Axelrod Haz Sad – But What’s Really Going on With Fredrica Wilson?…

There’s a couple of different aspects to the Miami-Dade vote discussion that deserves a little highlight.  First, the obvious; this is how the media are framing a conversation that happened between Representative Fredrica Wilson and the authors at Politico. WATCH:


…But that conversation is really not what is going on with Fredrica Wilson; and for those new to the sketchy universe of democrat politics, and especially for those who don’t understand the internal politics of the DNC, perhaps a little explanation is in order.

If we take the quotes from Ms. Wilson as outlined in the Politico article being discussed, there is some coded language…. familiar to those who know the way the party works and the motives of those who graft personal financial benefit within the club system:

[…] “We did not get the kind of funding for different vendors who would do that type of work until late in the campaign,” said Rep. Frederica Wilson, a party institution who represents Miami’s heavily Black congressional district.

[…] “I screamed. Hollered. I called. I lobbied from the top to the bottom,” Wilson said of her efforts to get turnout operations started in the community, including sending written proposals to Biden’s campaign and having virtual Zoom meetings with his advisers. (link)

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) and former Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)

What Wilson is doing in that conversation is using Politico to tell the DNC apparatus that she is not happy being locked out from the financial mechanism that generally provides a very lucrative monetary benefit.

The “vendors” she describes are actually political entities, in this case specifically black political activists and groups, that work within her network and rely upon each campaign season to fill their bank accounts.   The issue is not the Biden campaign funding a Get Out the Vote operation, the issue is the indulgency fees are not being paid.

Wilson’s self-interest is in the kick-back she gets from the local groups, a percentage of the DNC payment (10 to 20 percent), that goes straight toward her own lifestyle. It’s a familiar political racket.

The DNC club pays groups, churches, organizations etc. to activate their people toward the candidate they need. In order to get the payment the individual or group needs the approval of party insider Fredrica Wilson to get themselves on “the list” for the club payments.  That’s the process Wilson is describing, and apparently the DNC has not paid the people on Wilson’s list for their election services.  As a consequence Wilson isn’t getting paid and so she goes to Politico with an open admonishment against the club.

This article is a little like openly public blackmail.  Fund my list of favored entities or I will disparage you with our allied media.  In essence, she’s trying to leverage payment.

That’s how the system rolls.  It works on both sides of the two party system.  Republicans sell their influence schemes the same way.  Party “vendors” are insiders who gain financial benefit from the funding and donations. There is an entire business system around/inside politics.  In this case Fredrica Wilson is demanding to get paid.

On the positive side the Biden campaign didn’t see the value in paying the vendor fees for their traditional vote manipulations because Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has the integrity of this election under tight controls.

Notoriously sketchy Broward county is being watched very closely and Brenda Snipes is no longer there to manipulate/activate her traditional voter fraud schemes.  Additionally, as voter fraud is now more commonly identified Broward’s next door neighbor, Miami-Dade, might actually have a representative election this year, it will be interesting to watch.

Once you see the strings on the marionettes you never watch the pantomime without seeing them.  Carry on…

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179 Responses to Axelrod Haz Sad – But What’s Really Going on With Fredrica Wilson?…

  1. mayflowerchild says:

    I saw it more like the finger pointing has begun. They’re in trouble in Miami-Dade and she’s putting the blame on the campaign before they start blaming her for the shortfall.

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    • upstate909 says:

      They always eat their own. It is why their system of government fails. And do cowgirls really exist in Miami-Dade? Besides the clubs.

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    • YeahYouRight says:

      Agree. Biden’s only hope has been to buy this election, with bottomless pits of cash extorted from China and corporations through BLM to ActBlue. Money is the one thing they have going for them.

      At Michael’s the other day, I noticed a full glossy magazine called “Biden,” just like Good Housekeeping or Martha Stewart, but this was all a campaign ad for Gropey Gramps. I didn’t think to see if it was “for sale” or “take one,”but it was clearly very expensive to produce.

      With a basement dwelling candidate, tiny unattended events, and millenials running the campaign, all their funds go toward paid ads and vote buying/fraud. Wilson could be finger pointing, and it could be whining for their share of the ill-gotten booty, but it’s too late for the children running the campaign to change course and flash the cash.


  2. MO Pragmatist says:

    Joe’s keeping all of that graft for himself and makes Cowgirl angry!

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  3. islandpalmtrees says:

    Could it be, Pelosi was pushing for the money not to help the cities but to fund the election corruption through people like Fredrica Wilson?

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  4. islandpalmtrees says:

    What if the Democrats ran low on money after funding the destruction in the cities, leaving the Biden campaign trying to keep costs down. And, this was the driving force for not paying Fredrica Wilson?

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    • princess, didn’t bloomberger give biden $1 billion to turn FL blue? Fredrica must be wanting a cut of that. Good luck prising it out of biden’s hands. Heck, biden takes money from his kids so how does anyone think they’ll get any.

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      • 100 million is what Mini Mike is spending, but knowing that guy it’s just TV adds no ones watching. Biden built no ground game, now they’re panicking and trying to get their covid terrorized voters to the polls on tuesday.

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        • Ana Nimity says:

          Which is why the whole hysteria campaign with blaming Covid on President Trump will back-fire against the Deep-State Democrats and their fawning media.

          Because since it’s mostly Democrats who are fearful of COVID, as they watch the morbid macabre CNN headline plastered every day on the screen, and reports the deaths and cases of COVID throughout the nation and the world, so they will not venture out to the polls to vote and subject themselves to an early death, unless there is a Walmart nearby.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      They know the Awan case is comign for her, and she will be removed. Pakistan and Jordan.

      No one wants to see the pivot by Jordan. not saying Jordan is bad, but they PLAY A FAR different role than appeaser of the West as portrayed. they did make a huge meeting with POTUS. but where is this follow up. ( alot of a country carve up is slotted to go to them in a certain scenerio – syria)


  5. The American Empire ( Deep State) has a pretty standard, predictable but powerful way of dealing with threats. Take Col. Ghaddafi of Libya for instance ( Hillary: “We came, we saw, he died”). bad guy right? really? How about Saddam Hussain ( bad guy right?) How do you know?
    Ghaddafi ran a pretty prosperous Libya – with free healthcare for all and free education . he was much loved by most in his country. So what happened? he got on the wrong side of the Deep State. And ended up lynched on the streets with a bayonet shoved up his backside ( I believe this is what Madame Clinton particularly enjoyed about the whole adventure – and what led to her girlish giggly euphoric statement).

    Since 2016, the Deep State has viewed DJT as a threat. So they have turned all their usual weapons – against him. When you hear Nancy Pelosi confidently pronounce to the public that no matter what happens with the elections, Biden will win. or Hillary Clinton saying Biden will never concede no matter what happens. We are hearing the Deep State .

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    • The Deep State had better shake itself loose from The Insane Left, or it will not prosper ever again.


      • The Deep State will bury the Insane Left if they win. They are nazis with little appetite for street protesting riff-raff (other than as Useful Idiots to help them win). If they win – AOC will probably get an ambassadorship to Burkina Faso or Mongolia.
        The Deep State want to get going with the “Project For The new American Century” ( originally authored by the Bush Neocons) – with the war against Iran long overdue. They will freely tolerate the likes of the Clintons and Obamas feathering their nests , cozying up to foreign govts etc. They dont care about small-potatos.
        If Biden wins – I predict we will be at war with Iran within 12 months. And this will not be a cakewalk like Iraq – it might be an actual military defeat for the US. ( Russia and China will be on the other side). Oil goes to $300/bbl. All these teenage socialists will regret the day they voted for Biden.

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        • I can just imagine the conversations in the WH if Biden wins. Peter Stozk (re-instated as FBI head) sets up a meeting with Kamala – “Hows it hanging Kams?” , “Ok I guess – giggle”.
          “Hows the old man?” –
          ” he’s napping I think”
          ” Ok – here’s what we need you to do – schedule a national address and read the teleprompter – we are setting the stage for a new war – Iran”
          ” Yes – Sir, anything else I can do for you?”
          ” Not for now – be good OK?” ( pats her on the ass on his way out of the oval office.)


          • In short – i am convinced the Democrats are not about any kind of socialism. They dont have any marxist-leninist idealism or burning zeal. No.
            They are the Fourth Reich. they have a plan to establish “Full Spectrum Domination” over the world . They are run covertly by the CIA/FBI/ and a variety of other shadowy entities with shadowy funding who are exempt from any kind of scrutiny – everything is “top secret” .
            The kind of ferocious attacks unleashed on DJT is because he is the first president in a 100 years to actually stand up to the deep state. And that is intolerable.

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  6. BofTruth says:

    That is exactly what I thought it was mayflowerchild – pointing the finger of blame when they lose Miami-Dade. I didn’t know the behind the scenes machinations that Sundance has outlined which is an eyeopener. Thank you Sundance!

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    • Arrest Soros says:

      Fredrica Wilson is not going to lose her seat. She couldn’t care less if others lose theirs.
      So long as she herself is in office, she (and her cabal) will profit from it.
      Sundance is exactly correct. Wilson complaint is all about herself, not about the Democrats precarious position in Florida.


      • WhiteBoard says:

        Everythign is ABOUT KEEPING THE LAUNDERING system open!

        a losing democrat PARTY thats appears to be able to win = A GREAT LAUNDER.

        thats why the gaslighting must continue. THEY MUST GET IT LAUNDERED before POTUS gets his team in place. this STATE is brilliant. Mueller play brilliant ( they put POTUS IN CHECK with the grand jury material – if he DEMANDS declas he gets bent over with all the ILLEGAL MADE LEGAL spying they did under mueller).

        what BOMBS are they going to throw on POTUS after the election. only 1 PLACE is still open for blame – IRAN.


        • Elle says:

          Great comment. I think Trump has seriously cut off their spigot of laundered money from the usual sources such as skimming off big pots of tax money that were meant to help people, selling influence, trafficking etc. It must be a HUUUGE loss.

          Why aren’t Dems funding greater than humiliating sized crowds for Biden? Just a few hundred or so in the right venue could be sold to the public as “smart politics in the COVID area”. They certainly could if they wanted to. I think the laundered money has been seriously curtailed and ALL of their dwindling money supply is going 100% to their voter fraud apparatus in the states they believe they can flip.

          Fredfreaka is not getting paid cause they are running out of other peoples money.


          • Elle says:

            A friend disagreed with me that Dems are hurting for funds noting that they are breaking fundraising records. But that just further convinces me that they are seriously short of their millions/billions derived from illegal schemes. As a result Dems need to srong-arm their big donors harder this year. Real donations leave a money trail which probably makes it harder to spread around to the likes of Fredrieka’s groups, who can use it to get out the fruadulent vote.

            I also think that all the organized looting is just Dem “fundraising” that provides untraceable cash that can be shared among important friends.


  7. Paul says:

    Apparently Rep. Frederica Wilson FL like Rep. Debbie Dingell attempting to get out in front so they don’t look like former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm Michigan getting caught by the short hairs on election night.


  8. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    I think SD is right, she is looking for payment. The dems didn’t think they needed to pay or “pay attention” to voters in those counties because they consider them theirs. They took it for granted, like black voters, the state of CA and MN and others. Now they are panicking!


  9. FPCHmom says:

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  10. Blind no Longer says:

    Hehehehehahahaha….The Big Club is having an internal battle. The Socialists/Communists vs The “old school grifters”. Too late Frederica, you’ve been sold out for AOC plus 3.

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  11. TheWanderingStar says:

    It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the rodeo clown. Git back in dat barrel Frederica!


  12. Cowboy Vito says:

    So, what’s the deal? Is the black vote down in FL or not?

    Is this Fredrica Wilson holding the black vote back until she gets some serious coin for her and her friends? The Creepy Joe campaign has money to burn if we are to believe the media. Big Tech and Little Mike can write endless checks for money? So, why would Creepy Joe hold back bribe money? Not like he all of the sudden found his conscience and developed a sense of right and wrong.

    When I first read her comment explained here(“funding for different vendors who would do that type of work until late in the campaign”), I thought the ‘vendors’ were cash mules, delivering bribe money directly to the voters. So, did Creepy Joe stiff the ‘vendors’ who are now upset and won’t deliver the voters for him? Getting a little late to be sending bribes.


    • Elle says:

      interesting question. Rather than money to burn, I suspect money is tight now that the billions from China/Iran/Russia/Ukraine/human trafficking/etc., etc. aren’t getting kicked back as freely as usual.

      Blacks love Trump. What’s the point in getting out the black vote if they will vote for Trump? Money is tight and Sundance said Florida elections are under tight control. The money for “getting out the vote” (funding the voter fraud apparatus) will be spent in states that they can flip.


  13. rpcoastie says:

    Bloomberg better send another $100 million to Florida quick or the BBB won’t be misbaven in time to make a difference on November 4th!


  14. jewell88 says:

    All these race baiters, police defunders, and Democrat plunderers ain’t ridin’ on “The Trump Victory Train.” And if they’re on the track, they’d better get out of the way.


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