false accusations of collusion; he stood tall.

The tried to take him down with a fabricated special counsel investigation; he stood tall.

They tried to take him down with a fake impeachment effort; he stood tall.

Our chosen President has been constantly attacked by those holding a corrupt, conniving and Godless leftist ideology.  It is our job now to stand with him, firm on his behalf.

I believe this statement encapsulates the moment:

…”I can barely focus on my job, housework, anything except waiting with anticipation for our votes to overwhelm the horrid corrupt opposition the night of Nov 3.

God bless and keep us all but especially POTUS & all of you on the front lines – fighting the 2nd American Revolution!”…

Ride strong my brothers and sisters…. RIDE STRONG !

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992 Responses to Ground Reports #3 – Polling Narratives Collapse, Democrat COVID Strategy Backfires, MAGA Resolve Stronger Than Ever…

  1. Guyver1 says:

    Jacksonville, Florida here. My Puerto Rican co-worker who, as I reported before, is in his mid fifties, had never voted before, who I helped register to vote, early voted in person- straight RED 👍!

    And yesterday, more good news 😃, about another co-worker and his wife, they are legal migrants from the Dominican Republic. He has always been a hard core President Trump supporter, voted for him in 2016 👍. But his wife has always voted straight demonrat 😟. He had been trying for years to open her eyes, but had failed. This year, the demonrats 👹, with their looting, rioting, racism, violence and dictatorial behavior, were able to accomplish what he had not been able to do. They opened her eyes, she was horrified. When they went in person to early vote, she voted straight RED 😃👍!

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  2. jus wundrin says:

    Dropped off my absentee ballot yesterday. There were a few people signing up, one in the booth, and others in the room with more booths where I dropped off my absentee ballot. Most were on the younger side, so Im not sure how they voted. I dont see any problems here in WY with our 3 electoral votes…..although we are getting more people moving here which may be a bad thing.

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    • Verboten says:

      Jus Wonderin, I’m in Wyoming. I am a red neck variety conservative. Proud to be an adult… and love making legal and health decisions for myself, but I am living in a county (or an entire state?) of infants.

      Now I’m looking at Tennessee for my retirement years because Wyoming is purple. Thanks to a string of dem and rino governors for too many years we now appear to be a sour yellow, bruised type of purple. Home of the brave my ass.

      Where do I go to learn more about Tennessee from real people?

      In Wyoming, our dear VERY precious Governor who cares for us as though we are his helpless babies, had Birx (of Birx and Fauci fame) over for tea this week! While wearing massive muzzles they discussed the importance and efficacy of masking the populace while smoothing their skirts. Governor Gordon hints. He wrings his hands. The governor fools the silly “conservatives” again, that he’s a conservative Republican and that we are a brave proud Republican state. …hardly true at all. Check out our Wyoming Supreme Court decisions.

      He says he leaves such health directives up to the local health officers to order and inflict while he publicizes panic porn. Governor Gordon of the Rino party should not be re-elected. The order he has allowed in Teton Communist County may very well have us in masks for eternity. Misdemeanor charges of 750.00 and maybe some jail time is the threat for the maskless in my insipid county…and HE is the ONE who HOLDS IT IN PLACE.

      Voting is always safe and honest in Wyoming. Sound voting is one of the few things this state retains. Now if we could just raise the voting I. Q.

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  3. RetiredCryptoSailor says:

    I live in northern Hillsborough County Florida, 20 mins north of Tampa. My community is very heavy Trump supporters, probably 60-70%.

    Lots of Trump signs now, we can only display signs 2 weeks before election, so mine have been out 3 weeks. However, I did have sign stolen a couple of days ago. I caught individual on security camera taking the sign running across the street and throwing it over a fence into someone’s yard.

    Now here is the kicker – IT WAS A 10 YEAR OLD BOY, whose parents are Indian or Pakistani immigrants. I notified his mother on Sunday morning, I heard the yelling start as soon as the door closed. Minutes later she marched her soon over to apologize. They were both still in PJs.

    But where does a 10 year old get in their mind to steal a Trump sign, that theft and vandalism is ok?

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  4. Jim Comey is a Weasel_Doug says:

    Someone asked about Trump events in Orange County CA.
    I’ll try to post what I can:
    All the other events are on jpg’s I cant figure out how to post.
    Here’s the deets:

    Saturday 10/31 Trump caravan
    10am….11000 Eucalyptus St Rancho Cucamonga between white oak and Elm

    10/31 3pm
    Beverly Gardens Park on Santa Monica between N Beverly and N Canon DR.

    Trump Caravan
    SUNDAY 11/1 10:30 AM
    Los Alamitos Race Track Los Al.


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    • Mary B. Wilson says:

      San Diego Events this weekend:

      *** San Diego Bay Boat Parade on Sunday, November 1st at noon!!!

      *** Escondido Car Caravan starting at Sears Westfield Shopping Mall, Sunday, November 1st at 10 a.m.!!!


    • betseyross says:

      I have friends in Orange County. They used to be normal people, but have gone to the dark side. Always complaining about Republican neighbors. It’s a friendly rivalry, but I can’t figure out what happened to them. i live in VA.


  5. Raven says:


    Dean Phillips, U.S. Congressman from Congressional District 3, is in a world of hurt — and we need to get the word out TODAY — WITH 4 DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE ELECTION! CD3 is the district that surrounds Minneapolis, but does not include the belly of the beast itself. It includes Hennepin, Carver, and Anoka counties, and the cities of Brooklyn Park, Coon Rapids, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Edina, Maple Grove, Plymouth, Minnetonka, and Wayzata. This is a BIG DEAL!

    Please pass the press release from Minnesota Voters Alliance (below) onto everyone you know, no matter their political party! Put it on all your social media accounts for everyone to see, since we know the media in Minnesotastan will keep it hush-hush before the election!

    Press release —

    “Minnesota Voters Alliance files Ethics Complaint Against Dean Phillips for Coronavirus Stock Transactions and PPP Loan Receipt

    Minneapolis, MN – Minnesota Voters Alliance Announced that it filed an Ethics Complaint to the Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics David Skaggs calling for a full investigation into Congressman Dean Phillips for possible violations of the STOCK ACT, Federal securities law, and House Ethics Rules.

    “It is undeniable that Dean Phillips engaged in dozens of stock transactions the same day of a closed-door Congressional hearing on the coronavirus pandemic. Further, the timeline strongly suggests that he may have used nonpublic information related to the public health crisis caused by the spread of the novel Coronavirus, information that he derived from his official position as a member of Congress, for his own personal profit,” said Executive Director Andy Cilek from the Minnesota Voters Alliance.

    Andy Cilek also stated that “the evidence also strongly suggests Rep. Phillips may have used nonpublic information related to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the PPP Flexibility Act to help secure a loan for a company he co-owns and then authored legislation to loosen restrictions on companies that received a PPP loan for his own personal gain.”

    “I urge OCE to commence an immediate investigation into Representative Phillips’s conduct to
    determine if any violation of the STOCK Act has occurred, and if Rep. Phillips otherwise used his official position for personal profit in violation of Federal Law and/or House Ethics Rules.”

    “Minnesotans deserve answers and the actions of Rep. Dean Phillips, including his attempt to explain it away as a coincidence, do not adequately address the concerns of Third District residents. We deserve more from our elected officials and Dean Phillips falls short of that standard.” “

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  6. Brett Nunn says:

    I live in Western Washington State, not my fault, I was born here. That said we have always been a destination for leftist refugees fleeing crowded, overpriced California. On top of that I live in a town that attracts retired academics from all over the country so you can imagine how left the politics are here. Regardless I am seeing more Trump signs than ever before. A small but dedicated group of Maga people have had four rallies over the last couple of months in our small community. It started with a support the police caravan. Four hundred cars showed up. Unheard of in this lefty utopia. Three Trump rallies in the last three weeks. Great energy, great response from the people driving by. Nothing from the Biden camp. No rallies. No energy. There will be another Trump rally this weekend along the interstate going through our county. It won’t make much of a difference in our loony state, but we are having a great time and refuse to let the left own this place. Nothing warms my heat more than flashing my Beijing Joe Has Got To Go sign at a passing Tesla and having the distinguished seasoned citizen driver flip me off. Don’t give an inch.

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    • rpcoastie says:

      My son-in-law and his family are from Portland suburbs on the South side and were teachers. As you would expect they were heavily Democrat but are solid Trump team now. All of them! They are all avid hunters and gun collectors so I’m surprised that it took so long!

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    • Samdubs says:

      The big city of Bellingham is the same way. As soon as you get out of the city limits the Trump signs outnumber dimocrat big time. The Republicans need to step up their game for mailers. The past 3 weeks my mail has been 10 to 1 negative to conservatives.

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    • TonyEuropa says:

      Not everybody moving to the Puget Sound from California is a citizen of Calimexistan.

      The Puget Sound ( NOT King County ) is one of our possible bug out places when we retire and slink out of SoCal in the middle of the night.

      I got family up there.

      Seattle used to be such a nice, sleepy place, until 15 years ago… Tacoma is still stuck in the 70s, minus the Aroma. I just wish all the yuppies would stay out of Bainbridge Island.

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  7. Blue Hen says:

    Greetings from the Peoples’ Republic of MD. I love this page for the hope and broad perspective of life outside the Beltways that it provides. Report here isn’t great. I’m in a purple area of a red county about 30 minutes west of Baltimore. Our area is on the southern edge of the county and is trending blue as the DC commuting radius expands (or the Swamp oozes…pick your metaphor). Many more Biden signs now than Clinton signs in 2016. Our precinct has always voted R in the 18 years we’ve lived here (but at thinner margins than the county as a whole). I wouldn’t be surprised if it votes D this time.

    Big picture message: the white-collar suburban libs and RINOs are foaming at the mouth and sold on COVID hysteria. I see this reflected in comments from VA and PA also. I don’t think VA is winnable (sorry…hope I’m wrong). I think PA will be VERY close and unfortunately can’t be counted on due to fraud (thank you Justice Roberts, the RINO gift that keeps on giving). I do think lower D margins in the cities (due to black and Hispanic Trump supporters) could potentially shock the world and I would love that!

    My hope is that this suburban freak show dynamic is restricted to the mid-Atlantic limousine liberal suburbs (DC and Philly, basically) and does not necessarily translate in NC, GA or the Upper Midwest. I think Trump’s best path to victory is to hold NC, FL, AZ and either MI or WI. PA and MN would be gravy, but I don’t see either of those as a win if MI and WI both go Biden.

    If Trump gets shut out in PA and the Upper Midwest, I think he would need to pick up NV and NH and an EV from either NE or ME. Of course that would be the nightmare scenario of perpetual recounts, riots, and Lord knows what else. Praying for big margins in the Upper Midwest!!

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    • Free Speech says:

      The good news is the five figure people outnumber the six figure people. If the working class shows up for POTUS, they will statistically outnumber the suburban squish vote. The Democrat coalition is now those who rely on the government, Great Society largesse and the virtue-signaling graduate/post-graduate crowd. Everyone else has been moving toward our side.

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      • Blue Hen says:

        Amen! I’d love nothing more than for the lefties to wake up on 11/4 and have to finally confront the reality that they’ve been living in a fake echo chamber created and reinforced by the MSM, Big Tech, embedded bureaucrat operatives, and academia.

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        You have it entirely correct. Would be curious how much
        hispanic support there is in Georgia. Closer in middle class
        blacks are still basically completely brain washed from what
        I see from coworkers that live in Dekalb, Henry, Clayton,
        Douglas counties. All black, mainly from the islands or Africa.

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    • aisheschayal says:

      I like your writing style : )


    • zimbalistjunior says:

      one mistake the campaign made was to not hammer home the killer mistakes Andrew Cuomo made that killed people throughout the North East. But also:
      -Keeping the subways open and dirty and full of homeless so the virus was easily transported across NYC–Covid Conduit
      -On March 26th, the fed govt demanded Cuomo close down the bridges and tunnels out of the city. Cuomo rejected it. Because of that the virus was transported into Connecticut and New Jersey and then to rest of North East corridor.

      That is all on Cuomo. But the media covers for him and blames 45. This needed to be a point to attack the Dems on. The numbers in the rest of the country were in line with or much better than all EU and other western countries.

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  8. Liz says:

    I can only speak for people I know. Here in Utah a D friend in deep blue territory may vote Trump, she won’t say, but says she knows D’s who are voting T. Everyone who voted for McMuffin is solidly T now and my hispanic friend who voted Jill Stein is solidly T now. All the hispanics who worked on my remodel are T supporters. They are terrified that their businesses and construction will crash under Biden. 2 people I know in AZ are voting Trump. One has voted only Libertarian her whole life and the other has never voted before. I know zero people who voted T and are switching.

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    • Wendy says:

      Many Hispanics have small businesses and work in construction industry which has been booming last 3 yrs. Immigration wasn’t a big issue this year and BLM riots are scaring lots of them who fled countries with gang violence. I think there will be more Hispanic dem votes for Prump this year.


  9. DouglasR says:

    Multiple Trump Flags and Flag Poles stolen and vandalized on our street. Not seen this before.


  10. Loren says:

    100%, Trump here where I live! It’s one of those places all Red surrounding the blue space.
    I’ve said this before, I live in a county 7 times larger than Rhode Island with a population getting close 8000! Flags fly here 24/7/365, see my neighbors every Sunday and the talk is usually about the kids and what they are doing in school and 4H is big deal around here.
    I talk more to the horses and cows, they listen well.

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  11. elizabethross1776 says:

    Reporting from a deeply Democrat inner city in Ohio that has been run by Dems for 50+ years, with few exceptions. In past elections, our neighborhood was blanketed with Democrat signs, especially for Obama (the area is about 60/40 black/white). Hillary signs were almost as prevalent 4 years ago.

    I typically vote Libertarian so last time I voted for Gary Johnson and had his sign in my yard. I was deeply suspicious of Donald Trump and honestly, I believed the MSM propped him up because he was a joke and couldn’t possibly beat The Pantsuit. How wrong I was! PDJT has *shocked me* over the past 3.5 years and absolutely earned my vote, which I cast in person last week (the first time I ever remember voting a straight GOP ticket).

    Some kind of ID is required to vote in OH. The early voting process was quick & efficient. For the first time ever, I had to wait in line to vote–about 30 minutes on a weekday at 3:00 pm. The place was absolutely packed. I was one of the few white folks voting, so I assume most of the people there were registered Dems. I was surprised because there’s no enthusiasm here at all except on the Trump/GOP side. I heard on the radio today that over 40% of registered voters have voted already in my county.

    This year, there are no Trump signs visible anywhere in my neighborhood. I wouldn’t be caught dead with one because I can’t afford to have my car keyed or my tires slashed. There are few Trump signs in the City except for a couple in public right-of-ways. You see more in the suburbs and tons in rural areas. Interestingly, I saw several #WalkAway yard signs and even some #WalkAway billboards when I was in Cincinnati a couple weeks ago, but none around here.

    However, in contrast with past elections, there are almost no Biden signs at all except in empty lots and public right-of-ways. Even though our area is mostly black, there are no BLM signs either, though you do see them in the more woke high-income suburbs. (One guy down the street has a big Biden flag, but I think he’s a bigwig union official and “has to” show support for the Dem candidate.)

    I was downtown the other day and stumbled across a pop-up Trump shop selling MAGA gear, signs and hats, with a very loud and happy crowd of people chanting support for Trump. It was unreal! I almost stopped but money is very tight right now. I’m still not working full-time because our RINO governor DeWine never met a lockdown he didn’t like. DeWine is shaming people about having Halloween parties, or celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with family, even though deaths here peaked on April 28th and cases peaked in July! The lockdown has killed several of our favorite restaurants. I don’t know how small businesses can possibly survive more of this BS.

    Heard that cases and hospitalizations are at a high point. I had to double check the state COVID site. I sound like a broken record, official (non-preliminary) numbers still show cases by onset date peaked July 13; hospitalizations by admission date peaked July 12; Deaths Apr 28— jackwindsor (@jackwindsor) October 22, 2020

    My elderly Dad and I were at the big-box home improvement store in the ‘burbs the other day and he was wearing the Trump hat I bought him for Father’s Day. A couple of the cashiers were oohing and aahhing over his hat, and our cashier, a lady who looked late 40s, told us she was a huge Trump supporter and had been to a rally. She said it was amazing, so positive, patriotic & uplifting. She asked us if we had watched the press conference with Trump announcing the peace agreement between Israel & Sudan the other day, and told us to watch the whole thing. It reinforced for me that Trump voters are much more intellectually engaged and informed–our enthusiasm isn’t based on some jingoistic, blind cult of personality as my woke husband assumes. The three of us had a hushed-but-excited conversation about Trump that was really refreshing.

    I tried to register for the Vandalia & Circleville rallies but both sold out before I could get a ticket. I’m extremely disappointed that I haven’t had the chance to go to a rally.

    I think Trump will win Ohio. It may not be by much (watch for rampant voter fraud in Cleveland, Youngstown and Columbus).

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    • geoffroicc says:

      What a beautiful report. Thanks!

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    • aisheschayal says:

      Thanks for this report. I live in a Cleveland suburb, just moved here in Feb., it has looked staunchly Dem but in the past few weeks I see much more support for President Trump. I am cautiously hopeful that Covid fear keeps the city Dem’s home on voting day!

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    • TonyEuropa says:

      I agree with you that Trump voters are far more politically engaged and aware than the typical “D” voters.

      Looking at my extended family, all the Trump voters (most) have been following events, I got one cousin, “D”, who has not been following. I finally told her “if you have no clue what’s going on, then please DON’T vote”.


  12. I really want my kids to take in MAGA history. Can anyone advise me of parades and events between now and election day in Manhattan or anywhere else in NYC? Alternatively, somewhere in Westchester County that we can see this weekend – parades, rallies, etc?

    I want to live history. And I want to gear up! All input appreciated.

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  13. lindann65 says:

    I live in Northeast Harris County, Texas, approximately 20 miles from downtown Houston. In our neighborhood the Trump signs mysteriously disappear overnight, but the good news is there are few to no Biden signs either. Dan Crenshaw signs are prominently displayed throughout our community. Go figure!

    A couple of weeks ago, we took a leisurely road trip through the Piney Woods area of East Texas. We purposely traveled on County Roads and Farm to Market Roads completely avoiding the main thoroughfares.

    I can tell you that the MAGA spirit is alive and well in all the small farming towns and communities throughout East Texas. There was an abundance of Trump supporting signs and the patriotic display of our great American flag in all of its glory all along the way. We saw only a couple of Biden signs on our entire trip.

    My prediction: there are more of us than them in the great state of Texas.

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    • Max Tadpol says:

      From your lips to God’s ears. Texas is an anomaly this year. Normally RED, the pre-Nov 3rd mail in ballots are off the charts. I hope and pray this means MAGA Patriots and Gen Z did it, and not Dem voter fraud.

      If Texas flips it could spell electoral trouble.

      I hope this is a non-issue.

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      • Justah says:

        I will be working Tuesday at a Polling place in N Texas. I opted to do the 4 hour in person training that is for Election Judges, but open to Election Clerks … it’s my first time to do this and information is Power. The system is very safe …. it’s also a Statewide Data Base with all Absentee Ballot requests logged. Absolute Voter ID. Anything irregular like a provisional ballot is in a separate envelope and not scanned to make for easy investigations. Fraud is no longer “easy” in Texas AND Texas prosecutes.

        We have won all the Court cases. It’s insane for anyone to have Texas listed as leaning Blue. Early voting here is leading the Nation, I think it’s mainly because the trial runs of the new equipment had such long lines in the Primary. They just didn’t have enough machines or training. That has been corrected, at least in my County – one of the big ones.

        One last thing … I’ve posted often and regularly on City-Data. Different ID than here.
        Just in the last few weeks, many solid and vocal Democrats are now posting they wiil/have just Voted for President Trump. Biden and the Leftists are a step too far for them. These are people from all over the USA. I find that particularly encouraging.

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        • Sherri Young says:

          I’ll be serving on the signature verification committee in this county tomorrow. Please pray that God will keep me sharp and accurate while rendering absolute judgments in sometimes ambiguous situations.

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  14. StrandedinCalifornia says:

    Right in the middle of Silicon Valley surrounded by tech workers. Really odd times. Any pro Trump or even outwardly conservative expression is dangerous here. The old libertarian ethic has receded far in the background. Progressive virtue signaling signs & bumper stickers are common (‘no home for hate here”, “black lives matter”, etc). At the same time pro Biden signs are rare and there is no evidence of enthusiasm for him anywhere. At the same time a resolute remnant is rising. Probably 1 in 10 homes in my neighborhood are flying American flags. I doubt California flips, but I suspect results on ballot propositions and Southern California house districts will surprise.

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  15. fragemall says:

    Southern Indiana is bright red. Trump will carry hoosier state easily.

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  16. InAz says:

    My spouse and I voted early, in person. There were a lot of people there. I would have signed up to work the polls but I will be in Phoenix for medical on Tuesday Nov. 3.

    Thanks to a brilliant person and someone sharing the photo from twatter…..” 10% for the big guy ” sign next to Biden sign…..I’m going to make 2 large exact same signs to put next to 2 large Biden signs that are on 2 different major intersections and they are going up tomorrow.

    I saw a large blue flag…..on the flag was a small USA flag image and small Arizona State flag image…. underneath the flags it said “Americans for Trump”.

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  17. furtive says:



    • InAz says:

      I always suspected that Stalin Dems are pretending to be Republicans so that they can sign up to work polls, campaigns etc in order to sabotage.

      I have thought of doing the same…. work for Commie Dems…..after reading about the garbage they are doing to hurt Republicans I’m going to do the same next any election. I’m sick of these azz holes.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Puzzled says:

      No one will go to jail. Beyond frustrating, cold anger doesn’t begin to describe.


  18. Sherri Young says:

    Here’s a report from NE Texas. Posting the link to the article below the video window because it is so good.

    Liked by 7 people

  19. rpcoastie says:

    If they lost Democrat Miami they lost Florida!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kevin C Hastings says:

      Last i read(yesterday) Dade/ Broward counties, which Hilldebeech won by 30 pts in 2016 were running about even. REALLY bad news for Xiden there. Its similair in Michigan where the GOP i early voting is actually leading the RATS. my home state Az has Xiden wth a slight lead in early voting, but its only 4 pts, RATS had a 2/1 advantage there in 2016 and LOST by about 4-5 pts statewide.


  20. W951wxj says:

    Jus Wunderin – Drove around your state the last two summers just because of it;s greatness – Thanks for keeping it classy and on the right track!


  21. rpcoastie says:

    Biden promised to move the inner city hood out to the White suburbs and destroy your life. Not only will your taxes pay for the move you will also pay the rent.

    Liked by 3 people

  22. Deep in the heart of heavy D Oregon, I am seeing trickles of Trump support. To be fair, you don’t dare go certain places with Trump or MAGA unless you want to lose your life. My entire family voted for Trump/Pence again. My neighbors that I know are voting Trump/Pence, one of who was an entrenched dem but is disgusted with their tactics. I know Oregon will not break any news as they haven’t had a republican victory since they instituted mail in voting back in the 80s. But one can dream.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. L4grasshopper says:

    Franklin TN here…early voted last week…small lines. There will be no drama here in deep red TN.

    Being in Nashville TV area, we see lots of ads for the KY Senate race where Turtle has a challenge from a well funded leftist there, McGrath. Lots of $$$ being spent there.

    Here in TN virtually no ads for either the open Senate seat or our House seat. GOP candidates will win easily.

    We are seeing maybe 3 to 1 ads on cable channels for Biden v Trump. Not sure whether or how those are targeted to our TV market via Comcast etc.

    Bottom line: don’t worry about us in TN!

    Liked by 2 people

  24. tageweb says:

    Central Florida Ground Report. This should bring a smile to your face, I did mine. Last nite (thursday) I got a call around 8:20 pm. It was answered on the other side of the house, and the very sharp lady calling had to wait about 2 full minutes to question me. ME: Hello HER: Is this Mr. Tage. ME: Yes it is. HER: Mr. Tage, you were sent a mail-in ballet a few weeks ago, and it has not been returned. ME: That is because I am voting in person the morning. HER: GOOD. Click……she is on to her next call. After seeing on tv molotov cocktails thrown into outside ballet bins, I decided I was voting in person–I did, 7:15 this morning. There was a line, even at 7:15–very little wait though. I am registered Republican, so the sharp lady calling knew who I was likely to vote for. How is that for Republican Ground Game follow through!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Mr e-man says:

      I get calls that go like this.

      Me: Hello
      Them: We are doing a survey
      Me: Click. #60 block

      I don’t trust any of these people. I see with my own eyes what is happening with violent Marxist BLM and anarchist communist Antifa. I see what is happening with elected Democrats and the corrupt media. I see what is happening with the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DOJ. These people are mean and vicious and are pulling out all the stops.

      In Newport Beach, CA we see a lot of Trump support but it is dangerous to show it. Our Dem Rep Harley Rouda has rabid followers. Pelosi gave him about $8 million so Dems here are not to be trusted. I have my American flag out as a small effort to signal support for Trump for now. I am not alone in that. However, this weekend the Trump sign is coming out. Time to get our MAGA on without time for them to retaliate.

      Liked by 2 people

  25. Kevin C Hastings says:

    according to Trafalgar, the only ACCURATE Pollster from 2016, Trump is ahead in Ohio Michigan Pa Florida , Az and even in North Carolina, Wisc and Mn. Early voting numbers, especially in Florida, look TERRIBLE for Xiden, hes running barelt 50/50 in Dade/Broward cos, where Hilldebeech won by 30 pts in 2016. Even rappers like Ice Cube, Lil Wayne and 50 cent are telling there followers on social media to back Trump.

    Liked by 2 people

  26. zimbalistjunior says:

    it looks more and more like they’re trying to steal texas
    CNN now talking up the amazing new numbers of early voting there
    Kamala and possibly Obama campaigning there
    Project Veritas revelations that Republicans are working to steal this from Trump
    It’s adding up as a grand lone star scam

    Liked by 1 person

  27. MJ says:

    There’s Trump rallies in every state on every weekend, if not daily.

    There’s a few themes I see through all of this:
    Trump is overwhelmingly popular with the common working man and working woman
    #SaveTheChildren and the efforts of our FBI, state law enforcement and US Marshals is an incredibly powerful message that largely flies under the radar
    Americans have finally seen the true Democrat agenda in action and don’t like it. The Dems’ radicalism has been hidden by the other side of the uniparty, RINOs, for too many years. Trump’s common sense and centralist approach has forced Democrats to expose their full batshit crazy policies

    Here’s a few of my favorite Trump rallies over the last few weeks:

    Don’t underestimate CA. The snap back to center is going to be strong and swift. Is it this election? I dunno.

    Liked by 6 people

  28. Convert says:

    People are posting videos like this one after another! You wanna talk about WOKE! There’s some real woke-ness happening all over. I love it.

    Liked by 7 people

  29. Southern Colorado here. Conejos county. We went red in 2016 for the first time in a while I believe. We are one of the poorest counties in all of Colorado. County is split about 50/50 hispanic/white. Driving around I see more Trump signs/flags than I do Biden. But I still see more Biden signage than I am comfortable with.

    Yesterday I drove into town with my Trump flag flying from the truck for the first time. I gotta admit I was nervous I would have to deal with middle fingers and the like from the enlightened leftists. My trip through town was pretty much normal. A couple honks from the oncoming lane. I’m not 100% sure how to interpret that but they sounded like friendly honks. haha. One thumbs up from a lady in a suv with vet plates. I was buying supplies from an electrical supply store. Maybe 10 people came and went as I was waiting on my order. Everyone said something about the election and all but one were vocal Trump supporters. The most vocal Trump supporter was a young hispanic gentleman. I guess he didn’t get the memo that Trump hates minorities. haha.

    I personally will be voting for Trump as I did in 2016. My wife didn’t vote in 2016 but has already voted for Trump in 2020. My employee who is 19 has also voted Trump in 2020. So that’s 2 votes I personally know going to Trump in 2020 that didn’t in 2016. I don’t know of anyone who voted Trump in 2016 that is voting Biden 2020.

    Liked by 6 people

  30. Val says:

    Newton County, GA: they opened a second place for early voting, we’re here now. The line is big and growing. The police officer said that it usually turns around the corner.
    A few masked people and some “safe” distancing. China virus is very wise, it knows when people are related or well acquainted to each other. It only infects lone people 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • Brant says:

      Hey, I grew up in Oxford. 2 blocks from the traffic light. I’m in west Georgia now with inlaws and have a small farm in south georgia. Maybe we can meet.


  31. Elmer Fudd says:

    Keep in mind that while it is the number of electoral votes that determines the presidency, the popular vote still matters. Winning the popular vote and well as in the electoral college will enable President Trump to ignore liberals who question the legitimacy of his impending reelection. People who live in irredeemably blue States such as Oregon should go out and vote for Trump anyway. While the odds that Trump will win in Oregon State slim, every vote for Trump will enhance his political capital.

    Liked by 4 people

  32. riverelf says:

    Thank you for the beautiful post, Sundance. You are a WOLVERINE.

    “And I shall beat them as small as the dust before the wind; I shall bring them to nought, like the dirt in the streets.”

    Now remember, I’m one of those gobsmacked dummies that was 98% positive Hillary would win in a landslide in 2016. My contribution to DJT’s election then was plenty of prayer and a lost little red vote in Upstate NY.

    They say if everyone who voted for DJT in the 2016 election could bring one more voter to the booth in 2020, it’ll be a MAGA blowout. I got my one.

    They say if voters in drowned-in-deep-blue states turn out anyway, just to show support for this great man and great President, he might win the popular vote. This household of 5 will turn out for TR’V’MP.

    The current media-manufactured covid scare tactics may backfire, since so many DJT supporters are Broken-Glass Voters who would vote while being sprayed in the eyes with chinavirus. Literally.

    I do not believe President Trump will accept the results of a fraudulent election, due to his love of Country and incredible courage, as well as his personal stake and understanding of his place in American History. (Praying, of course, that the situation will never come up.)


    Liked by 2 people

  33. PDJT keeps going to counties he lost in 2016 in states he won and barely lost (Minny).
    Joe goes to 2016 blue counties. Always.
    Who’s on defense Joey??

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Super Elite says:

    “Our color-blind movement is optimistic and filled with patriotic joy. ”
    There are going to be No Blacks. There are going to be NO Whites. There is only going to be a massive giant Red Wave.

    Liked by 4 people

  35. Andy says:

    I live in Reno, NV. I voted early. When I went to vote there were maybe six people in line in front of me. One of the poll workers told me that while the line had never been long, it had been constant and that the polling stations had been full all morning. Based on what I saw when I arrived, voted and on my way out, I would say the vast majority of voters were Trump supporters. But then that is to be expected in most of Reno. #MAGALANDSLIDE2020

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Phflipper says:

    SE Iowa – Just back from voting in person with my wife. Yes, President Trump and down-ticket R’s for the both of us. The line at the courthouse was short but steady, all in a very good mood. In fact, those working the polling site were laughing, joking, and enjoying themselves – I take that as a positive experience for them throughout their work.

    There are Biden signs throughout our community yet despite Trump’s signs being stolen over a two-week period in late Sept. and early Oct. the local Republicans kept up with replacement signs – Trump signs are yet 2 to 1 I guesstimate in numbers. Huge numbers of Trump flags though!

    All in all, people are in good spirits, they are working and businesses are hiring.


  37. ReglarMerican says:

    Harris County Texas (Houston and edge cities) has “24 hour voting” – all but one of the seven places is in heavily democrat areas.
    Team Trump will need to keep a close eye on the Texas cities of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and the People’s Republik of californicated Austin.
    The democrats in those areas are ever more brazen in their corruption. Possibility of hundreds of thousands of fraud votes in Texas – expect the crooks to pull out all the stops.
    And the establishment RINO’s here cannot be trusted, they profit from Uniparty schemes.

    Liked by 2 people

  38. Special-K says:

    In my county/ community in south-central North Carolina the yard signs and bumper stickers are running about 25-to-1 in PDJT’s favor. Having driven across the state several times over the last few months, it is the same along the roads and communities other than downtown urban areas.
    In Raleigh, presidential signs are not that prevalent for either candidate so it’s a bit of a draw. I have not been inside the beltway in Charlotte or Chapel Hill so can not speak for those cities. Inside Durham NC it did appear that Biden sign’s were about 3x-4x more prevalent than Trump signs…..though that is to be expected.
    My wife and I stood in line for nearly an hour last Tuesday to vote….it was packed with solemn, patriotic Trump voters who were fed up with matters – any Biden supporters were very few and far between….as well as quite subdued. Many friends have told me they had the same experience when they voted.


  39. teabag14 says:

    Southern Utah here. In September I was in Park City on vacation staying in an upscale neighborhood that was full of the “BLM, Science is real, Womens rights are human rights, blah blah blah” signs. Always those yards had Biden signs & there were lots of them. In that neighborhood many had no political indicators, and some had American flags flying. Not one Trump sign or flag anywhere.

    Back home our neighborhood is full of Biden signs. There are Trump flags on my street (3), one Trump sign, some American flags, one Kanye West banner, one homemade ‘No Socialism’ sign, and many homes with no political indicator. Of those with political indicators, the Biden signs are in the majority. I have senn very few of the ridiculous “BLM, Science is real, blah, blah, blah” signs, thankfully.

    Honestly, I get annoyed that we see very few Trump ads on TV but lots of well done, polished Biden ads. I think Utah is being taken for granted – especially Southern Utah. This will be a fatal mistake eventually unless something changes & the long term ground game of the left is not stopped. We should have seen this overtaking coming in California (which I fled in 1971), and in Colorado ( which I flad in 2019). It literally is a physical overtaking and it will not stop even when VSGPDJT is reelected. It will intensify.

    Here voting by mail has been in place for 3 years. Hubby & I have already voted, dropped our ballots off at a ballot box at our local library, and we’ve tracked our ballots so we know they have been received. They will not be counted until next Tuesday. We sat down together & researched everyone, including judges, before we marked our ballots. Straight red tickets from both of us.

    Tomorrow, October 31, from 10AM till 3PM in Washington City (at Brio – near exit 13 off of I-15) there is an annual classic car show to honor first responders. I love classic cars and I love President Trump so I’m going to be there with my shoulders back, head held high, and my Trump gear on. Join me!!!! ❤🇺🇸


  40. rufnekreject says:

    Western OK here. Red precinct in a red state. Even our dirt is red! Trump won my precinct 70% last time, he may get 99% this time. But my state is divided urban/rural. The mid-terms and State Questions have split rural/urban, and OKC and Tulsa are nearly 30% of our population.

    Kendra Horn (D), incumbent 1st term rep vs Steph Bice (R) was close until Biden’s frack up. I think Horn loses her seat. Horn won a mid-term election when rural voters didn’t show up, I think it’s different this time.

    Early in-person voting started yesterday. I shared that on social media with info on where/when. Had 5-6 folks respond that they were first time voters, so they wanted to do early voting. In their 30-40-50 year old range. Basically, saying, ‘We’ve had it. We go no further down this road to socialism, etc.’
    We love our country and we want our kids to have these same freedoms.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Mr e-man says:

      Great to hear that from the heartland. I have many relatives there that are true blue. Mostly rural farmers in the southwest part of the state. They bagged on Trump since 2016. Now they are beginning to see the light. They recognize that working pays more than welfare and working gives them a sense of pride. They see Trump as jobs and Biden as welfare.


  41. disman2017 says:

    Thank you all for your ground reports, which give me some hope, Unfortunately, there;s no hope for me living in the bluest part of Illinois (C(r)ook County). The western suburbs of Chicago to be more specific. I only saw one Biden sign and one Dick Durbin sign next to a gas station. In the residential areas, nothing. A decade ago, there were many Obama signs but very little for Hillary in 2016. So far, no Kamala/Biden stuff. No Trump or GOP signs as this is a heavily Dem area where I live.

    The main commercials I see are about passing a Fair Tax. One commercial is invoking the President, claiming that “Trump and the Billionaires don’t want the Fair Tax!” Virtually no ads about the US Senate race as the long-time swamp creature Durbin is likely to be reelected…again. Is Mark Curran, the GOP challenger, even trying? Is he running ads in downstate or northwestern Illinois? Does he support our President or is he another Mark Kirk (whom I refused to vote for due to his Never-Trumpism in 2016). I’m an unaffiliated/independent voter but the GOP in my state are a total joke. There’s also a Libertarian, Green Party, and independent Willie Wilson running for the seat. Maybe they’ll take votes away from Durbin but wishful thinking on my part. If only my state was more purple so my vote would matter more.


  42. John McStain says:

    My entire household voted T … the wife is lukewarm on PDT (the old “style” and bravado) but she knows what’s at stake and thinks the DEMS politicized COV19 and cannot be trusted with anything. My Gen-Z’er loves Trump and voted. My other family across town (mom, siblings) all voted T. In my social sphere (were we DO NOT talk politics very much) I only know one person who “might” vote Biden and that’s because he’s Chinese and does business with China. But he also hate’s lockdowns.

    In my hood, PDT support is immense. A third of my hood ($1M houses) have either Trump stuff or American flags. Really surprised but encouraged. I’m in a Phoenix suburb.

    Liked by 3 people

  43. Mr e-man says:

    As election day nears my cold anger has turned into a joyful anticipation. I see the numbers. I see the mentally inept Joe Biden hiding from the people so they don’t catch on. I see the puppet strings being pulled. I see the enthusiastic support behind Trump and the anemic capitulation of the Biden crowd. I also see the hard anger increasing in the anti Trump crowd. They are not gloating. They are increasingly worried and lashing out. No matter how hard the media try, the lipstick on the pig is not working.

    Years ago, my boss told me something about elections. He said the American people are smarter than we think. He also noted elections have a general swing back and forth to them. Americans don’t want one party rule. They create those checks and balances by voting. In 2016, the people were tired of the Obama Clinton rule. They brought in an outsider, a businessman. In 2018, the media had told them Trump was a Russian spy. They voted Democrat so the House could investigate and find out. They didn’t know the extent of the damage Pelosi and company would do.

    Now they know and they are turning the tables. The smug condescension of Congressional Democrats and the corrupt media is being slapped right off their face. They are bitterly clinging to their lies, obfuscation, censorship, and physical assault on our communities and our citizens.

    So I have joy about the elections. I am certain the American people have figured it out. The only thing I fear is the election fraud. My belief is the Dems are not prepared to commit the massive fraud that will be needed to overcome a landslide. Typically, fraud only works in tight elections. They may be ready to “find” 50,000 ballots in the trunk of Al Frankens car. They are not prepared to find 100,000. And if they do, it will be too obvious and too late.

    I also know this will be the beginning of the struggle. I have no illusions the corrupt left will go away without a fight. But on every issue, Trump has manged to find the correct position. It is easier to fight for the right side than the wrong side. We will see that on Nov 3rd.

    Liked by 3 people

  44. CO is going red!!! Well I am hoping :). There are more silent Trump supporters than people realize. I have had several shocking conversations with people secretly voting for him but are fearful for people to know. Shocking because they were never-trumpers.

    Liked by 2 people

  45. Admin says:

    Northern Kentucky here, right across the Ohio river from Cincinnati. Early voting lines have been insanely long but move relatively quickly. This is STILL Trump country. I have not seen one Biden sign on the KY side of the river and maybe one or two signs on the Cincinnati side.

    The only race that stands to be challenging is Mitch and Will Ferrell’s doppleganger McGrath. However, in solid red Kentucky, the actions, mandates, and lockdowns of our Governor Beashear has killed any chance the assumed transgendered McGrath has at unseating Mitch.

    From talking with other KY voters, many are not happy with Mitch and his lack of support of POTUS but will vote for the turtle rather than socialist transgenders.

    I absolutely expect KY will be the very first state called for POTUS on election night in a repeat of 2016.


  46. Ann says:

    Maine is all about Sen Collins vs Sara Gideon. Collins is pandering to the elite coastal crowd who support the Dems. Maine District 2, who voted for Trump in 2016 is up for grabs. Trump created a fire storm of social media meltdowns with his last minute visit to the Treworgy family orchard in Levant, Maine. He was only there for 20 minutes, used a bullhorn, had about 3000 in the audience and all people can talk about are the lack of masks in the crowd. The woke are hammering the family who owns the orchard even though their public post about the event says they are non-partisan and were just honored to have the President at their orchard. New covid cases have numbered over 100 the past few days and our Gov and head of CDC..Dr. Shah from Illinois infamy, are stressing people need to abide by mask mandate, social distancing, etc. DJT Jr had to move his event yesterday to a chapel in Orrington after the state sent the business originally scheduled to host the event, a letter threatening repercussions if they didn’t follow all the Maine CDC guidelines. The chapel is a larger facility and already has a lawsuit against Gov Mill’s shutdown orders. Some towns have early in person voting, in some cases its just filling out an absentee paper ballot. My little town of 400 in western Maine has no early voting, the town hall is closed and you must make an appointment to see the town clerk, etc. I see a mix of Trump and Biden signs, the same in eastern NH.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Tyler McKinley says:

    From Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood

    The Gallows Oak


  48. Trumpedinillinois says:

    I live 35 miles west of Chicago in one of the largest and diverse towns in a mostly rural conservative county. Went and early voted with my 18 year old son who has (obviously) never voted. We waited in line for about 15 minutes. Diverse crowd. I have never early voted in the past, but I was surprised at the amount of people and the need to wait on a Wednesday afternoon just before 3 p.m.

    Everyone I dare to talk to is totally for Trump. If anyone is on facebook, I suggest a social experiment: Go to Biden’s campaign page and you can see how many likes he has and how many of your friends have liked his page. Then, go to Trump’s page and check the same numbers. Consistently, there are significantly more people that like Trump. In my case, it was 3 Biden and 35 Trump.

    In my mind I think I know that Trump can’t win Illinois but, in my heart, I think he can pull off a surprise. People hate Pritzker, especially with his latest round of closures and they don’t like Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s mayor. People that usually vote democrat may not vote and some will vote Trump. Fingers crossed!!!!


  49. Deb says:

    I’m in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Had a call from a Democrat candidate running for state senate. I’m a registered Independent and always have been. I explained to him that in voting straight Republican until the Democrats clean out the corruption in their party and denounce the crimes of Hunter and Joe Biden. I told him I’m tired of being labeled a right wing nut job jsut because I expect the government to maintain law and order. Informed him I’ve been following the situation in Ukraine since it was first reported in 2015 in the NY Times, and I can no longer vote for any Democrats until something is done. He didn’t dispute anything I said, only tried to protest by saying that he is running for state office and so it has nothing to do with him. I told him that voting straight Republican is the only way I can get their attention, and so that’s what I will do.

    I was polite and upbeat, and I ended the call by thanking him for being willing to serve in public office. I like to let the enemy know we are well informed and we are happy, and we will vote accordingly. I could tell he was perplexed.

    I’ve had more push poll calls this year than every other year combined. I always tell the truth, I want them to know that young, college educated suburban women like myself love PDJT. Let’s them know that their narrative isn’t working, and we will know when and if they cheat.

    I do understand why others don’t tell the truth. People have a lot to lose, and we don’t want them to be able to know in advance how much voter fraud they will need to steal it. But it is a joy hearing the voice of the pollster sink a little when I tell them I’m definately voting for PDJT!

    PDJT is coming to Green Bay today. I sadly can’t attend. I went to two rallies in 2016, nothing like it. I drove from Green Bay to Chicago and back yesterday, only a few Biden signs/billboards along the interstate. Saw more Biden signs in Milwaukee. I think every farm has a huge Trump sign. It going to come down to turnout. The rural areas need to overcome Milwaukee and Madison. It will be close, but people are determined.

    Liked by 3 people

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